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Biden Regime Creates Muslim Census Category

By Jihad Watch

And next up, the census will be asking about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Islamic groups had been demanding a special census category for a while and now they’re getting one.

The Biden administration signed off on “Middle Eastern or North African” checkbox on the next census. While in theory the checkbox applies to non-Muslims (including me, as I was born in Israel), it’s meant to be a category that Muslims will claim to represent.

Much like the term “Asian” in the UK came to be co-opted by Islamic groups, Muslim organizations will claim to represent and speak for those in the MENA category, amplifying their power and influence.

We at the Freedom Center have been warning about the MENA category for some time.

Here’s Bruce Thornton in 2016.

The White House is frank about how altering the census would make this happen: impacting how the Voting Rights Act is enforced and Congressional districts are drawn; creating affirmative action plans and monitoring discrimination in housing, bank lending, and education; and identifying new recipients of government largess. That is, targeting those who would be inclined to vote Democrat once they are the beneficiaries of more government patronage. In addition, since most of these people identify as “white” on the current census, giving them a different option would support the Democrats’ narrative of a demographic shift that is reducing whites to a minority, and that will create The Coming Democrat Majority, as John Judis and Ruy Teixera called it in their 2004 book.

And Lloyd Billingsley in 2017.

In late September, the White House office of Management and Budget proposed a new racial classification: MENA, standing for Middle East and North Africans and covering the vast area from Morocco to Iran. In the best politically correct style, many national, ethnic and racial identities disappear within the group category, like drops of water in a pond. MENA is essentially the rebadging of Muslims and as with other categories the basis for handing out government benefits and further dividing the nation into oppressed and oppressor classes.

The president was counting on his designated successor, Hillary Clinton, to get MENA approved by Congress in 2018 so it could be deployed in the 2020 Census. The new Congress should give MENA the boot, dump the entire classification system, and abolish race and ethnic preferences in government employment.

A Republican administration should jettison the MENA category because it’s an Islamic trojan horse. The census needs major reform, beginning with the return of the ‘citizenship’ question, and should end identity politics questions in general.

A country of equals, people not races or creeds, shouldn’t be asking people what race or ethnicity they are anyway.

And next up, the census will be pursuing sexual identity politics.

The U.S. Census Bureau asked the Biden administration Tuesday for permission to test questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for people age 15 and above on its most comprehensive annual survey of life in the country.

Over 15. Enough said.

These census abuses are used purely to advance leftist politics and divide the country while allowing the Left to expand its victimhood groups and define the country on its terms.




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