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Online Censorship of ‘Transition Skeptics’

Probably one of the deadliest minefields, among all categories of suppressed discourse, is to venture into the topic of transsexuals with anything apart from absolute adherence to the politically correct perspective. Rather than do that, we’d just like to draw attention to the work of 4thWaveNow, a website and Twitter account that bills itself as “youth transition skeptics.” It took […]

YouTube Censors U.S. Senate Testimony on Voter Fraud in Nevada

On December 16, Attorney Jesse Binnall testified before the U.S. Congress on what his team alleges were instances of voter fraud in Nevada. His five minute testimony is packed with details; it is a must-watch video for anyone wanting to learn more about what may have really happened during the 2020 presidential election, not only in Nevada, but across […]

Payment Processers Escalate War on Digital Army

RedPill78, a “citizen journalist” operating in Washington DC, was banned from YouTube back in October. That was part of the coordinated assault by big tech on the so-called QAnon journalists. But QAnon is an inexact term, used by the establishment to push dissident journalists into a box: “Conspiracy theorists (as if conspiracies don’t exist) who think the […]

YouTube Escalates Crackdown on Alternative Content Creators

YouTube has announced new policies aimed at “limiting the reach of borderline content” and to “protect people from problematic content that doesn’t violate our community guidelines.” Got that? They’re figuring out how to “protect” people from content that does not violate their guidelines. The recent announcements come in the context of reporting on the 2020 election. One of YouTube’s […]

The Migration to Rumble Accelerates

Founded in 2013, for several years Rumble.com quietly developed its online video-sharing platform as a viable but virtually unknown alternative to YouTube. All of that changed in September 2020 when conservative radio host Dan Bongino became part-owner of Rumble, and offered the deplatformed, demonetized, deboosted, depersoned multitudes a new home. The user experience on Rumble compares favorably […]

Daily Kos Attacks Winston84

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the home page of The Daily Kos is that they are confirmed political activists. Before you can read an article, you have to read their latest political ad, or as they put it, your opportunity to either “Donate Now” or “Skip Action.” As of December 1, 2020, […]

Send Us Your Tireless, Suppressed, Truth Telling Online Warriors

In the few months since Winston84 has been fully activated, we have received hundreds of suggestions, encouragement, comments, and even a few trolls have shared their thoughts. To all who reached out, even the trolls: Thank you. All of you are invited to use the Contact Us page and tell us what you’re thinking. In particular, we […]

Parler’s “Erasebook” Makes the Case Against Facebook

Facebook is evil. So goes Parler’s new website, erasebook.info, which makes “The Case Against Facebook.” They even provide detailed instructions on how to download your entire Facebook history and then delete your Facebook account. If you want a good summary of all the ways Facebook is manipulating our minds and monitoring our thoughts, this new website is a […]

Andy Ngo Thrown Off PayPal, Other Payment Platforms May Follow

One of the most daring and honest journalists in America is Andy Ngo. Either filming himself or aggregating video clips from his network of mostly clandestine collaborators, Ngo does the work mainstream journalists ignore either out of fear or ideological bias. If you watched Ngo’s videos over the past several months, you would know, without any doubt, that […]

Winston84 is Tracking the Migration Away From Censorship

In response to viewer suggestions, Winston84 has added profile descriptions to its search function. This means you can find profiles that have information that is noted in the profile description, expanding the ability to locate sites with specific content that is suppressed by the censors. For example, if you enter “Plandemic” in the search box, […]

WordPress De-Platforms Conservative Treehouse

As announced on their website, one week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification from WordPress: ”Given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.” The good news, such as it is, rests in the fact that […]

“America’s Frontline Doctors” Should Not Be Censored

On July 27, a video that allegedly made “false coronavirus claims” was taken down by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but not before nearly 20 million people watched it. The people in that video, led by Dr. Simone Gold, have formed a group called “America’s Frontline Doctors,” with a mission to “counter the massive disinformation campaign […]