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America’s Politically Slanted Pravda Media

By Kelleigh Nelson

“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.” —  Frederick Douglas

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” — Benjamin Franklin

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” —  George Orwell

“We’re the only species who follow unstable leaders. This is true – it has little to do with America – around the world, pack leaders are unstable. Animals don’t follow that.” — Cesar Millan

(Pravda is the name of a Russian newspaper that served as the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.) 

There are monsters in our country today.  Not big grizzly bears who will crush your skull and then devour your guts, not the Frankenstein or werewolf monsters that Boris Karloff presented on his weekly late-night program, not the kind of monsters children think are in their closets or under their beds, but the kind far more dangerous than our imaginations. They are real and they embody the essence of evil.

They are dressed in fashionable attire; they speak with the trained political voices of leaders and socialites who know what is best for America and her people.  They talk the talk, but never walk the walk.  They are the enemies of freedom and liberty and are hellbent to destroy the greatest country on earth, her past, her heroes and especially the brilliant men of letters who were our founders.

They are the domestic enemies, the treasonous villains of cultural Marxism, the clowns of communism who believe this country should be under their command and the fewer of us there are, the easier our enslavement.

They have infiltrated everything.

We must not let them win.

Hearts of Truth

From my friend, Bud Hancock, “Am I wrong, or it is a fact that every “plan” for Israel put forward by the Bidenistas, especially that rotten bastard Blinken, is another gouge in the eye of God and in total violation of His command to the entire world on how to treat the offspring of Abraham? I am amazed at the longsuffering of Almighty God when I see these evil turds still alive and breathing. Must be that God has something planned that will make the long wait for His justice against them worthwhile. Meanwhile, we just wait…and wait…and wait.”

Bud is right.

The Biden administration is trying to destabilize Israel by placing a 5,000 man “terror army” in the West Bank in place of the IDF.

Blinken Builds a Palestinian Hezbollah in the West Bank, by Tony Badran for Tablet Magazine.

“Not content with fueling street demonstrations against Bibi in Tel Aviv, the Biden administration looks to ‘Lebanonize’ Israel with a new, U.S.-funded terror army.

“While the Biden administration has been busy encouraging and funding the Israeli protest movement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms, it has also launched a far more potentially dangerous and lethal attempt to destabilize the leading military power in the Middle East. The wave of domestic protests in Israel comes on the heels of the deadliest series of Palestinian terror attacks since the end of the Second Intifada. Incredibly, the U.S. is now proposing to take advantage of its ally’s political weakness by standing up a potential 5,000-man Palestinian terror army that would ostensibly fight terrorism in the West Bank in place of the IDF.”

With allies like the USA.…

And dear UK friend Shirley writes, “You can tell we are at the time when we stand on the left hand or the right hand of God, I think, like the two thieves on the cross.  A massive division is taking place which is natural.  I don’t buy into the ‘we are all one’ any more. God will say to some I never knew you, and I don’t want to be someone he could say that to, Kelleigh. I was once even fooled by Christians; I’m embarrassed by a lot of them now.

“Someone came up to me in a tea room last week who remembered when I worked for the Church of England, 20 years ago now.  He asked me why I didn’t go. I don’t think he expected my answer. I was very calm. I could see he didn’t expect my answer.   It was very nice of him to come over and try and talk me into going back, but I would feel like a traitor after all that God has so far shown me…

“The church has not stood up to government and says nothing at all about antisemitism.  It hides under the pews and an image of godliness.   More interested in gender ideology and gay rights.   We are surely near the end Kelleigh.”

These are the words of two great and faithful believers who love Israel and her people.

Bud and Shirley are the core of humanity…the faithful, decent, courteous, honorable and true who love the Lord, their families and their nation.

And like so many of us, they remember what we once were.

Friend and fellow patriot, Joan Swirsky posted Irving Berlin’s wonderful tribute, God Bless America, introduced by Kate Smith on November 11, 1938.  My mom was 17 and would be 18 in 14 days when it was introduced.  I was born the following decade in the same month and we saw Kate Smith sing that song over and over again nearly every night on our black and white television.

Kate Smith sings:

Those were the days…

Marxist Weaponization

Mainstream media belong to the Leftists and we’re being fed the same pabulum every day across the nation. Journalists shunt truth to the side and repeat the daily propaganda from sea to shining sea.

The articles below are never found in the MSM.

With the Leftist aligned weaponization of the entire federal government, headlines that would have once drawn the FBI’s attention are ignored.  Threatening the president is a federal felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.

Newspaper reporters are actually suggesting the assassination of Biden’s political opposition and even the imprisonment of the opposition’s supporters.

“What Barack Obama and Eric Holder did with that new construct was refine the internal targeting mechanisms, so that only their ideological opposition became the target of the new national security system.  This is very important to understand as you dig deeper.”

“Mary McCord sits at the center of every attack approach deployed against President Trump  Link.  The influence of McCord cannot be overstated, while leftists like Eisen, Weissmann (and others), wax philosophically about which statutes can be twisted and interpreted to assist their Lawfare strategy du jour.”

(Red diaper baby, Mary McCord, is second in line under Rosa Brooks at Georgetown University Law Center heading up the Transition Integrity Project with plans to destroy the constitution and remove Trump should he win the 2024 election.)

The agent disclosed that “if an FBI employee fit a certain profile as a political conservative, they were viewed [by the Security Division] as security concerns and unworthy to work at the FBI.”

The FBI’s internal litmus test checks whether the agent supported the Vax regime, Donald Trump, or the Second Amendment, which at least half the country supports.

“This comes from documents newly unearthed that confirmed the FBI checked the agent’s loyalty before allowing him a security clearance, and when denied that clearance, he was suspended indefinitely without pay.”

Any agent whose allegiance doesn’t align with the left, is denied a security clearance and suspended.  Obama’s warfare continues.

  • Naomi Wolf writing for Frontpage Magazine asks, What Time It Is, regarding the imprisonment of Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro for the misdemeanors of failing to answer subpoenas. Bannon is now a political prisoner serving four months in Danbury Federal Prison.  His release is timed for a few days prior to the election.  Censored!

Hunter Biden and Eric Holder both failed to appear for subpoenas and didn’t even receive a slap on the wrist.

  • Visa Guide News reports that the Biden administration will allow almost 25,000 people from seven Muslim nations who were refused visas under Trump’s travel ban can now reapply for free. Under the new rules, the US will accept new nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications for 365 days, provide fee credits, and schedule consular appointments.  From 2017 to 2021, when Donald Trump enacted the Muslim ban, the US denied about 41,000 visas.
  • Sheriff Mark Lamb reports what the Department of Homeland Security created with the CBP One app and what it is doing.

“An app where now people can claim asylum from their home country, and we will actually fly down there and pick them up and bring them here. This administration having flown, nearly 300,000 Haitians into our country directly.

“Even if you fix the border issue, they’re still going to be flying people in from other countries because they filed, they went through the CBP1 app. The cartels have completely learned how to abuse and use the app to benefit them. They extort people and say, hey, look, we’ll help you get through the app, tell you what you do, there’s how much you have to pay us.”

  • If elections are on the level, or close to it, conventional election strategies can prevail. But most of us know they’re not on the up and up.  The lack of personal identification alone creates problems, when identification is needed for nearly every aspect in society, including even, a library card.

Omega4America Substack reports, Republicans want to cut the deck after the illegals vote – probably not a good idea.

“The grifter national voter integrity orgs have done nothing successful to clean them – because their lawsuits are not working, they are ignored even if they win, and they have zero technology to see the most rudimentary voter roll fraud.

“NGOs are in full tilt registering illegal aliens and transients – knowing these transients will be long gone when mail-in ballots arrive – and the NGO will vote them for their Leftist candidate.

“The NGOs know most of the national voter integrity orgs, all of them actually, are donor-driven, not results-driven. That’s why our Fractal teams, in every swing state, constantly find anomalous voters, living in strip malls and gas stations – for 25 years!”

  • Cleta Mitchell, attorney, former Oklahoma representative and Senior Legal Fellow, Conservative Partnership Institute Chairman tells Steve Bannon what was done to make sure we have a Deep State in election offices all over the country.
  • The Gateway Pundit reported, The neo-con-Trotskyite Republicans in Missouri’s GOP Pull a Fast One — Remove the Pro-Trump Delegates Elected at the State Convention in May.

The same thing is being attempted in Arizona.

The Missouri Independent reports:  The Missouri Republican Party must replace 54 national convention delegates and alternates selected at its chaotic state convention because of “alarming irregularities” in the process, the Republican National Convention Committee on Contests ruled Friday.

  • The Conservative Treehouse tells us that James Clyburn is visiting ten key precincts for ballot collection in three Wisconsin cities, (Madison, Milwaukee, Beloit) and no one seems to notice.

“The DNC operation (Obama/BLM network) concentrates heavily on the ballot harvesting.  However, when they turn those ballots over to the county level precinct workers, that’s where the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church network and South Carolina Representative James Clyburn come into play. Link

“The DNC no longer focuses on controlling the Secretary of State or Attorney General approach.  With the George Soros machine running the District Attorney level angle the democrats only need to concern themselves with the precinct level poll worker support.  Clyburn’s AME network is protected by the willfully blind George Soros DA’s. It’s a one-hand washing the other-hand proposition.”

American elections were held in person, using paper ballots, counted by human beings, with other human beings watching them.

“It was widely underreported that Communist China declared a People’s War against the United States in May of 2019 after the Trump Administration’s efforts to curb their theft of American intellectual property. This so-called People’s War was declared in the pages of the People’s Daily when Communist Party apparatchiks told the Chinese people they would have to make sacrifices to stop the ‘greed and arrogance’ of the Trump Administration. This war between the U.S. and the CCP involves political warfare, information warfare, and psychological warfare. Any reasonable assessment of the state of U.S. defenses should include whether such political warfare could include the CCP intervening in the 2024 election. This assessment appears not to have been done. This is critical since this is not merely about the manipulation of search engines or social media platforms. This is about a comprehensive strategy to steal the 2024 election using whatever means necessary.”

  • org Webinar | Xi’s ‘Vote’: Can We Prevent the CCP from Helping Steal Our Elections?  This is how the election will be stolen.

Both the extent and impact of Xi Jinping’s electoral interference to date and what we might expect in this year’s election cycle were by moderator Frank Gaffney with panelists, Jay Valentine, Trevor Loudon and Brian Kennedy.

To what extent did the CCP play a role in depriving President Trump his first reelection bid, either directly or indirectly.  There is little doubt that the CCP has the means and motive to thwart his second attempt.


From another faithful friend, Janet Levy-Ross…

“After reading Sundance’ “Big Picture” giving credence to our fears of being isolated – 15-minute-cities, seeing the Big Cheat in France and the UK, hearing Orban speak about the Soros Empire’s plan to spread illegals worldwide, and reading Brian Kennedy’s brilliant and thorough essay on the state of our election system, I believe we’re arriving at the point that we have feared.

“KFC Canada just announced that it was banning pork throughout the Province of Ontario.  The other 9 will most likely follow suit.

“The ICC issued arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant.  Israel is being ferociously attacked from the north and the U.S. is withholding 7 weapons systems while planning to deploy Palestinian ‘terror troops’ in Gaza.”

©2024. Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

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