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Lapid On Gaza – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Lapid’s recent Gaza policy proposal is just one more display in an appalling catalogue of his imbecility-cum-ignorance, which, in light of his electoral success, is—in itself—a grave indictment of the Israeli voter Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe—attributed to Albert Einstein. I used to have […]

Naftali Goldfarb or Gonen Bennett?

In a single act of rash duplicity and deceit, Naftali Bennett provided the left with a prize plum from which it has been precluded for years: Broad access to positions of governmental control and influence. Bogey Ya’alon, Benny Gantz and Yvette Lieberman are knowingly endangering the security of Israeli citizens… As Israel’s Defense Minister, I declare: An […]

Gaza-Déjà vu … Again?

The problem of Gaza was created by the belief that land could be transferred to the Palestinian Arabs to provide them a viable opportunity for self-governance. We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them— A maxim attributed to Albert Einstein. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and […]

Something to Worry About…Israel’s Legal System

The debilitating deadlock, in which Israel’s political system is mired, is in large measure the result of judicial disregard—or at least distortion—of the law. Over the past decade, the public image of the Supreme Court as an autonomous and impartial arbiter has been increasingly eroded… [T]he court and its judges are increasingly viewed by a […]

When Generals Stray Into Politics…

This week–despite the resounding failure of the “land-for-peace” formula—3 former IDF generals penned an Op-Ed, urging the Biden administration to “keep open a path to an eventual two-state solution.” “La guerre! C’est une chose trop grave pour la confier à des militaires”— George Clemenceau, commonly paraphrased as “War is too important to be left to […]

When did Palestine become Palestine?

The Palestinian-Arabs’ claim for sovereignty over what they now insist is their long yearned-for homeland arose only after 1967—i.e. when it came under Jewish administration. The Arabs didn’t provoke war with Israel in 1967 to achieve Palestinian independence…Arab rulers could have established a Palestinian state in those territories whenever they chose to do so. But […]

Jordan’s ‘House of Cards’–The implications for Israel

Israel could face a situation, where along its lengthiest border, there would no longer be a conservative, pro-Western monarchy, but an extreme Muslim regime, with incandescent hostility towards the Jewish state There is nothing certain, but the uncertain. ~ Traditional Proverb. Incoming media reports from Jordan indicate that the clash within the royal family earlier […]

Has the Democrats’ push to depose Biden begun?

The contour lines of an approaching scenario in which Biden, exposed as both frail and mendacious, is forced to step down & concede the presidency to his radical Vice President, are gradually coming into focus.   A significant portion of the public does not believe that the November 3, 2020, presidential election was fairly conducted…Once again, […]

Targeted Killings: The Legality vs. The Morality

Arguably, the most galling reaction to the targeted killing of Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, came from John Brennan, Director of the CIA under the Obama administration. Startling evidence that members of the former Obama administration simply inhabit a parallel universe over Iran has been revealed in their reaction to the assassination last Friday of […]

The GOP—Still Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Republicans need to urgently hone their skills in waging political warfare—especially with the upcoming runoffs in Georgia that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate I’ve been active in the Republican party for a very long time. So I think I can say with some knowledge: Republicans play badminton; Democrats play pro football—Former Speaker […]

U.S. and Israeli Jews Deeply Divided on Life and Death Issues

The policy preferences of much of US Jewy seem even more paradoxically perverse—as they are undeniably lending support to political regimes that comprise the diametric opposite of the enlightened liberal values the purport to cherish. The dichotomy over the US elections between Jews in America and Jews in Israel is stark and startling. While over […]

Indicting Netanyahu—The unintended consequences

The recent release of taped telephone conversations underscores the bitter irony that the politically motivated initiative to indict Netanyahu on contrived charges will end up by undermining precisely those who launched it & were complicit in conducting it.  There is something sick in the State Prosecutor’s Office; Shai Nitzan is not fit to be the […]