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Berlin Voters Reject Bid to Become Climate Neutral by 2030

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Germany and the rest of the Europe has suffered the terrible consequence of the big climate hoax.

When reality meets the lie, it’s seismic.

Berlin Voters Balk at Fast-Tracking Climate Neutrality by 2030


Berlin voters balked at a plan to make the German capital climate-neutral by law by 2030, which would have put it 15 years ahead of Germany’s national target.

The referendum, which would have obligated the city-state’s government to enshrine the climate goal in law, failed after fewer than the required 607,000 voters voted in favor, according to the state election commissioner’s tally. About 2.4 million people were eligible.

The result leaves in place a non-binding goal of climate neutrality by 2045, which is in line with the rest of Germany.

Referendum organizers, a nonprofit initiative called Klimaneustart Berlin, argued that Berlin’s governing body is “acting far too hesitantly.”

Days earlier, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that time to stop global warming of more than 1.5C is running out.

Germany, which emits the most carbon dioxide among European countries, has lagged on its emissions goals and was most recently thrown off track by the energy crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Berliners vote down referendum on tighter climate goals


BERLIN, March 26 (Reuters) – A referendum in Berlin on Sunday that would have bound the city to strive to be climate neutral by 2030 has failed, the city’s mayor Franziska Giffey said in a statement.

The measure would have forced the new conservative local government to invest heavily in renewable energy, building efficiency and public transport.

Had it passed, Berlin would have been one of the few major European cities with a legally binding goal to become carbon neutral in seven years.

The result “shows that the majority of Berliners also see that the demands of the referendum could not have been implemented – not even if they were cast into law,” Giffey said.

The European Union last year started a scheme to help 100 cities inside and outside of the bloc become climate neutral by 2030, but the scheme and the financial support it offers are not legally binding.

The referendum was a test of whether Germans, or at least Berliners, want Germany’s climate policy, which now aims to make Europe’s biggest economy carbon-neutral by 2045, to be more ambitious.

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