Trump Leads In Key Swing State Where Many Voters Say Immigration Made Life ‘Worse,’ Poll Finds thumbnail

Trump Leads In Key Swing State Where Many Voters Say Immigration Made Life ‘Worse,’ Poll Finds

By The Daily Caller

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in Wisconsin, where many voters claimed immigration made the state’s quality of life “worse,” according to an American Greatness poll exclusively released to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.

Trump leads Biden 46% to 44% in a two-way race, compared to an even split at 45% in April, according to the poll. Only 13% of likely voters said that immigration has improved the “quality of life in the state,” while 34% said it made it worse.

“Wisconsin figures to be a very tight race once again, as reflected by this new polling,” Steve Cortes, former senior advisor to President Trump and polling consultant to American Greatness, told the DCNF. “In such a close election, the more we highlight the damage of Biden’s open border, the more likely battleground state voters are to return Donald Trump to the White House.”

Wisconsin has voted for the Democratic presidential nominee every year since 1988, except for in 2016 when it went for Trump.

In addition, 45% of respondents claimed that immigration had “no real effect” on the state’s quality of life and 8% were unsure, according to the poll.

Whitewater, a town in Wisconsin that has 15,000 residents, has taken in as many as 1,000 immigrants since 2022, PBS reported. Among the respondents, 53% said that immigration levels are “too high” for a community that size, while 29% said it was “about right” and 4% said it was “too low.”

“Even thousands of miles away from the US border, Biden’s reckless, radical border policies are firmly rejected by supermajorities of citizens,” Cortes told the DCNF. “Sensible Wisconsin voters know that Biden and Harris and Mayorkas prioritize unvetted foreign migrants over American citizens, and they demand a return to law-and-order.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encountered over seven million migrants entering the country illegally since Biden took office, according to the CBP data.

Biden issued nearly 300 executive actions on immigration during his first year in office, 89 of which reversed or began to reverse Trump’s immigration policies, according to an analysis from the Migration Policy Institute.

The poll also asked likely voters about Biden’s mental and physical fitness for office, with 65% saying Biden is not capable of serving another term, compared to 57% in April. Nearly half of Wisconsin likely voters, 48%, think Biden is making his own official decisions in office, while 31% think it is First Lady Jill Biden. (RELATED: WSJ And NYT Polls Are Latest In String Of Surveys Showing Biden Losing Ground To Trump After Debate)

The American Greatness poll surveyed 600 likely Wisconsin voters from July 6 to July 10. The poll has a margin of error of 4%.





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ICE Nabs Convicted Sex Offender And Illegal Immigrant Roaming Free In ‘Sanctuary County’ thumbnail

ICE Nabs Convicted Sex Offender And Illegal Immigrant Roaming Free In ‘Sanctuary County’

By The Daily Caller

RIVERDALE PARK, Maryland — Deportation officers apprehended a registered sex offender living illegally in a “sanctuary” jurisdiction after he was convicted of false imprisonment and sex crimes, the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively witnessed.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents apprehended 21-year-old Honduran national Darwin Adonai Garcia-Garcia in the early morning hours of Thursday, July 11. Garcia-Garcia’s apprehension came roughly two months after a local Maryland court chose to suspend virtually all of his 30-year prison sentence relating to his conviction for sex offenses and false imprisonment of a child, according to ICE. Authorities had previously charged him with kidnapping, abducting a child under 12, abducting a child under 16, assault in the second degree and a fourth-degree sex offense.

The DCNF was on scene to witness the apprehension, which took place around 6 a.m. outside his residence in Riverdale Park, Maryland. Numerous ICE agents staked out Garcia-Garcia’s apartment complex and waited for him to exit the building, which he eventually did, allowing agents to make an arrest outside in the apartment parking lot.

He did not appear to know any English, as deportation officers communicated with him solely in Spanish during the apprehension.

Border Patrol arrested Garcia-Garcia on December 4, 2018 after he illegally crossed into the U.S. near San Luis, Arizona, the agency told the DCNF. Border Patrol served the Honduran national with a notice to appear before an immigration judge and, the next day, he was transferred into ICE custody and subsequently released into the U.S.

Several years later, Garcia-Garcia was targeted by local law enforcement for his alleged abduction and sexual assault of a minor, according to ICE. He was arrested by Prince George’s County, Maryland Police on Jan. 4 and charged with kidnapping, abducting a child under 12, second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sexual offense.

The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in Upper Marlboro, Maryland convicted him of a fourth-degree sex offense and false imprisonment on May 13, sentencing him to three decades in prison, according to ICE. However, the court subsequently suspended all but 229 days of prison sentence, allowing him to roam free in the country again.

ICE Baltimore became familiar with Garcia-Garcia’s daily activities and knew roughly when he’d be leaving his residence in Prince George’s County. The DCNF accompanied deportation officers as they staked out his residence Thursday morning and nabbed him as he was presumably on his way to work.

The apprehension took place without incident, with no apparent signs of him resisting arrest or attempting to flee the deportation officers. Garcia-Garcia remains in Enforcement and Removal custody, where he will presumably remain pending the outcome of his removal proceedings.

He is currently listed as a sex offender, according to the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Baltimore deportation officers told the DCNF that they prioritize the apprehension of dangerous illegal migrants who pose serious risks to the local community, and they are seeking to increase their number of sex offender apprehensions.

It’s not entirely clear why the circuit court in Prince George’s County chose to suspend nearly all of Garcia-Garcia’s entire 30-year prison sentence, despite the severity of his convictions. The court did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF about the case.

Prince George’s County is listed as a “sanctuary” jurisdiction by the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that seeks stricter enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

In the past, ICE has publicly criticized Prince George’s County specifically for local non-cooperation policies that, they say, protect criminal illegal migrants.

“The county leadership has chosen misguided politics over public safety,” the Baltimore field office director said at the time. “We aren’t asking Montgomery County or Prince George’s County to conduct immigration enforcement, we’re asking them to honor a lawful request to transfer these individuals into our custody where they can avail themselves of due process in the immigration court system.”

A spokesperson for Prince George’s County did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.



Immigration reporter.


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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jordan Investigating UN’s Involvement In ‘Fast-Tracking’ Migrants Into US

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NATO Chooses Unending War thumbnail

NATO Chooses Unending War

By Kenneth R. Timmerman

NATO leaders met this week in Washington and pledged an “irreversible path” for Ukraine to join the alliance, as well as “unwavering support” for the Ukraine war effort.

It was a bit like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Putin has made crystal clear that expanding NATO eastward to include Ukraine is not just a red line for Russia, but was in fact the main reason for the Russian invasion in February 2022.

NATO leaders think they can draw a steel line in the steppe. But so does Russia. The Russia-Ukraine-NATO war has become a contest of iron wills.

Will the West be able to provide enough weaponry and aid to keep Ukraine in the fight? If so, we are looking at a prolonged stalemate, which only a significant escalation – or the intervention of a new U.S. president – can end.

NATO seems primed for escalation. There was talk this week of more F-16s for Ukraine, and a new NATO unit to coordinate aid and training of the Ukrainian armed forces.

What many leaders seem to fear most, however, is the return of Donald Trump to the White House, given his pledge to end the Ukraine war in 24 hours of his election victory.

NATO leaders also put the spotlight on Communist China, calling it in the final communique on Thursday a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war in Ukraine. This is significant, because it shows that NATO leaders now consider China part of the Russian orbit, which NATO sees as its enemy.

Folks, this is sounding increasingly to me like the Guns of August, where the great European powers stumbled into war in August 1914 by just continuing to do what they were doing, without considering the consequences.

And through all of this, there was Joe Biden, whom his advisors trotted out for a “big boy” press conference, to show the world how mentally alert he was. And right off the bat, Biden delivered. “I wouldn’t have picked vice president Trump if I didn’t think she was not qualified to be president,” he said with a straight face.

So NATO seems gearing up for World War III, and the United States is led by a geriatric who doesn’t know when his own son died or the name of his vice president.

Is America ready for President Jill? Somehow I don’t think so.

Yours in freedom.

©2024. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.

I discuss this, as well as the impact the Iranian presidential elections will have on Iran’s relations with the West, on this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend.

As always, you can listen live at 1 PM on Saturday on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Fl, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. If you miss it, tune into the podcast later here.

No, Joe Biden is not in charge of the federal government, but has any president since Nov. 22, 1963, really been ‘in charge?’ thumbnail

No, Joe Biden is not in charge of the federal government, but has any president since Nov. 22, 1963, really been ‘in charge?’

By Leo Hohmann

President Joe Biden made a lot of embarrassing gaffes in his so-called “Big Boy press conference” last night, Thursday, July 11, including his referral to Donald Trump as his vice president. Earlier in the day he had referred to Ukraine’s illegitimate (unelected) dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “President Putin.”

But he made one other slip of the tongue that was perhaps the most telling of all and has not elicited much coverage in the corporate media. Watch video clip below.

Biden confirmed what we already have known for nearly four years, that he is not the one in control of policies, he is just following orders. He has his own “Commander in Chief,” as he stated. Even though he is theoretically holding the position of commander in chief, he has his own Commander in Chief, a superior officer to whom he reports, most likely on a daily, if not hourly, basis. He is being run.

But let’s be honest. Almost all presidents have been in this same position, to one extent or another. They all received the message that was sent very clearly on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in what many believe was a CIA hit job.

In case future presidents still didn’t get the message, another one was sent on March 30, 1981, when President Ronald Reagan took an assassin’s bullet but survived.

If they still somehow didn’t get the message, another was sent when President Donald Trump had his entire administration undermined through false accusations about being a Russian “asset,” among other idiotic and uncreative assaults on the truth (OK, I admit the plandemic was pretty creative). The point is, the globalist deep state can literally make up anything and enough people will believe it because these same intel agencies who control the web of bureaucracies also control the corporate legacy media and the major social media platforms. They control the flow of information. They define what is regarded as accurate news and what is deemed “conspiracy theory.”

So, maybe Joe Biden is not just a doddering old fool. I mean, he is that, but due to his lack of a filter he often babbles his private thoughts out loud into a public microphone. I, for one, do not believe that all of his private thoughts are to be dismissed as the incoherent babblings a man who lacks all of his faculties. Some of what he says is dead-on truth that he simply wasn’t supposed to let leak.

Because he is not fully in control of his faculties, he is not as guarded in his speech as the previous presidents post 1963, which is when the initial coup took place, when our military and executive branch was ceded to the globalists in the intelligence agencies. That hidden hand still runs the show today in Washington, D.C.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer told us who was really in charge of Washington when he admitted to a corporate news journalist more than three years ago that the CIA has “six ways from Sunday of getting back at you” if you defy them. That was yet another dire and truthful warning to American politicians, presidents especially, who disobey their orders. Watch Schumer’s ominous warning below about the CIA and its unchecked power over Washington politicians.

Sure, some presidents have been more in charge of White House affairs than others. Men like President George Herbert Walker Bush were probably much more in charge of things because Daddy Bush came to the Oval Office straight out of the CIA and had been groomed his whole adult life for the presidency. I believe Barack Obama also was groomed from an early age by the intel agencies. But those who snuck up on the office and were not groomed, or were less groomed, had to be put in their place and were put in their place.

©2024. . All rights reserved.

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Trans Activist Group Pressuring Corporations To Cover Child Sex Change Drugs In Insurance Plans thumbnail

Trans Activist Group Pressuring Corporations To Cover Child Sex Change Drugs In Insurance Plans

By The Daily Caller

A transgender activist group is pressuring corporations to provide insurance coverage for child sex change drugs and genital surgeries.

The Humans Rights Campaign (HRC) is an LGBTQ+ activist group that champions pediatric sex change interventions such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries. Since 2002, the HRC has issued their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) survey, which scores corporations based on their commitment to LGBTQ+ activism and adherence to LGBTQ+ ideology; corporations can score up to 100 points if they fulfill all criteria outlined by the HRC.

The HRC claims the benefits of participating in the CEI survey include gaining positive publicity and attracting top talent, noting that the majority of Fortune 500 companies have participated in the survey. Conversely, receiving a low CEI score can make a company a target of media criticism.

However, HRC recently announced they will be updating their 2026 CEI criteria to require corporations offer insurance coverage for child sex change medications to obtain a top CEI score.

The updated criteria state corporations must offer pharmaceutical coverage for sex changes, specifying this includes “puberty blockers for youth.” Corporations will also have to provide insurance coverage for cross-sex hormones and genital surgeries, as well as offer short-term medical leave to transgender individuals.

Additionally, companies can score 10 of the needed 100 points by offering insurance coverage for at least five other transgender healthcare benefits described as “essential services and treatments.” This list of “essential” services includes hair removal required for reconstructive surgery, tracheal shave/reduction, facial feminization surgeries, voice modification surgery, voice modification therapy and lipoplasty/filling for body masculinization or feminization.

HRC has suspended the CEI score of companies they’ve perceived as faltering in their support of the LGBTQ+ agenda. For example, when Bud Light received pushback over their partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, HRC suspended Anheuser-Busch’s perfect CEI score for not standing by Mulvaney during the controversy, according to the Associated Press.

They’ve also publicly chastised companies attempting to distance themselves from the index.

For instance, Tractor Supply Company, who obtained an almost-perfect CEI score in 2023, recently faced public criticism for engaging in LGBTQ+ activism. After receiving significant pushback, Tractor Supply Company issued a public statement on June 27, 2024, suggesting they were ending their relationship with the HRC and would not be participating in the survey.

HRC responded by launching a petition against Tractor Supply Company which was posted their social media pages and accused the company of “caving to right-wing extremists.”

“Tractor Supply is turning its back on its own neighbors, including LGBTQ+ people, by caving to far-right extremists on social media,” the petition stated. “Tractor Supply’s decision to no longer participate in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, halt its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, and desert its carbon emissions goals is only going to hurt customers and families in the communities they call home.”

The CEI is related to the trend of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, a movement that evaluates companies as targets for investment based on how they align with certain left-wing ideas. Companies with low ESG ratings can be viewed as riskier investments by ESG investors.

In fact, the ESG reports of several Fortune 500 companies such as WalmartAmazon, and Disney explicitly cite the HRC’s index, and the companies’ respective scores. Two major investment firms, Blackrock and Vanguard, obtained perfect CEI scores in 2023.

If companies want to remain appealing to investors by obtaining a perfect CEI in 2026, they will be required to cover insurance coverage for pediatric sex change medications, such as puberty blockers.

Puberty blockers, which are given to children as young as eight years old, can have irreversible effects such as infertility, bone density loss and disruption of brain development.

The harmful impacts of puberty blockers were acknowledged by top child sex change doctors in a series of private educational recordings hosted by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH). The recordings were part of WPATH’s Global Education summit in September 2022 in Montreal, Canada, and exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation through a public records request.

Several European countries, including England and Scotland, have discontinued treating gender distressed children with puberty blockers citing weak evidence to support their use.

In 2023-2024, 1,384 companies participated in the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index with 595 businesses earning a perfect score by meeting all criteria, according to the “Equality 100” page.”

The HRC recently completed their 2025 CEI survey, according to a copy of the survey on their website. To achieve a perfect score, companies had to have written policies that support employee sex changes, support trans-inclusive restrooms and facilities and offer LGBTQ-inclusive products and services.

The HRC has established LGBTQ+ activism criteria for other domains, including the Healthcare Equality IndexState Equality Index, and Municipal Equality Index.

The Human Rights Campaign did not respond to requests for comment.





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Elon Musk Reportedly Makes ‘Sizable’ Donation To Pro-Trump Super PAC thumbnail

Elon Musk Reportedly Makes ‘Sizable’ Donation To Pro-Trump Super PAC

By The Daily Caller

Billionaire Elon Musk reportedly made a “sizable” donation to a super political action committee (PAC) helping to elect former President Donald Trump for the 2024 race, according to sources speaking on anonymity to Bloomberg.

The alleged super PAC donation from Musk was to a low-profile group known as America PAC, sources familiar with the matter told the outlet. While it is not confirmed how much the reported donation was for, the PAC is expected to reveal its list of donors on July 15.

Musk has been known to vocalize his concerns for election integrity when it comes to President Joe Biden’s campaign on his social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), calling out strategies that have triggered corporate media outlets to oppose the billionaire. Musk was also reported in May to have gotten involved with an ongoing campaign among elites in order to nationally persuade influential business executives to no longer back Biden for his reelection, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Following June’s debate, chaos erupted within the Democratic Party over the decision to have Biden remain as the party’s nominee, as concern over his mental health and dropping poll numbers have provoked calls for the president to step aside. However, lawmakers have not been the only ones to speak out against Biden.

A new report released Friday by The New York Times revealed major Democratic donors have paused an estimated $90 million in donations to the largest pro-Biden super PAC until Biden drops from the race. Despite the concerns and calls, Biden and his officials have repeatedly stated he would be remaining in the race, with the president challenging Democrats to “run” against him at the party’s convention in August.

Musk has yet to formally endorse a candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

Major names within the cryptocurrency and venture capital worlds, as well as some being former Democratic donors, announced their support for the former president in early June at a fundraiser organized by Venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya. As Trump ventured to San Francisco, a deep Democratic stronghold, the former president ultimately raised $12 million, which Sacks later stated in an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters as being $6 million over their intended goal.

Sacks revealed that many of the Silicon Valley donors had never donated to Republicans or Trump prior to the event, noting how many felt Biden was “alienating people” within the industry due to “a very hostile program toward innovation” involving advancements such as AI.

Elon Musk, America PAC and the Trump campaign didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.



General assignment reporter.


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EXCLUSIVE: Chairman Jim Jordan Demands DHS Civil Rights Official Appear Tor Transcribed Interview

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Morality/Truth Has No Role for Dictators. All Opposition Must be Eliminated. thumbnail

Morality/Truth Has No Role for Dictators. All Opposition Must be Eliminated.

By Karen Schoen

I always find it amazing that no matter how hard the liars lie, no matter what they say or do the truth like cream always rises to the top. It always comes out. This is what we see this week in America.  No matter how hard the left tries, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness always manages to be present for people have no desire to be slaves.

In 1917 the first communist revolution was created by the Bolsheviks. They vowed to destroy and kill everything that existed before the revolution. Why? They wanted a clean slate so they could mold the new communist man in their image. The hell with what the people wanted. They knew best. They designed the communist utopia. Since that time over 75 years, over 100 million people died under communist rule. You might say how awful. They say wonderful.  We must depopulate the planet by any means possible they believe. Too many mouths to feed. Too many people to control. Too many people cutting into their wealth.

Personality traits that most communists/globalists possess are a big ego, selfishness, and jealousy. They are condescending because they know best.  We call them psychopaths and or, sociopaths for they have no regard for human life. After all we are just another mouth to feed.  There is no common sense to their actions, no opposing point of view allowed as they are right all the time. Their goal is to keep the people down and dumb because dumb people require less from their government.   They pick issues that can never be solved but will cost ridiculous sums of money they steal from non believers. They have horrific economy killing policies designed to keep the people poor and stresses and on the government dole. After all if you are hungry you don’t have time or thought to worry about the destruction of food farms for solar farms or some stupid war in Europe or AI.  You are just hungry.   They believe the people will not bite the hand that feeds them.

They were not evil for evil’s sake or cruel for cruelty’s sake for they have a purpose. They were remaking society in their image and must eliminate all competition and all policies and values that happened before the revolution. There could never be a good reference point. Never would anyone say I remember when we were free.  The elders had to go. Communists/globalists are the creators of the New World Order where violence was love and war was peace. Who are these traitors:

What do they want? Everything you own.

After the election in Europe the communists can claim victory. Although they did not gain seats the new globalists leaders of France and England will try to set those countries up as the new World model for the rest of Europe to follow.  Will America follow? That is up to We the People. Here are the new policies in Europe on their way to America… How do I know?  The Communist Department of the Interior just closed Alaska to future leases and drilling.  That is part of the plan.

The EU has developed its new censorship program:

  • The Digital Services Act (DSA) creates a unified framework for government-directed content moderation across the European Union.
  • Each EU member state now has a “digital services coordinator,” with the power to penalize online platforms if they fail to adequately address “systemic risks,” including hate speech and misinformation.
  • These official speech commissars can deputize third party entities to act as “trusted flaggers,” empowering the global network of NGOs, research institutes, and private companies that make up the censorship industry.
  • Elon Musk’s X became the first platform to be investigated after the DSA took effect, after months of threats from EU officials over Musk’s attempts to restore free speech to the platform.

The EU has developed its new guidelines for businesses. the new law requires corporations to do to protect people in their value chains around the world, its strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities for people in value chains and organizations representing them to protect their rights. ESG and DEI will be the norm.

The Plan:

  1. What is the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive?
  2. What are the most serious weaknesses of the new law?
  3. How will small and medium enterprises be affected?
  4. When does the new law enter into force and when can victims of corporate abuses start initiating legal action against companies?
  5. What role is there for trade unions, Indigenous Peoples organizations, and other civil society organizations, including those outside the EU?
  6. Beyond ensuring that the directive is incorporated in the national laws of EU member states, what other initiatives are required for strong implementation of the legislation?
  7. What is the role of audits and certifications, and multi-stakeholder or other industry initiatives in this Directive?
  8. The Digital Services Act: A Brief Guide to The EU’s Censorship Superweapon

Don’t be naïve. These policies will not stay in Europe. I believe this is why the DNC is happy to have a corpse in the White House who will just sign away successful American policies. They will use their unconstitutional agencies to close our successful businesses guaranteeing:  We will own nothing and they will be happy.

It is up to us to get everyone we know to vote. Recognize that they lie all the time. Charlie Kirk said this and I agree.  “Every time you hear ‘democracy’ replace it with ‘our regime.’”  If you do you will understand their actions.    Trevor Loudon, author of “The Enemies Within” and his new series “House Un-American” is my guest this week. Join us as we explore the world as it will be under communism.

Is America worth saving? Do everything you can to energize you and your family and friends to vote.  Your life and freedoms depend upon it.

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

Over the weekend listen to the show.

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Guest: Trevor Loudon, journalist, author, speaker advocate.

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Found Inside Gaza City UNRWA HQ — Hamas, War Rooms, Drones, Explosives, Weapons thumbnail

Found Inside Gaza City UNRWA HQ — Hamas, War Rooms, Drones, Explosives, Weapons

By The Geller Report

Inside UNRWA’s Gaza City headquarters, the IDF located a war rooms used for surveillance operations along with tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives and grenades.

The world needs to face facts UNRWA is a front for Hamas. Every country funding UNRWA is funding a terror army.

The UN agency is a terrorist organization.

Israeli Ambassador Amir Weissbrod has asked the UNRWA to fire the 100 employees that the Israeli government had identified as terrorist operatives in a July 4 letter obtained by Fox.

#BREAKING Inside @UNRWA‘s Gaza City headquarters, the IDF located a war rooms used for surveillance operations along with tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives and grenades.

The world needs to face facts ➡️ UNRWA is a front for Hamas. Every country funding…

— Aviva Klompas (@AvivaKlompas) July 12, 2024

IDF finds Hamas, PIJ war rooms, drones, explosives, in Gaza City UNRWA HQ

The tunnel, which had been previously exposed and operated against by Israeli troops, served as a major Hamas military intelligence asset, the IDF noted.

By Sam Halpern, July 12, 2024:

Footage of the UAV that was located in the UNRWA building by Maglan troops, July 12, 2024 (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

During raids over the last week on a Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad combat complex embedded in a former UNRWA compound, troops of the Commando Brigade’s combat team, operating under the direction of the 99th Division, located significant terror infrastructure embedded in the facility.

Among the weapons and infrastructure located in the UNRWA complex were war rooms used for surveillance operations, parts for UAV assembly, tactical drones, rockets, machine guns, mortars, explosives, and grenades, the IDF added.

Footage of the activities of the Maglan and Egoz Troops in Gaza, July 12, 2024. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
Terror infrastructure in a university

In other scans of the vicinity, during the army’s ongoing operational activity in the area, soldiers reportedly discovered a subterranean weapons and explosives manufacturing facility inside a university building.

On Wednesday, the IDF reported that troops of the 99th Division had, after opening an evacuation route for civilians, engaged and killed terrorists operating on the Gaza City UNRWA headquarters premises in close-quarters combat.
Footage of the weapons found in the UNRWA HQ in Gaza City on July 12, 2024. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Other terrorists were arrested by the Israeli personnel.

On Monday, the IDF first reported that the operation on the facility began the previous night and was jointly conducted by the 99th Division and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). At the time, the military had reported that it operated on intelligence, indicating the presence of terror infrastructure in the area.

Troops had previously located a terror tunnel running beneath the facility that had served as a major Hamas military intelligence asset, the IDF added.

Read more.


Pamela Geller


UNRWA is a Terrorist Organization

Senior UNRWA Official is Top Figure in Hamas, Head of the UNRWA Teachers Union in Lebanon, Overseeing 39,000 Students in 65 Schools

Terrorists Hiding in UNRWA School Near Rafah

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Official Photos Are Full Of ‘Broad Scale Doctoring,’ Yet White House Complains About ‘Cheapfakes’ thumbnail

Biden’s Official Photos Are Full Of ‘Broad Scale Doctoring,’ Yet White House Complains About ‘Cheapfakes’

By The Daily Caller

The White House doesn’t seem to have a problem with the “‘obviously doctored” images of President Joe Biden that make him look good, despite Karine Jean-Pierre complaining during a June press briefing about (totally real) “cheap fake” videos that purportedly painted the president in a negative light.

The White House has resorted to blaming “cheap fakes” and “deceptive editing” for any video depicting Biden doing something embarrassing. Moreover, cracking down on “misinformation” has been a key part of Biden’s Administration, even going so far as to pressure social media companies to censor content they didn’t like, documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee in November 2023 show.

After the Daily Caller showed celebrity photographer Karl Anderson a series of photos from Biden’s official Twitter account, he said the image manipulation was easy to spot and strategically executed. Anderson, who studied photography at The Sydney College of the Arts, has captured portraits of prominent stars like rock-n-roll legend Chuck Berry, famous rapper Busta Rhymes and R&B superstar Ike Turner. He has also worked with other greats in his field, such as Richard Avedon, Albert Watson and Steven Meisel. Some of Anderson’s clients include The New York Times, Residence Magazine and Plaza Magazine, and he regularly contributes to top Swedish publications Sköna Hem and Residence.

“The first thing that I noticed right away is that very obviously doctored chin and neck, which just sort of cleans up his look and takes away from the elderly gentleman look. I guess, you know, they’re trying to present him as a little bit more youthful,” Anderson told the Caller. “And again, I think a lot of them have the same sort of broad scale doctoring.”

Vito Amati, an accredited photographer and contributor to reputable sites Getty Images and Shutterstock, agreed with Anderson’s assessment, saying Biden’s chin looked a lot more chiseled than your typical 81-year-old’s.

Some images of Biden demonstrate a more natural appearing chin while others don’t, according to Amati, which suggests his photos are altered.

The White House denied that they doctor images to manipulate the way people look.

“This reporting is false. The Biden-Harris White House maintains and follows strict policies against manipulating the appearances of individuals in official photos,” White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson told the Daily Caller.

The Caller asked the White House for copies of the raw images that Amati and Anderson analyzed, but they did not respond in time for publication.

Official Biden Photo:

video circulated in June showing Biden wandering off from world leaders at the G7 Summit in Italy, which led the country’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to reel him back into the group. Newsmax White House Correspondent James Rosen asked Jean-Pierre about the incident during a press briefing. Jean-Pierre’s explanation? The video was a cheap fake.

“I mean look, as I said that was a cheap fake. That was definitely a cheap fake,” the press secretary said. “It was. It was widely fact-checked. That video was widely fact-checked, including by conservative media on what happened, what occurred. The president walked over to give a thumbs up to divers who had just landed right in front of him, and if you run that tape a little bit longer, you would see what was happening, what the president was actually doing, and it is a cheap fake.”

Amati pointed out how the images of Biden created by media organizations are less edited than those on Biden’s POTUS account. Photojournalists are bound by certain standards and a code of ethics, which should in essence, restrict the touch-ups and editing of particular images. Private photographers whom Biden’s camp employs, however, are free to edit as much as they’d like or are directed to do.

Associated Press’ Code of Ethics for instance, says, “AP pictures must always tell the truth. We do not alter or digitally manipulate the content of a photograph in any way.”

Images need to be delivered to the customer with accuracy, transparency and free of manipulation and bias,” Getty Images’ Editorial Standards reads in part. “Getty Images does not produce or distribute editorial content that has been created or augmented using generative Artificial Intelligence models.”

Amati analyzed an image of Biden outdoors wearing sunglasses and said that this was a common trick used to cover his aging eyes and give the illusion of a younger-looking president.

“That’s obviously portraying two things. One, obviously trying to keep the younger, hip or cool image,” Amati told the Caller. “It also shields his eyes from being able to see anything like dark circles or wrinkles or any sort of age that would be in someone’s eyes, especially as you get older. So I noticed that as an ongoing theme with a lot of the photos in general,” Amati told the Daily Caller.

Official Biden Photo:

Anderson had similar findings in his analysis.

“They’re always good with the outdoor shot. They always tend to have him in his sunglasses, because then you don’t notice how much his eyes are sinking back into his head,” Anderson told the Caller.

Official Biden Photo:

Wrinkles on Biden’s forehead appeared different in a number of the images, according to Amati, but it was clear they were sometimes smoothed out quite aggressively.

“There’s no neck wrinkles. Forehead, there’s very few” Amati said, analyzing one of the photos. “They did leave in a few of the age spots, you’ll see above on his forehead, like the darker spots, which would be obviously typical of someone who’s 81, and that’s understandable, but everything else seems just a lot more smooth for his age.”

Official Biden Photo:

Official Biden Photo:

Amati believes a healing brush tool and a combination of some dodging, burning and blemish removal were used to doctor some of the images the Caller showed him. Dodging and burning, which is the lightening and darkening of certain areas, are considered legitimate, traditional “darkroom techniques” that don’t change the reality of the images presented. Artificial intelligence (AI) also may have come in handy.

Both photographers agreed that the overall theme was to make the president seem more youthful, which Anderson said is mainly done by brightening his teeth or making his eyes look lighter.

Official Biden Video:

“Even in the videos, there are a couple of video elements and things that I’ve utilized in the past — a simple reflector to brighten eyes, things just to make you seem a little bit more alert and sort of draw the viewer into your eyes a little bit more. Those are sort of the key things I noticed,” Anderson told the Daily Caller.

Official Biden Photo:

Getty Image Of Biden, Not An Official POTUS Photo

Neurologist Kevin Cannard visited the White House and saw Biden for a neurological exam Jan. 17, Jean-Pierre admitted Tuesday to The Associated Press (AP). Jean-Pierre that same day, however, had told reporters during the press briefing that the doctor’s visit was unrelated to the President. (RELATED: Not A Single Reporter Has Asked KJP About Her History Of Peddling Misinformation On Biden’s Mental State)

The New York Post first reported that Cannard met with Biden’s personal doctor Jan. 17 and two others at The White House, prompting many to question whether the visit had anything to do with Biden.

“Because the date was not mentioned in the question, I want to be clear that the Jan. 17 meeting between Dr. O’Connor and Dr. Cannard was for the President’s physical,” Jean-Pierre told The AP on Tuesday. “It was one of the three times the President has seen Dr. Cannard, each time for his physical. The findings from each exam have been released to the public.”

Biden reportedly had a meeting with more than 20 Democratic governors in early July to discuss his health and fitness for office. Biden told them he had undergone a medical checkup after his poor debate performance, three sources familiar with the discussion told Politico, but Jean-Pierre contradicted those claims by saying Biden hadn’t had any “medical exams” since his February physical.

Deputy press secretary Andrew Bates confirmed Biden saw a doctor to address his purported cold after the debate, CNN White House Correspondent MJ Lee reported.

Jean-Pierre later characterized during a July 5 briefing on Air Force One that the doctor’s visit was a “short, verbal check-in.”

“So he did have a short verbal check-in in the recent days about his cold. It wasn’t a medical exam or physical, just want to be super, super clear about that. It was a conversation and his doctor didn’t think an examination was necessary,” Jean-Pierre said.

Special counsel Robert Hur released a report in February regarding his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents. Hur noted that during his interviews with Biden, the president presented himself as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Ian Sams, Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Adviser to the White House Counsel’s office, called Hur’s comments “gratuitous.”

Jean-Pierre echoed Sams’ characterization during a February briefing.

“It was gratuitous. You heard from Ian Sams, my colleague. It is unacceptable, and it does not live in reality. Those are just the facts,” Jean-Pierre said.

Democrats have begun to call for Biden to drop out of the presidential race after a gaffe-filled debate performance in June, where he stumbled, looked confused and seemingly lost his train of thought various times.

“Every Democrat I know is texting that this is bad,” Obama campaign alumnus Ravi Gupta tweeted just 15 minutes into the debate. “Just say it publicly and begin the hard work of creating space in the convention for a selection process. I’ll vote for a corpse over Trump, but this is a suicide mission.”

“I love Joe Biden; he didn’t do well at all,” former adviser to President Barack Obama, Van Jones, said on CNN after the debate. “We are still far from our convention and there is still time to figure out a different way forward if he will allow us to do that.”

The New York Times’ editorial board published a story in late June titled, “To Serve His Country, President Biden Should Leave the Race.”

“The president appeared on Thursday night as the shadow of a great public servant. He struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term. He struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s provocations. He struggled to hold Mr. Trump accountable for his lies, his failures and his chilling plans. More than once, he struggled to make it to the end of a sentence,” The Times wrote.

Thirty-five percent of voters believed Biden had the mental and cognitive health to serve as president June 9 before the first 2024 presidential debate, but the number dropped to 27% after the debate, according to a CBS/YouGov poll.

Both photographers noted the fact that Biden’s age spots remained in a fairly natural state in the majority of the images, even those that had been retouched, “just to give it some sense of realism,” according to Amati.

But one thing is for certain: “There’s definitely something going on.”



Entertainment reporter.


White House Pressured YouTube To ‘Crack Down On Vaccine Misinformation,’ New Docs Reveal

White House Spin Machine Hits Snag After KJP’s Press Briefing Fib

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ELITES not MAGA are the threat thumbnail

ELITES not MAGA are the threat

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

MAGA has grown to become the politics of ordinary citizens. A grass-roots movement of moms and dads, working men and women in all means of employment, and even a growing number of college and early 20-year-olds across America. The MAGA supporters are watching our beloved nation collapse into socialism, and even worse! The MAGA movement is clearly a push back against the elites in our government; against the New-World Order acolytes pushing a diabolical scheme of One-World control; against weak so-named republicans who are actually pusillanimous Uniparty members. MAGA believers are not a threat to democracy as the Democrats shout. MAGA supporters are clear examples of what our founders stood publicly to institute.

MAGA supporters are fed-up being ignored, ridiculed and set upon by the establishment elites in both political parties along with their cronies who have sold out, and stand in sophisticated defiance against our inspired founding documents. It is quite troubling and revealing to see Democrats who use to historically and proudly proclaim they were anti-government, anti-establishment, anti-political elite. The old Democrat Party who shouted they represented the forgotten man and women, the people. Today the political elites across America are the establishment and aggressively pro and pervasive government. Their aggressive pro-government/pro-control stands directly opposed to our constitution and the rights of individuals. Instead. the fanatical government elites and New-World Order disciples stand unabashedly against Making America Great Again, and strongly against any who dare to proclaim the same.

The political elites with their uniparty disciples prove repeatedly they shall not pass any legislation, will not support any Rules of Law, honor any of our founding principles until they get their way and tear down our Republic. Yes…we are a Republic much to their denial and anger at what our founders gave to us as a gift if we would keep it.

We were given an incredible gift by our founders becoming a Republic. We were afforded the privilege to raise our voices against an imperial government or officials if evidence showed unresponsiveness to, WE the People; if evidence demonstrated intolerance to hearing from and caring for, We the People; if the elites throughout government punished free speech and turned against the exceptional gifts stipulated in our Constitution; if the government forced its’ ways upon our homes and families, our churches, our economic freedoms. The aggressive and disrespectful public officials in both parties are seductively in some cases, deliberately moving our country away from our founding principles, and whoa to anyone who stands in their way or moves to defend what our Founders gave us.

MAGA is not a threat to our Republic. The threat comes from political elites in both parties censoring opposition to their dictatorial agenda. The threat comes from a once free and balanced criminal justice system that has been militarized and marshalled against citizens standing on what was once sacred ground, their Constitutional Rights and privileges to point out the decay in government and the abuse by elite public officials who have forgotten what it means to be a “Servant Leader.”

No…the threat to our Republic is not Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters. The threat to our exceptional (not perfect) nation is from the elites who smear working citizens, who invade the family dynamics, who dictate to moms how their children shall be raised by the state. The threat is against true and legal United States citizens of every color and creed who stand for and respect our flag and historical ways of life. The threat is from public officials at every level, city, county, state and national who claim MAGA supporters are deplorable.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

Please visit Lyle’s Arizona Today Substack.

The Shrinking United States: Demographic Collapse Cloaked by Mass Migration thumbnail

The Shrinking United States: Demographic Collapse Cloaked by Mass Migration

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities

Today’s West is a world of social dysfunction and demographic collapse, with warmongers and woke commissars in charge. Where moral relativism rules, those of us abiding by traditional values are cultural warriors by default. Our very lifestyle is an expression of dissent. The regime, steeped in secular globalism, frowns upon us. How dare we value family over enlightened, empirical economic man!

In our media-obsessed popular culture, it is images and soundbites that sway the public. Enter Tucker Carlson.

Truth-teller Tucker

Years ago, when Tucker Carlson first came to my attention, I casually assumed that he was just another Buckleyite National Review stuffed shirt, replete with bow tie and elitist east-coast affect. Guess it was his NR affiliation that led me to pigeonhole him. When I worked in the imperial capital, conservative blowhards would come and go like Greyhound buses. Here’s a heartfelt mea culpa. Tucker has emerged as today’s most effective spokesman for traditional values.

His recent Down Under tour included a tour de force appearance at the Canberra Hyatt. During the after-speech Q&A, he annihilated an antagonistic query from a saucy, self-important “journalist”. The would-be “gotcha” interrogator was Kat Wong of AAP Newswire. She tried to frame Carlson as “racist.” Nothing new there. Anyone who advocates traditional values these days gets the R smear sooner or later. Comes with the territory.

Even conscientious (though media-conditioned) conservative Christians will fall all over themselves sniffing out racist “dog-whistles,” “hate”, and “hurtful” content. Such self-righteous self-policing is a cowed and controlled opposition doing the cultural left’s work for them. Think of that the next time you hear someone begin a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…”

What is the definition of a racist? Someone who is winning an argument with a leftist. I digress.

Ms Wong falsely alleged that Tucker had been carping about American Whites being replaced. “Great replacement” and “conspiracy theory” are phrases weaponised by the chattering class to tamp down dissent. Tucker was having none of it.

In reply, he nailed it about the challenge to American families. A too-clever-by-half reporter trying to score a PC putdown isn’t the story here. The takeaway was in Carlson’s response, where he succinctly summed up the critical challenge facing Americans, which is that we are not replacing ourselves:

Native-born Americans are being replaced, including Blacks…

My concern is that the people who are born in a country are the main responsibility of its leaders. And as noted earlier, when those leaders shift their concern from the people whose responsibility it is to take care of, to people around the world, to put their priorities above those of their own citizens, that’s immoral.

That’s globalism.

And they are being replaced in my country, people who were born in the United States; and the birthrate tells the whole story. They are not at replacement rate. And so the US population is growing because we’re importing people from other countries.  

My view is that happy people have children, and a functioning economy allows them to do that. And we don’t have that so we need to fix the economy and fix the culture and make it so that people who want to have kids can. You don’t just go for the quick sugar fix of importing new people; like that’s my position, and if you think that’s racist then that’s your problem.

My views derive from a deep concern for Americans, actually. Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to, and nobody in charge cares.

Bravo to Tucker, teller of truth!

Identify the problem

Indeed, native-born Americans, whatever their race, creed, colour, etc., are not replacing themselves, thus they are being replaced. Tucker is worth repeating:

[H]appy people have children, and a functioning economy allows them to do that. And we don’t have that, so we need to fix the economy and fix the culture and make it so that people who want to have kids can.

That is exactly what needs to be done. It is a very tall order.

To fix the culture and the economy, we need to overthrow the globalist ethos of profit before people. Corporations ruthlessly move employees around, uprooting them from family and community. Shareholder value is prioritised above providing a living wage. There is money aplenty, but it goes to upper-echelon pay packages and stock buybacks, while frontline workers are treated like equipment with minimum maintenance and scheduled obsolescence. Consumerism and careerism are lionised, while stay-at-home moms are ridiculed.

Special interest lobbies and venal politicians have melded the corporate and government sectors, fostering crony capitalism (as opposed to free enterprise capitalism) infused with woke secularism. Ever wonder why corporations shove DEI “human resources” workshops down our throats and sponsor “drag” events? What about having seminars and workshops on pre-natal counselling, child-rearing, and workplace daycare?

Values and priorities

Rather than doing something about demographic collapse, it is easier to simply import new people. That brings sweeping demographic change: cheap labour for powerful corporate interests, a growing customer base for Big Pharma and others, an expanding clientele for the welfare/social services industry, and millions of new voters for the leftist agenda.

What’s not to like? You get extra people by packing the place with imports and needn’t do anything to improve conditions for the native-born. Too expensive to have children? Just import more people and sell it to the public as “diversity is our strength.” Tar anyone who doesn’t agree as “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobe”, etc.

In the 1980s blockbuster movie Wall Street, the protagonist was Gordon Gekko, modelled on America’s high-flying, paper-spinning, outsourcing moguls:

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right; greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

This gargantuan social engineering scheme scam, aka open borders, is greed incarnate. It has brought a demographic metamorphosis of the American population. Social cohesion is gone. Family life suffers. It makes a lot of money for some but doesn’t help the rest of us. Maybe subsidising families would work better than subsidising mass immigration.

Our world is in the throes of demographic collapse and on the cusp of global war. It is high time that each of us, in ways small and large, make ourselves heard. None of us are getting any younger. Speak up.

What do you make of the demographic challenges facing America? Leave a comment below.



Louis T. March has a background in government, business, and philanthropy. A former talk show host, author, and public speaker, he is a dedicated student of history and genealogy. Louis lives with his family in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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The Battle for the Soul of America thumbnail

The Battle for the Soul of America

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities

After spending the last year living in the United States, I will mercifully be whisked back to my peaceful homeland of Australia before the tumult of November’s election season begins.

While I am not a US citizen, I certainly have a dog in the fight — as a green card holder, a taxpayer, the husband of an American wife, and the father of an American daughter.

Being a fellow Westerner in general and an Aussie in particular, I am also acutely aware that America’s destiny largely shapes that of my own country, not least as Communist China flexes its muscles in our largely undefended region.

Before my first visit to the US some five years ago, I had an image of a confident, prosperous America, of mansions and manicured lawns, clean cities and cutting-edge culture, risk and ingenuity — basically, the America I saw in the movies. While that America does exist, it is increasingly found in gated communities and elite coastal suburbs, far from where the majority live.

The majority live in cities like Milwaukee, where I have spent the last 12 months.


Milwaukee is a city of battlers. Located an hour and a half north of Chicago on the western shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a gritty industrial hub, famous for big-name breweries like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz, and the headquarters of Harley Davidson and Milwaukee Tool.

In Milwaukee’s early-19th century settlement by faith-filled German immigrants, its rapid industrialisation, and its incredible taming of wild frontiers, I see distinct reflections of my own native Adelaide Hills. I understand these people.

In many ways, Milwaukee is a microcosm of 2020s America.

It is a cultural and political battlefield. Here, farmers, factory workers and finance types are hustling to survive a cost-of-living crisis while their taxes fund foreign wars, DEI bloat and federal largesse. Schools have become a frontline in the fight over pronouns, pornographic library books and other propaganda.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court just re-legalised ballot drop boxes in a state where voter fraud allegations were widespread. Wokery is weaponising the empathy of everyday people to recruit foot soldiers for its cultural revolution, but most don’t realise the TV and newspapers are lying about how popular those ideas really are.

Indeed, it was in satellite cities of Milwaukee that the Waukesha Christmas massacre and the Kenosha riots (of Kyle Rittenhouse and “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests” fame) took place, not to mention the death of George Floyd just across the border.

Additionally — paradoxically perhaps — political and cultural apathy are rife, not least in the circles I frequent. Most people take pride in their non-partisanship. Perhaps it’s their last line of defence in preserving the whimsical America of yesteryear. I often find myself tongue-tied, wanting to speak up about the ominous signs all around, but fearing the label of opining outsider.

The Good Land

Milwaukee is also the biggest city in one of the nation’s key battleground states. The Republican National Convention will take place here later this month, after the Democratic National Convention held its summit here in 2020 (though Covid fears forced it mostly online). In recent months, Milwaukee and nearby cities have played host to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. Talk about hotly contested.

Finally, like so many other American metropolises, Milwaukee is a city battling decline. The population is shrinking. Aging roads and bridges lie in a state of disrepair. Shootings and other crime rates remain persistently high. The smell of marijuana smoke wafts through city streets and down freeways. Milwaukee’s growing health sector looks impressive until you realise it’s largely dedicated to managing lifestyle-related ailments linked to obesity and heart disease. Racial segregation is palpable, reflecting the city’s economic disparity, but more tangibly, reflecting a disparity in hope.

Writing for the Free Press in a heart-rending piece entitled ‘We’re All Soviets Now’, Niall Fergusson mourns similar ills seen nationwide. Rising infant mortality. A stagnant non-farm business sector. An expensive but underprepared military. A federal government soon to spend more on debt than defence. An epidemic of mental ill health among the young. An epidemic of deaths of despair among the aged. Record fentanyl overdoses. A rise in mortality and a decline in life expectancy unparalleled in the developed world.

I love America. I hope and pray there are better days ahead. The road out of this mess will be a long one, but I am ultimately optimistic.

Milwaukee’s battle cry — the meaning of its name — is “the Good Land”. May it be so again. And may America find the political, cultural and spiritual renewal it so desperately needs.

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Kurt Mahlburg is a husband, father, freelance writer, and a familiar Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He is the Senior Editor at Australia’s largest Christian news site The Daily Declaration and a Contributing Editor at Mercator. His writings can also be found at Intellectual Takeout, The American Spectator and the Spectator Australia. He has authored or co-authored five books, including his breakout title Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?

EDITORS NOTE: This Mercator column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

ROOKE: Latest Dem Plot To Take Trump Down Exposed As Just Another Hoax thumbnail

ROOKE: Latest Dem Plot To Take Trump Down Exposed As Just Another Hoax

By The Daily Caller

As President Biden continues to decline in the eyes of voters and the Democratic Party, his campaign’s desperation to handcuff his opponent, former President Donald Trump, rises exponentially.

Once again, regime media and Democrats have their facts wrong and are pushing another hoax in hopes it hurts Trump’s presidential campaign.

Whether through lawfare or dirty political tactics, Democrats forgo their plans to “Save Democracy” in favor of outright lies in a single pursuit — holding on to power. During the 2016 election and throughout Trump’s first term, they used the claim that he colluded with Russia to “steal” the presidency. Now, they say he is behind The Heritage Foundation, along with more than 110 conservative groups, attempting to “terminate the Constitution” through Project 2025’s Mandate for Leadership.

Americans are being sold a false bill of goods regarding Project 2025 and the mandate for the next conservative president. Nowhere in the report does it advocate for a Trump presidency, only that the next conservative president, which will undoubtedly be a Republican because there is no chance a Democrat would heed the call, should advocate for these policy and personnel recommendations put forward.

Lies And Truths About Project 2025


The left’s main campaign talking point is so-called women’s reproductive rights. They plan to paint Trump and conservatives as militantly against abortion and contraceptives. To do this, they claim that Project 2025 calls for a complete ban on abortion and contraceptives without exceptions. The truth is that the report does not mention banning or restricting contraception anywhere in the literature. As far as abortion, it simply states that the conservative president should comply with laws that prevent the federal government from funding it.

Conservatives are unabashedly pro-life, as they should be. However, with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade and return it to the states to determine its legality, this policy is up to each state and cannot be determined at the Executive level.

Tax Breaks

Democrats love to pretend to be the party of the working class. However, after seeing the middle-class shrink and the greatest transfer of wealth to the top 1% under 8-years of former President Obama and four years of Biden’s presidency, it’s hard to continue to hold that moniker. To deflect their disastrous economic policies onto Trump, they claim that Project 2025 is pushing its own economic plan that would give higher taxes for the working class while handing out additional tax breaks for corporations and the 1%.

In reality, the policy proposal calls for lowering taxes for all Americans. Project 2025 believes that “individuals spend their money in more productive ways than the government” and, therefore, should have access to more of it than the federal government.

Unions And Worker Protections

Union jobs are still an important part of the U.S. economy. Democrats traditionally have a strong hold on union voters, which is why they are falsely claiming that Project 2025 wants to eliminate unions and worker protections. The literature is pretty clear that it has different ideas about conservative labor policy, including the need to wrangle bloated federal employee unions. These unions make it impossible to fire employees who are either not performing at their post or engaging in illegal behavior. Still, nowhere in Project 2025’s plan does it call to eliminate unions or worker protections.

Retirement, Social Security, And Health Care

Democrats claim that Trump will raise the retirement age, cut social security, end the Affordable Care Act, and increase prescription drug prices. Again, Trump is not connected to Project 2025 in any way. But even if he were, the mandate does not call for any of these social benefits to be cut. Nowhere in the literature does Project 2025 call for raising the retirement age or advocate for cutting social security or the Affordable Care Act. It does ask that the next conservative president work to reduce the abuses of the Affordable Care Act. It also offers proposals to lower the price of medications through competition and innovation, something Trump was successful at in his first term.

Department of Education

American parents are awake to the dangers of public education and the drivel being forced onto their children in the classrooms, which have become indoctrination factories for far-left ideologies. The left’s claim that Project 2025 wants to eliminate the Department of Education is absolutely true, and there is good reason. American children are not learning. Reading, Math and Science scores are circling the drain. There are entire graduating classes matriculating through the education system without the ability to read on grade level. Still, you can almost guarantee they are fluent in gender and race studies.

Project 2025 believes in elevating school choice so taxpayer money follows the child, not the school, and giving more control back to the state and local governments.

The Democrats also claim that the mandate calls for public schools to teach Christian beliefs, ban books about slavery and that they want to end free and discounted school lunch programs, which are all demonstrably false. Project 2025 intends to move the Food and Nutrition Service to be run not by the Department of Agriculture but rather by the Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s Biden who is threatening to take school funding away for programs like free and discounted lunch if schools don’t participate in his radical transgender policies.

Ending DEI And Civil Rights Protections In Government

Democrats have made it their business to force diversity, equity and inclusion mandates at the federal level, which discriminate against workers based on their race. Project 2025 would see this end. However, it is a fallacy to claim this would end civil rights protections, as the mandate calls for respecting the civil rights of all Americans.


Democrats claim that Project 2025 calls for ending same-sex marriage and condemning single mothers. In reality, the mandate wants protections for faith-based grant applications that maintain support for the traditional definition of marriage and for those who do not wish to participate in same-sex marriages. Nowhere is the legal recognition of same-sex marriage discussed, nor do they call for stripping these unions of their protections.

Single mothers are also not on the chopping block. Instead, the mandate calls for policies encouraging marriage, work, motherhood, fatherhood, and nuclear families—a stark contradiction to Biden’s current HHS Secretary.

Illegal Immigration

Biden’s open border policies have decimated the country. It’s become a leading issue in the 2024 presidential election. Democrats falsely claim that Project 2025 wants to end birthright citizenship, ban Muslims, and conduct mass put illegal immigrants into “camps.” In reality, the mandate calls for strong adherence to the country’s border and immigration laws, including enforcing civil immigration regulations that would remove those who have violated immigration laws when entering the U.S.

Trump has consistently stated that his campaign is not connected to the mandate, and Project 2025 doesn’t advocate for a Trump presidency. Democrats have to lie about Trump and Project 2025 because their policies are a complete disaster for Americans. We are poorer, dumber and stripped of our civil rights under their leadership.



Commentary and analysis writer.


ROOKE: Left’s Chief Election Meddler Reportedly Behind ‘Fake News’ Operation Pushing Party Narratives

ROOKE: Left Loses On Major Campaign Issue Because They Didn’t Follow The Rules

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ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Biden’s DOJ Says It Will Intervene in Georgia Election Lawsuit to Ensure Election Integrity thumbnail

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Biden’s DOJ Says It Will Intervene in Georgia Election Lawsuit to Ensure Election Integrity

By The Geller Report

The Democrats are hellbent on corrupt, rigged elections.

The Justice Department confirmed that it will intervene in a lawsuit targeting an 11-day deadline to register for mail-in ballots in Georgia.

By Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times, July 9, 2024:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed on July 8 that it will intervene in a lawsuit that challenges a Georgia state deadline for absentee ballot applications and whether it is illegal under the Voting Rights Act.

In 2023, a group of theater workers challenged a provision of Georgia state law SB 202, which was passed in 2021 and requires a voter to apply for an absentee ballot 11 days before a presidential election. Their lawsuit argues that Section 202 of the Voting Rights Act mandates that voters be able to cast ballots in presidential elections if they applied seven days before an election, arguing that the Georgia law violates federal law, and requests that a court block the law’s enforcement.

The DOJ’s filing on July 8 did not make any arguments. It was a notice that it would make a filing that “exercises its right to intervene in this proceeding to defend the constitutionality of Section 202 of the Voting Rights Act,” noting that it would “submit a brief regarding the constitutionality and interpretation of Section 202” by July 22.

Earlier this year, the DOJ filed a statement expressing interest in the lawsuit that challenges the state’s 11-day application deadline and “has a substantial interest in ensuring Section 202’s proper interpretation.” The agency also argued that private parties are able to file lawsuits to enforce the section of the Voting Rights Act, which provides a “general remedy for private plaintiffs to redress violations of federal rights committed by state actors.”

Republican state officials have defended the 11-day cutoff deadline, arguing that the group of theater workers lacks the right to sue under the Voting Rights Act.

Mr. Carr said in late 2023 that the theater workers have not “come close to satisfying its burden of establishing standing.”

They instead rely “only on threadbare allegations of injury that are insufficient even at this stage,” his office wrote. “The court should … dismiss the amended complaint because Plaintiff has no private right of action under the [Voting Rights Act].”

The Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republican Party also submitted court filings in the case, arguing that the deadline rules in question should be upheld and that the plaintiffs’ case should be dismissed.

In a separate challenge to the 2021 Georgia law, a federal judge in 2023 ruled against the DOJ and voting rights groups after they claimed that the Republican-backed law intentionally discriminates against black voters by issuing new rules on providing identification for mail-in voting, restricting drop boxes, shortening the absentee ballot request, and other provisions.

Earlier this year, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation—SB 189—that made new changes to Georgia’s voting laws, including defining “probable causes” for removing voters from the rolls when their eligibility is challenged.

The measure lists death, evidence of voting or registering in another jurisdiction, a tax exemption indicating a primary residence elsewhere, or a nonresidential address as probable causes for removing voters from the rolls. It also states that the National Change of Address list can be considered, although not exclusively.

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WaPo: Israel and Hamas accept Biden regime plan in which neither would rule Gaza thumbnail

WaPo: Israel and Hamas accept Biden regime plan in which neither would rule Gaza

By Jihad Watch

This would be a capitulation on Israel’s part. Israeli authorities repeatedly vowed to destroy Hamas altogether. Instead, “neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza.” But with the Biden regime so intent on saving Hamas that it is abandoning Israel, it may be the best the Israelis can get.

Opinion: A Gaza cease-fire agreement appears within reach

by David Ignatius, Washington Post, July 10, 2024:

After months of agonizing negotiation, the Biden administration appears close to a cease-fire deal that would halt major fighting in Gaza, release some Israeli hostages and surge humanitarian aid to desperate Palestinian civilians.

A senior U.S. official told me Wednesday that “the framework is agreed” and the parties are now “negotiating details of how it will be implemented.” To forge the deal, Middle East adviser Brett McGurk and CIA Director William J. Burns have been shuttling among regional capitals since November….

Israel and Hamas have both signaled their acceptance of an “interim governance” plan that would begin with Phase 2, in which neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza. Security would be provided by a force trained by the United States and backed by moderate Arab allies, drawn from a core group of about 2,500 supporters of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza who have already been vetted by Israel. Hamas has told mediators that it is “prepared to relinquish authority to the interim governance arrangement,” a U.S. official said.

As security expands in postwar Gaza, the peace plan envisions a third phase, with what the U.N. resolution describes as a “multi-year reconstruction plan.”…

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The war against the Jews

Israeli defense contractor taking Canada to court after military contract disqualification

After spending $230,000,000 of taxpayer money on Gaza aid pier, Biden regime is removing it

Hezbollah, The Drug Trafficking Criminal Organization

Biden regime halts release of Tajik Muslim migrants into U.S. over jihad terror fears after hundreds already let in

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‘Worst Case Scenario’: Biden Avoids Total Collapse In Gaffe-Heavy Presser thumbnail

‘Worst Case Scenario’: Biden Avoids Total Collapse In Gaffe-Heavy Presser

By The Daily Caller

President Joe Biden managed to ease some concerns about his political future, though he also committed crucial gaffes, during a choreographed press conference Thursday night.

For weeks, Democrats have been calling for the president to drop out of the presidential race. Two weeks after taking the debate stage against former President Donald Trump, Biden took questions at a high-stakes press conference while his political future remained in limbo. Despite a few gaffes that made the rounds on social media, the president managed a strong enough showing through the rest of the press conference to potentially delay calls for him to step down.

“Biden had a good enough night that Ds will not go into a full, public meltdown — at least not tonight. He bought himself more time, which probably is upsetting to a lot of Ds who think he is the weakest candidate vs. Trump and want to get this over. The Ds are in a real jam,” former Bush administration White House press secretary Ari Fleischer wrote in a tweet.

In a nearly hour-long press conference that was already significantly delayed, Biden committed several gaffes while trying to prove to the press and his allies that he is capable of a second term.

The first gaffe came before Biden even walked out on the stage for his press conference at remarks about two hours earlier. When introducing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Biden mistakenly called him “President Putin.” Biden paused before catching his mistake and correcting himself.

Biden took the press conference stage just before 7:30 for a press conference that was initially set to begin at 5:30 p.m., before initially being delayed to 6:30 p.m. After giving an opening statement off a teleprompter, Biden told reporters that he had a list of who he was supposed to call on. In total, the president called on eight reporters, all from the list, before taking a shouted question as he exited the stage.

Moments after taking his first question, Biden confused Vice President Kamala Harris with Trump.

“Mr. President, your political future has hung over the NATO summit a little bit this week, Speaker Pelosi made a point of suggesting that your decision on whether to stay in the race was still open. George Clooney and a handful a handful of makers have called on you to step aside. Reuters is reporting tonight that UAW leadership is concerned about your ability to win,” a reporter began.

“My question for you is, how are you incorporating these developments into your decision to stay and separately, what concerns do you have about Vice President Harris’s ability to beat Donald Trump if she were at the top of the ticket?” the reporter asked. 

Look, I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, did I think she was not qualified to be president. So let’s start there,” Biden began.

Later in the press conference, Biden called his chief-of-staff of the military his “commander-in-chief” when talking about the Russia-Ukraine war.

“The question is, what’s the best use of the weaponry he has what we were getting to him?” Biden began. “I’ve gotten, more high, I got a more long range capacity as well as defensive capacity. And so our military is where, I’m following the advice of my commander in chief, my, my, my, the Chief of Staff of the military, as well as the secretary of defense and our intelligence people, and we’re making a day to day basis on what they should and should, how far they should win. That’s a logical thing to do.”

Amid the gaffes, Biden managed to address concerns that cannot manage late events or a demanding presidential schedule — something Democrats have voiced worry over when calling for the president to drop out of the race.

“I’m determined on running, but I think it’s important that I lay fears by seeing let them see me out there, let me see them. You know, for the longest time it was, you know, Biden’s not prepared to sit with us, unscripted. Biden’s not prepared to in any way. And so what I’m doing is, I’ve been doing, I think we’ve done, over 20 major events, from Wisconsin to North Carolina to anyway, to demonstrate that I’m going out in the areas where you think we can win, where we can persuade people to move our way, or people already there,” the president said, directly attacking criticisms that he can’t talk without a teleprompter.

Unlike Biden’s debate performance, or even his primetime interview on ABC News, the president’s public appearance did not seem to set off panic within his party or amongst his allies. Rather, the president appeared to just meet already low expectations in his high-profile press conference.

Some conservatives applauded the performance for being just good enough to keep a weak Biden in the race, while others pointed out that it was still below the bar for a president seeking another term. “Probably worse case scenario for Dems,” former Daily Caller White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti tweeted.

“Worst possible outcome,” a Democratic source told Fox News Senior White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


Briefing Erupts After Multiple Reporters Bombard KJP With Questions About Neurologist Visiting White House

Biden says ‘anyway’ at least 9 times while trailing off in press conference

Biden isn’t going anywhere voluntarily: Steve Hilton

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EXPOSÉ: Insider Leaks Disney’s Hidden LGBTQ Youth Programs and Children’s Pride Events thumbnail

EXPOSÉ: Insider Leaks Disney’s Hidden LGBTQ Youth Programs and Children’s Pride Events

By O’Keefe Media Group

EXCLUSIVE: An insider source at Disney has provided OMG with startling internal documents and communications. These documents reveal Disney’s promotion of Pride events for children that involve n*ked men, maps of Disney-sponsored pride parades nationwide, Disney’s covert partnership with “Zebra Youth,” a program supporting LGBTQ youth ages 13-24, and messages about polys*xual virtual hangouts. Disney is desperate to keep these documents and messages hidden. OMG is exposing their ‘secret queer agenda’…

Internal Communications and Systems Reveal Disney’s Extensive LGBTQ Agenda

  • Whistleblowers inside Disney leaked internal Slack Channel to OMG showing employees exchange polyamorous hangouts, gay meetups, and “Name Change” clinics.
  • Disney sponsored a Seattle Pride event for all ages that included naked men.
  • Disney is sponsoring pride parades in numerous cities across America.
  • Disney partners with LGBTQ programs targeting children but does not externally publicize these partnerships.

In “The Disney Tapes: Part 1,” OMG exposed Walt Disney Senior Vice President, Michael Giordano, admitting that Disney discriminates against white men. “The Disney Tapes: Part 2” revealed Walt Disney Television’s Director of Production/Finance, Dave Makker, asserting that only Jewish men get into Disney’s C-Suite. “The Disney Tapes: Part 3” featured Amit “Genie” Gurnani, Disney’s Creative Marketing Director, disclosing that ‘it’s the unspoken thing for children to see LGBTQ content.’

Following these revelations, several Disney employees reached out to OMG with proof of Disney’s central communications hub, “MyDisneyToday.” This includes an employee Slack channel for instant messaging, bulletin boards, and an organizational chart called “Disney Rostr” that allows employees to contact a large Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team led by Queen Denchukwu. These internal systems indicate that Disney aggressively pushes the LGBTQ agenda that Creative Marketing Director Genie Gurnani previously mentioned.

On one of Disney’s internal Slack channels, #Disney-Pride, employees share documents about polyamorous virtual hangouts, pride nights, gay meetups, queer Zoom backgrounds, gay pride questionnaires, and posters for “Name Change clinics.”

Honi Harrison, Disney’s Mobile Product Operations Manager, promoted a Seattle Pride event on #Disney-Pride, which was openly sponsored by Disney as an all-ages event. Leveraging Disney’s name and reputation to attract families, this Seattle Pride event featured activities such as naked men on bikes.

The #Disney-Pride Slack channel also features maps of Disney-sponsored pride parades across the country, including locations such as Fresno, CA; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; Raleigh, NC; Houston, TX; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Orlando, FL; Honolulu, HI; and Orange County/Anaheim, CA.

The systems exposed by courageous whistleblowers reveal that Disney has internal LGBTQ groups such as the Disney PRIDE Business Employee Resource Group (BERG), which introduced the Disney PRIDE Think Tank. This collective of global Disney employees aims to increase LGBTQ representation in content, products, experiences, and services worldwide. Additionally, these systems show that Disney partners with Zebra Youth, a program for LGBTQ children and young adults. While Disney promotes this program internally, it does not appear to publicize the relationship externally.

Following the global directives from organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum to “reimagine” capitalism by transitioning from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism, Disney has shifted its focus from creating family-friendly entertainment to attempting to maximize profits by promoting an LGBTQ agenda. In Disney’s pursuit, children are the true victims.

“The Disney Files: Part 2” coming soon…

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EDITORS NOTE This OMG exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

How the Radical Left Wrecked the Housing Market thumbnail

How the Radical Left Wrecked the Housing Market

By The Daily Signal

Home affordability just hit a 17-year low, which means the dream of homeownership remains unattainable for the average person. Amid a cost-of-living crisis, saving enough for a down payment and then affording a monthly mortgage payment has become a Sisyphean task—and radical leftist policies are to blame.

Adding up the monthly cost of principal and interest on a mortgage, property taxes, and insurance amounts to half the average wage earner’s monthly take-home pay. That would be a stretch even in good economic times, but it is downright impossible when the prices of necessities such as food and energy have exploded over 20% and 50%, respectively, in less than four years.

When people are already borrowing on credit cards just to pay for groceries, spending half your income on housing just is not doable.

Even scarier, the cost to own a home in about one-third of the country requires more than 60% of the average wage earner’s take-home pay: more than twice the recommended guideline.

But the problem is also widespread: In 98.8% of counties nationwide, homes are less affordable than their respective historic averages.

Today’s stratospheric homeownership costs and the frozen housing market resulted from the fatal combination of record-high home prices and rising interest rates. Both factors are the result of the radical Left’s big-government agenda.

Forty-year-high inflation was created by a profligate Congress and White House spending trillions of dollars that the nation did not have. In 2020, the year before the radical Left took control of the federal government, prices rose just 1.4%. Just 18 months later, prices were rising almost that fast in a single month.

Just as the predictable result of government overspending was inflation, so, too, was the rise in interest rates that followed. The sheer size of the multitrillion-dollar deficits of the last several years caused prices and interest rates to jump significantly.

That means you not only need to borrow more when buying a home, but you will pay more interest on the loan too. The result is a monthly mortgage payment on a median price home that’s twice as high as it was in January 2021.

Ordinarily, high sale prices would entice home builders to construct more houses and increase their profits. But inflation has driven up the input costs for building a home to record highs, eating away at homebuilders’ profit margins. That means fewer new homes are being added to the market.

Simultaneously, many existing homeowners have a huge incentive not to sell: They can’t afford to lose their ultralow interest rate. Millions of people got mortgages or refinanced loans at around 2% or 3% in 2020 and 2021. Selling their home today means losing that interest rate in exchange for one at 7% or 8%.

Since that’s prohibitively expensive in many cases, sometimes doubling the monthly mortgage payment, homeowners are locked in with the golden handcuffs of yesterday’s low interest rates. That means fewer existing homes are being added to the market, in addition to the shortage of new homes.

The situation is so bad that home sales have plummeted to the lowest level of the 21st century, even below the numbers seen during the government-imposed lockdowns of 2020, when it was illegal just to go home shopping in many states.

Today’s housing market would be painful enough if it happened in a vacuum, but the policies of the radical Left have made virtually every aspect of life more expensive, not just homeownership. This has created a divide between those who were fortunate enough to buy a home before the radical Left implemented their agenda and the rest of America who seem doomed to rent forever.

The only way to change that bleak fortune is to reverse the public policies that got us here. Before the dream of homeownership can be restored, the big government nightmare must end.

Originally published by Restoring America


EJ Antoni

EJ Antoni is a public finance economist and the Richard F. Aster research fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget. EJ on X: @RealEJAntoni.

Pentagon Schools Encouraged Students To Be Left-Wing Activists, Pushed DEI On Kids And Teachers, Docs Show thumbnail

Pentagon Schools Encouraged Students To Be Left-Wing Activists, Pushed DEI On Kids And Teachers, Docs Show

By The Daily Caller

Teachers at Pentagon schools promoted materials that train students to be social justice activists and pushed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on teachers, according to a new Open The Books report shared exclusively with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) schools, which serve children of armed service members stationed abroad, promoted materials produced by left-of-center organizations that encouraged students to engage in activism and pushed teachers to discuss “internalized racism” among themselves, according to Open The Books’ report. Open The Books compiled information from public government repositories, documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests and video clips of the DODEA’s 2021 Equity and Access Summit submitted by a whistleblower to produce its report.

“These military service members are deployed abroad to defend and embody American ideals on the world stage,” Open The Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “Yet their children are being indoctrinated to a philosophy that places complex racial and gender identities over national pride. In fact, pushing students toward activism and teaching them that their relative privilege dictates their life experience can actually alienate them from the American dream.”

Multiple DODEA staffers speaking at the Equity and Access Summit said that materials produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are used in teacher trainings and classrooms. The SPLC is a left-of-center legal nonprofit that equates some mainstream Christian organizations with domestic terrorists like the Ku Klux Klan through its annual list of hate organizations.

One DODEA middle school teacher, while speaking at a presentation titled “Integrating Global Citizenship Education and Social Justice Standards,” said that the SPLC’s “Learning for Justice” resources aligned with the DODEA’s approach to teaching students about history and social studies, according to the report.

“I have personally completed many of these lessons,” the teacher said.

Many of the lessons offered by the SPLC encourage students to engage in community activism, often with a liberal tilt. Third, fourth or fifth-grade students in one lesson plan are tasked with creating “a large-scale artistic depiction in a community space” or a “set of informational posters” that “reflect a diversity topic or social justice theme.”

Students are also encouraged to place direct pressure on business and political stakeholders, with one SPLC lesson pushing students to write a letter to a community leader calling on them to take “action in response to a social justice issue.” The SPLC’s lessons also extend to digital activism. One lesson asks students to facilitate a live social media event “to raise awareness of an anti-bias theme or social justice issue and to encourage change related to this issue.”

A separate DODEA staffer, this time a physical education specialist, gave a similar presentation where they said the SPLC’s “Social Justice Standards” matched up closely with the educational standards at Pentagon-run schools.

“In [the National Health Education Standards] we teach students to advocate for personal, family and community health,” the physical education staffer said. “One of the Social Justice Standards teaches students that ‘it is important to stand up for myself and others’ … so the idea is that even though the wording of advocacy is different, and the word ‘stand up’ is different, the outcome is still the same … and those are the kinds of connections we need to make, or help students make.”

The SPLC’s Social Justice Standards recommend that students understand the history of the social justice movement, believe in systemic discrimination and that they “plan and carry out collective action against bias and injustice in the world and will evaluate what strategies are most effective.”

“Parents and taxpayers deserve to know what materials are being used in this and other contexts, but unfortunately, much of it comes from private vendors not beholden to the Freedom of Information Act,” Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, outside groups simply do not get more radical.”

In addition to footing the bill for teachers to teach military children about liberal activism, taxpayers are also on the hook to fund contracts to third-party organizations conducting similar operations. Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a tutoring company that Open The Books describes as “a major part of student life at DODEA” schools, is one such third-party contractor that DODEA paid roughly $2 million for services between 2019 and 2023, according to the report.

Tutors working for AVID discussed how they integrate discussions related to “power” and “privilege” in their teaching at the Equity and Access Summit. The firm itself has expressed “solidarity” with the Black Lives Matter movement and suggested that DODEA teachers use the “Let’s Talk!” handbook produced by the SPLC, which instructs teachers on how to broach issues like “intersectionality” and gender identity in their classrooms.

Pentagon schools are also intent on making teachers engage in group discussions on internalized racism and ways to better embed racial equity in their work through activities Open The Books describes as “struggle sessions.”

The DODEA, for instance, recommended that its employees embrace strategies to talk about “race, power, and systems of oppression” in ways that lead to changes in teaching behavior, as laid out in the book “Coaching for Equity,” according to documents obtained by Open The Books. “Coaching for Equity” criticizes capitalism, Thanksgiving and the “patriarchy” while claiming that America was founded on “stolen land,” according to the report. The book recommended that readers also check out works like The 1619 Project and “White Fragility.”

DODEA teachers are held to a professional development framework published by Learning Forward, an education nonprofit, according to the report. Equity is a core focus of the framework, with educators being expected to “discuss instances of privilege and bias in their day-to-day experiences and articulate their own assumptions about key concepts like equality and fairness” in order to reshape workplace norms.

Military families recently won an educational transparency victory as an amendment was included in the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act that gave parents the right to inspect the curriculum and other materials utilized in Pentagon-run schools. If military parents don’t like what they see, however, their options are limited as the DOD does not provide stipend to parents seeking to enroll their children in private schools, unlike the State Department, according to the report.

“Given what we’ve seen here from the mouths of teachers and administrators, along with the clear intent to obscure this DEI content, we don’t believe the current protections go far enough,” Andrzejewski told the DCNF. “DODEA staff could easily withhold all of the controversial teacher training materials on the basis that it’s not literally handed out in classrooms,” he continued, pointing to what he calls a “loophole” that Congress should consider closing when drafting the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act.

The DOD did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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Trump Will Soundly Defeat the Incompetent Marxist Biden or Harris on Election Day thumbnail

Trump Will Soundly Defeat the Incompetent Marxist Biden or Harris on Election Day

By Geoff Ross

The chances of installed President & Marxist Joe Biden from dropping out of the 2024 presidential election is zero and it’s also irrelevant which Democrat Marxist President Trump runs against this election cycle.

Let’s not forget Trump was also the real winner of the 2020 presidential election and he will soon defeat the Communists in a landslide win again.

When we see the Communist Democrats drunk on power start to lose their unconstitutional control of the American people they turn on each other like hungry sewer rats and then they disavow their support for Biden as their massive political loss looms on the horizon.

The corrupt Democrats like Pelosi remind me of lobotomized hyenas on the Serengeti waiting for the brave and honorable conservative lions to kill their dinner for another free welfare meal.

The only possible replacement for Biden as his former friends turn on him would be the chief hyena & installed Vice President Kamala Devi (missing the L) Harris.

She is the only viable substitute candidate as she would keep all the current campaign donations gifted by the low IQ Hollywood elite and Communist democrats to the Biden Harris political establishment.

Trump will easily defeat the fraud Marxist Kamala Devi Harris if the Communists stage her like an Open House as the Democratic nominee.

As a U.S. Senator Kamala Harris advocated for illegal immigrants get a free ride to US citizenship giving illegals an opportunity to vote for her corrupt base. But no matter what, will be just as easy for Trump to defeat Kamala Harris as the senile corrupt Biden.

Endorsed by the Marxist Obama in 2016, Harris was serving as California’s U.S. Attorney General and went on to win as U.S. Senator elect with zero Republican competition, she again promised to protect criminal illegal immigrants from the common sense policies to restore our nations sovereignty and protect our borders of then President-elect Trump.

Harris is also the drama queen of gun control who frequently advocates for disarming law abiding Americans in violation of the 2nd Amendment. She also supports massive tax hikes on hard working entrepreneurs that are the job creators in our republic.

Kamala Harris also fully supports the mass slaughter of pre-born babies yet Harris claims to be a Baptist with membership in the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco.

The position of the General Board of the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. opposes abortion “as a means of avoiding responsibility for conception, as a primary means of birth control, and without regard for the far-reaching consequences of the act.”

Why does the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco embrace this fraud Baptist?

Kamala Harris is nothing more than a lobotomized hyena scrounging for scraps on the political Serengeti her life built upon protecting criminals, protecting illegal immigrants, and calling the protection of pre-born babies as a “health care crisis”.

Biden will be the Marxist’s presidential nominee but if the hyenas force him out or if he angers the Clintons and then ends up you know, well Kamala Devi Harris is the back up candidate. Either way Trump is going to win the presidency in a landslide in November 2024 perhaps close to President Reagan’s massive win over Walter Mondale in 1984.

Vote for Trump, our republic , our children and our grandchildren are depending on your support to restore freedom and fiscal sanity.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


Are Young People Shifting to the Republican Party?

Dems Struggle to Unite behind Biden