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Biden’s Handlers Walk Back Trump’s Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory

We’re back in full-on Obama mode now, betraying allies and giving aid and comfort to enemies. It will not, of course, end well. Biden Admin Walks Back U.S. Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, June 24, 2021: The Biden administration is walking back the United States’ historic recognition of […]

Chicago Dyke March Plans Violent Riots, Calls for Destruction of U.S. and Israel

These people are the very definition of useful idiots. “Zionism is queerphobic,” and yet any of these marchers would be murdered in Gaza and could live in peace in Israel. The Leftist-Islamic alliance has nothing whatsoever to do with rational thought or the facts of real life. The antisemitic Chicago Dyke March are calling for […]

CNN Uses Ashli Babbitt to Paint Trump Supporters As Terrorists

My latest in PJ Media: “To some,” CNN tweeted Friday, “Ashli Babbitt, who was killed in the Capitol riot, was a terrorist. To others, she’s a martyr and seen as a recruiting tool.” Twitter’s legion of blue-check Leftist propagandists immediately protested that other “terrorists” are seen as martyrs as well. Never-Trump former Bush consultant Matthew Dowd likened Babbitt to Hitler, […]

American U’s School of International Studies Accused of ‘Islamophobia’ for Saying Islam Compatible with Feminism

As has often been pointed out here, “Islamophobia” is used to refer to attacks on innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and to any criticism of Islam, however mild, or opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women. School of International Studies student Momal Rizvi was asked if Islamophobia rooted in the SIS, and […]

Questions for the New York Times After Its Latest Blood Libel of Israel

The New York Times recently carried on its front page photographs of 67 children, Arab and Jewish, who died during the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel, over the caption “They Were Just Children.” Under each child’s photo, the Times had provided the name of the party responsible for the child’s death; for 64 of the […]

Marx, Muhammad and the West’s Current Crisis

The “entire world seems to be going insane,” writes investigative journalist James Simpson in his new book, Who Was Karl Marx?: The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left. In this primer on the Left’s ideological origins, Simpson reveals the totalitarian trends that are roiling modern America and the wider Western world and […]

NEW YORK CITY: Woman converts to Islam, plots jihad bombings because of ‘Islamophobia’

It is a common tactic on the Left: accuse your target of what you’re actually guilty of doing. It is the Left’s lies about rampant “Islamophobia” in the U.S. that incite violence, not opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women. But the Left’s lies are ubiquitous, and are the real pandemic these days. […]

Hungary: Prime Minister Orbán says ‘Migrant armies are banging on Europe’s door’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has issued several warnings over the years about the Muslim invasion of Europe. He has now warned again that “migrant armies are banging on Europe’s doors, on the doors that seal off migration routes on land and at sea.” Although Orban made reference to an escalation of illegal Muslim migrants […]

NEW YORK CITY: Muslims Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ Burn Israeli Flag, Repeat Genocidal Chant Calling for Israel’s Destruction

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” means that Israel will be erased completely, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This will lead to the deaths of millions of Jews. Welcome to de Blasio’s New York. “‘Allahu Akhbar!’: Pro-Palestinian protesters chant as they BURN Israeli flag in march through NYC […]

Biden’s Handlers Unveil Program to Fight White Supremacy’ in Military and ‘Purge’ Internet of ‘Extremist Content’

“Purge” is well chosen, because that’s exactly what this is, a nakedly political purge of the loyal opposition, and the forcible silencing of political dissent in America. It’s plain as day what is coming. What is not clear is whether or not there will be any significant number of Americans who stand for freedom and […]

WASHINGTON STATE: Muslim County Council Candidate Endorsed by Democrats Once Threatened to Blow Up School Bus

Ubax Gardheere says: “My multi-complex, multi-dimensional, hyphenated identity makes me unapologetically Black, unapologetically Muslim, unapologetically Somali, and unapologetically American.” She has wrapped the school bus incident in her own claims of victimhood, which doesn’t bode well for her stint on the County Council. But more important is the moral myopia of those around her. What do […]

The Dirty Secret of Child Marriage

None of the organizations dedicated to combating it dares face why it’s so prevalent. It was an emblematic incident: the News Agency of Nigeria reported Wednesday that “the Chief Imam of the Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Abdul Azeez Onike, says Islam supports underage marriage.” Onike said thus at a press conference launching his new initiative, […]

Congress Votes To Make Pulse Nightclub, Site of Jihad Massacre, a National Memorial

Almost certain to be left unmentioned in the memorial, as it is in this NBC News article, is the fact that the mass murderer, Omar Mateen, was an avowed jihad terrorist. Here are some of the highlights from his conversations with police: “I pledge my allegiance to (unidentifiable name) on behalf of the Islamic State” “Call […]

VIRGINIA: Muslim school board member from jihad-linked mosque tells high school students to remember their ‘jihad’

Celebrate diversity! What could possibly go wrong, you racist, bigoted “Islamophobe”? Dem Tells High School Grads They’re Entering A World Of ‘Capitalism’ and ‘White Supremacy,’ Encourages Them To Remember ‘Jihad’ And Reject Objectivity by Luke Rosiak, Daily Wire, June 11, 2021: A school board member gave a graduation speech in which she told a mainly-immigrant class […]

Turks Enraged as Ancestry.com Reveals the Truth: Most of Them Are Greeks

My latest in PJ Media: The Turkish DNA Project, an online endeavor to track Turkish genetics, is enraged at the popular genealogy site Ancestry.com and has called for it to be boycotted for stating an inconvenient truth: many, and possibly most, modern Turks are the descendants of the Greeks who once formed the overwhelming majority of the population […]

Biden to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of 9/11 by Freeing Gitmo Terrorists

Biden is restarting every terrible Obama project. And he’s trying to finish those that Obama couldn’t. Obama’s big dream was freeing all the terrorists and closing Gitmo. One of his first executive orders addressed Gitmo’s terrorists. He forced out Secretary of Defense Hagel over it, and terrorized Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to such an extent […]

Critical Race Theory Is Not Compatible With Christianity. Churches Must Say So

My latest in PJ Media: Critical Race Theory is as an indictment of the United States as a systemically-racist society, but it is also something worse: an all-encompassing worldview, a guiding life philosophy that purports to explain the world in a staggeringly simple manner. With racism, slavery, imperialism, colonialism, and more, white people have inflicted incalculable harm […]

Oakland: Pro-jihad Arab Resource and Organizing Center Stops Israeli Ship From Unloading

“Preventing commerce, jeopardizing local jobs, and compromising the health future of the port will only hurt Oakland and the region … Many port truck drivers only get paid if they pick up and drop off containers.” Yes. And also, supporting Hamas’ genocidal jihad is not a good look, no matter how fashionable it is today […]

Ilhan Omar Equates U.S. and Israel with Hamas and Taliban. Here’s why she’s wrong.

My latest in PJ Media: The fiercely patriotic and morally scrupulous Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Hypocrisy) showed yet again Monday that she is a master at appealing to the Democratic Party’s core constituency. She tweeted: “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed […]