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BREAKING: Project Veritas Strikes Mark Kelly’s Campaign

By Jordan Conradson

Project Veritas Action Releases Undercover Video Of Mark Kelly Staffer Deceiving Independent Voters By Lying About His Radical Left Views On Gun Control, The Border, And Abortion

Blake Masters recently destroyed Democrat Mark Kelly on the issue of our southern border in the US Senate debates, and he is gaining ground on Kelly in the polls. Mark Kelly and his staffers are anti-border security and pro-illegal immigration.

When asked to lie about Mark Kelly’s stance on abortion, the journalist asked if Mark Kelly is pro-life, and his staffer responded, “absolutely, he’s not pro-life.”

The staffer advised the journalist to say, “Mark Kelly is pro-life but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare. I don’t know, something stupid like that” because ” he can’t win with just Democrat votes.”

They even laughed as they told the journalist to invoke Mark Kelly’s wife, Gabby Gifford, a mass shooting victim in 2011, and say that Mark Kelly values life because of this tragic incident.

These people are disgusting, and they only value life when they’re pushing their pro-death agenda….


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How Not to Vote in Arizona

The 2022 midterm election is fast approaching. The system for voting in Arizona is predominantly by mail-in ballots (around 80% of all ballots).The ballots will be mailed out to all voters registered for mail-in voting on October 12th. The actual ‘day’ of the election is Tuesday November 8th..

Once upon a time when all voters went to the polls on the day of election, the tabulated results were announced the night of the election date. If the result of a specific race was razor thin and less than a legislated margin, a recount might prevent the naming of a winner. That was the exception for calling the results of the election. We at The Prickly Pear are very concerned about the flaws in Arizona’s predominant ‘mail-in’ voting system.

Please click on the red TAKE ACTION link below to learn How Not to Vote in Arizona as a mail-in ballot voter and to be certain your vote is included in the count the evening of November 8th.