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Biden Plan Would Sabotage U.S. Economic Competitiveness in One Huge Way, Analysis Finds

That’s not ‘Building Back Better’—it’s shooting ourselves in the foot.   President Biden has heralded his $4.5+ trillion spending proposals and accompanying tax hikes as an investment in “leading the world versus letting it pass us by.” Yet, paradoxically, a new analysis exposes one huge way Biden’s plans would make the US less competitive on the […]

Panic Has Led to Government “Cures” That Are Worse than the Disease, History Shows

Let’s take the novel coronavirus seriously, but let’s not throw reason, prudence, or the Constitution out the window. Anyone who’s seen the John Hughes movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off probably remembers the scene where Ferris’s economics teacher (Ben Stein) explains the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act to a roomful of bored, sleeping students. The scene is brilliant for many reasons, perhaps […]

Can The Government Mint a $1TRILLION Coin to Pay Its Bills?

Here’s why the fantastical notion of a trillion-dollar coin appearing out of thin air to pay the bills is so appealing—and perilous. Gridlock in Washington, DC continues amid a fight over raising the debt ceiling, the legal limit on how much the federal government can borrow. Right now, the federal government will be unable to […]

Inflation Hits 30-Year High According to This Key Metric

It’s the biggest annual surge recorded since January 1991—roughly three decades ago. Left-leaning media coverage has in recent weeks pushed the narrative that inflation is fading. But shocking new inflation numbers released today blow that media spin to smithereens. The Labor Department just released the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures index (PCE), which is the Federal Reserve’s preferred metric […]

The Moral Problem With Most Gun Free Zones

By taking away our means of self-defense and refusing to provide a suitable substitute, gun-free zones violate our right to life. Let’s start with a thought experiment. Suppose I push you into deep water as part of a swimming lesson. Because you do not know how to swim, you start desperately trying to keep yourself […]

Does Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Include a Mileage Tax?

Here’s a dismaying prospect: Paying 6, 8, or 10 cents in new taxes for every mile you drive. It may sound small, but at an 8 cent rate, that would be $1,144 in new annual taxes for the average American, who drives about 14,300 miles a year. Yikes! Some on social media are claiming that […]

U.S. Household Incomes Increased More in 2018 Than in the Previous 20 Years—Combined

Why did U.S. incomes suddenly explode in 2018 after decades of tepid growth? The answer is not difficult to find. For years, a school of economists has complained that US wages have been virtually stagnant for decades. “Jobs are coming back, but pay isn’t. The median wage is still below where it was before the […]

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Acknowledge Economic Reality Because She Thinks It’s Mean

Whether Psaki and Biden think that corporate tax hikes should lead to lower wages or high prices is utterly immaterial. They do.  Ayn Rand famously quipped, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s latest viral flub seems perfectly calibrated to confirm the late […]

5 Constitutional Amendments Americans Should Consider ASAP

The difficulties of altering the Constitution should not dissuade us from trying to improve it. With the Equal Rights Amendmentmaking its way back into the news in the month of February, the legal community has been abuzz with the possibility of a 28th Amendment finally getting tacked on to the Constitution. Of course, much of […]

4 Ways Americans Are Fighting Back Against Anti-Science COVID Restrictions

What’s more American than apple pie? Civil disobedience. In the US, it would be easy to believe the vast majority of people are in lockstep with the government’s pandemic policies. Networks are aflush with headlines claiming their polls show a majority of Americans support policies like masks and vaccine mandates, and detractors are painted as […]

Elizabeth Warren Revives Terrible Pandemic Policy

In late August, the Supreme Court struck down the Centers for Disease Control’s so-called “eviction moratorium.” The justices ruled that the federal agency did not have the legal authority to unilaterally extend a prohibition on the eviction of non-paying tenants in many circumstances. This was a win for both the rule of law and for […]

Treasury Department Seeks to Track Financial Transactions of Personal Bank Accounts Over $600

In May, the Treasury Department released the Biden administration’s revenue proposals for fiscal year 2022. One aspect of this document that has gone under-reported is the administration’s new plan for reporting requirements for financial institutions. The document is unequivocal about the administration’s goal for financial reporting, stating, “this proposal would create a comprehensive financial account information reporting […]

New Plan Would Push Top Tax Rate to Almost 60 Percent In These 4 States

If Congress’s new tax hikes come through, successful residents in high-tax states will be placed in a terrible position. Successful residents of high-tax states are in for an ugly surprise if new tax legislation passes in Congress. Democratic legislators are currently proposing a multi-trillion-dollar tax hike to raise revenue for a massive welfare and climate change spending plan. […]

VIDEO: New Biden Vax Mandate Doesn’t Make ANY Sense — Here’s Why

President Biden’s vax mandate doesn’t make ANY sense. Here’s why the logic behind Biden’s new national vaccine mandate is so contradictory and incoherent.  TRANSCRIPT 00:00 Intro 00:58 Basic Facts of Biden’s New Mandate 01:48 Clip of Biden’s Speech: “Protect the Vaccinated,” “Not About Freedom” 02:40 Disclaimer: I’m Vaccinated, Pro-Vaccine 03:11 Why the Logic Behind […]

Media Attempt to Downplay Alarming New Inflation Report

Despite media spin, price inflation is still very much a problem. It’s no secret that the mainstream media has a left-leaning bias. So it’s not exactly surprising that when alarming new inflation data were released on Tuesday, many journalists and media outlets attempted to downplay the story. After all, rising concerns about inflation could hamper the federal government’s ongoing […]

The 4 Biggest Problems with Biden’s Vaccine Order

Surely, the White House’s vaccine mandate plan cannot stand.  Back in December of 2020, then President-elect Biden said that he would not make vaccines against COVID-19 mandatory, nor did he think they should be mandatory. Given the new vaccine mandate by the White House, set to affect nearly 100 million Americans by some estimates, one reasonably conclude that […]

The Myth That Hurricanes Are Getting Worse [Because of Climate Change]

Claims that hurricanes are becoming more frequent and far more powerful (and deadly) are rampant. But are they true? In the wake of the destruction of Hurricane Ida, President Joe Biden this week traveled to storm-ravaged areas of New Jersey and New York to deliver a “code red” climate change message to the world: extreme weather poses […]

The Myth That Our Planet Faces an Overpopulation Crisis

Shortly after my wife graduated from college, she joined Zero Population Growth. Looking back, she tells me it was an emotional reaction fueled by reading Paul Ehrlich’s apocalyptic claims. In his book, The Population Bomb, Ehrlich wrote: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in […]

New Study Vindicates States that Canceled Expanded Unemployment Welfare Early

This new study simply confirms what common sense and basic economics alike always predicted. ebate over the welfare state is once again making headlines. On Monday, the expanded unemployment welfare system was finally allowed to expire after more than a year. Originally created as a “short-term” measure authorized for a few months in March 2020 […]

New Study Finds Mask Mandate Failed to Reduce COVID Deaths, Hospitalizations, or Cases

A study published by the Southern Medical Journal and reviewed by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research found mask mandates did not reduce COVID transmission or severity in the fourth largest county in Texas. Anew study published in the The Southern Medical Journal (SMJ) found that a county-wide mask order in Bexar County, Texas, did not […]