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PODCAST: Republican Clubs Falter

 Conservative political clubs are proliferating following the 2020 election. Now we hear about such groups as “Republican Liberty Caucus,” “Community Patriots,” not to mention “Trump Clubs,” and even old Tea Party groups are going through a Renaissance. In the mean time, traditional Republican clubs are going through turbulent times as people are gravitating to […]

PODCAST: Who Are The True Victims?

The “haves” or the “have nots”? I recently came across a video from television reporter John Stossel which was recorded in 2015. It was titled, “Playing the Victim,” whereby he examined how politicians cultivated “victims” as supporters, particularly among Democrats. To illustrate, he showed how Hillary Clinton painted her supporters as “victims” while on her campaign trail […]

PODCAST: For The Love Of White Castle

 Interestingly, the big news in Florida is not about the state’s new “anti-riot” law or rejection of the “vaccine passports,” but rather something bigger, namely White Castle has finally opened a restaurant in Florida, in Orlando specifically. It is said to be the world’s largest White Castle restaurant strategically placed near the theme parks and opened […]

PODCAST: They Are Killing The Game

 It’s not much of a secret that attendance and viewership of American sports has plunged over the last couple of years. Some pin the blame solely on the CIVID-19 scare, but I believe it goes well beyond this. First, let’s consider how bad it is getting. For example, in Major League Baseball (MLB), viewership […]

PODCAST: Packing The Court

 During the 2020 campaign, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden proposed developing a bipartisan dialog regarding the number of justices to sit on the Supreme Court. This occurred following the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Associate Justice, thereby putting conservatives firmly in control of the Court. Biden’s proposal was all part of his “unity” themed […]

PODCAST: Dem’s HR-1 and The Jim Crow Shtick

 When it comes to voting reform, Democrats gleefully point at their pending H.R.1 “For the People” Act which they claim will make voting accessible to more people, most of whom are illegal aliens. When the Republicans push for voter reform, such as what was recently implemented in Georgia, the Democrats accuse them of implementing racially designed […]

PODCAST: The Three Principles of the Press

 I recently gave a speech at the North Suncoast Republican Club in Homosassa (Citrus County) regarding the press, a favorite subject of mine as I have first-hand experience in how they operate, up close and personal. As you may remember, in 2016 I traveled with the press in Florida to cover the Trump rallies. Following this, […]

PODCAST: Why Trump Is Still A Force To Be Reckoned With

 When Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush lost their re-election bids, they quietly faded away and became nothing but footnotes in history. They primarily occupied their time by building their presidential libraries. None considered a second run for the presidency. They had had enough. However, the same cannot be said about former President […]

PODCAST: What Do Democrats Want?

 I happened to watch the opening statements by the Democrat House members prosecuting former President Trump in Impeachment 2.0. Their arguments were laughable as they deliberately took the president’s comments out of context. They often quoted him in piecemeal, without describing his comments in its entirety. It was always my assumption the prosecutor’s job […]

PODCAST: Who Is Filling Biden’s Cabinet?

 I was recently talking to old friend Rick Trader of the Conservative Commandos Radio show regarding President Biden’s cabinet picks. This caused me to dig in deeper and look into their background. Naturally, they are all filled in by Democrats, just as President Trump’s was filled in with Republicans, but there is something else going on. […]

PODCAST: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

I have been a loyal Republican for almost 50 years. I have worked on campaigns, written political copy, and voted regularly. However, when the Republicans in Congress recently turned their back on President Trump during the stolen election and ensuing impeachment, they revealed their true spineless character as “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO). Unfortunately, this […]

PODCAST: Next Comes Political Deprogramming

 Back during the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters as “deplorables,” thereby denoting the disdain the Democrats have for such Americans. It also suggests the Democrat’s perception of themselves as elitists; that they actually consider themselves superior to “deplorables.” This backfired as it became a badge of honor for Trump supporters and […]

PODCAST: What Really Happened at the ‘Stop The Steal’ Protest?

 The “Stop the Steal” protest was held on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 in the nation’s capitol. This was a massive demonstration protesting what the crowd believed to be a stolen presidential election. The people assembled peacefully, listened to a speech by President Trump, and marched to Congress. While there, several demonstrators broke into the […]