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158 Washington, D.C. cherry trees get axed – UN vs. UN on ‘2 years to save world’

By Marc Morano

158 Washington, D.C. cherry trees get axe – UN vs. UN on ‘2 years to save world’ – Kerry declares YOU are ‘GREEDY’ – EU: ‘Climate inaction’ violates human rights.

Sean Hannity: The publisher of Climate Depot, Marc Morano, is back. Good to see you. … Marc, you have spent the better part of your adult life debunking the climate alarmist religious cult. Now it’s it’s fully in gear and it’s spending all of this money. What do people really need to know about what they are pedaling and how it’s based on phony science, not real science? You know, look at the study that came out a couple of weeks ago; electric cars may pollute the planet more than gas-powered cars, but all of this never gets told to the American people in the media mob.

Marc Morano: The UCLA historian Saul Friedländer described the central planners of the 20th century as using the bureaucracy to enforce ‘magical beliefs.’ The ‘magical beliefs’ here are that we can spend trillions of dollars and magically transform our vehicles from gas power to EVs. ‘Magically’ transform our electrical grid to solar and wind and claim we’re doing something to save the climate. Even if we faced a ‘climate catastrophe,’ the last thing you’d want to do is the Biden administration approach — a central-planned top-down government plan of picking winners and losers. You would need to unleash innovation if that’s what we actually faced. You’d want a wealthier country; you would want a technological explosion. You would want capitalism unleashed because the cleanest environments are the freest environments.

They take the exact opposite approach here, and it’s ‘magical thinking’ from beginning to end in terms of the green agenda. This is just going to hammer the American people. They’re spending so much money that there are parts of California where they don’t have enough bureaucrats to spend the climate cash flowing in from the Inflation Reduction Act and from the Biden administration. They have to hire bureaucrats even to figure out how to spend it all.


The National Park Service — the organization supposedly missioned to preserve “unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations”– will, after the 2024 National Cherry Blossom Festival, cut down 300 trees in Washington, D.C., 158 of which will be cherry trees. Their reason? To “fight” “climate change” — the 300 will be disposed of to make room for a reconstructed seawall around the Tidal Basin and Potomac River so D.C. can “withstand about 100 years of future sea level rise.”

At this point, climate change is like the dishrag punchline of a washed-up comedian — predictable and disappointing. As the bit goes, climate change is exacerbated by CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere — except that CO2 levels today are the same as they were 3 million years ago. The oceans are going to cataclysmically rise — except that in the last 122 years, the oceans have risen a grand total of eight inches with, at this rate, another 1,800 years before they reach apocalyptic levels. This must be why climate change activists like the Obamas and Neil DeGrasse Tyson keep buying beachfront properties.

The Pravda media are no different, insisting the cherry trees reached their earliest peak bloom in 20 years because of “an abnormally warm winter, consistent with climate change trends.” They scream, “Be afraid! The end is nigh!” while failing to mention the just-as-crazy winters from decades ago. For example, in mid-February of 1930, there was an abnormally warm 10-day period with recorded temperatures including 89 degrees Fahrenheit (Jefferson City, MO), 76 degrees (Burlington, IA), and 82 degrees (Richmond, VA).

What’s more, this “unusually warm winter” was not all that unusual when considering the eruption of the underwater Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano in January 2022 followed by the arrival of El Nino in 2023. Under the circumstances, the unusual event would have been having a normal winter in the middle of this convergence.

The truth is, the “common knowledge” that 97 percent of scientists agree climate change is man’s fault is about as reliable as Barack Obama’s autobiography. And the cherry on top is that we could very well be heading for an extended period of cooling caused by diminished solar activity.

The Park Service says it will plant a variety of new trees following the project, but why chop down 300 trees in the first place, just to start over with immature trees and needless walls to the tune of $113 million? Money and power are the surface answers. Climate change is not science, but it is big business, with the federal government doling out billions of dollars a year on the subject and the spending only increasing. The power comes with restrictions on peoples’ travel (in both cars and airplanes), international carbon taxes, attempting to prosecute “ecocide” as an international crime, and shutting up anyone who raises a hand to question “the science.”

But there may also be a more disturbing and painfully ironic reason, both for the cherry tree demolition and the perpetuation of climate change fearmongering: the love of destruction for the sake of destruction.

Maintaining order and enforcing justice are the bare-bones requirements for any civilization. But the real, gold-standard civilizations — the Roman Republic, Victorian Britain, and the United States up to 1963 — go above and beyond the basics by promoting the arts and sciences and encouraging what de Tocqueville called the manly passion for equality — encouraging each individual to be the best he can and reach full, 100 percent capacity.

Look at the feats of architecture or entire artistic movements like Art Deco. Look at the accomplishments of Dickens, Frost, Hemingway, Tennyson, Disney, and Ford in the arts or at the Hoover Dam, the moon landing, and the rebuilding of Europe and Japan after 1945 — a civilization is supposed to create with purpose, and what it creates has to be good and beautiful. It needs to fill and lift the soul. Even dads in their garages were, once upon a time, encouraged to manifest themselves in this way.

Compare that to the regime under which we currently live. Now, works of art are attacked — in some cases completely destroyed — with only a whimper of counter-energy. In fact, when the suggestion is made to make beautiful things again, it’s decried as dangerous and fascist. Our institutions do worse than nothing — they aid and abet this mindset.

Look at the National Endowment on the Arts and Humanities, whose prime job is no longer to inspire and push people to the stars, but to applaud the latest manifestation of the zeitgeist. These include: plays with “Black Lives Matter” themes; Shakespeare performances that showcase an anti-Trump bent; “queer” theatre; mime performances about racism; an art exhibit dedicated to the life of Yuri Kochiyama, who once claimed Osama bin Laden as one of the people she “admired”; and theatre performances that allow people to “commune” with a cactus. The education system does its part by graduating fewer and fewer students who can read and add, meaning fewer students who can differentiate between art and slop.

Of course, most acts of creation involve some destruction; our own Republic was created by destroying the British Empire circa 1763. And, oftentimes, the destruction that does take place will be a compromise to prevent something even worse. Butdestruction for the sake of itself — or for the sake of a fiction — threatens what is good, instills fear, and is a sign that a civilization is in decline.

Fear is the antithesis of hope — the mind-killer that eventually dissolves our humanity into a spineless glob, eager to hand over the keys to the algorithm. Whether it’s through skewed warnings about the end of “democracy” or the claim that the planet could burst into flames and floods at any moment, the Borg is determined to control our lives through fear. This is why, in the eyes of the elites, beauty itself is too dangerous. It causes people to dream, to push themselves, and, at its highest, imparts hope — it threatens their ability to wield fear.

Ultimately, beauty — from an Art Deco building to a blossoming cherry tree — makes us human. But that is what the Borg cannot allow, at any cost.

Nathan Stone is a storyteller who looks at culture, politics, and religion from a different POV on his YouTube channel Nate on the Stone, and who exercises the moral imagination in his writing. A lover of books, music and the outdoors (especially with dogs) he earned a masters in American history from Liberty University in 2016. Subscribe to his channel and follow him on Twitter.

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Will feds decimate one owl species to help another? thumbnail

Will feds decimate one owl species to help another?

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

Nearly 500,000 barred owls in northern California, Oregon, and Washington state will soon be under the gun if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service goes ahead with its latest scheme to save the endangered northern spotted owl.

In November, the Fish and Wildlife Service unveiled its barred owl management proposal, the centerpiece of which is the removal of approximately 500,000 barred owls via the shotgun or other forms of euthanasia from the habitat of its smaller cousin, the northern spotted owl.

“Barred owl removal is not something the Service takes lightly,” Jodie Delavan, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service, told McClatchy News on March 26. “However, the Service has a legal and ethical responsibility to do all it can to recover northern spotted owl populations.” A final barred owl “management strategy” and a record of decision is expected later this year, Ms. Delavan told McClatchy News.

Since the barred owl is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, killing them — in this case, by the hundreds of thousands — will require a federal permit or regulation. And that is a step the feds appear to be prepared to take.

That the barred owl is covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act is quite appropriate because the bird — beginning in the early 20th century — began migrating westward from eastern North America. By the 1980s, it was well established in the Pacific Northwest, where it occupies the same habitat as the smaller northern spotted owl. The two species feed on the same prey, with the more aggressive barred owl outcompeting its cousin, sometimes even killing northern spotted owls.

When the problem first garnered public attention in the early 1990s, the preferred explanation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and environmental groups was that the commercial logging of old-growth forests was responsible for the loss of the northern spotted owl’s habitat and thus was behind the bird’s dwindling numbers. Saving old-growth forests, where Douglas fir and hemlock prevail, was seen by the Clinton administration as the preferred solution, and policies were put in place that restricted logging on federal land in the Pacific Northwest. Those policies succeeded in shutting down many sawmills and destroying timber-dependent communities throughout the region.

The Clinton administration even orchestrated an “Owl Summit” at which federal officials and environmentalists congratulated themselves for caring so much about the fate of the northern spotted owl. Those who pointed out that the problem lay not with old-growth forests but with the encroaching barred owl were ignored.

Over 30 years after the summit and the bird’s being added to the Endangered Species List, the situation faced by the northern spotted owl has worsened. While ignoring the mistake it made in blaming the loss of old-growth forest for the northern spotted owl’s declining numbers, the feds now acknowledge that the problem lies with the barred owl. Seizing the bull by the horns — to mix metaphors — the Fish and Wildlife Service initiated an experiment that involved the killing of 2,485 barred owls with 12-gauge shotguns in five different areas, the Modesto Bee reported March 26.

Having concluded that nonviolent removal of the barred owls was impractical, the feds appear to have settled on a lethal approach. This means showing a preference for one species of owl over another, with the “invasive” barred owl coming up short. But is the barred owl really an invasive species, or is it simply expanding its territory, as many species of birds and mammals are prone to do?
The Owl Research Institute, a Montana-based nonprofit focused on owl conservation, is reviewing the government’s proposal.

“Central to this discussion is the determination of whether Barred Owls truly meet the criteria for an invasive species, or if they represent a more adaptable species capable of natural expansion by themselves, as some have suggested,” the institute said in a March 26 statement emailed to McClatchy News.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is operating under the 1973 Endangered Species Act, a statute that has fallen woefully short in fulfilling its mission of recovering species at risk. In the case of the northern spotted owl, the law was used in the 1990s to curtail commercial logging in the Pacific Northwest. That was a political goal pursued by environmentalists in and out of government. As is now clear, it did nothing to improve the lot of the northern spotted owl.

Today, federal wildlife managers are seriously considering an avian version of ethnic cleansing to carry out their “legal and ethical responsibility” under the Endangered Species Act. The statute allows bureaucrats to play God, even if their policies turn out to be ungodly. If they go through with their plan and shotguns are trained on hundreds of thousands of owls, the Endangered Species Act will have reached a new level of absurdity.

This article originally appeared at The Washington Times


Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Bonner R. Cohen is a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, where he concentrates on energy, natural resources, and international relations. He also serves as a senior policy adviser with the Heartland Institute, senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and as adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Post, Washington Times, National Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. He has been interviewed on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business Channel, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, NBC, NPR, N 24 (German language news channel), Voice of Russia, and scores of radio stations in the U.S. Dr. Cohen has testified before the U.S. Senate committees on Energy & Natural Resources and Environment & Public Works as well as the U.S. House committees on Natural Resources and Judiciary. He has spoken at conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Bangladesh. Dr. Cohen is the author of two books, The Green Wave: Environmentalism and its Consequences (Washington: Capital Research Center, 2006) and Marshall, Mao und Chiang: Die amerikanischen Vermittlungsbemuehungen im chinesischen Buergerkrieg (Marshall, Mao and Chiang: The American Mediations Effort in the Chinese Civil War) (Munich: Tuduv Verlag, 1984). Dr. Cohen received his B.A. from the University of Georgia and his Ph.D. – summa cum laude – from the University of Munich.

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‘Enormously Naïve’: JPMorgan CEO Slams Biden’s Natural Gas Pause, Issues Warning About Economy thumbnail

‘Enormously Naïve’: JPMorgan CEO Slams Biden’s Natural Gas Pause, Issues Warning About Economy

By The Daily Caller

Jamie Dimon, long-time CEO of JPMorgan Chase, criticized the Biden administration’s pause on new liquified natural gas (LNG) projects and gave a key warning about the future of the economy in a letter released Monday as a part of the company’s annual report.

Dimon emphasized the usefulness of LNG as a form of affordable energy for the U.S. and its allies, with the project pause increasing dependence on oil and coal and harming economic and geopolitical advantages, according to the statement. He also issued a warning for the economy that the current high rate of inflation could stick around for longer than expected, which would also mean that the Federal Reserve’s federal funds rate could remain elevated to suppress inflation amid high levels of government spending.

“Trade is realpolitik, and the recent cancellation of future liquified natural gas (LNG) projects is a good example of this fact,” Dimon said in the statement. “The projects were delayed mainly for political reasons — to pacify those who believe that gas is bad and that oil and gas projects should simply be stopped. This is not only wrong but also enormously naïve. One of the best ways to reduce CO2 for the next few decades is to use gas to replace coal. When oil and gas prices skyrocketed last winter, nations around the world — wealthy and very climate-conscious nations like France, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as lower-income nations like Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam that could not afford the higher cost — started to turn back to their coal plants.”

He also pointed out key global events that he believes threaten the U.S. economy and require Americans’ attention.

“It is important to note that the economy is being fueled by large amounts of government deficit spending and past stimulus,” Dimon said in the statement. “There is also a growing need for increased spending as we continue transitioning to a greener economy, restructuring global supply chains, boosting military expenditure and battling rising healthcare costs. This may lead to stickier inflation and higher rates than markets expect.”

The national debt is currently nearly $34.6 trillion as of April 4, according to the Treasury Department. In February, the federal government spent more than double what it took in, adding $296 billion to the national debt.

Prices have risen 18.5% since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, most recently rising 3.2% year-over-year, far higher than the Fed’s target of 2%. In response, the federal funds rate had been placed in a range of 5.25% and 5.50%, the highest level in 23 years.

JPMorgan reported record profits in 2023 despite a crisis that rocked many medium and small banks, which was started by a bank run at Silicon Valley Bank. Following the collapse of First Republic Bank, JPMorgan purchased the bank’s assets.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon weighs in on the LNG pause in his Annual Shareholder letter 🎯

“The projects were delayed mainly for political reasons — to pacify those who believe that gas is bad and that oil and
gas projects should simply be stopped. This is not only wrong but also… pic.twitter.com/d3rLd9NbjA

— Shaylyn Hynes (@ShayHynes) April 8, 2024

“There are downside risks to watch,” Dimon said in the statement. “Quantitative tightening is draining more than $900 billion in liquidity from the system annually — and we have never truly experienced the full effect of quantitative tightening on this scale. Plus the ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East continue to have the potential to disrupt energy and food markets, migration, and military and economic relationships, in addition to their dreadful human cost. These significant and somewhat unprecedented forces cause us to remain cautious.”

JPMorgan declined to comment further to the Daily Caller News Foundation.





Can The Climate Crusaders Please, For The Love Of God, Stop Trying To Control The Weather?!

Biden’s Electric Vehicle ‘Mandate’ Might Just Be A Surprise Gift To China

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Robinette Hood: Here’s How Biden’s EV Agenda Will Take From The Poor And Give To The Rich thumbnail

Robinette Hood: Here’s How Biden’s EV Agenda Will Take From The Poor And Give To The Rich

By The Daily Caller

President Joe Biden’s massive electric vehicle (EV) agenda will subsidize the lifestyles of America’s well-to-do while hitting average people the hardest, economists and auto market analysts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Biden administration is aggressively regulating the U.S. auto market to drastically increase the proportion of EVs sold over the coming decade, but consumer demand has not taken off as quickly as proponents had projected despite the subsidies made available by Biden’s flagship climate bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Manufacturers are slashing prices of their EVs to make the vehicles more appealing to consumers, which will increase prices for internal combustion engine (ICE) cars to compensate; this dynamic will only pick up speed and infect the used-car market favored by lower-income consumers as the administration’s stringent regulations kick in over time, economists and auto market analysts told the DCNF.

EVs benefit from direct subsidies, such as the IRA’s $7,500 consumer tax credit, but they also will increasingly benefit from a hidden cross-subsidy whereby manufacturers drop their prices and offset those losses by boosting prices of ICE vehicles, experts explained to the DCNF.

“As the mandated market share of EVs grows, the number of ICE vehicle sales must shrink. A decreasing number of ICE vehicle sales would have to prop up an increasing number of EV sales. The price hike per ICE vehicle would have to increase to offset losses on the ever-larger volume EVs sold,” Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the DCNF. “Used cars compete with new cars for customers. If new car prices rise, so will used car prices. Even with generous federal, state, and manufacturer incentives, EVs cost thousands of dollars more than comparable ICE vehicles, and millions of middle-income households are already priced out of the market for new vehicles.”

The Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have each promulgated major emissions or fuel economy regulations designed to effectively require massive increases in the number of EVs sold in the 2030s. Despite these regulations and massive federal spending intended to help advance EV production and demand, American manufacturers are losing billions of dollars on their EV product lines.

Here’s Another Way Biden Admin Is Routing EV Charger Subsidies Into America’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods https://t.co/JL1NlRLeb0

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) February 1, 2024

These losses are poised to kick off a chain of second-order consequences on the auto market that will disadvantage lower-income consumers whose needs are especially not well-suited by EVs, O.H. Skinner, the executive director of the Alliance for Consumers, told the DCNF. Democrats set aside billions of dollars to help build out a national EV charging network in the bipartisan infrastructure package of 2021, but those funds have so far only led to a handful of charging stations coming online across the country while “range anxiety” remains a very real concern for consumers.

One of the most pernicious effects of the EV agenda is the skyrocketing cost of many traditional models. When D.C. and California elites fixate on wiping away the majority of the cars on the market, it distorts the market — the cars that people want are in shorter and shorter supply, leading to higher prices and requiring consumers to pay over list price to snag what is available, while the market is flooded with EVs that consumers aren’t interested in, even at steep discounts,” Skinner told the DCNF.  “And this will roll forward into the used market as well, as the same shortages flow through for years, hurting those who most need affordable cars that meet their family needs.”

The general effect that Skinner describes projects that increased costs of new gas-powered cars — driven by manufacturers’ desire to offset losses on EVs and increase demand for a decreased number of available new gas-powered models — will boost demand for used cars as consumers turn to that market for better deals. In turn, that increase in demand will put upward price pressure on the used car market, making cheaper options less affordable to the detriment of demographics that do not have the means to splurge on pricier automobiles.

REPORTER: “The first quarter of this year, Ford lost $700 million on their EV program…Is that what we can expect from Bidenomics?”

DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY: “Bidenomics is having a tremendous impact.” pic.twitter.com/eLUBKkg9XM

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 27, 2023

The used vehicle market is significantly larger than the market for new cars.

In 2022, approximately 38.6 million used vehicles were sold, compared to 13.6 million brand new vehicles, according to data aggregated by Statista. The regressive impacts of the administration’s EV agenda stand at odds with much of its rhetoric on its broader environmental agenda, which broadly seeks to promote climate policy and social justice at the same time.

“Even if it’s not explicitly stated, the only way that automakers can survive billions in losses from one division (EVs) is because of profits from the other division (conventional car),” Mark Mills, the director of the National Center for Energy Analytics, told the DCNF. The long-term and downstream impacts of this cross-subsidization are “profoundly regressive,” he added, alluding to the fact that the government and manufacturers are taking actions in ways that make luxury EVs less expensive while driving up the costs of models favored by the everyman.

EV adoption is lagging in the American heartland relative to coastal and more densely-populated states like California, which had more than four times as many EV registrations as of 2022 than the next state on the list, according to Department of Energy data.

The White House did not respond immediately to requests for comment.





Biden Admin Classifies Martha’s Vineyard, Elite Locales As ‘Low-Income’ To Push EV Charger Subsidies

Biden To Visit NYC For Record-Shattering Celeb Fundraiser Same Day Trump Honors Fallen Cop

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Biden’s Electric Vehicle ‘Mandate’ Might Just Be A Surprise Gift To China thumbnail

Biden’s Electric Vehicle ‘Mandate’ Might Just Be A Surprise Gift To China

By The Daily Caller

The Biden administration has put in place regulations that would require many Americans to adopt electric vehicles (EV) in the coming years despite U.S. companies struggling to produce the products, leading some experts to wonder if vehicles from China will be needed to meet current goals.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized emission standards in late March for light-duty vehicles that would effectively require 67% of new models sold to be electric or hybrid by the end of 2032 in hopes of speeding up an EV transition to reduce carbon emissions. The regulations are in spite of sluggish American EV demand that has led to both concerning losses and slowdowns in production for automakers, with both Tesla and Rivian missing production expectations for the first quarter of 2024.

China’s EV industry could fill the gap left by the lagging U.S. market, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“China’s EV production would pose no risk to American consumers or U.S. geopolitical security if we had a free market allowing U.S. companies to concentrate on their comparative advantage in pickups, SUVs, and minivans, and allowing consumers to decide which types of vehicles best meet their needs,” Marlo Lewis, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the DCNF. “EV mandates, however, create a captive market for EV producers, and China is today the world’s top EV producer.”

BYD, China’s top EV maker, has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years, with yearly profits growing 80.72% year-over-year in 2023 amid global expansion, but has so far been priced out of the American market due to current restrictions. EVs and hybrids made up 30% of all Chinese car sales during the first 11 months of 2023.

China also has broad command over the current EV supply chain due to its control over minerals needed to build batteries required for electric vehicles. The country currently controls 87% of the world’s mineral refining capacity, with U.S. attempts to increase its own capacity not yet yielding sufficient results.

The Biden administration has sought to incentivize the purchase and manufacturing of certain American EV models with a $7,500 tax credit in an effort to drive down costs for consumers, conditioning the subsidy on manufacturers not using a certain level of components from foreign entities of concern, like China. Despite incentives and mandates, sales for new EVs in the U.S. grew only 2.7% in the first quarter, below the 5% that sales for all new vehicles grew, leading to a drop in auto market share to 7.1% for EVs.

Automakers, including Bentley, GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Honda, have scaled back their previous EV goals as consumers decline to buy the product.

“So, if U.S. manufacturers are forced to keep making high-priced EVs, their market share could contract while BYD’s increases,” Lewis told the DCNF. “Global auto industry leadership would shift from the United States to China. California and EPA’s EV campaign could end up helping fulfill China’s ambition to be the world’s leading superpower.”

The Biden administration has also put forward restrictions on heavy-duty vehicles, like trucks, that effectively require at least 25% of new long-haul trucks and 40% of all new medium-sized trucks to be electric or zero-emission by 2032.

Several American auto manufacturers have posted huge losses due to EV development and sales, including Ford, which lost $4.7 billion on EVs in 2023, losing nearly $65,000 on each EV that it sold. General Motors lost $1.7 billion in just the fourth quarter of 2023, despite strong profits overall.

Bidenomics In One Lesson: Latest Job Gains Fueled By Foreign-Born Workers, Gov’t Employees https://t.co/ehAws59CzJ

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) April 5, 2024

“Americans rely on too many critical goods and raw materials from China, which is why we need to ‘strategically decouple’ from CCP supply chains as soon as practicable,” Adam Savit, director of the China Policy Initiative at the American First Policy Institute, told the DCNF. “That goes most especially for critical high-tech and defense needs, such as semiconductors, AI, quantum computing, and rare earth elements. U.S. policymakers have made us increasingly dependent on EVs for transportation, so as long as such policies are in place, we must decouple from CCP EV supply chains as well.”

Savit pointed to the current tariffs on EVs as the reason Chinese EV makers have been unable to break into the U.S. market and are unlikely to if current trade restrictions were to remain the same. The Trump administration put in place a 25% import tax on EVs, which Biden has so far kept in place.

BYD has sought to infiltrate the American market through possibly building EV plants in Mexico, which, under current restrictions, could skirt around tariffs, delivering EVs that could compete with even gas-powered vehicles in terms of price to American buyers. Chinese EVs are also often of lesser quality, have access to cheaper materials and can utilize less expensive labor.

“Even American-made EVs are produced with a lot of Chinese inputs, including critical minerals,” Savit told the DCNF. “Many EV-related CCP supply chains are tied to human rights abuses and forced labor in Xinjiang.”

Former President Trump, in a campaign speech in mid-March, called for putting a 100% tariff on every single car manufactured outside the U.S., which would severely hamper China’s ability to sell in the country, while also reducing competition for domestic manufacturers, according to CNN.

Chinese EVs have already made large headwinds in the European market, with around 19.4% of EVs sold on the continent in 2023 being made in China, which is expected to rise to 25% by the end of 2024, according to an analysis from the European Federation for Transportation and Environment. The European Union announced in September 2023 that it had launched an investigation over whether to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese EVs due to artificially cheap prices from state subsidies, according to Reuters.

The White House did not respond to a request to comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.





DAVID BLACKMON: Biden Must Stop Playing Politics With The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

‘The Swamp Is Getting Deeper’: EPA Awards Billions From Biden’s Landmark Climate Bill To Orgs Loaded With Dem Insiders

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New England’s Last Coal Plants Set to Close thumbnail

New England’s Last Coal Plants Set to Close

By The Geller Report

“And ultimately the impact is going to be less reliable electricity, higher prices for Americans … it’s going to have a disproportionate impact on the poor.” — Ayn Rand, Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.

“There’s a concerted effort to shift away from reliable sources of electricity generation to unreliable sources. And ultimately the impact is going to be less reliable electricity, higher prices for Americans — it’s going to have a disproportionate impact on the poor.” — Daren Bakst, Director, Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment.

‘Earning heavy criticism’ from some experts who noted the importance of having baseload, dispatchable power generation. While renewable sources like wind and solar are intermittent, or heavily dependent on weather conditions, coal, natural gas and nuclear can quickly be turned on in times of high demand.

According to the Energy Information Administration, coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants produce 49%, 54% and 93% of their listed capacity, respectively, while solar panels produce just 25% and wind turbines produce 34% of their listed capacity.

So when they run out of energy, red states should not bail them out.

Climate crap is all a big lie.

In Western Europe, in the preindustrial Middle Ages, man’s life expectancy was 30 years. In the nineteenth century, Europe’s population grew by 300 percent—which is the best proof of the fact that for the first time in human history, industry gave the great masses of people a chance to survive.

If it were true that a heavy concentration of industry is destructive to human life, one would find life expectancy declining in the more advanced countries. But it has been rising steadily. Here are the figures on life expectancy in the United States (from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company):

1900 – 47.3 years
1920 – 53 years
1940 – 60 years
1968 – 70.2 years (the latest figures compiled)

Anyone over 30 years of age today, give a silent “Thank you” to the nearest, grimiest, sootiest smokestacks you can find.

New England’s last coal plants set to shutter, ushering in era of green energy

Environmentalists cheered the announcement as a ‘breath of fresh air’

By Thomas Catenacci, Fox News, April 6, 2024:

The final coal-fired power plants in New England are slated to shutter in the coming years, making it the second region to phase out the energy source that powered the U.S. economy for decades.

In an announcement late last month, New Hampshire-based power provider Granite Shore Power said it had reached an agreement with federal officials to shutter its Schiller Station in 2025 and its Merrimack Station by mid-2028. The action underscores the region’s and, more broadly, the nation’s steady march toward a future dominated by green energy. Environmental activists have called for this change for years — energy advocates have warned against it.

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Pamela Geller


Germany goes back to burning coal as its energy crisis deepens


Remember when Obama started the war on coal?… pic.twitter.com/MwGh6au0kI

— Jen B.Doll🌎❤️🗽🇺🇸 (@JenBDoll) April 2, 2024

A coal-fired power plant in China’s Dai city.

China emits more CO2 every year than the rest of the developed world combined—completely cancelling out all the sacrifices you are being forced to make in the farcical pursuit of Net Zero.pic.twitter.com/AbPB0TIprw

— Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) April 7, 2024

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Oil is Power, CO2 is Food. Globalists Want Control of Both thumbnail

Oil is Power, CO2 is Food. Globalists Want Control of Both

By Karen Schoen

The big threat to the planet is people: there are too many, doing too well economically and burning too much oil.” — Sir James Lovelock, BBC Interview, Contributor to UN Agenda21/2030

How often do I say everything is connected. Nothing is more evident than that. Just look at what we see going on in the world.  Can you make the connection? Climate change is not about the climate it is about control. Oil is about power. Cheap oil gives people power. Global elite will never give people power. That would cut into their wealth.  Allowing the people to own private property and create competition is not acceptable. Who controls the food (CO2) controls the people. Who controls the energy/power (Oil) controls the country.

Cheap oil makes affordable business possible. It powers the economy. The cost of good are cheaper. Inflation is slowed.  Global elite don’t want people to have power because it cuts into theirs. No competition allowed. Wealth redistribution is what climate change and control of oil is about. I believe the globalists don’t want Americans to control oil because then they can’t control the people. Too much mobility.

Where do globalists get their “data”. They program it. Data is only as good as the people who do the programming. By going back in time thousands of years and charting climate cycles you can see that climate changes. It gets hot. It gets cold. Sometimes very hot, sometimes very cold. Regardless of man and industry, climate changes. Today we find that, the ice caps are not melting unless your pictures are from the summer, polar bear population has increased and the seas are not rising. The globalists know that or they wouldn’t be buying mansions on the ocean. They just think we are too stupid to notice.  By using data in a shortened time frame you can skew the results. I found this to be interesting. This is a time lapse video of 25 years showing no erosion on the beach. No sea level rising. Its all about the money.

To get a thorough appreciation of the Climate hoax I strongly recommend

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth). The story of the corruption of Science:

Once you grasp the power and control the world crises begin to make sense. Let’s take the Middle East.  It is a given that the radical Arabs, Hamas, Hezbollah, hate and want to obliterate the Jews. They say it often enough. It is sad to see young Americans putting their energy into a fight they don’t understand for a group that in the end will subjugate them as well because they are infidels who treat women like slaves and have criminalized homosexuality with a punishment of death.  David Crystal, today’s guest, will give you the historical background of the conflict. Take a look at some of the headlines over the past few months. Tell me if you think they were designed to stir the pot against Israel.

Washington Post , February 1,  Biden imposes sanctions on Israeli West Bank settlers.

Defense News, November 28th 2023, Senate Democrats want Israel conditions in latest defense package snarl.

Reuters, November 7th 2023, US Senate Democrats block Republican aid to Israel, not Ukraine.

Huffington Post, February 13th 2024, the Biden administration is investigating Israel’s possible war crimes despite public claims to the contrary.

Tablet , March 6th 2024, Hamas  industry of health fakes casualty numbers.

New York Post, March 20th 2024, Hamas’s Gaza death toll stats are pure fiction yet the world media and the leaders like Joe Biden still use them to smear Israel.

Daily Mail, February 5th 2024, Biden calls Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu a bad effing guy in the latest foul mouth tirade from 81-year-old president.

Times of Israel,  March 20th 2024,  poll over 70% of the Palestinians still maintain Hamas correct to commit October 7th atrocities.

JNS Jewish News Syndicate, March 17th,  Biden administration reportedly delaying arms shipment to Israel.

Jerusalem Post, February 25th 2024  Joe Biden, most Palestinian support Hamas editorial.

New York Times, January 20th 2024. Biden presses Netanyahu on working towards a Palestinian state.

Who would have thought America would be involved in this conflict. Anthony Blinken just said he wants a 2 state solution A state for Palestinians and a state for Israel . He wants Ukraine in NATO. Blinken managed to piss off Russia and Israel in the same day. Now Johnson wants to take the Russian Oligarchs money and give it to Ukraine   Is this regime looking for WWIII? Why are we even involved?

Do you know what is going on in Europe or Canada? The noose is getting tighter and coming to America soon. Have you seen the demonstrations largely created by farmers who know, no farmers, no food. The farmers are exposing the evil of the green agenda, net zero, and the war on energy and food. Remember their goal: DEPOPULATION. Not because the planet can’t hold this amount of people but because more people to control and feed. The globalists can’ say out loud, lets kill of millions of people but they can devises schemes to have others do the killing for them like: funding Hamas and Hezbollah, over regulating farmers forcing them to limit herds, produce less crops, funding Ukraine.  All produce the same results, people will die.  This is a worldwide problem but America is the prize.

Make no mistake both parties are destroying America. Between the illegals, the escalation of crime, inflation, massive debt, America is undergoing a managed decline. This decline is the plan pushed on purpose by our selfish, narcissistic  criminal leaders. They use an issue with no solution, get us to fight each other so they can slip in new regulations destroying the middle class. That is the globalists method. It works.  I fear soon we will have no rights as they are currently ignored by the regime.  Are enough people finally waking up and beginning to fight the real enemy the globalists and not each other. That remains to be seen.

The late Rosa Koire warned Europe and America  between 2010-2015 about “the blueprint, the comprehensive plan of action for the 21st century to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all law enforcement, all health care, all food, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.” This is now called the Great Reset.  America must be subordinate to the UN for their plan to work. Tis is the plan used in China by the CCP. Tis is the plan in the Middle East of the Mslims under Sharia.  Clare Lopez, my guest will explain on today’s show.

The W.H.O. the Globalist UN World Health Organization is setting this policy and the RINOS in the House just made this possible. The WHO decided they should control world health under any emergency they declare like climate change.  Our bobblehead legislators just funded the WHO again. Speaker Johnson is either afraid or was bought off just like the rest of the criminals in congress who are leaving early so the House will flip to the Democrats.  The new plan is to flip the house before the election so the Dems can write legislation to use the 14th Amendment of remove Trump from the ballot.  The Dems know they can’t win unless they cheat. They must silence the voice of “We the People”.  We are the enemy and the more we learn the more they will try to crush us. Prepare. Do not let that happen the stakes are too high.

I do not want our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators. Communicate with congress, join the Sovereignty Coalition and read The Pandemic Treaty That Won’t Prevent a Pandemic.

It is us, you and me against a powerful machine comprised of the government, NGOs, Chambers, political leaders, media and Hollywood. They all lie. That was the hardest thing I had to realize. A real slap in the face. Recognizing everything I grew up and learned was a lie designed to bloat the government and give them more power until we are their slaves. You will own nothing and be happy or will you?

OBiden has allowed our enemies to infiltrate. They are here anxiously waiting for the command (probably on the phones we gave them) to strike. Between the Islamists, Chinese and Cartels are you prepared?  Our guest and friend Clare Lopez will describe what we could face. I believe as the election draws closer and it is evident OBiden will lose, they will create another summer of love.  OBiden just had a phone call with XI. He showed Xi so much strength. We should be proud, Not.

Nationalists will dream of their future, their life and set a plan to achieve that dream. Globalists will have a visions of life and demand you fit into their vision without deviation. If you disagree squash you.

All Globalists want is Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.

Share with your 5. So join me today.

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

Ford Puts Dent In Biden’s Plans To Expand EVs thumbnail

Ford Puts Dent In Biden’s Plans To Expand EVs

By The Daily Caller

Ford Motor Corporation announced Thursday that it would be delaying the production of new electric vehicle (EV) models as domestic demand for electric cars falters, despite heavy federal investment.

Ford joined General Motors and Mercedes-Benz in reeling in its EV production strategy, pivoting instead to producing more hybrid vehicles, according to a Thursday press release. The high-profile retreats from the EV market follow billions in federal spending by the Biden administration aimed at supporting the industry.

“As the No. 2 EV brand in the U.S. for the past two years, we are committed to scaling a profitable EV business, using capital wisely and bringing to market the right gas, hybrid and fully electric vehicles at the right time,” Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said.

Ford’s EV division posted a $4.7 billion loss in 2023, before accounting for interest and taxes. The corporation’s gas and hybrid division, by contrast, posted a $7.5 billion profit, according to The New York Times.

“We have said our EV business needs to be profitable in its own right,” a Ford spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding the delay of new models “support the development of a differentiated and profitable EV business over time.”

Auto manufacturers are responding to slowing growth in the EV sector.

EV sales only grew by 2.7% in the first quarter of 2024, a far cry from the 47% growth the vehicles saw in 2023, according to CBS News. Auto sales on the whole, meanwhile, grew by 5%.

“EV demand is growing, just at a slower rate than the industry forecast,” the Ford spokesperson said. “We expect continued growth in global Ford EV sales in 2024, though less than anticipated.”

General Motors and Mercedes-Benz have both delayed plans to transition to EV-only manufacturers.

Ford electric vehicles are coming, and we promise you’re in for an exhilarating ride.

— Ford Motor Company (@Ford) October 14, 2019

As automakers retreat from EVs, and consumers react to them lukewarmly, taxpayers are left on the hook for the billions the Biden administration has spent subsidizing the vehicles.

The administration allocated $7.5 billion to build EV charging stations across the country, in accordance with the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill. Despite billions allotted, only seven stations have been built using those funds.

The Biden administration also made $12 billion available to automakers to repurpose existing factories to manufacture electric vehicles.

The White House wants 50% of all new cars sold by 2030 to be EVs. EVs only accounted for 7.1% of U.S. sales in the first quarter of 2024, down from the previous quarter, CBS News reported.





Ford Slashes Electric Vehicle Jobs As Sales Slow

Org That Wants To Cut Carbon Emissions Sues To Close Zero-Emission Nuclear Power Plant

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Biden Regime Builds a ‘Climate’ Youth Army thumbnail

Biden Regime Builds a ‘Climate’ Youth Army

By The Geller Report

The Biden regime shoved this line item into their obscene bankrupting, bloated budget – an unimaginable eight billion billion dollars  to fund a goodstepping ‘Climate Corps’ program that would hire over 50,000 “climate activists”—more employees than NASA and the EPA combined.

It evokes a climate red guard. Or Hitler youth.

Climate is a hoax.

Biden Builds a Domestic Green Army

He’s shrinking the real Army but arming a political Climate Corps.

By The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, April 2, 2024:

Who says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no influence? Her vision to mobilize a government Climate Corps to promote green politics is becoming a reality. President Biden wants to shrink the real Army, but his budget includes more than $8 billion for a domestic green political army.

The political model is FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, which paid Americans to work when nearly one in four were jobless. The U.S. now has a labor shortage, but the Biden Administration wants to mobilize more than 20,000 initially for the Climate Corps—and some 50,000 by 2031. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey want the Climate Corps to employ 1.5 million over five years.

“This is not summer camp for climate activists. It’s a job-training program,” says Trevor Dolan of Evergreen Action, a green nonprofit that has lobbied for the Climate Corps. He says participants will learn to install electric heat pumps, solar panels, EV charger and pollution-monitoring equipment, fight forest fires, do wellness checks on the elderly during heat waves and help communities develop disaster plans, among other tasks.

The Sunrise Movement, another far-left outfit, says the Climate Corps can “raise the bar for all employment” and “allow us to use the government as a way of designing our own society and setting new norms for the workplace.” Ah, yes, a children’s crusade to remake America—paid for by your tax dollars.

A Climate Corps memorandum of understanding signed in December by six federal agencies and AmeriCorps says that, “to the extent permitted by law,” the program “will offer a range of compensation and benefits such as housing, transportation, health care, child care, educational credit, scholarships and student loan forgiveness, stipends, non-financial services and benefits that address barriers to employment and job retention, and other benefits as determined by specific program and participant needs.”

Not a bad gig if you don’t want to contribute to the real economy. This is an income redistribution program to finance left-wing nonprofits and bureaucracies to employ and train a cadre of political activists.

The MOU says the Climate Corps will promote the Administration’s goal that 40% of overall federal climate-change investments should “flow to disadvantaged communities that are marginalized, underserved, overburdened by pollution, and experiencing disproportionate impacts of climate change.”

The perverse priority of this program is hard to believe when the President is racking up record budget deficits and shrinking the U.S. military despite rising global threats. The Climate Corps plan shows how much Mr. Biden remains in thrall to the Democratic left and its climate-change obsessions.

Continue reading.


Pamela Geller

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‘Blatant Violations’: Watchdog Challenges Key Data Used By Biden Admin To Push Sweeping Climate Agenda thumbnail

‘Blatant Violations’: Watchdog Challenges Key Data Used By Biden Admin To Push Sweeping Climate Agenda

By The Daily Caller

A government watchdog group has filed a complaint with the Biden administration over its use of a dataset frequently used to push its climate agenda.

Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) filed the complaint with the Commerce Department over the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) “Billions Project” dataset, which purports to keep track of natural [and climate] disasters that have caused at least $1 billion in damages going back to 1980. The billion-dollar disasters (BDD) data — cited frequently by the Biden administration to insinuate that climate change is intensifying and justify sweeping green policies — is based on opaque data derived from questionable accounting practices, PPT alleges in the complaint.

“American families and businesses continue to struggle with persistently high inflation, which many attribute in large part to the energy policies and government spending of the current administration. The idea that blatant violations of scientific integrity could be underlying the rationale for these policies should concern every American,” Michael Chamberlain, PPT’s director, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated incident. The Biden Administration came into office pledging that its decision making would be grounded in the highest-quality science, but all too often has failed to live up to those promises.” 

PPT Scientific Integrity Co… by Nick Pope

The complaint was filed with the Commerce Department, as NOAA operates under its auspices, Chamberlain told the DCNF.

PPT’s complaint alleges that NOAA does not adequately disclose its sources and methods for compiling the BDD dataset, adds and removes BDD events from the dataset without providing its rationale for doing so and produces cost estimates that are sometimes significantly different than those generated by more conventional accounting procedures.

While NOAA states that it develops its BDD data from more than a dozen sources, the agency does not disclose those sources for specific events or show how it calculates loss estimates from those sources, PPT’s complaint alleges.

The complaint further alleges that NOAA’s accounting methods are opaque and “produce suspect results.”

For example, when Hurricane Idalia took aim at Florida in 2023, NOAA initially projected that the storm would cause about $2.5 billion worth of damages before insured losses ultimately came in at about $310 million, according to PPT’s complaint, which cites the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation for that figure. Nevertheless, NOAA subsequently marked up its estimate for how much damage the storm caused to $3.5 billion, a discrepancy for which NOAA provided no explanation, PPT alleges in its complaint.

NOAA researchers have disclosed in the past that the agency considers factors such as functions pertaining to livestock feeding costs — in addition to more conventional types of damages — in their cost calculations.

Further, the complaint alleges that BDD events are quietly added and removed from the dataset without explanation, citing Roger Pielke Jr., a former academic who believes climate change to be a real threat but opposes politicized science. In a forthcoming paper analyzing the merits of BDD statistics, Pielke compared the dataset in late 2022 to the dataset in the middle of 2023 and found that ten new BDD events were added to the list and 3 were subtracted without explanation.

Apart from the issues with methodology alleged by PPT in its complaint, the use of BDD events as a proxy for climate change’s intensity is inherently misleading because economic data does not reflect changes in meteorological conditions, Pielke has previously explained to the DCNF.

For example, increasing concentrations of assets, especially in coastal areas, can confound the usefulness of BDD events as an indicator for the intensity of climate change, as Energy and Environment Legal Institute Senior Policy Fellow Steve Milloy has previously explained to the DCNF. Hypothetically, the same exact hurricane could hit the same exact place, decades apart, with vastly different damage totals; this would be the case because there are simply more assets sitting in the way of the storm, not because the storm was any more violent due to worsening climate change.

NOAA has acknowledged this limitation of the dataset in prior communications with the DCNF.

Additionally, NOAA will add disasters to the list retrospectively because it adjusts for inflation, meaning that a hurricane that caused $800 million in damages in 1980 dollars would be added to the list because the damages exceed $1 billion when adjusted for inflation, for example.

The Biden administration has frequently cited the BDD dataset to substantiate its massive climate agenda.

For example, Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk cited the dataset in written testimony submitted to lawmakers in February explaining the White House’s decision to pause new approvals for liquefied natural gas export terminals.

The BDD statistics are also referenced Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), the Biden administration’s landmark climate report that is intended to provide the most sound scientific basis for lawmakers and officials to craft climate policy.

NOAA asserted that the increasing frequency of BDD events is a sign of intensifying climate change in a January press release and blog post summarizing 2023, and then defended the use of the dataset in subsequent communications with the DCNF.

“Sensational climate claims made without proper scientific basis and spread by government officials threaten the public’s trust in its scientific officials and undermines the government’s mission of stewarding the environment,” PPT’s complaint states. “It also poses the danger of policymakers basing consequential government policy on unscientific claims unsupported by evidence.”

NOAA declined to comment, citing the active nature of the scientific integrity complaint. The White House and the Department of Commerce did not respond immediately to requests for comment.





The Entire Push To Halt New Natural Gas Exports Traces Back To One Ivy League Prof And His Shaky Study

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Read Biden’s Letter To Me On Energy Which Contains 10 Lies and 3 Truths thumbnail

Read Biden’s Letter To Me On Energy Which Contains 10 Lies and 3 Truths

By Dr. Rich Swier

Dear Mr. Swier,

Thank you for writing to me.  Our Nation has a long history of producing the energy that fuels our cars, heats our homes, and keeps our lights on [TRUE].  Unfortunately, for too long, we have also relied on foreign nations to help meet our energy needs.  As President, I am fighting to keep energy prices low by promoting domestic energy production [LIE], cracking down on price gouging [LIE], and laying a new foundation for true and lasting energy independence [LIE] by investing in a clean energy future.

Since I came into office, companies in the United States have produced record levels of oil and gas [LIE].  And to bring prices down at the pump [LIE], my Administration released millions of barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve [TRUE].  Across the country, oil and gas companies have thousands of permits that allow them to drill in the United States right now [LIE]—but they are choosing not to.  And my Administration is calling on them to use their permits or lose them.

As President, it is my job to focus on the energy needs of Americans today and of the future [LIE].  To be truly free from our reliance on foreign oil [LIE], we are investing in all forms of energy here at home [LIE], including wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal power, and vehicle electrification [TRUE].  These investments are creating good-paying jobs and will lower energy costs for Americans [LIE].  And as we do this, we are making sure we leave no one behind—including rural America, the heartland, and energy communities [LIE].

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts about how we can bring true energy security and independence to America.


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

RELATED ARTICLE: ‘Blatant Violations’: Watchdog Challenges Key Data Used By Biden Admin To Push Sweeping Climate Agenda

White House Shoots Down Mike Johnson’s Plan To Link Ukraine Aid And Liquefied Natural Gas Reversal thumbnail

White House Shoots Down Mike Johnson’s Plan To Link Ukraine Aid And Liquefied Natural Gas Reversal

By The Daily Caller

The White House said Tuesday that it would not entertain a compromise with Speaker Mike Johnson to connect an aid package for Ukraine with a reversal of the Biden administration’s moratorium on approvals for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals, according to Bloomberg News.

Johnson reportedly suggested that such a compromise could be a workable solution for both parties to take care of high-priority items on their respective agendas, but the White House has made clear that the deal is dead on arrival, according to Bloomberg News. The right flank of the House Republican conference has opposed a new major aid package for Ukraine, while the White House is doubling down on its LNG exports pause after environmentalist groups showered the Biden administration with praise for its Jan. 26 decision on the issue.

“The president has been clear that House Republicans should pass the bipartisan national security agreement that already passed the Senate as soon as possible to get Ukraine the aid it urgently needs to defend itself from Russian tyranny,” the White House said in a statement, according to Bloomberg News. “The president supports the pause on pending, additional approvals of LNG export licenses to evaluate the economic and climate impacts on consumers and communities.”

Could Joe Biden’s Natural Gas Pause Cost Dems The Senate In November?https://t.co/57P0eAOGYJ

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) February 29, 2024

The Senate passed a $95 billion aid package for aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in February, but the House has yet to approve the bill and send it to President Joe Biden’s desk. The president has called on House Republicans to pass the foreign aid bill on numerous occasions, including during his State of the Union Address in March.

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, Johnson intimated that he was thinking about linking the two issues together in a single piece of legislation when the House returns to Washington after its spring recess.

Johnson reportedly floated the idea to connect Ukraine aid and a LNG pause reversal to Biden during a one-on-one meeting in March, according to Bloomberg News, which cited an individual with knowledge of the situation. Reuters previously reported that some in the White House were potentially willing to reverse the moratorium depending on what else was included in the compromise, but White House officials disputed that claim.

Climate activists — including the confrontational outfit called Climate Defiance and a 25-year old TikTok influencer — lobbied the Biden administration to impose the LNG moratorium ahead of the decision to do so. The pause will not reduce global emissions, but instead empower natural gas production in places like Russia and Qatar, energy sector experts previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The climate lobby and its activist voters are poised to be a key bastion of support for Biden in the 2024 race, with several organizations already endorsing his reelection campaign or declaring their plans to spend big to stave off former President Donald Trump’s potential return to the White House.

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment.





The Entire Push To Halt New Natural Gas Exports Traces Back To One Ivy League Prof And His Shaky Study

Biden Admin Leaned On Questionable And Misleading Science To Justify Halting Natural Gas Hub Approvals

Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Smacks Down ‘Arbitrary And Capricious’ Biden EV Scheme

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Climate change increases female genital mutilation. True or false? thumbnail

Climate change increases female genital mutilation. True or false?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities

Female genital cutting is a barbarous practice that should have been consigned to the ash-heap of history long before this world experienced the pleasure of beholding my angelic baby face. Unfortunately, however, for the first time after a steady decline over two decades, it is now on the rise worldwide.

Sadly, the biggest contributors to this increase are a few African countries where the custom has never been sufficiently stigmatised. And the main factor behind it is rapid population growth. In other words, more women are now living in countries where the practice persists, which means more women, in absolute terms, are getting cut.

This is according an analysis by UNICEF, which was published this past International Women’s Day (March 8), The New York Times reporter who covered it clearly knew this, given that she’s covered the subject for two decades, and even referenced the report. And yet, somehow, she still managed to drag in climate change as a major factor behind the resurgence of the practice.

Weather disasters linked to climate change, so her argument goes, make “people increasingly vulnerable and more reliant on traditional community structures.” The implication is that, in places where those traditional structures include female cutting, climate change drives up the practice.

Upon sober examination, this reasoning makes very little sense. For one, erratic weather has been a constant feature in Africa forever. Additionally, multiple extreme weather events occurred during the two decades in which female cutting declined precipitously. Furthermore, even those countries and regions where female cutting has been effectively eradicated often experience extreme weather events.

In short, there is no evidence that climate change has anything to do with the recent resurgence of female cutting. The spurious attempt to link them is just the latest instalment in an absurd trend by pundits and commentators to pin the blame for age-old African maladies to climate change.

It’s not limited to Africa, of course, but it is particularly notable in contemporary foreign media coverage of the continent.

Consider the movement – about which we wrote recently – to eradicate food insecurity on the continent by promoting the cultivation of neglected traditional crops. This scheme is motivated, in part, by the conviction that the effects of climate change will make it increasingly difficult to grow introduced crops – like rice, maize and wheat – on the continent.

But there are two major problems with this position.

The first is that it is self-defeating. Traditional crops grow better, not because they are immune to climate change, but rather because they’ve been cultivated on the continent for longer, and so are better adapted. There is no reason to believe that drastic weather events, caused by climate change, wouldn’t affect them as much as introduced crops.

The second problem, which is more important, is that climate change is in fact a minor factor behind food insecurity in Africa (if at all); food insecurity has been a problem for decades but has improved tremendously in the last few decades. Where it persists, it’s often because of conflict or other forms of instability. Even the snobs at the World Economic Forum know enough to acknowledge this.

But doesn’t climate change at least drive conflict as well, so that it drives up food insecurity, at least indirectly?

Well, not really. Most of the armed conflicts in Africa have complex roots, few of which can be convincingly traced back to the changing climate. One would need to be decidedly quixotic to assert that, hadn’t the climate changed, Somalia wouldn’t have spiralled into its eternal civil war.

Likewise, any sensible betting man (if that isn’t an oxymoron), would be wise to put their odds squarely on the likelihood that the two military thugs currently tearing up Sudan would still be doing so even if the temperatures in Khartoum had remained at their pre-industrial levels. Ditto Mr Kagame’s marauding mercenaries in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Now, that the climate has been changing lately isn’t in question. And though the degree to which human activity is driving that change is debatable, it is obvious that it has played a meaningful role. It therefore makes sense that, in so far as climate change is bad for us and the planet, and to the extent that we can do something about it, we should do something about it.

Moreover, those who care deeply about this issue are perfectly within their rights to campaign for such action. But that doesn’t mean they get to shoehorn it into every conversation about human suffering and social ills. It isn’t that climate change is irrelevant; the climate is, after all, all-encompassing. But so is oxygen, and yet we never blame oxygen as for murders, though all murderers live on it.

Seeing all tragedies as functions of climate change smacks of desperation and elite snobbery. And, what’s worse, it is likely to do more harm than good, especially in Africa. For it is with regard to this continent that we most need to be serious when diagnosing the root causes of developmental and social ills, given that so few of them have been solved here.

Blaming genuinely horrific occurrences, such as the resurgence of female genital cutting, on climate change effectively obviates the efficacy of any potential attempts to tackle them in the near term, since the climate is unlikely to stop changing any time soon, even if humans stopped contributing to it immediately.

It may very well be that the motivations of those who do so are humanitarian, but I despair of the righteousness of anyone who would so casually condemn millions more women and girls to this barbarity until China stops burning coal.

Is climate change being blamed for too many planetary problems? Leave your comments below.  



Mathew Otieno is a Kenyan writer, blogger and dilettante farmer. Until 2022, he was a research communications coordinator at a university in Nairobi, Kenya. He now lives in rural western Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria, from where he’s pursuing a career as a full-time writer while concluding his dissertation for a master’s degree. His first novel is due out this year.

EDITORS NOTE: This Mercator column is republished with permission. ©2024. All rights reserved.

Biden’s Marxist EPA announces that their new job is to destroy the U.S. Constitution thumbnail

Biden’s Marxist EPA announces that their new job is to destroy the U.S. Constitution

By Geoff Ross

The Communists installed at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continue installed White House squatter Marxist Joe Biden’s assault on essential supply chains, transportation vehicles and our free markets.

The unelected official’s at the EPA have bypassed the U.S. congress and announced an insane strict set of guidelines for heavy vehicles – including cement mixers, garbage trucks, RVs, ambulances and school buses.

Joe Biden’s Marxist plan to put oil companies out of business is part of the reason his EPA is now forcing 25 percent of long-haul trucks and 40 percent of medium size trucks must be “non-polluting” by 2032.

Obviously the adult capitalist entrepreneurs in the room understand this will make it next to impossible to do business and would inflict significant economic damage on our republic.

The EPA obviously has zero congressional authority to enact this policy and although on the outset we Americans are angry at this insane decision we must stay calm and be thankful these bottom feeding cockroach communists are implementing this now during an election year.

President Trump on day one in office will terminate the employment of these low IQ trilobites infesting this unnecessary government agency at the EPA funded by the low IQ Republican controlled congress.

Unconstitutional policies like this come out of the Karl Marx manifesto and to quote the unelected EPA Administrator Michael Regan-

‘This is another giant step forward to protect future generations from climate change,’

He sounds like he’s trying to emulate Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon speech. What a joke.

Climate change is a massive fraud created to dismantle the oil industry and selectively turn the United States into a third world return to the caves country.

Our planet has a constant cycle of climate change created by the sun, the earth’s rotation and volcanic activity. Grandma working a part time job driving a school bus is not affecting our climate.

So ladies and gentlemen stay patient and in November go vote for Donald Trump so these slimy Marxist stinky filled diapers running the EPA can be changed.

Don’t forget these EPA Marxists drive to work in big SUVs and Biden creates plenty of CO2 flying on Air-force 1 for fund raising with his Communist pal Obama and Epstein connoisseur pal Bill Clinton.

If Obama was concerned about climate change flooding the planet he would not have purchased a mansion close to the ocean. Bill Clinton definitely racked up thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions flying on Epstein’s jet to pedophile island.

The EPA communists also played the race card when they said that around 72 million people in the United States live next to truck freight routes, and they are more likely to be people of color or from low-income households.

Total communist propaganda horse crap. My family are people of color and we have friends of color who drive gasoline powered trucks to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. We ain’t worried about the imminent collapse of our planet’s ecosystem.

The EPA is an organization that Trump will either dismantle but most definitely he will take immediate action fire these low life scum Marxists in January 2025.

Trump will hire new employees and management who actually understand the role of the EPA does not include interference in our free market economy. Better yet defund the entire ball of wax.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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To Control or not to be Controlled, that is the Question thumbnail

To Control or not to be Controlled, that is the Question

By Karen Schoen

This past week my husband and I were in the car going food shopping. His phone was on the console. It was lunch time and he said we haven’t had pizza in a while, what do you say we stop for pizza? Before I could answer, his phone answered and started telling us all the different varieties of pizza and the closest places. I shut the phone off. I don’t know about you but I don’t want some device telling me what to do. Who is listening, nudging, guiding and controlling our thoughts, our actions?  Is that what they mean by AI? Is that our New World Order? Control by a device? Is that where we are headed? or are we already there and we don’t know it? Humanity controlled by technology. Aside from taking away my free thought, Who is doing the programming?  Is is someone from Orwell’s Ministry of Love? Is that is what your children learn in school. Don’t think, just press a button.

Aside from not learning to read and write, students no longer learn the scientific method which supports critical thinking, logic, reasoning and consequences. Students are trained to think as they are told while professors are paid to use computer programs to get the outcome desired for the grant that is funding their career. Deviate and say good bye to your career.

How do you get a consensus in science? Design a a grant to meet your agenda and pay the scientists to prove your desire outcome. Is this the “new” sustainable settled science? A science that no longer allows for multiple questions, multiple methods and multiple results. The whole purpose of science is to question for without questions, there is no learning, no growth.  No growth is the desired results, Sustainability means: NO GROWTH.  The Globalist Utopia is: Everyone thinking the same. Everyone acting the same. Everyone having the same. Everyone eating the same in a world of limited population, resources and power. Except of course the leaders.

Man Made Climate Change is a perfect example.  Every time I debate Man Made Climate Change I wind up in the same place with no answers because I question outside the sound bite.  Let’s face it, the people trying to manage the decline of America are evil and practicing some form of communism. We all must believe the same or we are outcasts.  So if you want to see their limited knowledge and stump the globalists, I suggest you ask a few simple questions:

QUESITON: What part of the atmosphere is CO2?

ANSWER: .035-.04%

QUESTION: What would happen if you get to Net Zero CO2?

ANSWER: All living things will die

QUESTION: Is CO2 the result or cause of warming?

ANSWER: The result. You can’t be a cause and result at the same time.

Look at their charts and graphs. Most only go back 140 years. If they tell you , now is the coldest /warmest on record, ask how old is the record?  Make them go back to the climate of 1920-30. Less people, less industry but yet it was much colder or warmer.  The driver of our climate is the SUN along with other variables like, water vapor, clouds, gravity, mostly from mother nature. Way down on the bottom of the heap is man. So why is climate blamed on us, CONTROL.  If they can scare you they can control you. Learn and spread the truth, hold your head high.

Don’t take anything they say at face value. Remember most of what they say are words created by computer models. Computer models are only as good as their creator/programmer. Their creators are affirmative action graduates easily fooled or bribed. This is a excellent must see movie. Get out to popcorn and note pad.

Great important worthwhile movie CLIMATE THE MOVIE: The Cold Truth.

By sending your children to the public indoctrination clinic theyy become Affirmative Action Graduates.  They learn Diversity, Inclusion, Equity or as I call it Discrimination, Inequality, Exclusion.  By changing the order of the words, you find their true goal DIE.  Remember to them the earth is overpopulated so best thing is for you to do is to DIE. While they tell us that their goals are reducing poverty, world hunger and disease most of their programs aim for death hence DIE:  abortion, drugs, restricting farming, limiting mobility, vaccines, crime. By restricting excellence, innovation, creation and invention and promoting, entertainment and other favored controlled behaviors people begin to believe that life is meaningless and suicide is the answer.   When race becomes the dominant feature for hiring and merit takes a back seat, products and programs are doomed to fail. We now have a manage decline of America where freedom and liberty will be replaced by a CCP form of government controlling every aspect of our lives.    Today’s guest Physicist John Droz Jr explains the damage done to our students by an inferior education.

Look at all of the crises America has suffered under this administration filled with incompetent Affirmative Action Graduates.  The most recent of course is the Francis Scott Key bridge failure. Shipping giant Maersk confirmed that the Dali ship, operated and managed by Synergy Marine Group, collided with the Francis Scott Key bridge in Maryland around 1:27 AM. Synergy Marine Group promotes DEI in their company. Did DIE play a role? We may never know. What we do know is Congress allocated $1.2 trillion for a Bipartisan Infrastructure Build Back Better scheme that Mayor Pete is using to “fix racism on highways.”

After further investigation Ricki, today’s guest discovered: The Ship was owned by the Chinese, and registered in Singapore & operated under the Singapore flag. The CEO of the Chinese Merchant Shipping company that owned the ship was Angela Chao, the sister of Sen. Pedo Mitch McConnell’s wife-Elain Chao & daughter of the Chinese Billionaire & top Chinese CCP Politburo Member that ran China’s merchant shipping. He, their daddy, is dead, and Angela Chao was handed down the merchant shipping company. She, Angela Chao, was killed several weeks ago… Is this a psyops attack? Will we ever know?

Power on ship was lost just prior to reaching bridge & after Harbor Pilot Tugboats pulled away from the ship.  This was a major failure of Harbor Pilot Tugboats to not escort the ship thru the channel completely. Their job was to escort the ship under the bridge & out into open sea at 1:48.  This is standard protocol which was not followed.

In Ricki’s opinion, there are 2 possibilities China or the USA Deep State. Is it part of the USA Deep State on behalf of the Globalists to continue the destruction of our country? China controls the West Coast ports because of Pelosi, Newsome, Feinstein,  Waters, Governors of Washington & Oregon too.  Why would OBiden say that America, not the shipping company will pay for the reconstruction of the bridge?  Once you destroy a countries ports & take control of them, you control their commerce & infrastructure. You control everything coming in & going out.. “We The People Shall Speak”- Ricki is a 9/11 Survivor who has done numerous investigations into the Deep State.

Nationalists will dream of their future, their life and set a plan to achieve that dream. Globalists will have a visions of life and demand you fit into their vision without deviation. If you disagree squash you.

All Globalists want is Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.  Share with your 5.   So join me today.

Join the Florida Citizens Alliance goflca.org.  Help save America mentor a child.

Biden’s Signature Climate Law Has A Major Achilles’ Heel — And Dems Are Making It Worse thumbnail

Biden’s Signature Climate Law Has A Major Achilles’ Heel — And Dems Are Making It Worse

By The Daily Caller

President Joe Biden’s landmark climate bill is being held back by a lack of comprehensive permitting reform, the absence of which enables environmentalist lawsuits that impede green energy projects subsidized by the legislation.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) contained hundreds of billions of dollars to subsidize green energy projects nationwide, but the bill did not include significant reform to the permitting process that would expedite construction timelines and insulate developments from environmental legal challenges. Unless Congressional Democrats can negotiate a permitting reform package with Republicans in an election year, these problems will continue to dog the IRA’s implementation, energy policy experts and stakeholders told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

After solar and wind developments have been built, they need to be connected to the grid via transmission lines to feed power into the grid. Permitting reform would speed up the lengthy paperwork process for that transmission, as well as provide developers an additional layer of protection against environmental lawsuits that also disrupt the construction of green energy developments.

Dems’ Energy Permitting Reform Bill Includes Billions For Eco-Activist Groupshttps://t.co/okXWYcE3Ph

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 30, 2024

However, that reform has not happened yet, thanks in part to Congressional Democrats’ inability to agree among themselves on what that reform should look like to counter Republican proposals, according to E&E News.

“I think that not having any transmission reform is a huge barrier to implementing the IRA,” Isaac Orr, a policy analyst for the Center for the American Experiment who specializes in energy policy, told the DCNF. “I think there was an understanding that permitting reform was necessary in order to implement a lot of the things Democrats wanted as soon as they got the IRA … It’s a physical reality that you need the transmission in order to incorporate all this new capacity on the grid.”

The lack of reform has left numerous green energy developments open to legal challenges filed by environmental groups, who often will pursue similar legal strategies adopted by opponents of fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the past.

For example, a coalition of tribes and environmental organizations are suing to block a massive $10 billion transmission project in Arizona, while different coalitions have taken to court to allege violations of environmental laws on the part of offshore wind developers building wind farms in waters off the coasts of Virginia and Massachusetts. Elsewhere in the country, conservation groups have continued the years long fight against Wisconsin’s Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line by suing the government to stop construction.

“Reforms aimed at streamlining the federal government’s permit decision-making process and discouraging frivolous litigation have the potential not only to improve regulatory efficiency but also to bring about greater certainty and predictability in the offshore wind sector,” Erik Milito, the president of the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) told the DCNF. “Litigation, particularly around alleged National Environmental Policy Act deficiencies, has been a significant hindrance for offshore wind projects. A robust U.S. offshore wind market relies on confidence and certainty in the permitting and regulatory process, which is essential for fostering growth and ensuring the success of these projects, much like any other major infrastructure endeavor.”

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a leading advocate for comprehensive permitting reform, has tried to advance legislation to expedite the permitting process and minimize opportunities for litigation to gum up timelines for all kinds of energy projects.

In total, there are no fewer than ten different permitting-related bills in Congress and two major regulatory initiatives underway on the federal level, but progress on streamlining the permitting process is still very sluggish, according to Utility Dive.

“All of these things, the Clean Water Act, the way the National Environmental Policy Act is now run … you can’t get anything built because of these statutes,” Mike McKenna, a Republican strategist with extensive experience in and around the energy sector, told the DCNF about Congressional gridlock on permitting reform.

“So we are about a year into you’re what I think is going to be a seven- or eight-year process, where everyone on the Left starts figuring out, ‘Oh, my goodness, these guys were right, You can’t build any of this stuff.”

Neither the White House nor the Department of Energy responded to requests for comment.




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CFACT’s 2023 Impact Report thumbnail

CFACT’s 2023 Impact Report

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

2023 was one of CFACT’s best years yet! Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, CFACT was able to impact the public-interest debate as never before, both in the United States and around the world.

I’m therefore so pleased to present you our brand new 2023 Impact Report!  From our activities challenging political correctness on America’s college campuses through our Collegians program, to our calling out of corporations and their harmful ESG policies through our shareholder activism, to our special reports and media appearances, and to our take down the global warming extremists through our award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, CFACT continues to be a leader in the energy and environmental debate.

Rest assured, CFACT will continue to rise to the challenge of protecting our freedoms, providing education, and promoting progress.  We can’t do what we do without your help, and want you to know we are sincerely grateful to have it!


Why wind and solar won’t save the planet: A U.S. case history

Is a consumer revolution against EVs looming?

Fox News: Whale of a lawsuit threatens to swallow up Biden green energy agenda

Morano on Fox and Friends: “Solar, wind & EV mandates designed to create chaos”

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

DAVID BLACKMON: New EPA Auto Emission Rules Reflect The Madness Of King Biden thumbnail

DAVID BLACKMON: New EPA Auto Emission Rules Reflect The Madness Of King Biden

By The Daily Caller

In a move that is certain to be challenged in the courts, the Biden Environmental Protection Agency enacted a de facto ban on many gas-powered cars this week in the form of a final regulation on allowable tailpipe emissions.

The regulation is designed to force two-thirds of new light-duty cars and 46% of medium duty autos sold in the United States to be electric vehicles by 2032, one of the more hare-brained schemes that make up the Biden Green New Deal energy policies.

In the press release accompanying the new rule, the EPA boasts that the new mandates “will avoid more than 7 billion tons of carbon emissions and provide nearly $100 billion of annual net benefits to society, including $13 billion of annual public health benefits due to improved air quality, and $62 billion in reduced annual fuel costs,” all of which is so much nonsense that no one really believes it. But this kind of fantasy narrative forms the very foundation of current Democrat party thinking on energy and climate policy.

In a statement, Tom Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, fired back at the EPA talking points, calling the regulation “another example of President Biden’s assault on the middle class.” Pyle correctly points out that the new rules “will make cars more expensive and ultimately make fewer cars available for Americans. By now, we have gotten used to incredibly damaging and stupid rules from the Biden administration, but this one is in a class by itself.”

But of course, raising the price for a new car in the United States is a feature of the Green New Deal policies pushed by Biden and his regulators, not a glitch. According to data kept by the St. Louis office of the Federal Reserve, the consumer price index when Biden assumed office in January, 2021 stood at 150.131. By February of 2024, that had skyrocketed to 179.311, a rise of 14% in just three years. By contrast, the index rose by just 1% during the first term of Donald Trump.

It is no secret that increasing the cost of energy is a central goal of the climate-alarm activist movement, not just in the United States but across the globe. The conceit there being that if you can force energy costs high enough and fast enough to make them unbearable to ordinary consumers, you will force people to conserve, i.e., do without. As Pyle correctly points out, it is a direct assault on the middle and lower classes in society, given the fact that rising energy costs essentially function as a regressive tax that impacting the poorest classes the hardest.

This is the core belief system that controls policy in the Democrat party today. It is simply beyond question at this point – literally every action this administration takes related to energy policy is designed to intentionally increase the cost for energy for every American. Consumers see it in the rising price for gas at the pump – more than 50% higher today than it was when Biden took office. They see it in skyrocketing home utility bills. They see it in irrational Biden policy actions like pushing offshore wind industrial projects, where big developers continue to demand more subsidies and higher rate guarantees before moving forward. They see it in the administration’s policies designed to depress the domestic oil and gas industry. They see it in policies intentionally designed to destroy reliability on the nation’s power grid.

And now they see it in this new EPA power grab. It comes after U.S. automakers have spent the last half year scaling back their plans for EV development and begging the administration to reconsider its irrational, destructive approach in light of the slowing demand for such cars and the ensuing massive financial losses. The vast majority of Americans simply do not want to own an EV, and forcing automakers to manufacture them regardless of market demand is the surest way to create the “bloodbath” in the domestic industry that Trump predicted last week.

It is madness, plain and simple, and if voters give this administration another four years in office, disaster will become inevitable.



David Blackmon is an energy writer and consultant based in Texas. He spent 40 years in the oil and gas business, where he specialized in public policy and communications.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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EXCLUSIVE: Firm Tied To China’s Military Industrial Complex Plans To Roll Out Massive Battery Chemical Plants In U.S. thumbnail

EXCLUSIVE: Firm Tied To China’s Military Industrial Complex Plans To Roll Out Massive Battery Chemical Plants In U.S.

By The Daily Caller

The Chinese manufacturer of chemicals for electric vehicle batteries planning to build two U.S. factories has long-standing ties to China’s military industrial complex, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found.

Capchem Technology USA, the wholly-owned subsidiary of China-based Shenzhen Capchem Technology (Capchem), plans to build factories in both Ohio and Louisiana that would produce components for electric vehicle batteries. Chinese government documents reveal the Chinese chemical giant was selected over a decade ago to conduct aerospace research for China’s military industrial complex as part of a program overseen by a blacklisted Chinese government agency.

Corporate reports show the company, as recently as 2023, received payments from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology — a government agency spearheading the Chinese government’s so-called “Military-Civil Fusion” efforts.

“This network of [Chinese Communist Party] military-linked companies proliferating across the United States is a great example of why blind economic engagement with China is a national security threat,” Bryan Burack, senior policy advisor for China and the Indo-Pacific at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, told the DCNF.

The DCNF’s investigation is based, in part, on information provided by the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action.

Capchem specializes in manufacturing chemicals for electric vehicle batteries, and for years, the firm has advertised its products’ military uses in annual reports and online. Indeed, until very recently, the firm’s website boldly stated its products were used in “high-end military equipment.”

Yet, Capchem denied supplying the Chinese military, and the reference to “high-end military equipment” was scrubbed from the firm’s website within 24 hours of the DCNF reaching out for comment.

Capchem “does not have products used by Chinese military, or any other military organizations,” a spokesperson told the DCNF.

“When the English/U.S. website was developed, the ‘military’ reference was inadvertently included,” the spokesperson said. “You brought it to the company’s attention, and it was removed just as it had been in the Chinese version in 2020.”

However, the military reference also appeared on Capchem’s Chinese-language website when the DCNF reached out for comment. The reference on Capchem’s Chinese-language site appears to have been removed around the same time as their English-language was being scrubbed.

Capchem business filings and corporate announcements from 2023, along with Chinese financial service research reports from as recent as January 2024, also note the firm’s products had military applications.

‘Military-Civil Fusion’

Capchem’s work with China’s military industrial complex extends back to at least 2012. That year, the Guangdong province Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced Capchem was one of 70 companies selected to serve as a “Guangdong Provincial National Defense Science And Technology Industry Military-Civil Fusion Superior Work Unit.”

The work unit focused on “critical components within the aerospace field,” including “space flight-grade, high-reliability and core electronic components, high-end general chips, base software, etcetera,” the 2012 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announcement reads.

The project was overseen by China’s Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, which is “under direct supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,” and responsible for “nuclear weapons, aerospace technology, aviation, armament, watercraft and electronic industries,” according to China’s State Council.

China’s “Military-Civil Fusion strategy supports the modernization goals of the People’s Liberation Army by ensuring it can acquire advanced technologies and expertise developed by PRC companies, universities, and research programs that appear to be civilian entities,” according to the U.S. Defense Department.

Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Ranking Member Raja Krishnamoorthi recently sent a letter to the Treasury and Defense departments noting the U.S. government’s blacklist of Chinese military companies extends to companies working with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

“Among other qualifying considerations, a company is a ‘military civil fusion contributor’ if such company is ‘affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including research partnerships and projects,’” the lawmakers wrote in January 2024. “The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was formed in 2008 and is key to the PRC’s military-civil fusion strategy.”

Capchem’s annual reports show the firm has received millions of dollars in payments from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology since 2017. The ministry paid the firm approximately $1.5 million for an “Industrial Foundation Project” in 2017, according to Capchem’s annual report for that year.

Capchem’s most recent annual report shows the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had a subsidy of just under $1 million earmarked for the firm at the end of the 2023 mid-term reporting period.

Despite this, Capchem initially denied getting any “money/subsidies/donations from the Chinese government” in an email to the DCNF, though a spokesperson did say the firm had received “economic development tax incentives.”

However, the spokesperson changed their tune when the DCNF pointed to the firm’s own annual reports.

“The last time the company received any Chinese government subsidies besides standard incentives or awards provided for all eligible companies was between 2016 and 2018,” the spokesperson said. “Any reference to subsidies in company reports apply to those received during that time. The company has received no such subsidies since 2018.”

Capchem’s corporate reports list $26 million in subsidies from various Chinese government entities. The company’s 2023 mid-term report lists roughly $10 million worth of new government subsidies in a section labeled “Programs Involving Government Subsidies.”

Heritage’s Burack said Capchem has been “subsidized by the Chinese government” and “manufactures for China’s military.”

“There’s no question who these companies really work for,” Burack said. “There’s no such thing as a private Chinese company.”

‘Aerospace And Military Industries’

Capchem has long advertised the dual military-civilian use for its products. For instance, Capchem’s 2009 annual report touted how the company’s products are used in “aerospace and military industries.”

The vice president of Capchem’s research institute, Liu Zhongbo, discussed the military application of the company’s sodium-ion batteries at a July 2023 battery forum in Jiangsu province.

“Lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries are representative of new battery types serving as an important foundation for supporting the wide application of new energy sources in the domains of electricity, transportation, communication, military, etcetera,” Liu said during the event, according to Capchem’s website.

“In the future, Capchem will closely follow the national strategy to support the mass production of sodium-ion batteries,” Liu said.

More recently, a January 2024 research report from Chinese financial service firm Huaan Securities identified Capchem’s “fluorinated polyimide” product as being used in the nuclear industry and by the military, and the firm’s “perfluoropolyether oil” product’s use in aerospace landing gear, rudders and aircraft control mechanisms.

‘Security Risks’

Capchem’s plans to expand their U.S. footprint come as federal and state officials move to prohibit the ownership of U.S. land by Chinese entities. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson recently issued an executive order in January 2024 banning entities tied to China from purchasing agricultural land within 10 miles of any “critical military facilities” in the state.

Capchem USA is planning on building an approximately $120 million factory in Lawrence County, Ohio, Capchem announced in June 2023. County commissioners recently approved a 50% tax abatement for Capchem USA’s facility, the Herald Dispatch reported. The facility will serve as a “production facility for the manufacturing of battery chemicals,” according to Capchem.

Capchem USA is also considering a $350 million plant in Louisiana, according to Louisiana Economic Development, a government agency.

Ohio Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup’s congressional district includes Lawrence County. Barbara Boland, Wenstrup’s press secretary, told the DCNF that the congressman has “warned of the potential security risks to our supply chains, intellectual property and national security posed by Chinese-owned companies operating in the U.S.”

“Congressman Wenstrup recommends local governments and those pursuing economic development opportunities to fully vet any companies seeking to establish a footprint in their communities,” Boland said.



Daily Caller News Foundation investigative reporter, political journalist, and China watcher. Twitter: @LenczyckiPhilip.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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DAVID BLACKMON: The Energy Transition Has Become A Big Green Hot Mess thumbnail

DAVID BLACKMON: The Energy Transition Has Become A Big Green Hot Mess

By The Daily Caller

We spend a lot of time talking and writing about the green energy subsidies contained in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. That’s appropriate given that bill’s content of a raft of incentives and subsidies the CBO estimated would amount to $369 billion over 10 years, a number that some analysts have estimated will be a small fraction of the real final price tag of that bill.

Receiving less attention is the set of similar subsidy programs that were contained in 2021’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), one of which allocated the princely sum of $5 billion to the Departments of Energy (DOE) and Transportation (DOT) to serve as grant money to subsidize the installation of fast-charging EV charging stations around the country. In late February, Nick Pope reported at the Daily Caller that, more than two years after passage of the bill, this government program has resulted in the opening of just two locations – in Ohio and New York – that include only 8 such charging stations.

The slowness of this process should not come as a surprise to anyone, given that this subsidy program incorporates the massive bureaucracies at two federal departments. It is the nature of government agencies to find ways of slowing whatever process over which they have purview, not to speed them up. That’s not a slam on the people who staff those agencies, but a simple recognition of the realities they face in attempting to conform their actions to the complexities of the laws they are required to enforce, of which the IIJA is merely one.

This tension between the nature and complexity of western law and the need for speed the Biden White House hopes to achieve with the setting of hyper-aggressive goals and timelines related to the adoption and enforcement of its Green New Deal policies always has been and remains the central conundrum of the energy transition in the United States. The pace of the multi-faceted, $300 trillion transition is already drastically behind schedule, both in the US and across the rest of the world. There is little prospect for that pace to catch up to the desired timelines anytime in the future.

This reality is not unique to the world of electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure needs, which are massive and hugely expensive. There is also the need for dramatically expanding the electric grid, which provides power to every aspect of not only the transition but to society as a whole. The needs there were already unimaginably huge even before the rise of AI, a power hog of unprecedented proportions.

While the IRA and IIJA included incentives and subsidies that address a subset of the thousands of moving parts of an integrated energy transition, many major elements – such as the gigantic transmission expansion needed for the power grid – were left out entirely.

When the IRA was passed, I warned that the Biden White House viewed it as not a stand-alone subsidy bill, but merely as a down payment for what it viewed as a series of even larger subsidy efforts to come. If one accepts that the climate is really in an emergency condition – as the climate alarm lobby’s propaganda claims – then the passage of a perhaps unending series of debt-funded subsidy bills becomes a moral imperative, after all.

One of the big dangers there is that the momentum behind this fear-driven need for speed begins to be used as justification for the limitation or even abrogation of guaranteed rights of all stakeholders. We see this already starting to happen in states like California and Massachusetts, where Democrat Governors Gavin Newsom and Maura Healey are pushing efforts to overrule the rights of local governments to deny permits for new wind projects and other “green” energy priorities.

The slowness of federal bureaucracies only serves to heighten this sense of alarm, the worst possible motivation to justify the allocation of trillions of debt-funded dollars. It is the worst of all possible worlds, one in which policies motivated by politics promote investment decisions free markets would never create on their own and result in outcomes that do not begin to solve the problem allegedly at hand. It is, in a word, a mess.

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David Blackmon is an energy writer and consultant based in Texas. He spent 40 years in the oil and gas business, where he specialized in public policy and communications.


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