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Kevin McCarthy Threatens Biden’s DHS Secretary With Impeachment If He Doesn’t Resign

By The Daily Caller

House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas with impeachment Tuesday during a visit to the border in El Paso, Texas.

McCarthy, who is vying for the House speakership, said Republicans will push for Mayorkas’ impeachment if he refuses to step down. He was joined by several Republican colleagues, including Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales, who represents a southern border district, that made the trip to show support for Border Patrol.

“His actions have produced the greatest wave of illegal immigration in recorded history. Our country may never recover from Secretary Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty. This is why today I am calling on the secretary to resign. He cannot and must not remain in that position,” McCarthy said.

“If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure to determine whether we can begin an impeachment inquiry,” McCarthy said.

The Republican Study Committee was previously pushing for Mayorkas’ impeachment, but McCarthy argued that he “wants to make the case before we go for the jugular,” Axios reported in April.

Under Mayorkas’ leadership, federal border authorities have been overwhelmed by a surge in illegal immigration. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered a record of over 2.3 million migrants in fiscal year 2022 and more than 230,000 at the start of fiscal year 2023.

Mayorkas, however, continues to insist that the southern border is “secure.” He most recently made the assertion during a House Homeland Security Committee on Nov. 15.

For months, Republican lawmakers have called on Mayorkas to resign for making the false claim.

“I’m not unhappy. I’m pissed. Secretary Mayorkas needs to resign: he’s incompetent,” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham told Martha MacCallum, host of Fox News’ “The Story,” in September, adding “The border is not closed. It’s been surrendered.”

“Secretary Mayorkas is proud to advance the noble mission of this Department, support its extraordinary workforce, and serve the American people. The Department will continue our work to enforce our laws and secure our border, while building a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system,” DHS said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Members of Congress can do better than point the finger at someone else; they should come to the table and work on solutions for our broken system and outdated laws, which have not been overhauled in over 40 years,” the department added.



Investigative reporter.

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Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni, ‘The solution is to free Africa from certain Europeans who exploit it!’ thumbnail

Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni, ‘The solution is to free Africa from certain Europeans who exploit it!’

By Dr. Rich Swier

Italy’s first female Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is taking on the issue of bringing migrants from Africa to Europe head on.

She appeared on the news with a startling revelation about the CFA franc.

According to the International Monetary Fund,

What is the CFA franc zone?

The CFA franc zone consists of 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, each affiliated with one of two monetary unions. Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte D’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo comprise the West African Economic and Monetary Union, or WAEMU, founded in 1994 to build on the foundation of the West African Monetary Union, founded in 1973. The remaining six countries — Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon — comprise the Central African Economic and Monetary Union, or CAEMC.


Holy shlit

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) November 19, 2022

In our September 26th, 2022 column Why They Already Hate Giorgia Meloni The New Prime Minister of Italy we wrote,

Here’s why these woke, anti-liberty, anti-family, anti-faith media outlets hate Giorgia Meloni.


They hate Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni because she is pro-woman, pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-life, pro-Italy. Her message is “Make Italy Great Again” (MIGA) and very much like the American MAGA movement she is hated for her love of faith, family and country.

Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni is a woman of principle.

Now Giorgia is taking on the IMF and the French elites who use the Africans as slaves to enhance their wealth.

Giorgia is everything that the real fascists hate. She’s a mother, Catholic, wife and a strong independent woman who speaks truth to power.

She loves her country and its traditions.

In other words she is a normal and healthy woman!

Copyright Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Schumer Blasted For Claim That Illegals Will Solve U.S. Birth Rate thumbnail

Schumer Blasted For Claim That Illegals Will Solve U.S. Birth Rate

By Discover The Networks

Speaking to the press outside the Capitol on Wednesday, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declared that the solution to America’s declining birth rate was to grant citizenship to the 11+ million illegals in the country, after which he was blasted mercilessly on Twitter.

Schumer declared, “Now more than ever, we’re short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to. The only way we’re going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the DREAMers and – all of them. Cause our ultimate goal is to help the DREAMers but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million, or however many undocumented immigrants.”

NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham pointed out the obvious irony of Schumer making these claims, tweeting, “You’re funding Planned Parenthood to keep the native-born population smaller.”

Conservative political strategist Greg Price commented, “They say that it’s empowering to stay single forever and never start a family, claim having kids destroys the environment, promote abortion as a moral good, and their solution when they realize people aren’t having enough kids is to import the third world to replace them.”

He then laid into Schumer directly, adding, “Chuck Schumer has also been in government since the 1980s and helped create the economy of today that makes it virtually impossible for people my age to build wealth and start a family. The man has literally done nothing but preside over America’s decline.”

Sports talk radio host Tony Bruno advised alternative solutions for Schumer, tweeting, “Maybe we stop ABORTING babies at record levels and do something to stop the record black on black murders in big Dem run cities?”

The Twitter account for pro-life outlet remarked, “Maybe quit promoting abortion.”

Conservative influencer and Café Gratis CEO Steve Oatley echoed Girdusky’s criticism, tweeting, “Weird, I thought all the dems were saying the great replacement theory was a conspiracy…”

Charles Schumer

41 Known Connections

Schumer Demonizes Trump Supporters Who Voted for a “Despicable,” “Racist,” and “Vile” Man

At a July 2021 event with Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side community leaders in New York, Schumer said: “How could 74 million people vote for such a despicable human being as Donald Trump? I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative, Democrat or Republican, he is a vile man. He is dishonest, divisive. That’s what he loves to do. Just divide and have people fighting with each other. He’s a racist. And he always appeals to the dark side of human nature, which he’s very good at, unfortunately. How did they vote for him?”

To learn more about Chuck Schumer, click here.


Governor Abbot publicly declares invasion

Chris Wray is Smacked Down for Dodging Question on ‘FBI Informants Dressed as Trump Supporters’ on January 6

Cicilline Tries to Permanently Bar Trump from Office Over Jan. 6

Raskin: Running for Office Won’t Protect Trump From Prosecution

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National Exit Polling Shows that Securing the Border and Removing Illegal Aliens Are Top Immigration Priorities for Voters thumbnail

National Exit Polling Shows that Securing the Border and Removing Illegal Aliens Are Top Immigration Priorities for Voters

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Washington, D.C. — National exit polling of voters who participated in the midterm elections indicate that immigration was important to their vote. The polling also found that Congress has a clear mandate to secure our borders and ensure that immigration laws are enforced.

By a wide margin, 62 percent to 32 percent, voters favor strong action to secure our border and remove illegal aliens over granting amnesty to illegal aliens or increasing the number of people we admit legally.

Half of voters nationwide, said “securing the border and stopping illegal immigration” should be the top immigration issue for the 118th Congress to address. An additional 12 percent of voters said that “finding and removing illegal immigrants” is their top priority.

Fewer than 9 percent said that “granting legal status to people who are in the country illegally,” should be the first action, while 23 percent want more people to enter the country legally, not illegally.

Americans’ immigration priorities also represent a sharp rebuke of the Biden administration’s policies. 55.3 percent of voters believe that the “administration’s policies have encouraged illegal immigration,” compared with just 11.2 percent who think the president’s policies “have discouraged illegal immigration.” In order to discourage continued mass illegal immigration, 67.7 percent support requiring asylum seekers to file their claims from outside the United States.

“Republicans, who seem likely to control the House of Representatives in the 118th Congress have made explicit promises to the American public that they will use their majority to hold the Biden administration accountable for their deliberate and destructive border and immigration policies. Voters want the border brought under control, the wall built, and our nation’s immigration laws enforced,” noted Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

“The likely Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, pledged that a border security bill will be the first piece of legislation he brings to the floor next year, and he has a clear mandate to fulfill that pledge. Additionally, the House must use its power of the purse to ensure that this administration is not given a blank check to spend taxpayer money to undermine immigration laws, as they have for the past two years. When it comes to immigration and border enforcement, the Biden administration has betrayed the trust of the American people. It is now up to congressional Republicans to show they can earn that trust,” concluded Stein.

The national exit poll of 2,000 midterm voters was conducted by Zogby Analytics on behalf of FAIR. Among the key findings of the FAIR national exit poll:

  • 83 percent of voters said immigration was an important factor in their voting decisions.
  • 56 percent believe the border is currently insecure, or out of control.
  • 64 percent want to see the border security wall completed.
  • 55 percent believe Biden’s policies encourage mass illegal immigration, compared with only 11 percent who think his policies discourage it.
  • Two-thirds of voters want to end widespread abuse of our asylum process
  • 50 percent of voters believe that securing the border is the most pressing immigration policy issue facing the nation, while 12.3 percent think removing illegal aliens already here is the top priority.
  • Only 8.8 percent of voters believe granting amnesty to illegal aliens is a priority, while 23.2 percent think we should expand legal immigration to accommodate those who wish to come legally.

The full results of the national exit poll, conducted between Nov. 9 and Nov. 11 can be found here.

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Feature Film ‘Lions And Lambs’ — Exposing Human Trafficking thumbnail

Feature Film ‘Lions And Lambs’ — Exposing Human Trafficking

By Veterans 4 Child Rescue

Vets for Child Rescue is honored to align with Storyteller Film Co to make a full length, action-packed movie called Lions and Lambs

One of the biggest challenges we face in our efforts to expose and combat child trafficking is the suppression of information online. We hope this movie will provide a strategic work-around to bring massive awareness to the issue while creating an entertaining action/thriller film that everyone will want to watch.

Feature Film Trailer: A young girl is kidnapped to be sold to the highest bidder.

At its core, 𝐋𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐋𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐒 is a vigilante action film.

It will have exciting car and foot chases, fight sequences, and good-ole fashioned REVENGE!⁣ ⁣

In order to have a broad appeal to a variety of audiences, it’ll be a #PG13 rated #movie.

It’ll feel like a blockbuster of the late 90’s early 2000’s — but with a twist of true-to-life storytelling.⁣ ⁣ Co-producers @Travis Conover – The Creator’s Podcast and Matthew Wallace have nearly 30 years combined experience in the film industry as actors, writers, directors and producers.⁣

They’re now on a mission to #RaiseAwareness and bring this topic to the masses while 𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 our mission to 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞 and 𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞 it.⁣

Travis Conover and J. Matthew Wallace will be acting and producing this project and they have generously offered to:

  1. Promote Vets For Child Rescue and our mission in the project
  2. Donate a large amount of the proceeds of the fundraising and profits from the film to V4CR’s mission.

Here’s how you can help!

  1. Learn about the movie and support it here: No donation amount is too small. Even $5 or $10 donated will show publicly as another “backer” of the project. They need at least 12,000 backers.
  2. Share the project directly with your friends and family. We need to drive over 50k people to this site in the next 2 weeks.
  3. Pray for the project to be fully funded, for protection around all involved, and for it to create massive awareness.

Crowdfunding is Necessary For This Project Because Hollywood Won’t Support It

“LIONS and LAMBS” is the story of a man who’s 12 year old niece is kidnapped and sold into sex slavery, and the lengths he’ll go to, to get her back.

Actor and Film Makers Travis Conover and Matthew Wallace partner with “Vets for Child Rescue” to tackle the issue of sex slavery in the United States. This action thriller explores the underground world of sex trade in Atlanta, Georgia and the horrible reality behind one of the most lucrative business in the world.

“LIONS and LAMBS” is written as a modern day action blockbuster, with inspiration from the best action films of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. While LIONS and LAMBS is centered around an important cause, quality storytelling, character development, and set pieces will be its foundation. It’s sure to be a fast-paced, action packed and entertaining thrill ride that will keep you pinned to the screen.

The story is approached from three unique angles. Firstly, the point of the view of the girl who is taken from her home in North Atlanta. Secondly, from her family’s point of view (primarily, her uncle Leon who is former military) and also from the perspective of law enforcement, who are fighting to bring down the people responsible for this horrible crime.

At its core, LIONS AND LAMBS is a vigilante, buddy cop action film. It will have exciting car and foot chases, hard-hitting, action-packed fight sequences, and a strong dose of good-ole fashioned REVENGE! Studies show that movies that do not include gratuitous violence and sex actually have a much broader appeal to audiences, so we will be aiming for a PG-13 rating. It will feel like a blockbuster of the late 90’s early 2000’s but with a twist of true-to-life storytelling.

The Cause

Unlike most films, this project in particular has the potential to raise awareness around the very serious issue of human trafficking. This project has pledged to raise over $100,000 for our organization to help put a stop to child sex trafficking.

The impact of raising awareness is also something that we hope this movie will help achieve. There is an intentional effort to suppress information about child trafficking, and this movie has the opportunity to bring awareness to the masses.

Follow the Lions And Lambs movie project and it’s team


Twitter: @TravisConover

Instagram: @Travis_Conover

©Veterans For Child Rescue. All rights reserved.

Italy’s Conservative New Prime Minister Stands Up to Migrant Smugglers thumbnail

Italy’s Conservative New Prime Minister Stands Up to Migrant Smugglers

By Jihad Watch

The new Italian government refused to let male migrants leave the smuggling ships and enter Italy.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni vowed to resist mass migration. The low bar at stake here is the migrant smuggling operation in which NGOs pick up mostly Muslim migrants and “rescue them” by transporting them to Italy.

The new Italian government lightly put its foot down and refused to let the male migrants leave the smuggling ships and enter Italy.

Cue Das Outrage.

Charities have branded the actions of the Italian government “illegal” after it prevented 250 people disembarking two migrant rescue ships.

They’re not “rescue ships”. That’s a legal fiction, they’re human smuggling ships. And Italy has said that they’re welcome to take their “rescuees” who are no longer in any danger, anywhere they please.

So long as it isn’t Italy.

Migrants set sail in small, overcrowded boats from North Africa – often they get into distress and are rescued by charity vessels.

Correction, they get into the boats as a starting point for a feigned rescue and transportation to Europe where they can rob, rape and bomb to their hearts’ content.

In total 144 people were allowed to disembark the Humanity 1, which sails under a German flag, on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, 357 people were allowed off the Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF)-run Geo Barents, which sails under a Norwegian flag.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi said those who did not qualify as vulnerable would have to leave Italian waters and should be taken care of by the “flag state”.

Why can’t Germany, the home of Wir Schaffen Das, take them? Or Norway?

The charity, known in English as Doctors Without Borders, added that “a rescue operation is considered complete only when all of the survivors have been disembarked in a safe place”.

Both charities said everyone on board their ships was vulnerable as they had been rescued from the sea.

That’s how this legal fiction works. The migrants pretend to be in distress. The smugglers pretend to rescue them. And now suddenly the illegal migrants are entitled to invade Italy because all the men are “vulnerable”.

“Free all the people, free them,″ Italian lawmaker Aboubakar Soumahoro said, calling the government’s new policy “inhuman”.

“Italian lawmaker”.

Soumahoro, 40, arrived in Italy from Ivory Coast at age 19 and went to work in the fields picking crops. But he aimed higher. He enrolled in the University of Naples and earned a degree in sociology.

Just think of all the sociologists and politicians on board those boats.




Iran: Islamic Republic forces murder man who honked his car horn in support of the protests

Australia: 15-year-old Muslim pledged allegiance to Islamic State, provided guidance on bomb-making

Iran Warns Saudi Arabia to Stop Reporting on Protests

Philippines: Muslims murder one, injure 11 in jihad attack on bus, Christians and Muslims condemn attack

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Former DOD Contract Translator Arrested for Alleged Ties to ISIS thumbnail

Former DOD Contract Translator Arrested for Alleged Ties to ISIS

By Michael Cutler

The ongoing threat of Jihad.

A former Department of Defense (DOD) contract interpreter, Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi has been arrested for allegedly having lied about his connection to ISIS in his application for a security clearance in conjunction with his employment by the DOD.

The arrest of this defendant is of great significance however, while information about this case has been published in several news reports but, incredibly, has not been reported by the Justice Department or any other federal agency.

Mohammadi is being prosecuted by the federal government and is alleged to have worked to assist ISIS, the group behind the bombing in Afghanistan that killed 13 American soldiers and grievously wounded many others.

Additionally, the news reports neglected to provide important insight into just how the alleged actions of the defendant may have done significant harm to U.S. national security or ask what should be obvious questions about the way that Mohammadi is being charged.

I will address these issues shortly, but first, let’s begin by reviewing information about this case that Rolling Stone’s article about the arrest provided in its October 18, 2022 report under the title:


Feds Charge Pentagon Contractor With Lying About Ties to ISIS

Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi worked for the U.S. in Afghanistan. He was also allegedly helping the terrorist group behind a bombing that killed 13 American troops.

The Rolling Stone article began with this excerpt:

FEDERAL PROSECUTORS SAY a translator hired by the U.S. to work in Afghanistan lied about his contacts with recruiters for the terrorist group behind a notorious bombing that killed 13 American troops in August 2021.

In a federal criminal complaint filed in Kansas on Monday, the government says Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi communicated with, funded, and, in one case, sought to secure the release of recruiters for ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) both before and after he worked for the U.S. as a linguist in Afghanistan.

Mohammadi allegedly denied “ever associat[ing] with anyone involved in activities to further terrorism” while filling out a security clearnace form for his linguist work in 2019. But FBI agents investigating him in the wake of the 2021 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan say a trail of Facebook messages, social media posts, and the testimony of an informer contradict that account.

Experts say that, while lying on security clearance forms is illegal and subject to criminal penalties, prosecutions tend to be rare and reserved only for extreme cases. The case comes as thousands of interpreters, soldiers, and employees who fought ISIS-K and the Taliban beside the U.S.-led coalition are still struggling to find refuge inside the U.S. after Taliban rule.

This next excerpt is utterly impossible to understand:

The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. Rolling Stone was unable to reach Mohamaddi or an attorney representing him.

The Rolling Stone article also reported on Mohammadi’s alleged support of two recruiters for ISIS-K in this excerpt:

The Defense Department deployed Mohammadi to Afghanistan as a contract linguist in October 2019. Unbeknownst to the Pentagon, Mohammadi allegedly had a history of support for an ISIS-K recruiter prior to his travel to Afghanistan.

Investigators say he had been in contact with “Individual 1,” a man arrested by Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) for “recruiting militants for ISIS-K and deploying them to a specific province within Afghanistan” in February 2019.

Prosecutors didn’t name the alleged recruiter, but the description of him as the subject of a publicly announced arrest by NDS aligns with Abu Obaidullah Mutawakil, a jihadist preacher arrested in Kabul in February 2019. Mutawakil’s arrest was the only publicly announced arrest of an ISIS-K recruiter that month.

Mohammadi’s relationship with the individual appears to date at least to early January 2018, when the Kansas man Facebook messaged a friend in an attempt to get the recruiter’s phone number. Months later, Mohammadi allegedly sent the recruiter $400 via Western Union and published a video featuring him on his Facebook page in the wake of the recruiter’s February 2019 arrest.

Once deployed to Afghanistan in October 2019, Mohammadi appears to have raised little suspicion except for a brief incident when “he attempted to sneak back onto the military base, as he left the base without permission,” according to investigators.

While in the country, Mohammadi allegedly tried to help a second ISIS-K recruiter, referred to in court documents as “Individual 2,” after an arrest. Afghanistan’s NDS arrested Individual 2 for “recruiting students to join ISIS-K and encouraging them to carry out terrorist attacks” in July 2019. Mohammadi allegedly told an FBI informant that he had tried to help secure the man’s release while working as a linguist in Afghanistan

Now let’s dig deeper into the serious implications that this case has for America’s national security.

Generally the arrest and prosecution of an individual associated with a known terrorist organization would be the subject of a Justice Department (DOJ) news release and likely a well-attended news conference.  However, as I noted in the beginning of my article today, the has, to date, not made any public announcements about this case.  Here the DOJ was not even willing to respond to a direct question and provide information to a news organization about the arrest of an alleged affiliate of ISIS-K.

It is also hard to understand why Mohamaddi was only charged with lying on his application for the security clearance required for his employment as a translator for the DOD but has not been charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Another issue that should be addressed is Mohamaddi’s immigration status.  If he was born in the United States he would certainly be a United States citizen.  However, if he entered the United States as an alien, then his applications to secure entry into the United States must be scrutinized to see if he lied on his immigration applications, just as he alleged to have lied in his security application.  This is of great importance, because if he committed fraud in his immigration applications and that fraud can be proven, he would be subject to deportation (removal) from the United States after his criminal prosecution is completed and he completes his prison sentence, presuming he is found guilty.

If he is found guilty of assisting ISIS, his continuing presence in the United States would clearly pose a clear and present danger to national security and public safety.  His deportation would eliminate that threat.

Translators hold positions of extreme sensitivity.  This is a fact that I am intimately familiar with, as an INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) special agent I frequently worked with translators.

Translators, of necessity, serve as the eyes, ears and mouths of the agents and intelligence officers who work with them and also act in the eyes ears and mouths of the individuals who are interviewed.  Translators may be given access to sensitive documents.

Translators are able to identify agents and potential informants, putting their lives at risk.  The information that is discussed is highly sensitive and provides the translator with sensitive information that has potential national security implications.

A rogue translator may lie about the responses being given by an individual who is being interviewed.  This would undermine the integrity of the vetting process that is vital to prevenient terrorists from entering the United States by concealing their association with terrorist organizations or other derogatory information.

The arrest of this alleged affiliate of ISIS is a bit of positive news, however, how many more such individuals have succeeded in infiltrating our agencies that are charged with protecting America and Americans?

In the days, weeks and months after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 politicians from both political parties and at all levels of government demanded to know why no one had “connected the dots” to anticipate that America was vulnerable to a massive terror attacks.

Ultimately the 911 Commission was formed to conduct an extensive and in-depth investigation into how the terrorists were able to successfully target the United States an the worst terror attack ever carried out on U.S. soil.

In point of fact, I provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission.

It did not take long for the 9/11 Commission to determine that multiple failures of the immigration system enabled terrorists, and not only the 19 hijacker terrorists who carried out the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, to easily enter the United States by various means, most often by committing immigration fraud, that enabled them to embed themselves in communities around the United States as they made their deadly preparations.

In addition to providing testimony to the 9/11 Commission and testifying before numerous hearings in the House and Senate I have written a number of articles in which I attempted to “Connect the dots”-

Here are five such articles:

The Biden administration must now order an audit of every case that involved Translator Mohammad Rafi Mohammadi’s “services.”

However, I am not optimistic that this will happen under the “leadership” of Joe Biden or DHS Secretary Mayorkas .  My recent article, For the Biden Administration, National Security is ‘Mission Irrelevant’ explored some of the vulnerabilities that have been exacerbated by the Biden administration.

We The People must contact our Senators and Congressional Representatives and make it clear that they must act on behalf of national security and the safety of all Americans.   This is not a “Left” issue or a “Right” issue but an American issue.

The clock is ticking and time is not on our side!

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

Border Numbers Worsened in October, Including Historic Number of ‘Known Gotaways’ thumbnail

Border Numbers Worsened in October, Including Historic Number of ‘Known Gotaways’

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Washington, D.C. — Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 210,000 illegal aliens at the southern border last month, according to preliminary numbers obtained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The numbers, first reported by The Washington Times, show yet another rise in the level of chaos triggered by Biden administration policies.

The numbers obtained by FAIR reveal that Border Patrol agents apprehended approximately 209,664 illegal aliens at our southern border in October. Agents tallied another 86,796 “known gotaways” — migrants that they spotted crossing, but were unable to apprehend due to a focus on processing. This is believed to be the highest number of “known gotaways” ever detected and paints an even grimmer picture of a crisis that is a direct result of the Biden administration’s deliberate sabotage of our nation’s immigration laws.

While these numbers are preliminary, 209,664 illegal border crossers amounts to a 30% increase compared to October 2021, when agents tallied 159,113 apprehensions. The numbers also trounce the last few years of the Trump administration, when roughly 69,000 were caught in October 2020, and just 35,000 were nabbed in October 2019.

What is even more alarming is the fact that these preliminary numbers do not reveal how many of the nearly 210,000 illegal aliens who were apprehended last month were released into American communities. However, based on past trends, the figure is likely to be more than half. Even worse, the 86,796 “gotaways” are particularly worrisome because agents have reason to believe those who have criminal records or are on the terror watch list are among those sneaking through.

“We are quickly approaching the end of a catastrophic two years for border security, and consequently, for the American people. The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect Americans and our interests. President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have knowingly, willfully, and consistently violated that responsibility,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “We have never seen such numbers in our history, and the Biden administration’s open-borders policies are solely to blame.”

“These are numbers the American people have a right to see within what was once a traditional time window, and we are glad to assist,” Stein continued. “The Biden administration cannot continue to cover up what is happening by waiting until after business hours in the second half of the following month to release its data.”

“Working in partnership with the White House, Secretary Mayorkas continues to purposefully ignore our nation’s immigration laws while abandoning policies of the previous administration that were designed to keep our borders secure and the American people safe,” charged Stein. “On that basis alone, Mayorkas must be brought up on impeachment charges in the next Congress. The fact is this: Nothing will improve until there is a public servant leading DHS who believes in borders—and secure ones at that.”

RELATED ARTICLE: Long-Distance Migrants Hit High Water Mark at Southern Border … With More to Come

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

EXCLUSIVE: Migrants Are Given ‘Literal Roadmaps’ To Reach The U.S. Border. And Big Tech Is Funding It! thumbnail

EXCLUSIVE: Migrants Are Given ‘Literal Roadmaps’ To Reach The U.S. Border. And Big Tech Is Funding It!

By The Daily Caller

  • Doctors Without Borders is handing out maps to migrants that show several different routes to the U.S. border, according to a map seen by the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • “As a medical humanitarian organization providing medical and mental health care to people on this migration route, MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières] prints and distributes these maps to ensure that people know where to find shelter and humanitarian assistance and how to access mental health services along the migration route,” Doctors Without Borders spokeswoman Jessica Brown told the DCNF.
  • The Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) labels the documents “literal roadmaps to guide migrants from Central America to our southern border,” in a statement to the DCNF.

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — Doctors Without Borders, a medical aid nonprofit which is funded by a number of prominent tech companies, is publishing and distributing maps to migrants showing routes through Central America that reach the U.S., according to a copy of the map seen by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The map is labeled “shelters for people on the move” in Spanish and lists a number of clinics and other areas where aid can be found along the journey to the U.S., according to the document. While Doctors Without Borders hasn’t received U.S. government funding since 2002, the group still receives sizable donations from American companies, including from tech giants Microsoft, and Amazon.

The group has also gotten millions in donations from the foundations of billionaires Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg, according to its website.

“As a medical humanitarian organization providing medical and mental health care to people on this migration route, MSF [Médecins Sans Frontières] prints and distributes these maps to ensure that people know where to find shelter and humanitarian assistance and how to access mental health services along the migration route,” Doctors Without Borders spokeswoman Jessica Brown told the DCNF.

Click here to view the Daily Caller News Foundation map.

The map shows paths starting in Guatemala that lead up to the U.S.-Mexico border. Each path is marked with locations for shelter and aid along several different routes through Central America that end in the U.S.

The map also lists the locations of clinics and shelters along the Mexican border across from major U.S. cities, such as El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California.

“The fact that an international medical NGO with billions in the bank is making literal roadmaps to guide migrants from Central America to our southern border is not only an affront to its core mission, but a globalist attack on our sovereignty,” Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Director of Government Relations and Communications RJ Hauman told the DCNF.

The map is labeled “Medicos Sin Fronteras,” which is the name used by the organization’s offices in Argentina and Spain, which have separate finances in addition to a combined international account with the U.S. office.

Doctors Without Border has previously highlighted its work “assisting migrants on their dangerous journeys.”

“We provided treatment for people emerging from the Panama side of the jungle, who are mainly from Cuba or Haiti, although our teams have seen people from West Africa. Regardless of origin, everyone passing through the Gap is heading north, where they still face the dangerous route through Mexico, in search of a better life in the United States,” the group noted in a 2021 report.

Between October 2021 and September 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered roughly 2.3 million migrants at the U.S. border with Mexico. Many of the migrants made the trek through South and Central America, where some are receiving the map, which Hauman compared to the smuggling operations of cartels.

“No American citizen, company, or foundation should give a dime to Doctors Without Borders until they quit working hand in glove with cartels and smugglers to enhance mass migration in the region While the federal government hasn’t funded Doctors Without Borders since 2002, there are plenty of other NGOs with similar missions that do quietly receive taxpayer dollars. Republicans must examine this immediately next Congress,” Hauman said.

Bloomberg, Google, Amazon and Microsoft also didn’t respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.

The Musk Foundation couldn’t be reached for comment.



Investigative reporter.


EXCLUSIVE: Guatemalan President Lays Out How One Biden Policy Caused Migrants To Swarm The Border

Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

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Iran: Panicking regime officials seek UK passports as families flee on flights from Tehran thumbnail

Iran: Panicking regime officials seek UK passports as families flee on flights from Tehran

By Jihad Watch

The brave dissidents of Iran are reminding the world how much a government needs the support of its people, even under a fascist regime. It’s beginning to look increasingly hopeful for the protestors as panic spreads among members of the Iranian regime, many of whom are now seeking British passports as their families flee on flights from Tehran. They’re also seeking Swiss and Canadian passports.

Under no circumstances should any of these countries be facilitating or harboring these jihad terrorists and their families. A member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) also reported that “there are ‘a lot’ of servicemen either deserting the regime or actively helping protesters.” He also encouraged the protestors in a declaration that now is the “’best time’ to challenge Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s regime.” This IRGC member may be right. The alternative, should the regime end up winning this round, could be catastrophic, as the regime will become even harsher.

Panicking Iranian regime ‘seeking UK passports’ for families as officials flee Tehran

by Richard Ashmore, Express, October 31, 2022:

Iranian officials are seeking “British passports” for their families as they charter “five flights a day” fleeing the pariah state, has been told. Traditionally 40 days is a mourning milestone in Iranian culture and scores of civilians massed in cities across Iran on Wednesday. The Iranian regime has in the past brutally put down any dissent but the latest ongoing unrest has shown no sign of abating. has learned sections of the main airport in Tehran have been taken over by regime forces as a fast-track area for their own family and friends to escape the country.

Speaking to an Iranian source – who cannot be named for security reasons – said things at the airport were moving fast.

He said: “It started around two weeks ago. The regime changed all security detail at the airport.

“They were moving civilians (friends and family) from the back entrance of the airport directly to the aeroplanes for international flights, at least five flights a day.

“They would move the regular staff away whenever this was happening and also confiscate their phones. They also replaced the regular staff who are handling the commercially important people (VIP) section of the airport with their own staff.

“It is hard to verify because they are taking away people’s phones, but based on what I have seen before it wouldn’t be completely crazy if the regime was doing this.

“They will be looking for Canadian, Swiss and UK passports.”…

Read more.




Iran: Islamic Republic security forces beat teen girl to death for tearing Khomeini’s photo

Islamic Republic of Iran: ‘Simply being a Christian is enough to get you arrested’

BIDEN CATASTROPHE: US, Saudi Arabia on High Alert Over Intel of Impending Iranian Attack: Report

Former ICE director says Afghan criminals will be released onto U.S. streets

Ilhan Omar’s Very Foreign Policy

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Red Wave Follows Democrat Crime Wave thumbnail

Red Wave Follows Democrat Crime Wave

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

Crime is now the third top issue in the elections, according to a new Gallup poll.   No wonder, with people being pushed onto subway tracks for no reason in New York and flash mobs looting stores in California.  Fourteen people, including children, were injured in Chicago on Halloween night after two shooters started firing randomly into a crowd.

Sorry, Chicago, but elections have consequences.  You elected Democrat Lori Lightfoot as mayor, the same Lori Lightfoot who defunded the police and refused to call out the National Guard to put down the riots in 2020.  She has admitted she has no idea how to stop the crime wave and has called on the feds to bail her out.  Democrats in Illinois also just passed a new law that will end cash bail after the 1st of the year for aggravated assault, second-degree murder, and other serious crimes.  This will free hundreds of defendants awaiting trial, so don’t expect the crime problem in Chicago to get any better any time soon.

You elect Democrats again this go-around and it is guaranteed the situation won’t get any better.  In addition to defunding the police and ending cash bail, the Democrat Party has brought you the Soros progressive prosecutors who are a problem in so many parts of the country.  Things are so bad in Philadelphia with progressive prosecutor Larry Krasner in charge of the District Attorney’s office there that state Republican lawmakers have moved to impeach him.  A murderer, whom Krasner freed from a life sentence last year, is back in custody on another murder charge.  “[W]e have heard devastating stories from victims of crime, businesses who are closing because they do not feel safe, and victims who have been revictimized by a district attorney’s office unwilling to help them when they would rather help criminals,” one Republican said.  Krasner called the Republicans fascists and a threat to democracy.  Gee, I’ve never heard that before.  I wonder where he got that line.

When confronted on TV with the obvious failure of his policies, Krasner claimed the murder rate is 40 percent higher in states Trump won than in states Biden won.  The claim comes from a progressive think tank and progressive authors, so you can take it with a grain of salt, maybe two.  But what cannot be denied is the fact that Democrats run all but one of the most dangerous cities in America and they have, in most cases, for decades.  The top 16 cities in the country for homicides are all run by Democrats.

Progressive prosecutors have wreaked havoc elsewhere.  One in Virginia freed a felon who went on to murder two men.  Another in Virginia freed a man from jail twice in a month who later killed a man.  A Democrat D.A. in Los Angeles failed to prosecute an illegal alien for domestic violence in 2019.  The man went on a stabbing spree in Las Vegas last month, killing two of his eight victims with a knife.

The tone for all this was set in 2020 when the rioters who burned down cities and injured 2,000 police officers got a free pass, for the most part.  There were only a relative handful of prosecutions in progressive and Democrat strongholds like Portland and Minneapolis.  This invited further criminality and the nation is now reaping the whirlwind.  Wrong direction – unless, of course, you like chaos and things spinning out of control.  If you do, be sure to vote Democrat in this election because the Democrat Party – by defunding the police, ending cash bail, and installing progressive prosecutors – will surely give you what you want.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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REPORT: Biden Admin Weighing Plan To House Migrants In Guantanamo thumbnail

REPORT: Biden Admin Weighing Plan To House Migrants In Guantanamo

By The Daily Caller

The Biden administration is weighing a plan to house migrants at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, according to NBC News.

The White House National Security Council asked the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the number of Haitian migrants apprehended at sea that would require them to designate a third country for them to stay while they await processing to enter the U.S., NBC reported, citing two U.S. officials and an internal document. If there is an overwhelming number of Haitian migrants for a third country, the Biden administration is considering Guantanamo Bay as a holding center.

Guantanamo is a high-security prison where some of the harshest criminals have been held, including terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks.

The facility has also been used in the past to house migrants from Cuba and Haiti. The Biden administration is considering utilizing the base’s Migrant Operations Center and doubling its capacity to have 400 beds, according to NBC.

“The U.S. government always does contingency planning out of an abundance of caution, and for a wide range of potential scenarios. These contingencies for migration existed long before the Biden-Harris Administration,” an NSC spokesperson added after NBC published its story, adding that a decision hasn’t been made and the number of Haitian migrants interdicted at sea has decreased.

Nearly one year ago, the Biden administration faced a surge in Haitian migrants that overwhelmed the capacity of Border Patrol in Del Rio, Texas, when thousands of them amassed under the international bridge hoping to enter the U.S. During Biden’s time in office, there’s been millions of migrants attempting to enter the country, many of them illegally.

“The United States remains committed to supporting the people of Haiti. We recently delivered Haitian government-purchased security equipment, including tactical and armored vehicles and supplies, that will assist the Haitian National Police in their fight against criminal actors inciting violence,” a spokesperson for the NSC told NBC.

Gangs have attempted to recently take control of Haiti’s government, according to NBC. Most recently, the groups attempted to block fuel to the country.

DHS is monitoring “the situation in Haiti, and there are longstanding contingency plans ready in the event of a surge in maritime migration,” an agency spokesperson told NBC.

“DHS components, including U.S. Border Patrol, Air and Marine Operations, and the United States Coast Guard, along with our federal partners, maintain a continual presence with air and sea assets in the Florida straits and in the Caribbean Sea, as part of a multi-layered approach to interdict migrants attempting to enter the U.S.,” the spokesperson added.

Neither a spokesperson for the NSC nor DHS immediately responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.



Investigative reporter.


If only we enforced immigration law, Paul Pelosi would not have been nearly killed.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) November 1, 2022


US Sanctuary States Handing Out Millions of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to Illegal Aliens

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Facilitators Of Traffickers’: Guatemalan President Says US Needs To ‘Pressure’ Countries To Stop Flow Of Illegal Migrants

Migrant Deaths At Southern Border Reach New Record Under Biden

Border Patrol Agents And Illegal Venezuelan Migrants Violently Clash At Southern Border

Air Marshals Sent to Mexican Border to Help with Welfare Checks, Hospital Watch, Transportation

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Border Patrol Agents And Illegal Venezuelan Migrants Violently Clash At Southern Border thumbnail

Border Patrol Agents And Illegal Venezuelan Migrants Violently Clash At Southern Border

By The Daily Caller

Border Patrol agents and illegal migrants from Venezuela had a violent clash at the southern border on Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The incident occurred when the group of Venezuelans, who were engaged in a protest, tried to cross the border from Mexico into El Paso, Texas, along the Rio Grande River, illegally, CBP told the DCNF. The situation grew tense as one of the protestors assaulted a border agent with a flag pole, which led agents to deploy “crowd control measures” that included a pepperball launching system.

Customs and Border Patrol agents fire rubber bullets on migrants as migrants retreat on the north bank of the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas.

— J. Omar Ornelas (@fotornelas) October 31, 2022

The group then returned to Mexico, CBP said, adding that the incident is under review.

“Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional responsibility will review the incident. The situation is still on going, further information may be provided as it becomes available,” CBP said.

Due to an early October Biden administration rule, Venezuelan migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally are expelled immediately to Mexico.

CBP encountered over 187,000 illegal Venezuelan migrants during fiscal year 2022, according to agency statistics. Some migrants from Venezuela may come due to a “perception that once they reach the border, they have a greater chance of remaining in the United States, based on a misunderstood perception of temporary protected status,” an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation in late October said.

“These actions make clear that there is a lawful and orderly way for Venezuelans to enter the United States, and lawful entry is the only way,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said of the policy at the time.

However, it is unclear if the incident is related to the policy change.



Investigative reporter.


If only we enforced immigration law, Paul Pelosi would not have been nearly killed.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) November 1, 2022


US Sanctuary States Handing Out Millions of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS to Illegal Aliens

Air Marshals Sent to Mexican Border to Help with Welfare Checks, Hospital Watch, Transportation

Migrant Deaths At Southern Border Reach New Record Under Biden

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Facilitators Of Traffickers’: Guatemalan President Says US Needs To ‘Pressure’ Countries To Stop Flow Of Illegal Migrants

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Trending on Twitter: #PelosiGayLover, #PelosiGate, #PelosiSmollet, Biden’s Fake News & bringing back the ‘Vine’ app thumbnail

Trending on Twitter: #PelosiGayLover, #PelosiGate, #PelosiSmollet, Biden’s Fake News & bringing back the ‘Vine’ app

By Dr. Rich Swier

This is an update on what’s hot on Twitter. Enjoy! 

American Action News’ Staff in an article titled THIS Is Trending On Twitter About Nancy Pelosi’s Husband reported,

Throughout the morning, #PelosiGayLover, #PelosiGate, and #PelosiSmollet have been trending on Twitter due to speculation over the weekend over what was truly the cause of this strange hammer attack. David Depape, who is being identified as the man who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer last week was a nudist, and photos of his house show typical left-wing items including an LGBTQ flag, Black Lives Matter signs, etc., however, the media has since tried to spin this into an attack on right-wing/ Republican rhetoric. However, there’s no evidence to lead them in that direction. Not only was Paul Pelosi’s attacker not right-wing, but no notable figure has also said anything about going up to the Pelosi’s home and harming them. Speculation began to shift toward Paul Pelosi having an affair with the David DePape, and the attack was due to a dispute or an affair gone wrong.

Of course, this is only speculation, and nothing has been confirmed. Nonetheless, the hashtag has trended all morning on Twitter.

©American Action News.

Read more.

AAN Staff in an article titled Midterm Watch 2022: President Biden Tweets FAKE NEWS About “MAGA Republicans” wrote,

Democrats aren’t polling well this Midterm season and many potential voters are viewing the candidates the Democrats are trying to get elected as being lackluster. President Biden and John Fetterman, two men who are rarely seen publicly, met up to fundraise and get one last push to help Fetterman across the finish line. Former President Barack Obama also went to Georgia to rally for Stacey Abrams, whose election appears to be a sinking ship, and Raphael Warnock, who is in a closer-than-expected race for Senate against Herschel Walker.

Now that the Democrats have brought out both the current President and the former President, they’re left with very few tricks up their sleeves (other than attempting to capitalize off a very conveniently timed anonymous allegation against Herschel Walker, which almost no one is believing.) So, Democrats have opted to use the President’s Twitter account to spread, as they so frequently call it, “misinformation” about Republicans this midterm season.

I know which side I’m

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 31, 2022

The tweet lied about multiple things. While showing a picture of Senator Lindsey Graham, @JoeBiden claimed “(MAGA Republicans aim to) Ban Abortion Nationally,” which is an outright lie, especially when choosing to use the face of Sen. Graham, who introduced the Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act, as American Action News previously reported. This would be a 15-week abortion ban, putting the window of time to have an abortion multiple weeks longer than in several European countries.

©American Action News.

Read more.

In a NewsMax article titled Report: Twitter to Bring Back Vine Under Musk Theodore Bunker reports,

Twitter’s new owner, billionaire Elon Musk, has reportedly told engineers at the social media network to begin preparations to bring back Vine, the once-popular looping-video app.

Vine shut down in 2016, about four years after it was purchased by Twitter. The company then reportedly attempted to sell it but declined to do so despite receiving multiple offers, according to TechCrunch.

Sources told Axios that Musk has assigned engineers at Twitter to begin reviewing Vine’s code base, which one source said “needs a lot of work.”

© 2022 Newsmax.

Read more.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

REPORT: Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Was In The U.S. Illegally thumbnail

REPORT: Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Was In The U.S. Illegally

By The Daily Caller

The suspect who attacked Paul Pelosi on Friday with a hammer is allegedly in the U.S. illegally, according to Fox News.

Forty-two year-old David DePape broke into the Pelosi’s private San Francisco home on Friday and allegedly assaulted Pelosi with a hammer. DePape has since been charged with crimes including attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse.

Fox’s national correspondent Bill Melugin reported DePape is illegally residing in the U.S.

“NEW: Per ICE source, Dave DePape, the suspect accused of beating Paul Pelosi in his home with a hammer after breaking in, is currently in the U.S. illegally as a ‘longtime’ visa overstay,” Melugin reported.

NEW: Per ICE source, David DePape, the suspect accused of beating Paul Pelosi in his home with a hammer after breaking in, is currently in the U.S. illegally as a “longtime” visa overstay. @FoxNews

— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) October 31, 2022

The Daily Caller has reached out to ICE to confirm DePape’s immigration status.

DePape allegedly forced his way through the back door of the home before going upstairs in search of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. DePape allegedly had a hammer, zip ties and duct tape and was yelling “where is Nancy” before confronting Paul.

Paul Pelosi allegedly told DePape he had to use the bathroom before secretly calling 911 and leaving the line open so dispatchers could hear Paul and DePape talking, The Los Angeles Times reported. Paul stated the intruder was waiting for his wife and called DePape a “friend” named David, the dispatcher told police.

Officers were dispatched to the house around 2:27 a.m., and knocked on the front door, which was reportedly opened by “someone inside,” San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said.



News and commentary writer. Follow Brianna on Twitter

RELATED ARTICLE: Politico Says Reports Of A Third Person At Paul Pelosi’s House Are ‘Baseless.’ They’re Based On Politico’s Reporting

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Belated Border Numbers Tell a Terrifying Tale thumbnail

Biden’s Belated Border Numbers Tell a Terrifying Tale

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Late on Friday October 21, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) finally released the September numbers for illegal aliens encountered at the Southwest Border: 227,547, an all-time high for any September on record. The numbers themselves make it clear why the Biden administration is so keen on keeping them out of the press and away from public view. In a functioning administration, legally mandated reporting of routine data doesn’t require coaxing or righteous vows. Unfortunately for Americans, the Biden administration’s sole function on the border seems to be allowing as many illegal aliens to cross as possible while trying to obscure that fact from the interested public.

September’s numbers cement the Biden administration as record-breaking: Fiscal Year 2022 (October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022) included 10 of the highest monthly totals of illegal aliens ever recorded, with July and August’s records having been set in 2021 under the same administration. No matter how late the totals are, nor the excuses the administration provides every month, they just confirm the grim reality American communities affected by unprecedented illegal migration have been experiencing under de facto open borders.

The shameful encounter total for Fiscal Year 2022, including both Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations, is 2,766,582. This total doesn’t include an estimated 600,000 “gotaways” in the same period who simply walked across and made it into the United States without ever encountering immigration enforcement. If it wasn’t for former border security officials like Mark Morgan and Tom Homan holding the Department of Homeland Security to account for its failure to release the numbers on time, it would be unsurprising if these figures were obfuscated for months. Just two weeks ahead of a crucial midterm election, they represent a massive increase from the previous administration, and expose what is effectively an open-borders policy.

How can American cities and towns be expected to cope with this never-ending influx? 17,000 aliens, a tiny percentage of the total annual number of migrants, arriving in New York City from overwhelmed border towns was enough to create a state of emergency, and most places do not have the same vast resources or emergency response capabilities that New York can mobilize. According to the monthly encounter data, the Biden administration’s soft immigration policies are drawing the equivalent of a mid-size city to our border every month, many of whom will end up fading away into the interior of the country. This unconscionable failure of security is occurring during a rent and housing crisis that is putting the most basic necessity, shelter, increasingly out of reach for many of the same Americans now competing for jobs with illegal arrivals. Additionally, our natural and built environments are simply not capable of absorbing this unregulated flood of illegal migration.

As the United States enters a winter of recession, Americans have only the cold comfort of knowing the Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for their competition.


Michael Capuano

Michael Capuano joined FAIR in 2022. As a researcher and staff writer, he contributes to the work behind FAIR’s long-form research publications as well as topical content responding to immigration-related issues as they happen.

Before joining FAIR, Michael worked in the Enforcement and Removal Operations Law Division at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during law school at George Washington University and then as an immigration attorney at a Spanish-speaking law firm. Having grown up in Southern California and with experience on both sides of the issue, he is acutely conscious of the importance of the immigration issue to everyday life and the necessity of FAIR’s vision for reform.

Michael’s background before law school was in Urban Studies/Planning at the University of California, San Diego, informing a deep concern for the environment and good urban design, two issues very relevant to the current immigration crisis.


The World at 8 Billion: Immigration and America’s Population Growth

Border Incompetence Leaves Over 60,000 Aliens in Limbo, Drawing Fire from All Sides

More than 100,000 New York City Kids are Homeless, While Migrants are Put Up in Swank Hotels

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Rishi Sunak, A Hindu Come to Judgment thumbnail

Rishi Sunak, A Hindu Come to Judgment

By Jihad Watch

It’s official. Rishi Sunak is the new prime minister of Great Britain. He’s a British-born Hindu, whose work before he entered politics was in finance. Almost all of the coverage of his dizzying ascent has focused on his economic policies, his experience at Goldman Sachs and as a hedge fund manager, and his presumed ability to “calm the markets” at a time of “great turbulence.” But what about those who come to Jihad Watch, who want to know not so much about his economic plans as his views on Islam, Muslims, and Israel?

The first thing to note is that Sunak is not just Hindu by descent, but a seriously practicing Hindu. He chose to be sworn in as an MP on a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. He is known to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights. He has also been photographed lighting candles outside No. 10 Downing Street to mark the occasion. As a practicing Hindu, and a well-educated man, he cannot help but know what the Muslim invasion and conquest of much of India meant for its indigenous Hindu inhabitants. The celebrated Indian historian K. S. Lal estimates that under Muslim rule, between 1000 and 1525 A.D., 80 million Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims. And many more Hindus were killed between 1525 and the onset of British rule. Rishi Sunak knows about those killings, and also about the hundreds of millions of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi Muslims who are the descendants of Hindus who converted to Islam not out of conviction, but in order to escape death or dhimmitude.

Can we therefore expect Rishi Sunak to take a dim view of Islam and its demographic inroads in the UK? He has said he will crack down on Islamic terrorism, which “is a significant terror threat” for the UK. He has added that he also plans to scrutinize publicly funded charities which could be promoting “extremist” ideology. Sunak has suggested that one way to fight “Islamist extremism” would be to separate “[Muslim] extremists” from the UK’s regular prison population. It’s something that should have been done long ago, and not just in the UK but throughout the West, once it became clear that imprisoned Muslims had a literally captive audience on whom they could practice their prison da’wah. Too many non-Muslim prisoners have turned to Islam, either out of fear — Muslims constitute the “biggest gang” behind bars — or conviction, the result of constant exposure to those engaged in daw’ah. Thus does the British prison system work to swell the faith’s ranks. And too many laodicean Muslims become “radicalized” while in prison – that is, become more fanatical in their faith — by prison preachers who push them towards “extremism.” Ideally, Sunak will propose keeping the “extremist” Muslims in their own prisons, while lukewarm Muslims will be kept in other prisons, where they will not be radicalized by the “extremists.” Finally, non-Muslims would be held in still other prisons, where no Muslims will be held, and hence there will be little likelihood of conversions.

Sunak said he was “horrified” by the need for security outside Jewish schools, and promised that as prime minister he would increase the government’s financial support for Jewish security organizations such as the Community Security Trust. He promised that “I will do everything to root antisemitism out and protect people who need it.”

Asked at a Conservative Friends of Israel meeting about terrorism from Gaza and the West Bank, he did not offer any of the usual niffnoff about the need to give the Palestinians “hope” as a way to tamp down violence. Instead, he was uncompromising: “You will have my total commitment that I will fight very hard for the security of people in Israel, and that means being tougher and calling out behavior from Palestinians if need be.”

At the same Conservative Friends of Israel hustings this August, Rishi Sunak denounced the charge of “apartheid” flung at Israel, and described the Jewish state as a “shining beacon of hope’ Here is a fuller version of his remarks:

With remarkable frequency it emerges that those who label Israel an apartheid state also deny Israel’s right to exist. It is a claim that stands as an obstacle to peace and the government should be calling it out at the UN and wherever else it is used.

The apartheid claim is not only factually incorrect but quite frankly offensive. Like any nation, Israel is not perfect — but it is a vibrant multi-ethnic democracy with a free press and the rule of law. It stands as a shining beacon of hope in a region of autocracies and religious extremists.

And then he said what is perhaps most important, and reassuring to many of us, that “there is a very strong case” for moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem, which, he added, “is indisputably the historic capital” of the Jewish people.

Out of the frying-pan of Liz Truss, who spoke of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, into the fire of Rishi Sunak, who says the same, but with even more conviction and feeling. If I were a Palestinian, I’d now be in a Slough of Despond.




I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.

I will work day in and day out to deliver for you.

Watch my speech from Downing Street 👇

— Rishi Sunak (@RishiSunak) October 25, 2022


It matters that Rishi Sunak has become the UK’s first prime minister of Indian descent

Sunak warns of economic challenge as he prepares to become PM

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Analysis: 5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed our Borders Since Biden Took Office—How is Secretary Mayorkas Still Employed? thumbnail

Analysis: 5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed our Borders Since Biden Took Office—How is Secretary Mayorkas Still Employed?

By Federation for American Immigration Reform

Washington, D.C. — The Federation for American Immigration Reform issued the following statement, as well as a deeper dive into FY 2022 border numbers, based on data quietly released late Friday night by the Biden administration:

“In typical fashion, the Biden administration attempted to conceal the reality of a historic crisis they created by releasing final FY 2022 border numbers late on a Friday evening, hoping in vain that no one would notice on the eve of consequential midterm elections. After digging through them, we can see why,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

“Some 2.7 million migrants—those who illegally entered or were otherwise inadmissible at a port of entry—were encountered at our borders in FY 2022, bringing the total under President Biden to a whopping 5.5 million. One thing is clear: These record-breaking numbers are a direct consequence of open-borders policies implemented by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the person who appointed him, President Joe Biden,” charged Stein. “This deliberate sabotage of our nation’s immigration laws demands that the president remove Mayorkas from his position immediately. Otherwise, the impeachment of his disgraced cabinet member is sure to be one of the first orders of business in the next Congress.”

“Nothing will improve until there is a public servant leading the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who believes in borders—and secure ones at that. We cannot even begin to reverse this disaster so long as our nation’s immigration policies are in the hands of someone who is bent on compounding it. No matter how late at night this administration releases data, the numbers still speak for themselves. President Biden needs to clean house at DHS, and, if he is not prepared to do it, Congress needs to clean it for him, beginning with the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas,” Stein concluded.

FAIR Border Snapshot for FY 2022

  • Some 2.7 million migrants—those who illegally entered or were otherwise inadmissible at a port of entry—were encountered at our borders in FY 2022.
    • 2.2 million of them were apprehended along the southwest border, setting a new record and eclipsing all four years of the Trump administration combined.
  • Since President Biden took office, around 5.5 million illegal aliens have crossed our borders—a crisis of epic proportions.
    • FAIR’s figure contains the 4.4 million nationwide total reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – which includes around 3.9 million at our southwest border – as well as approximately 1.1 million “gotaways” who have entered the country undetected per agency sources.
    • Based on publicly available CBP data, court filings, and “gotaways,” FAIR estimates that 2.4 million were either released by federal authorities or entered the country’s interior undetected.
  • Border Patrol agents encountered 98 known or suspected terrorists in FY 2022. In FY 2021, that number was 15. In FY 2020, it was three and in FY 2019, zero.
    • This number only includes known or suspected terrorists who were apprehended, not those embedded in the 1.1 million who evaded law enforcement while entering the country and eventually disappeared into American communities.
  • Migrant deaths at the southwest border totaled 856 in FY 2022—the deadliest year on record.
  • The amount of fentanyl seized in the last month of the fiscal year is equivalent of more than 414 million lethal doses—bringing the FY 2022 lethal dose total well into the billions.
    • More fentanyl has crossed the border in the last two months under President Biden than in all of FY 2019 under President Trump’s leadership.

©Federation for American Immigration Reform. All rights reserved.


FAIR Puts a Price Tag on the Biden Border Crisis: $20.4 Billion

Biden’s Handpicked Border Patrol Chief Admits There are No Consequences to Illegal Immigration

Drug cartels now have ‘operational control’ of the U.S. border with Mexico thumbnail

Drug cartels now have ‘operational control’ of the U.S. border with Mexico

By Dr. Rich Swier

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton posted the below on twitter:

Drug cartels have operational control of the US border with Mexico.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) October 24, 2022

What does Fitton mean by “operational control”. According to Cornell University’s School of Law Operational control from 15 CFR § 960.3,

[T]he ability to operate the system or override commands issued by any operations center or station.

It means that the drug cartels now have control of our Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol along the Mexican-U.S. border.

On September 7, 2022 The Council on Foreign Relations provided a list of the largest drug cartels,

Sinaloa Cartel. Formerly led by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Sinaloa is one of Mexico’s oldest and most influential drug trafficking groups. With strongholds in nearly half of Mexico’s states—particularly those along the Pacific coast in the northwest and near the country’s southern and northern borders—and operations in as many as fifty countries, it has a larger international footprint than any of its Mexican rivals. In 2017, Mexican authorities extradited Guzmán to the United States, where he is serving a life sentence for multiple drug-related charges. In 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden imposed sanctions on eight members of the group, which is now led by Ismael Zambada García and El Chapo’s sons, known as “Los Chapitos.”

Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). Jalisco splintered from Sinaloa in 2010 and is among Mexico’s fastest-growing cartels, with operations in more than two-thirds of the country. According to the DEA, the “rapid expansion of its drug trafficking activities is characterized by the group’s willingness to engage in violent confrontations” with authorities and rival cartels. U.S. officials estimate that CJNG supplies more than one-third of the U.S. drug market.

Beltrán-Leyva Organization (BLO). The group formed when the Beltrán-Leyva brothers split from Sinaloa in 2008. Since then, all four brothers have been arrested or killed, but their loyalists continue to operate throughout Mexico. The organization’s splinter groups have become more autonomous and powerful, maintaining ties to Jalisco, Juárez, and Los Zetas.

Los Zetas. Originally a paramilitary enforcement arm for the Gulf Cartel, Los Zetas was singled out by the DEA in 2007 as the country’s most “technologically advanced, sophisticated, and violent” group of its kind. It splintered from the Gulf Cartel in 2010 and held sway over swaths of eastern, central, and southern Mexico. However, it has lost power in recent years and fractured into rival wings, the most prominent being the Northeast Cartel.

Guerreros Unidos (GU). Based in southwestern Mexico, Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) broke away from the BLO in 2009 and became involved in the heroin trade. The group is known to have a partnership with the CJNG, using the same transportation networks to move drug shipments to and from the United States.

Gulf Cartel. Its base of power is in northeast Mexico, especially the states of Tamaulipas and Zacatecas, and it is thought to be working with CJNG members in those areas. In the past decade, the group has splintered into various factions, diluting its strength as it battles for territory with Los Zetas. In 2021, three warring Gulf factions announced they had reached a truce, insisting that they wanted to maintain peace in Tamaulipas.

Juárez Cartel. A long-standing rival of Sinaloa, Juárez has its stronghold in the north-central state of Chihuahua, across the border from New Mexico and Texas. In recent years, the group has splintered into several factions, including La Línea, which controls street-level enforcement.

La Familia Michoacána (LFM). Formed in the 1980s, LFM has its base in western Mexico’s Michoacán State. In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama designated the group’s members as “significant foreign narcotics traffickers” and imposed financial sanctions on it under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. While still active, LFM has weakened and fragmented in recent years.

Los Rojos. Another splinter group of the BLO, Los Rojos operates in central and southwestern Mexico and relies largely on kidnapping and extortion. Although several of its leaders were arrested between 2019 and 2020, the group remains active, and along with Guerreros Unidos, has been linked to the 2014 disappearance and murder of forty-three students from a university in Guerrero State.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agencies’ (DEA) National Drug Threat Assessment published in March, 2021,

The trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs inflict tremendous harm upon individuals, families, and communities throughout the United States. The violence, intimidation, theft, and financial crimes carried out by transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), criminal groups, and violent gangs pose a significant threat to our nation. The criminal activities of these organizations operating in the United States extend well beyond drug trafficking and have a profoundly negative impact on the safety and security of U.S. citizens. Their involvement in alien smuggling, firearms trafficking, and public corruption, coupled with the high levels of violence that result from these criminal endeavors, poses serious homeland security threats and public safety concerns.

Mexican TCOs are the greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States; they control most of the U.S. drug market and have established varied transportation routes, have advanced communications capabilities, and hold strong affiliations with criminal groups and gangs in the United States.

Illicit fentanyla—produced in foreign clandestine laboratories and trafficked into the United States in powder and pill form—is primarily responsible for fueling the ongoing opioid crisis. Fentanyl-laced counterfeit pills continue to be trafficked across the country and remain significant contributors to the rates of overdose deaths observed across the country. As inexpensive, potent fentanyl continues to push into established heroin markets, fentanyl will augment, and in some cases supplant, white powder heroin in various domestic markets.

Methamphetamine price and purity data, as well as law enforcement reporting, all indicate methamphetamine continues to be readily available throughout the United States. Seizures along with drug poisoning deaths involving methamphetamine continue to rise—purity and potency remain high while prices remain relatively low.

Availability of cocaine throughout the United States remains steady, likely based on the high levels of coca cultivation and cocaine production in the Andean Region of South America. Leading indicators of cocaine availability, including laboratory analysis of cocaine exhibits, cocaine seizure data, and price and purity of the drug, indicate that cocaine availability is steady.

Controlled Prescription Drugs (CPDs)b remain a prevalent concern within the United States—availability remains constant while abuse levels decreased from the previous year. CPD diversion continues to decrease across most categories at the national level, but some states report an increase in the number of incidents. The number of opioid dosage units available on the retail market and opioid thefts and losses reached their lowest levels in nine years.

Mexico remains the most significant foreign source for marijuana in the United States; however, in U.S. markets, Mexican marijuana has largely been supplanted by domestic-produced marijuana.

On September 27, 2022 the Department of Justice (DOJ) reported,

As part of the One Pill Can Kill initiative, the DEA and its law enforcement partners seized more than 10.2 million fentanyl pills and approximately 980 pounds of fentanyl powder during the period of May 23 through Sept. 8, 2022. The amount of fentanyl taken off the streets during this surge is equivalent to more than 36 million lethal doses removed from the illegal drug supply. Additionally, 338 weapons were seized, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and hand grenades.

Of the 390 cases investigated during this period, 51 cases are linked to overdose poisonings and 35 cases link directly to one or both of the primary Mexican cartels responsible for the majority of fentanyl in the United States – the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). In addition, 129 investigations are linked to social media platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and TikTok. These results build upon the One Pill Can Kill Phase II results announced by DEA Administrator Anne Milgram in December 2021.

Human Trafficking 

On February 17, 2014 Human Trafficking Search warned,

Human trafficking is commonly referred to as the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, second only to the lucrative and illicit drug trade. In the past decade human trafficking has become a global epidemic with an estimated 21 to 30 million people currently enslaved. Since human trafficking is so lucrative, many drug traffickers are doing what any money-motivated businessperson would do: expanding their business into a new market; namely, human trafficking.

Supply and Demand

Following the economic laws of supply and demand, Latin American drug traffickers and criminal organizations have decided to increase profits by diversifying their market to include the trafficking of drugs, labor and sexDrug cartels have been accused of using their illicit markets to traffic Central American children for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the United States. Entire towns whose economy was once funded by profits from the illicit drug trade now make their living off the procurement, trafficking and exploitation of women and children in the sex trade. San Miguel Tenacingo, a small Mexican town located just outside Mexico City is commonly known as the city that sex trafficking built where one city official estimated that 30-50 percent of the town’s population are involved in the illicit sex trade. Being involved in the sex trade is not condemned; in fact it is almost encouraged. A local university interviewed young boys from San Miguel Tenacingo and found that 16 percent wanted to be a pimp when they grew up and 44 percent had friends who said they wanted to be one.

Sale of Human Bodies

Traffickers and criminals involved with organized crime that sell human beings see no difference between abusing a woman’s body by either forcing her to swallow bags of drugs or forcing a woman to have sex with hundreds of men. For traffickers, it doesn’t matter which product is being sold, both drugs and sex are lucrative industries. The difference between the two markets is that a shipment of drugs can be sold only once before it is consumed, but a human being’s body can be sold and resold for years at a time. As one trafficker explained I sell crack, I sell it, it’s gone, I sell a girl, she’s still there. Gangs in the United States are increasingly turning to selling children for sex. The problem has become so common that in the past year the leaders of three of the most violent and brutal gangs in the United States have been jailed for their involvement with child sex trafficking. Weak human trafficking laws in the United States coupled with harsh drug laws make it less risky for gangs and criminal organizations to traffic humans. The sad truth is that for traffickers, the more money that can be made for the least amount of risk is the better option, which is the reason drug traffickers have moved into sex trafficking.

Read full report here. 

The Bottom Line

Open borders = more drugs, more human trafficking, more prostitution, more gangs, more illegal alien terrorists and more crime.

The drug cartels have operational control of our southern border because Biden, Kamala Harris the “border czar, the Department of Homeland Security, the DEA and ICE have turned control over to the most dangerous and ruthless of gangs.

Biden and his administration have willingly given operational control of our borders to the cartels and our enemies.

98 people on the terrorist watchlist crossed the border into the U.S. in FY22 — that we know of.

That is nearly 4 times higher than the last five years combined.

— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) October 25, 2022

Biden’s open borders policy is killing Americans and will, if left unchecked, destroy our national sovereignty. This is not by happenstance. Rather it is the plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a dictatorship. Biden is importing the third world to make America a third world country.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Record 2.4 million Migrants Illegally Crossed Border in FY2022, Almost 4 Million total Under Biden

Impeachable Offenses at the Border

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Impeachable Offenses at the Border thumbnail

Impeachable Offenses at the Border

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

It’s been widely reported border agents have apprehended a record 2.3 million illegal aliens at the southern border in the last 12 months.  What has not received nearly as much attention is the fact that 20 known or suspected terrorists were arrested at the southern border last month, bringing the total for the fiscal year to 98.  This is four times the number for the last five years COMBINED.  Houston, we have a problem.  In addition, over 25,000 special interest aliens with possible ties to terrorism were encountered at the border this fiscal year, more than half of them from the Islamic Republic of Turkey.  What’s up with that?

Recent stories in the news also confirm the familiar litany of other problems with Joe Biden’s open border policies, starting with fentanyl pouring into the United States.  Enough fentanyl to kill 36 million Americans was confiscated around the country from May to September.  Some 12,000 fentanyl pills were seized at the Los Angeles airport last week.  Not only do the Democrats not care, they blocked a bill last month that would have upgraded the penalties for selling fentanyl.  Another reason not to vote Democrat in the election.

Meanwhile, dead bodies are piling up at the border, literally.  Texas sheriffs are having to use mobile makeshift morgues to handle the record number of illegal aliens dropping dead at the border.  The situation is so bad in one Texas town, the funeral homes and local mortuaries are no longer taking in dead bodies.  They’re simply being buried in the local cemetery without being identified.  I guess that’s what Biden immigration officials mean by prioritizing ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’.  If you come here illegally and die, we’ll still include you in our cemeteries.

Just as cynical is the administration’s handling of unaccompanied alien children.  A record 130,000 entered the government shelter system this fiscal year.  But an Inspector General report last month blasted the administration for improper care and for releasing children to sponsors who have not been properly screened for child sex offenses.  Democrats must not care if children are released to unsafe sponsors and are put at risk for sex trafficking, because no Democrat has spoken out against it.

Another consequence of Joe Biden’s border policies is the empowerment of the cartels.  Migrant smuggling is now a $20 billion enterprise. Twenty billion will buy a lot of weaponry and bureaucrats.

The Biden administration isn’t defending any of this.  Instead, they’re trying to hide it from the American public.   But why hide it?  If you’re proud of your policies, you should want to tell the world.  Tell the world how you pressured the mayor of El Paso not to declare a state of emergency over the border crisis because it would make you look bad.  Tell the world how you are sending military personnel to the border to cook, sweep floors, and fill out paperwork.  Like the ad says, be all you can be.

And tell the world how you continue to change policies to promote more illegal immigration.  I’ve already documented dozens of policy changes in previous commentaries.  Here are the latest:  It is now policy to open gates locked by the Texas National Guard so more illegal aliens can enter.   It is policy to tell border states that put up their own barriers to illegal entry they are guilty of “trespass against the United States” and pressure states to remove them.  And it is now policy to spend tens of millions of dollars on legal services to help illegal aliens avoid deportation and stay in the U.S. permanently.

The border has become an issue in the elections.  People don’t trust the Democrats on border issues and wish Republicans were in charge.  The nation has immigration laws, but Democrat Joe Biden and his open borders cronies have thrown them in the trash.  Joe Biden is running a criminal enterprise, as far as I’m concerned, and he and his border officials really should be impeached for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws as they have sworn to do.  Shame on Kevin McCarthy for taking impeachment of Biden off the table.  Now McCarthy can’t even use the threat of impeachment as a bargaining chip to get something else.  What a dummy.  Like they say, Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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