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Fight Terrorism, Not Terrorists

By Amil Imani

Sounds absurd? Why? All kinds of well-meaning and not so well-meaning people who are alarmed with Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc. have been proclaiming that their fight is with Islam and not with Muslims. Who knows what motivates these people and how their system of logic runs.

Geert Wilder says that his battle is with Islam, and he does not hate Muslims. No one, please, should take my criticism of Muslims as hating them. I certainly am critical of their belief and feel that Muslims must wake up to the destructive nature of their creed. The Muslims not only need to leave Islam, they owe themselves and the rest of humanity to actively work at putting an end to one of humanity’s most harmful dogmas.

In my thinking, Islam is the problem because there are Muslims who take its holy book, the Quran, as gospel and carry out its divisive and deadly provisions. Without Muslims, Muhammad’s Quran would be just another historic relic sitting on library shelves, next to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, gathering dust, and criminals of the world would have to find other instruction manuals to guide their activities.

What good is it to burn the Quran or desecrate it? The fire from burning the Quran only energizes the already zany fanatical believers of Allah to further engage in their world-dismembering acts.

People who keep proclaiming that they have nothing against Islam but that their battle is with Muslim terrorists are an enigma. Perhaps these people are the politically correct, the delusional who rearrange reality to their fancy, or the naïve who are incapable of dealing with facts. These people are either incapable or do not want to see that it is the Muslims, the active jihadists, as well as their masses of supporters who are and remain culprits committing much of what is repugnant and harmful to civilized humanity.

If the fight is with Islam and not with Muslims, then in the interest of fairness, we must apply the same standards to other criminalities.

We should condemn arson, but not arsonists: Rape, not rapists: Theft, not thieves: Murder, not murderers; and all other forms of crimes, but not the people who commit them.

Terrorism has no external reality without terrorists. For as long as there are people who cling no matter how loosely or tightly to Islam, humanity, including Muslims, stands to suffer the consequences. Yet, sadly, many Muslims refuse to recognize the fact that it is their sickly belief system that is at the core of leading them astray and inflicting great harm to all.

It is foolish to wage battle against beliefs that promote mayhem and murder while giving a free pass to those who adhere to those beliefs and carry out their dogma.

“When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Quran 8.12

I fully realize that not every Muslim is a card-carrying, hell-bent jihadist. Yet, by being a Muslim, the individual, willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, empowers the zealot jihadist Muslims who live and die to further the cause of Islam.

In what way does your average peaceful Muslim support the work of the not-too-insignificant cadre of Islamist terrorists, you may ask? In multiple ways. For one, by paying his religiously required tax known as Khums (one-fifth of his income) to the imams and mullahs. What do the Islamic clerics do with the funds? They make a very good living by not breaking a sweat day and night, preaching hatred of non-Muslims, and training wave after wave of impressionable young as soldiers of Allah.

These clerical parasites are equal opportunity haters and promoters of violence. They do not limit their campaign to only non-Muslims. They even exhort their just too-happy jihadists to wage war against each other whenever it suits them, and they can get away with it.

Just look at what is happening these days in the lands of the religion of peace. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, and even the Islamic showcases such as Egypt and Turkey. Repression and slaughter are in full operation.

Syria’s in-power Alawites and their Shiite allies are engaged in the shocking butchery of the Sunnis, even under the eyes of the impotent United Nations observers. In one recent brutal attack by the Alawite forces of President Bashar Assad, some 90 people, including many children, were murdered.

I hardly need to tally the criminality and horrors of these Muslim-inspired regimes. Peace, tolerance, and respect for others are alien to the followers of Muhammad, no matter which sect they belong to and irrespective of where in the world they live. No sooner in power, in any place, they shamelessly and brutally begin their mayhem and murderous practices.

This primitive chauvinistic creed is custom-made for the savage male, where women are systematically abused in every imaginable way. Not only are women officially worth one-half of a man, but they are also to serve as a man’s property in the tragically ordained manner. Four women to a man in regular marriage and as many women as a man wishes in temporary marriages. Woe upon a woman who thinks of herself as an equal-rights human and violates these Islamic draconian laws. Honor killing awaits the fate of any woman who steps outside Islam’s misogynistic boundaries.

Give the ringleaders of this creed of violence credit. They have perfected their skills at their trade of spreading Islam, the means of making their parasitic living.

These so-called clerics make “good” use of the funds they extract from their followers. For one, they buy the ever-ready-for-purchase politicians to further their cause through legislation that would muzzle freedom of expression by any voice that dares to expose Islam for what it is.

For yet another, with their coffers flush with funds, the clerics enlist lawyers and launch lawsuits to destroy any person who speaks the truth about their barbaric beliefs and practices.

In addition, they honestly report intimidating businesses that fail to toe their line by boycotting their products and services. They force other businesses to withdraw their advertisements from any print or electronic medium that may honestly report the horrors of their beliefs.

Tolerance is a great social virtue that becomes a vice if extended to those who do not practice it and to criminals who take advantage of this noble human attribute. Muslims are the most oppressive and intolerant people in the world, and they justify their intolerance on the teachings of their holy book, the Quran.

The persecution of religious minorities in Islamic states is a legend. Yet, these very intolerant people come to the welcoming Western countries and demand one-sided tolerance from their hosts. Over time, these Muslims increased their demands to the point of aiming to subvert the civilized hosts and transform them into their failed savage system ruled by the Sharia Law.

Remember that Islam operates by stealth when not quite powerful, just as Muhammad did. Then, it gradually builds its power to the point that the soft approach is no longer necessary to subdue others and impose its will.

The stealth soft strategy is presently playing out in the United States. Islam’s tentacles are expanding into the body of this free and welcoming nation. In 2000, there were 1209 mosques in the United States of America. By 2010, the number has almost doubled. By 2021, the number had increased to 2769.

Islam is a bad idea, and Muslims are guilty of living by it and promoting it. Some Muslims take up arms, following the examples of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in their aim to vanquish the non-Muslims. Other Muslims empower the frontline jihadists by supplying them with material support and manpower. In the same manner that an army can’t fight without the essential logistics supplied to them by civilians, the soldiers of Allah will be incapable of waging their death and destruction campaign without the support of the generality of Muslims. It is long overdue that Muslims be held accountable for the so-called religious belief that controls their actions: actions aimed at destroying anything and anyone non-Muslim.

It is imperative that we see reality and deal with it. No euphemism, no sugarcoating, no politically correct posturing. It is time to abandon all pretenses and place the blame where it belongs. It is the Mayhem and Murder Islam, Inc. that is breeding terrorists. Without Islam, there would be no Islamic terrorists.

©2024. Amil Imani. All rights reserved.

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Historical Ignorance Raises Flags

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min.

Usually, when something alarming happens, it raises red flags. But this time, it was the raising of a flag (and not even a red one) that caused alarm. The left is manufacturing controversy out of whole cloth again—in their ongoing assault on one of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

First, they went after Justice Samuel Alito because of abortion, as he was the chief author of the Dobbs decision of 2022, which overturned the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that led to the death of some 60 million fellow Americans through abortion.

What Dobbs did was to allow the states to decide for themselves their own abortion policy.

For this, the left protested him, even at his own home. To my knowledge, no one on the left voiced objection to these brownshirt tactics.

Then they went after Alito for flying an American flag at his home upside down—which they read as a distress signal supporting the January 6 protests.

And now the left is excoriating him for daring to fly a flag from the Revolutionary War. This flag, which is a field of white and shows an evergreen tree pointing to the sky, states: “An Appeal to Heaven.”

The left is using these flag flaps as a strategy to sideline Alito. NBC News reported  that Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told reporters that he wants Alito to recuse himself on some cases because of the flags.

The New York Times essentially accused Alito of guilt by association—since that flag was carried by a few of the protesters who descended on the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results.

CNN adds that they think the “An Appeal to Heaven” flag has “become a symbol for supporters of former President Donald Trump.”

But Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania opined: “If that dude wants to fly his freak flag — it’s very strange.” “Freak flag”?

We live in a day of widespread historical ignorance. Either the elite are ignorant of our American heritage or they are committed to a vision that excludes the key principle of the American experiment: self-rule under God.

What do we know about this classic flag, “An Appeal to Heaven,” other than that it was used during the American War for Independence?

The “An Appeal to Heaven” flag was adopted on October 21, 1775. That was the same year our war for independence began in Massachusetts on the fields of Lexington and Concord. That was also the same year that George Washington was appointed as our first Commander-in-Chief.

Early in this role, Washington commissioned six schooners for our nascent navy. In 1775, Col. Joseph Reed, under Washington’s command, proposed that a flag be made with a white background with a tree in the middle bearing the motto, “An Appeal to Heaven.” He proposed that this flag be placed on the six schooners deployed to defend the Boston harbor.

What is the origin of the phrase on that banner? An “Appeal to Heaven” comes directly out of the writings of John Locke, a British political philosopher from the 1600s in England. He was extensively quoted by the founders. In his 1690 Second Treatise on Civil Government, Locke used the phrase an “appeal to heaven”—meaning asking for God’s help, should all else fail.

Here is his direct quote: “And where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven, whenever they judge the cause of sufficient moment.”

The two key founding documents of America are the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the Constitution (1787). The Declaration of Independence declares independence from England and at the same time it declares dependence upon God. It can be summed up this way: “Here we rule by the consent of the governed because our rights come from God.”

Initially, the founders of this country had no other outside help—including aid from France (which did eventually come). In the Declaration, they declared themselves to be “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions.”

Dr. Peter Lillback, founder of Providence Forum, for which I now serve as executive director, once told me that by that phrase, the founders, being mostly Biblical Christians, are referring to Jesus here since He is the One who will be humanity’s judge.

It’s amazing that one of the banners of the era appealing to God for His help would become so controversial today. But maybe not surprising when you realize that perhaps it’s simply a cynical (and coordinated) strategy to marginalize one of the most influential conservative justices.

©2024. Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. All rights reserved.

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VIDEO EXPOSÈ: If White men are the biggest threat to our country, why do Marxist black, Muslim and Hispanic women marry them?

By Royal A. Brown III

If White men are the biggest threat to our country, why do Marxist black and Hispanic women marry them?

Check out the two white men that Whoopi Goldberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Kamal Harris, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson have married.

Oh, and take a look at Don Lemon with his queer partner!!!

Kind of like if the USA is the most evil, oppressive white supremacist country in world then why are multi-millions of migrants, especially illegal aliens and bogus asylum seekers, clamoring to get in and invade our country?

©2024. Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.

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This is where the War in America will start!

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Mentioned below are some comments regarding the briefing “Where War in America will start.”  Directly below my remarks is the actual link to the briefing by former 24-year veteran Border Protection Assistant Director JJ Carroll.

If you go to my national show ARIZONA TODAY, you will watch an interview and conversation with Gen. Flynn and me.  I have been truly privileged to have met Mike shortly after he left the White House and Trump Administration.  We enjoyed (at least I did, he might suggest otherwise) many phone conversations.  As I stated during my show and in writing when I distributed the show, Gen. Flynn and I talked with no microphones, no cameras, no other people around in ear shot, and this gentleman was sincere, real, not pretentious or pompous, and truly a lover of God and this nation.  He was not putting on a show, as there was no one around.

Six months ago, Gen. Flynn shared concerns with several of the extremely real possibility (probability) that severe civil unrest is looming come late July into August and even September.  Said civil unrest appears to be developing in 16 cities across the country, all of which are controlled by socialist agenda promoted by socialist believers holding elected office or high appointed offices like City Manager.  At the time of the briefing cities of such as Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Phoenix were mentioned.  Secondary threat assessment strongly shows hard core criminals from Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico even Middle Eastern released from prisons having been imprisoned for serious acts of violence, including but not limited to murder, rape, severe bodily injury assault, child sexual engagement.

The gangs delivered into our country have set-up operations in the aforesaid cities and are in the process of developing “turf zones” they claim they own!!  This fact now comes into direct opposition to the locals (Americans) who have lived in those areas their whole lives.  As stated in the video report I distributed narrated by former Senior Border Protection Assistant Director JJ Carroll, all that is needed to ignite a serious and explosive with firearms, etc. incident is for an illegal to push a local or business or community and a flash point shall ignite.  Depending on the severity of said ignition and reaction by locals, other named cities could follow most quickly.  These incidents shall be shooting conflicts along with severe damage to any remaining businesses in the areas, and even destruction of infrastructure.

The situation in Chicago is so serious that the Democrat National Convention is now looking to either relocate their August convention or to place it online or zoom.  For the most part none of this is being reported publicly by any media.

With appreciation,

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


SUBJECT OF BRIEFING: Armed conflict Scenario to erupt mid to late summer


J.J. Carrell, 24-year Border Protection Official, releases detailed information during tour in Chicago with a Black Community Leader, Mr. Mark Carter.  Carrell deliberately chose Chicago given his knowledge of illegals being deliberately dispersed across America.  Former Agent Carrell began his briefing with these words, “Chicago is a war zone and Trump described this a forgotten America.”

I will not go further allowing the briefing you are about to hear instruct you.  The video presentation is 22 minutes.

“THIS is where War in America will start… right here!”

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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The Formation of a New Dutch Government

By Matthys van Raalten

Dick Schoof

The new candidate for Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Dick Schoof. He has been top civil servant, in the field of security. It is very likely that he will be appointed.

I would prefer that Geert Wilders become the new Premier. The people have designated him as the winner of the free elections in our country. However, for the people who REALLY hold power in our country, he is too extreme.

Should Dick Schoof become the new Premier, we will get more of the same again. We will then continue on the old and wrong course.

The Dutch Government is flouting the Dutch Constitution.

They do this in the following ways:

  1. All members of a new Cabinet must have been on the ballot paper. Now Mr. Schoof is proposed as Premier, while people could not cast a vote for him.
  2. A new Government must be formed within 3 months of the election. If this fails, the people have the right to new elections. Now the formation has taken much longer. So we have a right to new elections.
  3. A caretaker Government may not put signatures on any document. The Rutte Government, which is outgoing, does this anyway!
  4. A caretaker Government may under no circumstances contact any foreign power. Prime Minister Rutte and his Ministers do so however.

I am not making all this up. I learned this during my studies in political science at the University of Amsterdam, when I was taught Constitutional Law. I was told that these laws are immutable.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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The Media Ignores Hamas’ Holding of Hostages and Hizballah’s Attacks on Israel

By Jihad Watch

There is much about the war against Israel to which the mainstream media pays scant attention. That journalistic failure is discussed here: “What mainstream media isn’t reporting during the Israel-Hamas war – opinion,” by Andrea Samuels, Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2024:

In general, from watching MSM [mainstream media], we have the impression that the IDF is killing innocent children, unopposed, and there is no mention of the ongoing rocket attacks on Israel apart from the Iranian attack which was portrayed as a harmless gesture,” explained Paul Martin Gurnett from Britain….

The rocket attacks launched by Hamas into southern Israel, and by Hezbollah into northern Israel, are seldom mentioned on the mainstream media. But we are shown people in Gaza running for cover, just before the IDF’s airstrikes hit, and then the aftermath of bloody corpses who, we are assured — no evidence need be presented — are almost entirely those of “women and children.”

You can go for days without the Israeli hostages being mentioned even once on the news in North America. In Europe the lack of coverage is even more pronounced. They are mentioned when the IDF finds a few more murdered hostages, usually in a tunnel, like the three dead Israelis just found by the IDF on March 23 under the Jabaliya camp. And when the IDF releases a video taken by Hamas operatives of hostages as they were being captured, and manhandled, a minute or two of that will be shown on the mainstream media. But that’s about it.

When have you read or heard anything about the tens of thousands of Israelis who have had to leave their homes in northern Israel because of Hezbollah rocket and drone attacks? Never? Well, almost never.

Hezbollah has been joined in southern Lebanon by Hamas volunteers, eager to join their Shi’a Muslim rivals in order to fight the Zionists. But little is reported about those Hamas operatives launching their own attacks from Lebanon into Israel.

The mainstream media keeps telling us about how more than 1.2 million people in Gaza were initially displaced from the north, and that now, about one million have been evacuated from their temporary refuges in Rafah, forced to flee north, to Al-Mawasi and Khan Younis.

Did you hear a word from the mainstream media about this barrage from Lebanon? You did not. Nor have there been more than a handful of mentions in the mainstream media about the 60,000 Israelis in the north who have been forced to flee their homes, and for seven months have been unable to return.

Another tragedy about which many outside Israel are unaware is the deaths of soldiers on the frontlines both in Gaza, the North, and the West Bank.

Men, some as young as 19, as well as reservists in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe, often leaving behind young children who will grow up without a father….

These young men, and some women, have died in defense of their people and their state. Many were native sabras; others made aliyah with their families to Israel from all over the world. Some came alone. Their stories — the ones that have been told in the Israeli media — are amazing. But the mainstream media is not interested in human interest stories from the Israeli side. That would humanize the IDF fighters, might even make them sympathetic. And that would never do.

More than a thousand Israeli soldiers and civilians have been seriously wounded in the Gaza War, meaning that they will need years of rehabilitation, as well as having to come to terms with living as amputees.

Don’t look to the BBC, or the French Canal Cinq, or Deutsche Welle, or The New York Times, or The Washington Post, for news about the 60,000 Israelis who have had to leave their homes in the north and the 40,000 who have had to do the same in southern Israel because of rocket barrages from Hamas and Hezbollah. Don’t look there for news about the eight field hospitals the IDF has built in Gaza. Don’t expect to hear much about Israel’s young soldiers dying in Gaza in defense of their country. You will not read heartbreaking stories about those killed and their parents mourning; such stories are reserved for Palestinians alone.




What the Mainstream Media is Not Reporting About the Israeli Side of the War

Two-Thirds of Unemployment Benefits in Germany Go to Migrants

Italy: Star of David and threat scrawled on Jewish university professor’s door

UK: Man casually walks streets wearing ‘HAMAS 7’ jersey

Austria: Muslim migrants attack police officers, injure six

Germany: Christian Democrats nominate Sharia-adherent, Erdogan-linked Muslim for local elections

Two Muslim girls uncover on TikTok the horror of abuse in their Islamic community

Ireland: ‘Palestine’s’ ambassador looks forward to seeing her flag flying over Parliament

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

PODCAST: LaBarbera Explains to ‘Crosstalk’ Radio Why Most ‘Queer’ Activists Cannot Say NO to LGBTQ+ Perversions thumbnail

PODCAST: LaBarbera Explains to ‘Crosstalk’ Radio Why Most ‘Queer’ Activists Cannot Say NO to LGBTQ+ Perversions

By Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

‘Polyamory’ — multiple-partner ‘non-monogamous relationships’ — latest sexual deviancy to receive media promotion.

The following is Crosstalk’s description of the program:

Increasingly, the push for full acceptance and promotion of the LGBTQ+ agenda is advancing.  In fact, According to one poll, 28% of Gen-Z adults are identifying as LGBTQ.

The result?  Women’s sports are being decimated and dominated by men who are identifying as women.  Leading up to the Super Bowl, the NFL is committed to bowing to the diversity, equity and inclusion movement as it will be hosting the third annual, “A Night of Pride” with GLAAD during Super Bowl Week.  Politically, additional LGBTQ+ appointments to the federal bench are being made by the Biden administration, while polyamory is on the increase.

Are we fast approaching the days of Lot?  That’s a question to ponder as Crosstalk welcomed Peter LaBarbera back to Crosstalk.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.  He’s a former reporter for the Washington Times and and a former contributing editor for Human Events.

The Public Religion Research Institute is the organization making the claim that 28% of Gen-Z adults (ages 18-25) are identifying as LGBTQ.  Peter doesn’t completely believe that figure because he contends that the PRRI is a liberal polling group and that it’s in their interest to promote progressive ideas in religion and Christianity.  Nonetheless, he found out from Gallop in early 2022 that based upon polling from the previous year, 20.8% of Gen-Z’ers were identifying as LGBT.

Peter believes this crisis is the result of the “mainstreaming” of perversion toward young people and that this activity expands the list of perversions.  This broadcast demonstrates what recent history has shown us in this regard and that since homosexuality was normalized, in the name of diversity, you can’t say “no” to other perverse lifestyles such as transgenderism or polyamory.

Peter’s concern is that the only way out of this cascading deviance is revival because we’re at the stage where young people simply see homosexuality as normal. In fact, they almost see it as “square.”  Instead the cutting edge thing is to be non-binary or gender fluid.

From the LGBTQ perspective, mainstreaming through indoctrination is working and it’s hitting America like a flood because like an open dam, the boundaries have been removed.  The flood is hitting everyone, especially young people, and they’re being offered numerous identity options, all based upon subjective feelings, that go beyond the letters, LGBTQ.

Get the latest news on this advancement, and what it means for you, when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.

EDITORS NOTE: This Americans for Truth podcast is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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Anti-Spain Is In Power In Madrid

By Middle East Media Research Institute

PalestiniansSpain | MEMRI Daily Brief No. 604

The news that Norway, Ireland, and Spain would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28, 2024 certainly caught the world’s attention. Both Hamas and the Taliban, among others, congratulated the European countries. But while there was reaction about all three countries, much of the public ire and bitterness – in both directions – focused on Spain.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded on May 27 by accusing Spain of “rewarding terrorism” and added that “the days of the Inquisition are over.”[1] Earlier, he had lamented statements by Spanish officials by mentioning that to “understand what radical Islam truly seeks, she should study the 700 years of Islamic rule in Al-Andalus – today’s Spain.”[2] Other, unofficial, pro-Israel voices focused on the expulsion of Jews by the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, or called for the recognition of an independent Catalonia.

Still others denigrated Spanish history or culture, dragging in mocking references to flamenco dancing or bullfighting. American conservative Dennis Prager ignorantly commented in a podcast that “when Spain kicked out the Jews in 1492, it was one of the greatest powers on earth. After 1492, people said, ‘Where is Spain?’ It went from gigantic to nothing overnight with its expulsion of the Jews in 1492.”[3]

The criticism, whether clever or stupid, showed a basic misunderstanding about Spain today, Spanish politics, and the nature of antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric. For what happened with Spain and Israel is not some recurrence of atavistic Castilian Catholic “Jew hatred,” but something rather more common. It is as if the malevolent children – part communist, part Islamist in motivation – who are seen protesting for Palestine on the university campuses of the West actually ruled a country.

Responding to Spain’s patronage of a Palestinian state by bringing up the Inquisition or 1492 or Catholicism or bullfighting might be superficially satisfying in some quarters, but is actually ludicrous, because Spain’s current political rulers despise all these things. The ruling leftist-far left-Catalan/Basque separatist coalition in Spain is in favor of Catalan independence, is soft on Islamic rule in Spain, and is reliably anti-Catholic. It is the left in Spain that wants to allow Islamic prayers in the Cathedral-Mosque in Cordoba. It is the left in Spain that encourages illegal immigration from Muslim countries into Spain, a kind of counter “Reconquista.” They would rather erase all in Spain that is old or distinctive or “Spanish.” The separatist rulers in Catalonia have welcomed Islamic migration, and even the spread of Salafism in their region, as long as the new arrivals don’t commit the cardinal sin of speaking Spanish.

Spain has the most left-wing government in Europe, the only one with actual hardcore communists in it. Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez would not be in power today without the vote of his communist allies (the rival far-left Sumar and Podemos parties), along with the approval of Catalan and Basque separatists, most of whom also lean left. While much ink has been spent in the Anglophone media about the supposed dangers of right-wingers in countries like Hungary, Poland or Italy, the leftist, corrupt and increasingly authoritarian regime in Madrid has flown under the radar. This is probably because the EU bureaucracy itself leans left. And the EU’s foreign policy chief since 2019, Josep Borrell, is a Spanish Catalan Socialist. His old comrades in Madrid are open allies of Venezuela and Cuba, and their views on Israel are closer to the hardcore Latin American left than they are of even social democratic parties in Western Europe. Sanchez himself has steadily moved the Spanish Socialists (PSOE) to the left from where they were in the days of Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez.

Spain declared an arms embargo on Israel on October 7, 2023 just as Jews were being massacred and before any invasion in Gaza.[4] The greatest stridency against Israel – the calls for “From the River to the Sea” and accusing Israel of genocide, began on the Spanish far left long ago and then steadily migrated throughout the ruling left/far-left coalition. Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz (Sumar) and former Equality Minister Irene Montero (Podemos) used it first, and then it eventually was heard from the lips of the Socialists when Defense Minister Margarita Robles, on May 25, said that what Israel was doing in Gaza was “an authentic genocide.”[5]

In Spain, it is the political right that is pro-Israel. This is the same political right which is monarchist, conservative, mostly Catholic, and against Catalan independence, which is also against the leftist regimes in Latin America like Cuba and Venezuela, and which is against the massive wave of illegal immigration into Spain that is abetted by the ruling left. By far, the most consistent pro-Israel political voice in Spain is the conservative Vox party (often – falsely – described by the left and the media as “far-right’ or “ultra-right”), the third largest party in the country. The center-right Popular Party (PP) also leans towards being more pro-Israel than the Spanish left.

The increasing closeness of Western left-of-center parties with Islamic and imported “anti-colonial/anti-imperialist” ideologies is a widespread phenomenon. Spain is important in this equation because the left is already in power and it is perhaps a model for “progressive” foreign policy that we may see more often in the West as demographics change and as the left is pressured by both its own far-left wing and by a rising populist right.

Spain today is as if “the Squad” in the U.S. House of Representatives or France’s LFI-NUPES ruled a country. There is not one trendy notion of the American and European far-left that has not been embraced by or at least talked about by the current rulers in Madrid. When it comes to Gaza, immigration, abortion, euthanasia, and fourth-wave feminism, they are nothing if not predictable.

Politics in Spain seems increasingly Venezuelanized. The country is beset by very serious economic problems and high unemployment, by the burning question of Catalan and Basque separatism, by poor governance and a catastrophic decline in births – but today in the country, the hottest issues of the moment – promoted by Sanchez’s Socialists and his communist allies – are being anti-Israel, a running war of words with Argentina’s libertarian President Javier Milei, and the evergreen Spanish leftist campaign against the long-gone late Caudillo Francisco Franco (d. 1975) and all his works. If you can constantly talk about Gaza, Milei, and Franco, you can avoid questions about government corruption or about violating the constitution with crooked pacts with Basque terrorist sympathizers and Catalan separatists or about unemployment, incompetence, and increasingly heavy-handed state authoritarianism. You can do so especially when much of the media is in your pocket because of government subsidies.


Amb. Alberto M. Fernandez

Alberto M. Fernandez is Vice President of MEMRI.


[1], May 27, 2024.

[2], May 24, 2024.

[3], December 6, 2023.

[4], May 26, 2024.

[5], May 25, 2024.

EDITORS NOTE: This MEMRI column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Shock! Horror! Purity is possible thumbnail

Shock! Horror! Purity is possible

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities

This week, several Australian Catholic schools cancelled talks by Jason Evert, an American speaker who specialises in presentations preparing young people for loving commitment in relationships and sexual responsibility. There were protests and a petition against his message. Outrage included this letter of complaint penned by girls from one of the schools.

“We unquestionably do not need a middle-aged man who doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to contraception for her own safety and freedom speaking to an audience of young girls.”

Thousands of signatures were collected. And plenty of media coverage was enlisted to pressure the schools.

Polarising inflammatory indignation is a bully tactic. It is the same approach used by opponents of Harrison Butker’s graduation speech, and by critics of Archbishop Porteous’s letter to Catholic schools in Tasmania.

The diocesan education organisation handled the issue well. They did not overreact to the protests; they were mild and conciliatory; they insisted from the start that they were seeking to partner with parents and their actions demonstrated this. They provided alternatives so that students could opt in.

Evert ended up speaking to larger audiences as a result of the outcry. All’s well that ends well.


Moral education

There is one major unresolved aspect of this issue: the need for parents and schools to be united. This must fester if it is not resolved

Unity is one of the golden rules of education. To run our own lives we need convictions, and convictions are learned from the convictions of one’s parents and mentors. Those convictions are essentially ideals and religious beliefs, with a great deal of common ground in the middle.

It is obvious that parents need to strive to be united in passing on ideals and beliefs, for their own sake and for the sake of their children. Homer wrote almost 3000 years ago, “There is nothing better in this world than that man and woman be of one mind”.

This principle also extends to the relationship between parents and schools. In fact, if schools and parents do not share the same ideals and beliefs, they must part company. Schools don’t have the right to impart a moral agenda different from that of the parents. Therefore, schools need to be transparent about their values, and parents need to opt in or opt out. If parents do not want Catholic teaching, their enrolment choices must follow. This is their privilege.

We are seeing the tragedy of parents who do not know what is good for their children. We all need to do our homework, and walk the walk, not just parrot slogans. This is not just in the realm of religious beliefs.

The very task of education is to form young people to think for themselves: a carefully curated process in which the young are protected from great dangers while they grow in autonomy. Even Aristotle wrote about the danger of slipping into habits before deep convictions and ideals take root. Effectively, we deny young people the capacity to run their own lives when we allow them to be sexualised. And this is happening before our eyes, perhaps in most families in the West. Not a happy thought.

Here is an excerpt from what an Anglican school principal in NSW wrote to parents last November:

The sexualisation of our youth through mainstream and social media is a deeply disconcerting trend that we cannot ignore. Our young people find themselves bombarded with sexual imagery and ideals that foster unrealistic expectations, fuel insecurities, and drive them prematurely into the realm of adult themes for which they may not yet be emotionally prepared. As educators and parents, we must confront the undeniable challenges that arise from the sexualisation of our youth in the media. These challenges, though uncomfortable to address, are of paramount importance.

Parents need all the assistance they can get to avoid their kids falling into harmful behaviours, with all the psychological scarring in tow. Evert is on the money. He is one of the most inspiring champions of purity in the English-speaking world, and he is an incredibly effective communicator with teens.

Important message

Over a decade ago on one of his first trips to Sydney, Jason Evert spoke at my school. It was a sensational presentation — hard-hitting, funny, and thought-provoking. It was just the thing kids need in a society where there is so much pressure on them to conform, to please, to impress, to become sexually active. The student and parent feedback was outstanding.

His focus is positive: upbeat, joyful and truth-laden. Teens in Australia today are well informed about the negatives: sexting, STDs, online predators, relationship boundaries, necessity of consent, etc., etc. Negatives are demotivating and Evert understands that well. His website is brimming with resources, advice, and research that are incredibly useful for parents and kids.

His work is cutting-edge. He recently released Male, Female, Other? A Catholic guide to understanding gender. The Google reviews are overwhelmingly positive, for example:

Jason Evert has written yet another book on human sexuality filled with truth yet said with compassion and understanding. It does quote Catholic doctrine while being solidly founded on research and studies by doctors and experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, endocrinology, psychiatry and sociology.

Very importantly, there is a sincere effort to hear the voices of persons identifying as trans, trans and gender ideology advocates, “transitioners” and detransistioners. Two of my favorite quotes from the book: “If you love someone whose first language is not your own, you’d try your best to learn his/her language” and “you are not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be loved.”

The great task of parenting is to teach young people to love. “It is precisely in the family – a communion of persons among whom reigns a free disinterested and generous love – more than anywhere else, that one learns to love. The family is a true school of love” (Alvaro del Portillo).

We human beings are fulfilled by giving ourselves in loving relationships. Parents give their children the best head start when they teach them that life is for others, training them not to be self-indulgent, and educating them to put others first. And they need to ensure that the other voices in their children’s lives are consistent with this message.

In the early days of Australia’s colonial era, Caroline Chisholm would go down to meet the ships to rescue girls from promiscuity and prostitution. Now we are denying many children the teaching needed to help them make effective choices in this space. We see parents setting up their children for all the unhappiness that accrues from sexual self-indulgence. Much is at stake.

Here’s the $64,000 question: is purity possible in 2024 for young people?



Dr Andy Mullins teaches formation of character at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney and runs a small university project in Carlton. Formerly he was headmaster of Redfield and Wollemi Colleges in Sydney. He is the author of Parenting for Character, Parenting for Faith, and Parenting for Character Applied, a workbook for parents. His doctorate investigated the neurobiology of virtue.

EDITORS NOTE: This Mercator column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Has the Hamas command and Israeli hostages been smuggled through Egypt to an unreachable target? thumbnail

Has the Hamas command and Israeli hostages been smuggled through Egypt to an unreachable target?

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story

Is Israel implying that hostages who were in Gaza were taken to Egyptian territory on their way to another destination?

The news channel “Al” quotes the head of the Israeli National Assembly, Zachi Hanegbi, as saying:

“The possibility that Hamas will take the hostages out of Gaza through tunnels does not make sense because the Egyptian army is deployed in Sinai (and it would undoubtedly have prevented their passage into Egyptian territory).

We found 11 tunnels on the Philadelphia route, which borders between the territory of Gaza and the territory of Egypt, and we have no evidence that hostages were transported through there (on their way out of Gaza to another destination).”

If we believe this report, that the words were indeed said by the senior Israeli security official, the following questions immediately arise:

Does Israel hereby place the responsibility on Egypt to block the possibility of taking the hostages out of Gaza… and it doesn’t matter if the General of the 2nd Army, responsible for the border between Gaza and Egypt, received a million dollars in bribes from Sinwar, will Israel collect the price of the loss from them?

Second thing: There are 11 tunnels, at least, that were active until recently between Gaza and Egypt, so it is very possible that Israeli soldiers and women, and possibly other Israeli civilians who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and hidden around Rafah near the Egyptian border, were moved out of Gaza on their way to Iran or another destination while paying heavy bribes to Egyptian security officials in Gaza to allow this. According to the Israeli official, this is definitely a possibility that Israel understands can happen!

Not that they haven’t talked about it in the past, but this is the first time that Israeli officials say publicly, and almost directly, that Hamas actually had the potential to do this.

So we will continue with the question that immediately pops up in the mind of the average reader: “…… so why didn’t they block this option already at the beginning of the campaign shortly after October 7?”

In conclusion, we all must be aware that our hostages, and indeed, the Hamas command, may not be in Gaza at all.

EDITORS NOTE: This The Nziv Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Change Beliefs => Change Actions thumbnail

Change Beliefs => Change Actions

By John Droz, Jr.

An example…

In my prior three commentaries (herehere, and here), I’ve written about the many everyday Beliefs we all have and their extreme importance. Since some of this is necessarily a bit abstract, I’ll provide a real-world example that shows how some conflicts can be easily resolved…

Several years ago I volunteered to teach a once-a-week religion night school class, sponsored by our Church. The students were high school kids who attended a nearby public school. Exciting, right? There were 15 to 20 attendees each week, and we covered a wide variety of topics.

One night, one of the girls (let’s say her name was Jill), asked me this question:

Mr. Droz, I have a sister about two years younger than I am, and I love her dearly. However, she has one habit that I find extremely annoying! When I’m not home, and without asking she takes clothes from my closet. I’ve discussed it with her, complained to her, threatened her, etc., but all to no avail. How do I get her to stop, as this is ruining our relationship?

[Note: Jill’s initial Belief is that her sister is an insensitive, inconsiderate person.]

In reply, I offered two thoughts…

“Jill, one way to look at this is that your sister thinks you have exquisite taste that she wants to emulate. She has put you on a pedestal, and borrowing some of your clothes, makes her feel older and more sophisticated. Why not build on the fact that she looks up to you, and offer to go shopping with her? If you look at it that way, maybe you wouldn’t get upset?”

[Note: Jill’s new Belief is that her sister thinks she is the cat’s meow. Every time she borrows something, it’s really a sincere compliment.]

“Another thought is this. Let’s say that one day you come home from school and your mom takes you aside. She says: ‘Jill, we just came back from the doctor’s office. Your sister was diagnosed with cancer and only has two months to live.’

“Then you go to your room and find that your sister has taken one of your best outfits. What is your reaction to that going to be? Will you be angry and annoyed?”

[Note: Jill’s second new Belief is that there are more important things in life than whether her sister takes some of her clothes without permission.]

After giving these some thought Jill thanked me and said that the problem was now resolved. Three observations:

  1. This solution did not involve Jill’s initial request “How do I get my sister to stop?” Rather it was a change of perspective (Beliefs) on Jill’s part that did the trick.
  2. Both of my two thoughts involved using an analogy. Why analogies (stories) are powerful is that they are a proven and effective means of communicating with another person’s subconscious mind.
  3. By adopting either (or both) of the above two new Beliefs, Jill has new options for more effectively dealing with her sister. She may no longer even care whether her clothes are borrowed, but if she does, her chances of fixing that are improved.

Applying some Critical Thinking about your Beliefs (their accuracy, applicability, etc.) is a worthwhile expenditure of your time, and can be very rewarding…

PS — Upcoming commentaries will be about wind energy, private property rights, social justice, etc.…

©2024. John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.

Here are other materials by this scientist that you might find interesting:

Check out the Archives of this Critical Thinking substack.

WiseEnergy.orgdiscusses the Science (or lack thereof) behind our energy options.

C19Science.infocovers the lack of genuine Science behind our COVID-19 policies.

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Media Balance Newsletter: a free, twice-a-month newsletter that covers what the mainstream media does not do, on issues from COVID to climate, elections to education, renewables to religion, etc. Here are the Newsletter’s 2024 Archives. Please send me an email to get your free copy. When emailing me, please make sure to include your full name and the state where you live. (Of course, you can cancel the Media Balance Newsletter at any time – but why would you?

Anti-Israel Celebrities Keep Mum on Video of Five Israeli Girls Captured by Hamas thumbnail

Anti-Israel Celebrities Keep Mum on Video of Five Israeli Girls Captured by Hamas

By Judicial Watch

Warning graphic video:

That terrible video that has just been made public, of five just captured Israeli girls, faces bloodied, surrounded by the machine-gun toting baying wolves of Hamas who kept shoving them up against a wall and threatening them with death, while making remarks full of innuendo and sexual threat — “these are girls you can get pregnant,” “you are beautiful,” “a sex slave” — has attracted lots of horrified comment. But not from everyone. The celebrities who are rooting for Hamas were silent about this video. Instead, they had their usual anti-Israel venom to spew. More on these creatures can be found here: “Anti-Israel Celebrities Remain Silent After New Hamas Video Shows Kidnapping of Female Israeli Hostages,” by Shiryn Ghermezian, Algemeiner, May 23, 2024:

Celebrities who have regularly expressed anti-Israel sentiments since the start of the Israel-Hamas war stayed quiet on Wednesday in response to a heart-wrenching new video that shows the moments when five female Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 in southern Israel.

Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, John Cusack, and Bella Hadid were among the celebrities who stayed tight-lipped as the world saw the newly released, firsthand footage in which Hamas terrorists force the female Israeli soldiers, who are covered in blood, against a wall and threaten to kill them. The women, some of whom are teenagers, were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists at the Nahal Oz base in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip. The video was taken by body cameras on the Hamas terrorists and the hostages were identified as Naama Levy, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa, Liri Albag, and Karina Ariev. They have been held hostage by Hamas terrorists for more than seven months.

In the clip, Hamas terrorists are heard telling the hostages in Arabic, “you dogs, we will step on you,” and “our brothers died because of you. We will shoot you all.” They also call the women “so beautiful,” and one terrorist points to the hostages while saying in Arabic, “here are the girls” who can get pregnant and “these are the Zionists.”

Instead of addressing the new Hamas video, Ruffalo — who supports a Israel-Hamas ceasefire—meaning he wants the IDF to stop fighting before it has accomplished its stated aim of dismantling Hamas —and has condemned Israel’s war against terrorists responsible for the Oct. 7 attacks — instead expressed support on Wednesday for the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and his demand for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s defense minister, and three Hamas leaders.

Of course, Mark Ruffalo was delighted with ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan. Khan, after all, has requested that the ICC issue arrest warrants not just for Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh, but also for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, treating Israel’s leaders as morally equivalent to Hamas terrorists. Ruffalo sees nothing wrong with this; he’s convinced that the Israeli leaders are just as, or perhaps even more guilty, of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity.” Why should Ruffalo comment on the video? After all, he may even be thinking that it is a clever Mossad put-up job. Or even if it is real, why should he be expected to comment on every aspect of the Gaza War? Besides, he knows there are plenty of people parroting Israeli propaganda; he wants to be on the other hand, to give voice to the voiceless, to stand up for Hamas.

Meanwhile, Cusack called Israel “war criminals” and shared a tweet that described the Jewish state as “genocidal,” but made no mention of the Hamas video.

Presented with video evidence of a real “war crime,” John Cusack preferred to remain silent, instead still harping on Israeli “war criminals” and the Jewish state’s “genocide.” Apparently he remains unimpressed with the 15 million text messages, the 16 million prerecorded messages, the 100,000 personal calls, and the nine million leaflets that were dropped — all part of a colossal campaign by the IDF to warn civilians away from sites and buildings about to be targeted. Do those warnings suggest an intention to commit “genocide”? And what of the eight field hospitals the IDF set up inside Gaza, or the Gazans who needed advanced care and were brought back by the IDF to be treated at Israeli hospitals. Genocide, Mr. Cusack? What genocide?

Where is your outrage, John Cusack? Or yours, Susan Sarandon? And what about you, Mark Ruffalo? Not a tear to shed for the five girls in that video? How did your moral sense become so pitiful and twisted?



RELATED ARTICLE: The Dispensable Statesman: What Impact Does Raisi’s Death Have on Iran?

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEOS: The Frankfurt School and Its Influence on The Revolution That has Taken the West thumbnail

VIDEOS: The Frankfurt School and Its Influence on The Revolution That has Taken the West

By Vlad Tepes Blog

These are the videos Stephen Coughlin referred to in his presentation with Vlad Tepes and Sam Dubé  on May 22nd, 2024.

Analysis on the Communist ambitions for the European Union:

Polish analyst on the communist ambitions of the European Union #2

Marcuse on how a minority can dominate a majority:

Frankfurt School’s Marcuse on how minority can dominate majority

Jürgen Habermas on Hate Speech:

Hate speech, a Frankfurt School concept

There may be a 4th in this series. I will continue to look for it. Hoping to find the name of it so I can find it somewhere in my records. But these three are very important and well worth watching.

RELATED VIDEO: Ezra Benson on meeting Khrushchev, Secretary of Soviet Communist Party in 1953

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore with videos is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘Deleterious Effect’: Dems Worried Anti-Israel Protests At Convention Could Throw Wrench In Biden’s Campaign thumbnail

‘Deleterious Effect’: Dems Worried Anti-Israel Protests At Convention Could Throw Wrench In Biden’s Campaign

By The Daily Caller

Democrats who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation are concerned that the optics of the expected anti-Israel protests at the party’s nominating convention in August could harm President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Biden has received criticism from his left flank over his support for Israel following the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack, which killed roughly 1,200 people. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is reportedly weighing options to minimize the effects such protesters could have on the convention, as dozens of organizations are set to join the “March on the DNC” when the event begins Aug. 19.

Several Democratic operatives are worried such demonstrations could resemble the 1968 convention, also in Chicago, where Republican Richard Nixon went on to defeat Democrat Hubert Humphrey months later.

“The anti-war protests in Chicago, fairly or unfairly, reinforced the reputation of the Democrats as the party of chaos, and reinforced Nixon’s pitch to the American people as the law and order candidate. And so I think those who ignore history are at risk of repeating it,” Len Foxwell, a Democratic strategist based in Maryland, told the DCNF.

“To the extent that people look at the images on their TV screens, or on their electronic digital devices, and see these rather unsympathetic protesters and associate them with the Democratic Party, it’s hard to see how it could have anything other than a deleterious effect on the campaign,” Foxwell added.

Violent riots broke out during the 1968 Democratic convention with individuals protesting the Vietnam War, while Nixon, who pledged to crack down on crime, quietly secured the GOP nomination in Miami, Florida. Nixon handily won the White House by a 20-point margin.

A Democratic pollster and redistricting consultant focused on working class racial minorities, who was granted anonymity to speak freely about his concerns, is skeptical former President Donald Trump could capitalize off of the protests like Nixon did. Still, the pollster said Democrats are concerned, telling the DCNF the historical context of the convention is “sort of eerily reverberant.”

“It’s not that these people stopped the war in Vietnam, they elected Richard Nixon, who ran very specifically against them,” the pollster said. “This is exactly the context that everybody is worried about with the optics for the convention.”

Steve Shurtleff, a Democratic New Hampshire lawmaker and former speaker of the state House, told the DCNF that while the pro-Palestinian activists have a right to protest, he hopes it “won’t turn into Chicago of 1968.”

“A bump that the president might get from the convention could be impacted by what’s happening on the streets, and I think of the ‘68 election, how close it was between Nixon and Hubert Humphrey … and I’ve often wondered if it had been a more peaceful convention, if [Humphry] could’ve gotten his message out to more people across America,” said Shurtleff.

Those close to Biden are pushing for bringing back parts of the 2020 convention, which was largely virtually-held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Politico. The DNC is reportedly considering limiting in-person speeches; pre-taping the delegation roll-call; and moving some party business off of the convention floor.

Adolph Mongo, a Democratic strategist based in Michigan, told the DCNF that the party “should be concerned” about the optics of such protests, arguing that Biden already “has a lot on his plate.”

“He has folks in the black community not feeling it like they always used to feel for the Democratic candidate. He’s got students, they’re not feeling it. The Arab population is not feeling it. Then he’s got the immigration [issue],” said Mongo. “Man, he’s fighting several fronts.”

Biden has been losing ground with crucial voting blocs that typically back Democratic by large margins, including black and youth voters, according to polling this cycle. For instance, a New York Times/Siena College survey released May 13 found black voters supporting Biden over Trump 70% to 18%, and the president only held a four-point lead among 18-to-29-year-olds.

Black voters backed Biden at 87% in 2020 compared to only 12% who supported Trump, while the president won those aged 18 to 29 by 24 points, according to Edison Research exit polling.

Pro-Palestinian protests and encampments popped up on college campuses across the country before the school year ended, including at Columbia University, Emory College, Yale University, George Washington University and the University of California at Los Angeles. Various colleges cancelled classes or moved them online as the demonstrations broke out, with some making changes to graduation ceremonies, as well.

Trump has blamed Biden for the protests ensuing on college campuses, and accused him of being “nice” to Hamas while abandoning Israel.

Foxwell noted that the protests are not an issue to Republicans, as they “don’t need this constituency.”

“They actually benefit from the perception that they have a hostile relationship with this constituency, because so many of these protesters do come across as privileged complainers, and many of whom just are interested more in performance art than a legitimate policy discussion,” said Foxwell. “The Democrats do not have that luxury.”

Some of Biden’s primary victories this cycle have been marred by protest votes, with significant campaigns like the Uncommitted National Movement, formerly Listen to Michigan, and Abandon Biden encouraging those who disagree with the president’s handling of the war in Gaza to vote for nameless ballot options.

Over 100,000 Democratic primary voters in Michigan at 13.2% supported the “uncommitted” ballot option, as well as roughly 19% in Minnesota, nearly 10% in Washington, approximately 8% in Tennessee and 6% in Alabama, according to The Associated Press estimates. Other nameless ballot options secured 12.7% support in North Carolina, 9.4% in Massachusetts, 9% in Colorado and 8.4% in Wisconsin.

Conversely, Democratic strategist Andres Ramirez isn’t concerned about the optics of such demonstrations, and argued that “protests are nothing new to Democratic conventions.”

“We’ve seen very little impact that conventions or coverage of conventions have played on an actual outcome of an election,” Ramirez added. “I think what matters most to me, again, is where candidates and campaigns and their messaging will be, come September, when voters decide to tune in.”

Biden has yet to lead in the RealClearPolitics average against Trump since September 2023, and is currently down in every battleground state.

Neither Biden’s campaign nor the DNC responded to the DCNF’s requests for comment.




RELATED ARTICLE: ‘Punish Joe’: Biden’s Handling Of Israel-Hamas War Could Cost Him Michigan

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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Socialism is Equality. Equality of Poverty thumbnail

Socialism is Equality. Equality of Poverty

By Karen Schoen

Contrary to popular belief, Memorial Day is not a day to shop till you drop. It is a day to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military giving you the freedom to shop till you drop.   To all Americans who ask what can I do to help save America? DON’T SHOP.  Vote with your wallet.  Stop giving China, our enemy your money. Visit family and friends. Talk to your children about America. Say a prayer for our fallen heroes and give a donation to Say a prayer for America and reflect on America’s goodness. Together we will Make America Great Again.

I got this letter from a friend, John Porter and he asked me to share it so I thought what better time than now. He took the words right out of my mouth.  Thank you John.

Dear Americans:

“Our country’s economic system is called Capitalism. What does that mean?

It is based upon the private ownership of property, which includes the means of production for the creation of goods or services for income and the profit from it being retained by the individuals who worked and earned it.

It is a free market economic system based on the recognition of individual rights to own property (lands, businesses, goods, etc.) and not unduly regulated by government.
Such rights give individuals security and a means to control their own affairs and destiny. Under capitalism, private citizens, with their ownership of property, are responsible for the production and distribution of goods.

What does Socialism mean? It is government ownership of property and control of production and distribution with the income and profits being confiscated by the government to do with as it wishes.

The essential characteristic of Socialism is the denial of individual property rights. Individuals have no control over their own affairs and destiny. Almost every aspect of living will be regulated by the government. Thus for certain, Socialism would bring to an end our Capitalist System,  as well as to the God-given freedoms which we have enjoyed for so long in the United States, namely individual liberty and the pursuit of our own happiness.

It has been correctly stated by Ayn Rand, “Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, or collective good.”

A poll conducted recently by the Pew Research Center showed 57% of the Democrats polled would support Socialism. It has been seeping in, little by little, over the past one hundred years pushed by the Democratic Party’s so-called progressives and liberals.

If we aren’t careful, every fragment of a socialist state will be adopted a little slice at a time, until one day America will be a full-blown socialist nation, without realizing how it happened.

The Representative Republic of the United States with our Capitalist and Free Enterprise Market System has been the world’s dominant economic system for over two hundred years.
Since America’s beginnings, the freedom of private ownership and free enterprise with its spirit of individual competition, have led to the abundance of food and other products, more efficiency, lower prices, better products and rising prosperity. The production of food and materials and private individual prosperity has never been—can never be —equaled by any socialist countrybecause Socialism destroys the competitive spirit within the INDIVIDUAL.

Every country on the continent of Europe is today experiencing the results of the evils of their respective degrees of Socialism with extremely high taxes. Despite tax rates of 75% and more Socialist countries all over the world are without enough food and goods to support the people. The Democratic Party in America, now becoming a strong proponent of Socialism, is leading our Country toward that same end.

How would Socialism affect YOU as an individual? By necessity, tax rates in America will reach upward of 90%, and our way of life will be exactly like that in Europe, Africa, Central America, Asia, Russia and elsewhere.

Socialized health care will mandate who your doctor will be, even whether or not you are a candidate for treatment of an illness.

It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to buy a new home, land, a car, or reap the benefits of your own labor.

Birth control will be mandated, private ownership of property will be denied, starting and maintaining a business impossible. The list of evils of Socialism is a long one indeed.

We hear a great deal from the supporters of Socialism about the sharing of wealth. WHOA! Be here warned — Socialism is nothing more than the sharing of misery.

The Democratic Party leaders are committed to destroying capitalism, that which has made America great, and replacing it with Socialism.
The platforms of Socialists such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Cortez, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama and other Party leaders are drawn from either Communism, Marxism or Fascism.

Their giant first step, with the help of the media, is to destroy former President Trump, running to be re-elected again, because he looms large in their path with his dedication to America First Capitalism and his Constitutional mind set.

I am convinced that the only thing which will keep us from a full blown Socialist takeover, even with all his faults, is again electing Donald Trump as our president . Believe me when I say, in my opinion, President Donald Trump IS the wall, in more ways than you may possibly realize.

Today, the Democratic Party is the rocket launching pad for a Socialist States of America, and a farewell to the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America. The American people who love freedom and responsibility can cause it to fizzle or watch as it as it soars in flight until it’s too late. No one will be exempt from the evils and misery of Socialism, not you, not your children, not your grandchildren.

We, that would be you and me, have got to fight what is happening.  We cannot sit this out. We have a duty and an obligation to protect, defend and preserve our Country, our freedom, our Capitalist way of life.

IF we lose the fight, that loss will come at an unthinkable cost to every American. The price of freedom has always come with a hefty price tag. Not a single American soldier has ever died in defense of Socialism.


Next week is the presentation of the WHO Plandemic Treaty. Do you know what this is? Have you joined.  The W.H.O. the Globalist UN World Health Organization is setting this policy and the RINOS in the House  made it possible by giving our borrowed tax dollars to the WHO. The WHO decided they should control world health under any emergency they declare like climate change. We can not let our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators. Communicate with congress, join

The Trump kangaroo court trial is coming to a close. Under the conditions set by Judge Merchan, I don’t see how President Trump can get a fair trial so lets ask Attorney Jonathan Mosley who has been following the trial quite closely. In addition, Lynda Bell will explain the danger of Florida Amendment 4, Baby Killing until birth in Florida. The Democrats are trying to put Baby Killing  Amendments on any state ballot they can. They believe the it will help Biden get elected. Do you want to kill babies?.

Globalists want Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.  Share with your 5.   So join me on the radio with guest  and you will learn about some of the riots of America.

Is America worth saving? What are you doing?

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

Join the Florida Citizens Alliance    Help save America mentor a child.

Show Link

Show: Sat and Sun 7AM ET and 5PM ET on

Podcasts and Articles: and on

GUEST:  Jonathan Moseley, combines training and 22 years experience as a Virginia lawyer with a political passion for saving our constitutional Republic.  He is now working under several law firms helping defend January 6 Defendants but mostly addressing key, wholesale abuses across the board we are facing with the law and government under Left-wing assault.

GUEST: Lynda Bell , Lynda is president of Florida Right to Life representing the statewide organization as a delegate to the National Right to Life Committee board of directors in which she also serves as Chairman of the NRLC Board. In her capacity as president, she lobbies at the state Capitol to promote and support pro-life legislation.


Important information:

Courtesy of Bill Gates

The 2030 Green New Deal Plan where you will own nothing and they will be happy.

Biden lied to congress. The Feds knew and covered it up.  The Bidens were arranging massive business deals in 2015-16 with CCP affiliated companies. 3.3million emails, bank records and corporate memos exposed the depth of this deal and the agencies that covered it up.

Exclusive: Feds secretly knew for years Joe Biden met with son’s Chinese partners on official trip

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Some Observations about Beliefs — Part 3

By John Droz, Jr.

How to change the Beliefs of others — which will change their Actions…

When we use the word “Beliefs” many people think of religion. However, most of our Beliefs have nothing to do with religion. As outlined in Part 1 (w examples in Part 2), almost all of our Beliefs are our opinions about what things are, how things behave, etc. Examples of Beliefs are “Joe Biden is doing a good job as President” or “Unless we make radical societal changes, the world will soon cease to exist as we know it,” etc.

We are all frequently put in positions where we would like others to act differently — ranging from wanting them to support a certain political candidate, to keeping their dog off your property.

Most issues are not worth worrying about, but when any are (e.g., a close relative who is way off base on an important matter), you may decide that it is worth your time to try to fix that person’s misconception.

One of the most effective ways to get such people to change their Actions is to get to their Beliefs. There are four (4) basic options to get them to do our desired Action:

  1. connect our desired Action to an existing Belief of theirs (that’s consistent with the desired Action),
  2. modify an existing Belief of theirs (so that it now prompts the desired Action),
  3. create a new Belief in them (that’s consistent with the desired Action),
  4. eliminate an existing Belief of theirs (that’s blocking the desired Action).

Carefully think about these before proceeding on…

There are two methods to get people to change their Beliefs: Directly or Indirectly.

Directly (or consciously) would be (see this sample reference) to:

a) ask them what they think their relevant Belief is,

b) get a clear understanding of exactly what their relevant Belief is,

c) discuss the relevance of their Belief to the situation at hand,

d) assist them in scrutinizing any relevant Belief for its accuracy,

e) release any emotions tied to this Belief, and

f) break any bonds of faith that are established with this Belief.

Indirectly would be to use very different strategies than the direct approach.

Specifically, this would be accessing the other person’s subconscious mind (i.e., where their Beliefs are primarily located). If done right, they will not likely be aware that we are modifying their Belief system. However, before that can be explained, we must have a solid understanding of the two minds…

The Conscious mind vs the Subconscious mind might be compared to an iceberg. What we see (and deal with) in others, is the small visible part above water. That’s the Conscious Mind.

Below water is a MUCH larger part — the part that gives the iceberg its real strength. This is the Subconscious Mind, which is an accumulation of all your experiences.

We periodically give over control to our Subconscious Mind, without being aware of it.

A good example is when you are driving for a while on a highway. You start thinking about something else (e.g., an upcoming event). Suddenly you realize that fifteen minutes have passed where you were not consciously paying attention to driving. Yet, you still accelerated, braked, and steered around obstacles, while going 60 MPH. Your Subconscious Mind was controlling your actions.

Surprisingly, there is still a lot we don’t know about our Subconscious Mind, but here are some generally agreed on characteristics:

  1. It is always on, 24/7. (It’s the Conscious Mind that goes to sleep.)
  2. It processes millions of daily inputs that would overwhelm the Conscious Mind.
  3. It puts many of your daily functions on auto-pilot.
  4.  It doesn’t reason.
  5. It records our emotional response to events.
  6. It stores memories.

Understanding how the Subconscious Mind works will help us be happier, more effective people, as it enables us to communicate better with others.

It should go without saying the Critical Thinking about our Beliefs (their accuracy, their applicability, etc.) is exceptionally important.

(How to communicate to another person’s subconscious mind is a fascinating topic. If I get the time, I’ll write about this in a future installment.)

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Biden: Cafeteria Catholic or Something Far More Dangerous?

By Dr. Rich Swier

David Carlin: Materially speaking, President Biden is a heretic, publicly and persistently rejecting some moral doctrines of the Church.

Joe Biden, in addition to holding the exalted title of President of the United States of America, holds a number of informal and unofficial titles.  For instance:

  • Head of the Democratic Party.
  • Commander-in-chief of the US armed forces.
  • The second Catholic President of the USA.
  • Leader of the free world.
  • Father of Hunter Biden.
  • “Cafeteria Catholic” – this title having been recently bestowed upon him by the cardinal-archbishop of Washington D.C., Wilton Gregory.
  • America’s foremost champion of abortion rights.
  • America’s foremost champion of homosexual rights.
  • America’s foremost champion of transgender rights.

John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic President, was no model of Catholic virtue, at least when it came to the Sixth Commandment.  But Kennedy took the trouble to keep his sexual sins concealed from all but his friends and a co-operative press.  He didn’t broadcast them.  We (the general public) didn’t learn about them until after his death.  More important still from a Catholic point of view, Kennedy, unlike Mr. Biden, didn’t make public pronouncements declaring certain sins are morally good.  He didn’t, for instance, shout from the rooftops that fornication is good and adultery even better.

But something like that is what President Biden is doing.  When it comes to religion, Biden is not a man who presents himself to the public as a person who grew up Catholic but has long since outgrown that childishness and now embraces an anti-Catholic view of the world and of morality.  Far from it.  He presents himself as a true Catholic. “When you see me, you see a Catholic, a genuine Catholic, the real thing.”

And so when he tells the nation, including the very sizeable Catholic portion of the nation, that abortion and homosexuality and transgenderism are morally allowable and deserve legal protection, he is in effect saying, “I can assure you from the point of view of a true Catholic that abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism are morally permissible things.  And not only morally permissible but deserving of legal protection.”

A theologically unsophisticated person can hardly be blamed for saying to himself/herself, “If Biden, a good Catholic who must, after a lifetime of Catholicism, understand the teachings of his religion, says this, isn’t it almost certain that he’s correct?  And if an occasional bishop slaps him on the wrist for saying such things, isn’t the weakness of the slap a clear indication that the bishop doesn’t truly disagree with him?”

In 1984, Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, a New York Catholic, was running for Vice-President on a Democratic platform that endorsed the right to abortion. Cardinal John O’Connor of New York was quite blunt in denouncing her for that.  Mario Cuomo, like Ferraro a Catholic Democrat, and at the time governor of New York, rushed to the defense, delivering a then-famous speech at the University of Notre Dame arguing that it’s right and proper for a Catholic politician to be “personally opposed” but publicly indulgent.

That may sound like Biden’s defense of abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism.  But it wasn’t.  Just as Dan Quayle (according to Lloyd Bentsen) was no Jack Kennedy, so Joe Biden is no Mario Cuomo.  Cuomo was a man of a fair degree of intellectual sophistication – although at Notre Dame, in my opinion, he used his talents to create not a sophisticated, but a sophistical, defense of abortion.

Cuomo did not offer a moral defense of abortion, only a legal defense.  He argued that from his point of view, a Catholic point of view, abortion is morally wrong, very seriously wrong.  But that in a religiously pluralistic country like the United States, we Catholics, members of a minority religion, have no right to impose our moral beliefs on society.  We may try to persuade non-Catholics to agree with us on abortion, indeed we should try to persuade them; but if they don’t agree, we’ll just have to live with that. And if we are government officials, we’ll have to support and enable the wishes of the majority.

Now if President Biden were as intellectually gifted as Mario Cuomo, he might offer a similar argument.  He might say, “As a Catholic, I am in total agreement with the teachings of my Church that abortion is a great sin, and homosexual conduct is a great sin, and transgenderism is not only sinful but preposterous.  But as a citizen of a democratic republic that is religiously and philosophically pluralistic, and especially as an elected official in such a republic, it is my duty to respect the will of the majority.  I pray daily that my non-Catholic fellow-citizens will someday see the light that we Catholics see.  But until that day arrives, I have no choice but to support legal enactments that may be offense to us Catholics.”

But Joe Biden, being no Mario Cuomo, has not done this.  He has not made a distinction between a legal right to abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism and a moral right; instead he has given a plain and simple endorsement of all three.  In effect he has said, “I disagree with my Church on these matters.  Along with most atheistic humanists, I am right on these questions and my Church is wrong.”

Materially speaking, Biden is a heretic, publicly and persistently rejecting some moral doctrines of the Church.  It may be argued, however, that he is not, formally speaking, a heretic since he may well be ignorant of the Church’s teachings on these matters, and he has no wish to disagree with the Church.

But how can anybody, let alone a lifelong Catholic, be ignorant of such things?  Maybe in this way.  Biden quite stridently utters words that defy Catholic moral doctrine – and he gets little or no pushback from Catholic authorities.  Nothing from the Vatican, very little from America’s Catholic bishops.  And so he concludes, “Silence gives consent.  I must be doing the right thing.  The Church must be changing its mind on abortion and homosexuality and transgenderism.”

Joe Biden is something far more dangerous than a cafeteria Catholic.

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David Carlin

David Carlin is a retired professor of sociology and philosophy at the Community College of Rhode Island, and the author of The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in AmericaThree Sexual Revolutions: Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, and most recently Atheistic Humanism, the Democratic Party, and the Catholic Church.

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EDITORS NOTE: This The Catholic Thing column is republished with permission. © 2024 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

4 Stages of Subversion thumbnail

4 Stages of Subversion

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day, America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened.“ — Ronald Reagan

The nastiness so prevalent pouring out of Washington, D.C. and influencing every aspect of our lives has been steadily increasing over the past decades. Slow and unthreatening, like boiling a frog in a pan on the stove. This seductive evolving and all-inclusive pattern of control and alteration from what we as a nation have esteemed and held close to our hearts has created a new rendition of the ancient pagan mindset with pure socialism smeared over it.

America was planted on a solid foundation of hard work, honesty, courtesy, and even a reverence for our fellow citizen as a creation of God Almighty. Our founding principles were drafted based on Biblical teachings, while liberal, Uni-party and sold-out establishment horas in public office pitch an agenda opposite of everything America has stood for and fought to maintain. Furthermore, the door has been opened so Marxists have simply walked into positions of power and influence unchallenged, and from which they have even promoted a subversion of our founding principles transforming this exceptional nation into something we were never, ever intended to become – nor survive.

As a simple and quick presentation, allow me to present four stages of subversion.

Demoralization: A process usually taking 16 years to really take effect. A form of community brain washing occurs. The education system is deliberately dumbed-down, which takes a generation of students to be redirected. Marxism – socialism is pumped into the heads of students who no longer are taught critical thinking skills. Basic American values also are no longer taught nor allowed to challenge this process. Schools are committed to disrupting the traditional family structure. A lack of moral standards is no longer taught, or at least enforced or encouraged. Also, facts no longer matter, feelings and preconceived ideas become routine.

Destabilization: A process that usually take only five years to destabilize a nation. The keys to destabilizing are not that complicated once they begin and are not challenged. Destroy slowly and steadily the economy and business; foreign influence is weakened and/or no longer a priority; the military is altered significantly to become weak and a mere show. Couple this with recruits who have severe educational deficits of reading, writing and arithmetic. Add the lack of critical thinking in soldiers, especially “leaders.” The elimination of the free market which destabilizes the economy and forces people to accept hand-outs and related goods from the power brokers. The use of governmental agencies, especially those that have been militarized like the Department of Justice, even the Department of the Treasury, the IRS, Social Services.

Crisis: It doesn’t take long to create and develop a national crisis; 6-weeks usually. We have already seen riots stemming from nowhere; the deliberate weakening of police departments; abandonment of once thriving downtowns and business. A Revolution is created by pushing an idea. The idea is then sold to masses of young people who already have no moral foundation, critical thinking, nor ability to recall what this nation is truly about and how it was formed. When the Revolutionary idea is pushed and encouraged to be implemented, and there is push-back from those willing to stand against such tyranny, you have a scripted Revolution.

Normalization: The powers behind the scenes who developed and orchestrated this subversion from what was to what they want will then bring all sorts of goodies and rewards to those carrying out the Revolution. Wonderful promises already made will be brought forward again, some then handed off to the adherents who actually were in the streets making the change of life happen. Speech from Socialists and Marxists along with weak and sold-out public officials and establishment politicians will then encourage the Revolutionists to, “continue on, you’re almost there, we have almost experienced the change we all wanted.”

The usefulness of the citizen pawns will then be spent when the change occurs.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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Why Democrats Want to Forget George Floyd

By The Geller Report

The Democrats set fire to America in the run up to the 2020 Presidential election.

The riots, murder and violence served its propose.

Now they want to pretend it never happened.

Why progressives want to forget George Floyd

BLM revolutionaries squandered their opportunity

By: , Unherd, May 24, 2024;

….while reading Morning After the Revolution, the new book by journalist Nellie Bowles. Described as “a moment of collective psychosis preserved in amber”, it is a look back at the social justice movement which had been simmering under the surface of American society since roughly 2014, then exploded into a reckoning four years ago tomorrow, when George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis. The book is, among other things, a historical record — one that the movement in question would definitely not choose to permanently inscribe on its skin. The fact that Bowles used to be a New York Times writer and card-carrying member of the woke crowd herself makes her account at once more credible to the reader and less convenient to its subjects.

The revolutionaries are in this picture, and they don’t like it. Even as early as 2022, there were signs that people were happy to forget the movement once the marching-shouting-posting action was over; when reporters discovered that the $90 million raised by Black Lives Matter had been squandered on, among other things, a party house in Los Angeles, the response was a studied incuriosity. But even then, it’s hard to exaggerate how much this attempt to defund, dismantle and drastically remake every institution in service of social justice has been… well, not-that. Four years after his death became the spark that lit the flame of revolution, George Floyd’s lingering impact can mainly be seen in the hastily-installed DEI programmes in corporate offices nationwide, where hourly wage workers sit through interminable sensitivity trainings — and where the main beneficiaries are 28-year-old college-educated white women from HR, who now receive six-figure salaries to lecture their coworkers on the importance of daily pronoun exchanges and the scourge of microaggressions.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, the vacant gas station parking lot that was the site of Floyd’s death, and which used to be flooded with so many protestors that it had to be closed to traffic, is now deserted save for the occasional social justice tourist. They come to photograph the murals, the graffiti, the tattered plastic flowers around the perimeter of a former bus shelter, where a high-contrast portrait of Floyd’s now-familiar face has been painted on a piece of plastic sheeting — but there’s little to keep them there. The city has promised a plan to redevelop the memorial site, although it’s more like a plan to have a plan; the neighbourhood remains blighted by crime and vandalism, partially owing to lack of police presence. The third precinct police station in the neighbourhood remains permanently closed after being burned by rioters in 2020.

As for the anniversary of Floyd’s death, it has quickly faded from a national event to an afterthought; this year, the George Floyd Global Memorial will be hosting a “Self-Care Fair”, including “free wellness services including bodywork, meditation, arts and crafts”. The arc of the social justice universe is long, but it bends toward free massages and macaroni art……

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PODCAST: How To Drain The Swamp Next Time!

By Conservative Commandos Radio Show



Ken Davis is the former Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has over forty years of experience in corporate management, public service, and the private practice of law, almost all of which involved some aspect of the continually evolving electric and gas power industry. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Examiner, CNSNews, Townhall, and a number of other publications. KEN IS THE AUTHOR OF…REVOLUTION: A Call to Turn Back the Lawless Left And Restore the Promise of America

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Mark Moyar holds the William P. Harris Chair in Military History at Hillsdale College. During the Trump administration, he served in the U.S. Agency for International Development as the director of the Office of Civilian-Military Cooperation. He is the author of “Masters of Corruption: How the Federal Bureaucracy Sabotaged the Trump Presidency”

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John H. Wilson was elected to the Civil Court, Bronx County in 2004, and served as a Judge in New York City for ten years. He also served as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County, New York. For more than 30 years, John has participated in all phases of the litigation process, from being counsel for both the plaintiff and defense in personal injury matters, to the prosecution and defense of criminal matters, to being the court itself. John has also published in various Law Reviews, written a series of articles for the New York Law Journal, and published numerous decisions. He is a frequent contributor to, appears regularly on the Vernuccio/Novak Report, and is the author of,” The Making of a Martyr: An Analysis of the Indictments of Donald Trump”.

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