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New Database Tracks Canceled People

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, an anonymous researcher has launched a website that tracks people who have been “canceled” for exercising their right to free speech. Appropriately named “CanceledPeople.org,” the database already has 195 entries, with many recognizable names including James Damore, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jordan Peterson, Charles Murray, Megyn Kelly, Nicholas & Erik Christakis, […]

How Long Will Marjorie Taylor Greene Last On Mainstream Platforms?

Those of us who are amused and glad that finally there are some politicians who engage in hyperbole and confrontational politics with the same abandon as Leftists have a new celebrity to follow, Georgia’s firebrand GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. It isn’t necessary to recapitulate the many ways Greene has horrified the mainstream. They are too […]

Gab Owns Their Servers. Banking Next?

If you read the nearly 10,000 word entry for Gab on Wikipedia, you might come away convinced it is a haven for right wing hatred. Abundant examples are cited. Founder Andre Torba claims Gab exists to counter, as he puts it, “the entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly.” It would be foolish to suggest that right wing hate doesn’t […]

Florida and Texas Resist Online Censorship

Lawmakers in two states are now considering legislation that push back against censorship by online online communications monopolies, in particular, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In Texas, Senate Bill 12 would prohibit online censorship based on the views expressed or repeated by a social media user based in the state. According to the sponsoring Senator, Bryan Hughes, “affected users could […]

YouTube Deplatforms Way of the World

For the last four years, an anonymous commentator with a YouTube channel called “Way of the World” offered his perspective on what was happening to Western Culture because of globalism. Last week YouTube obliterated his channel. He had already been thrown off Facebook and Patreon. Featured in an analysis of the so-called intellectual dark web written in September 2019, by […]

Twitter Deplatforms Rogan O’Handley

Rogan O’Handley, also known as DC Draino, was thrown off Twitter on February 27. As the generic message on his defunct Twitter URL now helpfully explains, “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.” But what rules? Twitter rarely explains why they deplatform individual accounts, and since they can deplatform a sitting U.S. President, they’re willing to deplatform anyone. […]

Twitter Deplatforms Project Veritas

One of the biggest sources of original alternative content, Project Veritas, is now banned from one of the biggest platforms to reach millions of Americans, Twitter. Without being terribly specific as to what the “repeated violations” were of the company rules, Twitter deplatformed Veritas on February 11. The proximate cause of banishment was a brief video posted […]

Antifa Drives Andy Ngo Into Exile – Mainstream Press Silent

If there is anyone in America who should NOT be silenced, or ignored, it is Andy Ngo. This soft spoken, level-headed, and courageous journalist has tirelessly exposed both the relentless violence of Antifa as well as the appalling negligence of civic authorities to crack down on the violence. For his trouble, Ngo has been maligned […]

Three More Voices Silenced by Twitter

As reported in American Greatness, the New York Post, and elsewhere, on February 7, “the sanctimonious and hypocritical censors of Twitter came for Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, radio host Wayne Allyn Root, and freedom activist Pamela Geller.” Geller can still be found on her own website, The Geller Report, on Facebook, as well as on YouTube and Instagram. But for how long? […]

Black Conservatives Vie to Replace California’s Governor Newsom

Anyone who thinks the conservative movement isn’t inclusive is not paying attention. When it comes to candidates conservatives will support, the only thing that matters is the ideas and principles they’ll fight for. Two young black conservatives who are running for California governor exemplify this fact, because the ideas they’re promoting are as interesting, if […]

Gina Carano is an American Hero

To the long list of American corporations that are hostile towards conservatives, add Disney and LucasFilm. If anyone doubted the censorious leftward bias of these entertainment juggernauts, that doubt was removed on February 10, when they fired Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. As reported in Gizmodo, a Lucasfilm spokesperson said “Gina Carano is not currently […]

Vincent James O’Connor Banned From DLive

It isn’t easy to monitor everything Vincent James O’Connor has ever said or written online. Since 2015 he has been a prolific creator of online content, with an output that includes three hour live video segments, streamed multiple times each week. So maybe Vincent James O’Connor has said something absolutely horrible, something so vile that even those […]

Censorship Movement Turns to the ‘Loophole’ of Podcasts

The Associated Press, always a reliable source of establishment policy messaging, has a new target for the censors: Podcasts. An article released by AP on January 15 entitled “Extremists exploit a loophole in social moderation: Podcasts,” posted on countless news websites, expresses frustration that the censors can’t easily get at podcasts. This doesn’t mean podcasters are invulnerable. […]

YouTube Escalates War on Free Speech

The sad events of January 6 have provided Big Tech another excuse to ramp up their censorship. For example, the next day, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced new policies for the video platform, explaining they would apply a “strike” and temporary account suspension for anyone posting a “false claim,” and that with three strikes accounts would be […]