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Munich 1972 and 2016 – The Shameful Conduct by Germany During the Munich Olympics 49 Years Ago Up to More Recent Times

Finally, after 49 years, the Olympics has a moment of silence to honour the Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics 1972. Here is the essay I wrote for Frontpage Magazine five years ago about Germany’s sad response to the murder of Jews in Munich, and how its moral failure has only […]

Sometimes It Takes a Few Pogroms

Sometimes it takes a few pogroms to drive home the solution, inducing Diaspora Jews to make Aliyah as their forebears left Europe. Merriam-Webster defines “pogrom” as “an organized massacre of helpless people – specifically such a massacre of Jews.” According to theOxford English Dictionary, OED), the word pogrom entered English from Yiddish which borrowed it from Russian. The OED gives two […]

Racism and Genocidal Racism

Thane Rosenbaum, writing in Jewish Journal, on June 7, 2021, makes an important point: “The apparent unwillingness, or cowardice, of many American Jews to identify with the existential dilemma of Israelis—and its spillover effect on Jews walking on American or European streets—is appalling. The cautionary, parallel tale of the cosmopolitan Jews of 1930s Berlin and Vienna, […]

Denialism, Tolerism and Cancel Culture

Any strong ideological belief carries with it a risk of denying those facts that do not support the ideology. The denial of certain facts approaches an ideology of Denialism when the facts denied seem incontrovertible. So if there is doubt, for example by Islamist radicals concerning the fact of the Holocaust, that denial of fact must arise from […]

The Western cultural Stockholm Syndrome

Are US leftists, so enamored of the supposed victims of racism, creating an antisemitic Stockholm Syndrome of “domestic terrorists”? I spend a lot of time reading about and writing about worrisome cultural trends in what have traditionally been the liberal democracies of the West, including America, Canada, Australia, Israel and a weakening Europe. I am […]


I understand the concern of many in traditional newspaper journalism about the unfair advantage that social media has when earning advertising revenue from free content generated by traditional media which has to pay its journalists. However, the mainstream media needs to look in the mirror to see if perhaps its bias and political and cultural positions […]

From Cancel Culture to Political Exterminatism

Falsely accused racists are the new Jews. Anything is justified against them. How long till political exterminationism gets physical? “Exterminationism” is generally defined as genocide of an ethnic or religious group. Accordingly, I use the term political exterminationism to connote a wish or a course of action to destroy or exterminate one’s political enemies. This seldom involves […]