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AmericaFest 2022

By Ellie Fromm

AmericaFest was an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona on December 17-20, 2022. Attendees of AmericaFest totaled 10,800 people, making this event the largest multi-day conservative event in history. Live conservative media productions were presented outside the main exhibit hall in which the speeches occurred. Shows and platforms such as ‘The Charlie Kirk Show’ and ‘The War Room’ were a few of the many to produce episodes at AmericaFest.

Speakers included prominent voices in the conservative movement, such as  Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Kari Lake, Dennis Prager, Kaleigh McEnany, Owens, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Mike Lindell, Harmeet Dhillon, Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Jack Posobiec. On some nights, concerts also occurred with performances from RaeLynn, Chase Rice and other performers.

One of the themes of AmericaFest was the much-needed American takedown and blocking of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) activities and influence at many levels of American life, society, and the economy. The CCP has been interfering in our government and the private sector for many years. Recently, they have been buying farmland in midwest America. A foreign nation which seeks to destroy America and everything we hold dear now owns food producing agricultural land in our country. Some of these Chinese owned properties are located strategically close to military bases and infrastructure. This was recognized as a clear threat to the nation at AmericaFest, though many American politicians have chosen to turn a blind eye to these developments.

Another vital theme presented and discussed at AmericaFest was marriage. Americans are increasingly opting to marry later in life, or not at all. In 2022, the average marriage age of women was 28.2 years, and for men, it was 30.1 years. Thirty years earlier, in 1992, the average marriage age of women was 24.4 years and for men was 26.5 years. In 2020 the marriage rate per 1,000 population was 6.5, while in 1992 the marriage rate per 1,000 population was 9.3. Marriage rates in America have been steadily decreasing while marriage ages have been increasing.

Conservative values are based on the nuclear family and finding value and purpose within that unit. An overwhelming majority of speakers were passionate about the issue of marriage in America and encouraged America’s youth to get married and, if they meet the correct person, to do it young.

Speakers also stressed that, although marriage is not easy, nothing worth doing ever is, and marriage will add to your happiness immensely. As Dennis Prager pointed out, “wanting to be a spouse, husband or wife, is better than being a CEO”. He stressed that although success in the workplace is important, nothing will compare to the joy of having a family of your own.

Lastly, speakers and attendees alike recognized that we are amid a spiritual battle in this country. Good and evil are at war right now and we must take a side, ultimately fighting for God and country. Our national motto, “In God we trust”, must be an individual commitment and carried forward by conservative youth.

Being Christian does not mean rolling over, it means doing good in the Lord’s name and for His purpose. John 15:5 states “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. We must win back the soul of this nation and the only way to accomplish that is with God. Bible study, prayer, and action must come together in the coming years in this spiritual war to win back our nation.

AmericaFest was encouraging and invigorating. Seeing other proud patriots, unafraid to stand up for themselves and their rights, was inspiring. We must fight today so our children and grandchildren will have the chance to grow up in a better America. They are depending upon us. Conservatives, especially young conservatives, must now fight for the soul of our beloved nation.