Joe Biden’s Top 10 Blunders!

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

We all know that from day one of this illegal Biden regime acting like a power hungry rabid dictator or as a King, the blunders have come thick and fast. The illegal and unconstitutional acts just keep pouring out of their sick and evil anti American socialist mouths and minds.

I recently read a top 10 list from Newt Gingrich and I wanted to share it with you all. It is well written and worthy of all you readers of this blog. Enjoy and share. Remember that this list is a list that should anger you and ensure you want to fight this attack on our beloved Constitutional Republic.

How much more of this can we take? By Newt Gingrich.

As I’ve watched the events of the past few weeks – and thought about the nature of Joe Biden’s young presidency – I began to ask myself: How much more of this can we take?

In just seven months, President Biden has overseen a remarkable number of complete blunders. To make sense of them all and consider how to overcome them, I decided to make a list of them. Of course, it would take months of time and writing to list all the errors Biden has made in his 48 years in politics, so I decided to start at his inauguration in January. These are roughly in chronological order. It seemed impossible to rank them as so many of them could have lasting, unforeseeable consequences.

1 – Bipartisan Baloney

As I write in my upcoming book, Beyond Biden, which will be released on Nov. 2, the first major mistake Biden made was immediately failing to live up to the pledges he made in his inaugural address. In his inaugural address, Biden said: “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation.”
Had Biden actually led from the center as a bipartisan president, he would have quickly formed a strong coalition in Washington and built a strong majority. But, he didn’t. On day one in office, Biden signed 17 executive orders, most of which were highly partisan, with nine being direct reversals of popular, effective policies set by the previous administration. Biden’s day-one action message to a deeply divided America was that talk of bipartisanship was pure baloney.

2 – Destroying Our Energy Independence

Biden’s second big mistake was his aggressive effort to cripple America’s energy independence. In his early days of office, he recommitted America to the Paris Climate Accords, which restricts America while giving high-polluting countries such as China a pass. He canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which cost Americans roughly 30,000 jobs and contributed to rising oil and gas prices. He also canceled oil and gas exploration in the arctic. Because of these destructive actions, Biden later had to crawl back to OPEC nations and grovel for them to increase production to lower prices.

3 – Giving in to Iran.

Desperate to salvage one of his former boss’s few achievements, Biden immediately sought to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, which will not stop Iran from eventually developing nuclear weapons. It also freed up billions of dollars which Iran can now use in its continued effort to fund terrorism around the globe. This sent a clear message of weakness to our allies in the Middle East and will only benefit Iran – the world’s premier funder of terrorism.

4 – Kowtowing to China.

President Biden has consistently failed to stand up to China, which is our single biggest competitor. We know that the Chinese Communist Party intentionally withheld information about the spread of the COVID-19 virus as early as December of 2019. We know it lied to the world about the existence and origins of the virus – and used the World Health Organization to spread its propaganda. Biden has done nothing to hold the Chinese Communist Party to account – and has unconditionally recommitted American tax dollars to the WHO. Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping has no reason to believe the American government will be a serious competitor as long as Biden and the Democratic Party is running the country.

5 – COVID-19 Confusion.

Let’s be clear: The historically rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines is all thanks to President Donald Trump. Biden had nothing to do with empowering our private pharmaceutical sector to create the vaccines – or streamlining the regulatory structure so they could quickly get to Americans who needed them. Biden is responsible for setting incredibly low goals for vaccine distribution, leading a completely confused vaccine messaging campaign at the federal level, and further polarizing the country over vaccines by consistently demonizing Republican governors who didn’t toe federal lines – even when Republican states were experiencing fewer COVID-19 deaths than states with Democratic governors with extreme restrictions and higher infection rates.

6 – Surrender at the Southern Border.

President Biden has overseen the most porous, permissive, and lawless U.S.-Mexico border in generations. In July, illegal crossings at the southern border hit a 21-year high. This is remarkable, as border crossings typically drop off in the summer, because the desert heat becomes so dangerous. At the same time, deportations of illegal immigrants are at a record low. Biden has essentially surrendered the southern border to whoever wants to come in – including drug dealers, human traffickers, potential terrorists, and other violent criminals. The U.S. Border Patrol is deeply demoralized, and Americans are less safe. Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court is beginning to roll-back some of Biden’s disastrous decisions and forcing it to re-implement measures that work – such as President Trump’s remain in Mexico policy.

7 – Betrayal at the Border.

I mention this as a separate failure because it is so dramatic and dismissive of Americans’ safety. Biden has allowed record numbers of people to illegally cross the border and stay in America during a global pandemic without any requirement that they be tested for COVID-19 or quarantined before going wherever they want. President Biden and Democrats impose strong restrictions on Americans in the name of defeating the virus, but they impose nothing on the people who are illegally entering the country. This is one of the clearest examples of the contempt this administration and national Democrats have for the American people. It is a complete betrayal.

8 – Bankrupting America.

Just when American jobs were beginning to be revived following the global pandemic, Biden has reinstituted regulations which make it harder to hire people and suggested an $8 trillion spending plan – including $1 trillion in non-infrastructure infrastructure projects and another $3.5 trillion in liberal pipedreams. It is as if he is intentionally reliving the disastrous Jimmy Carter presidency. Biden’s rabid spending will not create jobs. It will continue to hike inflation, weaken the U.S. dollar, weaken Americans’ retirement accounts, and lead the Democrats to instinctively try to raise taxes. He is doing everything he possibly can to hamstring the economy and keep us in the pandemic depression.

9 – Surrendering in Afghanistan.

Of course, the most recent and glaring example of Biden’s failure is his disastrous surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan. His decision to pull all our military forces out and surrender our most effective evacuation facility (Bagram Airfield) before safely evacuating American civilians and civil servants is a quintessential example of how and why he is incapable of leading America. It forced Biden to then recommit twice as many American soldiers to the evacuation effort as were there before we left (and created a much more dangerous environment). On Thursday, we learned that suicide bombers killed more than 60 people, including 12 U.S. service members, and injured many more at the airport in Kabul. These are the first America service members to be killed by enemies in Afghanistan in the last 18 months. Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is now unfortunately deeply real to at least 12 more American families. He should be ashamed of himself.

10 – Failing to Surrender his Ego.

The last and greatest of Biden’s failures is his inability to acknowledge his own incompetence. Throughout this process, I have been unable to find a single positive thing Biden has done for Americans. He continues to implement and impose his failures on our nation. It is costing Americans their jobs, their peace of mind, and now their lives.

Again, I wonder: How much more of this can we take?

Post note by Fred Brownbill. The above truly is a very small example of this insane administrations failures. Failures in domestic, international and economic policies. It hasn’t just been a failure. It is a purely unmitigated disaster. America is now the laughing stock of the world and our enemies are getting bolder and stronger daily as we grow more cowardly and weaker daily. Taiwan and the Middle East are two areas that are at great risk not just from China in regards to Taiwan but from a nuclear armed Iran who has and will continue to threaten the entire region. The race issue is now so much more dominant as is anger and hatred. The middle ground so loved by Americans is gone. The extremists in the New Socialist Democrat Party have moved so far left as to have removed any common ground.

America. We are down to the last few months to save this constitutional republic from total demise. What ever it takes is what ever it takes.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Biden Plan Would Sabotage U.S. Economic Competitiveness in One Huge Way, Analysis Finds

That’s not ‘Building Back Better’—it’s shooting ourselves in the foot.  

President Biden has heralded his $4.5+ trillion spending proposals and accompanying tax hikes as an investment in “leading the world versus letting it pass us by.” Yet, paradoxically, a new analysis exposes one huge way Biden’s plans would make the US less competitive on the global stage.

Key to financing the spending plans is a proposed increase in the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 26.5 percent. When factoring in state corporate taxes, the US’s average corporate tax rate would reach a whopping 30.9 percent. And according to a new Tax Foundation analysis, this punitive level of business taxation would be the third-highest corporate tax rate among developed countries, outstripped only by Colombia and Portugal.


Why is this a problem?

Well, the US would become a less attractive place for business investment, which is bad news for entrepreneurs, workers, and customers alike. Businesses would understandably be less likely to conduct business in the US when they could go to dozens of other developed countries with lower tax rates. As a result, our economic competitiveness would suffer.

“Returning to near the top of the OECD in corporate tax rates would… disincentivize investment and encourage firms to shift profits and locate elsewhere, resulting in fewer job opportunities for Americans and less tax revenue for the U.S. government,” the analysis explains.


Biden claims his tax-and-spend agenda is meant to reassert America’s dominance. But the costly tax hikes the president seeks would set our economic competitiveness back on the global stage. That’s not “Building Back Better”—it’s shooting ourselves in the foot.


Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and Policy Correspondent at the Foundation for Economic Education.

WATCHNew Biden Vax Mandate Doesn’t Make ANY Sense (Here’s Why)

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WATCH: Fauci and HHS Officials Plot for ‘A New Avian Flu Virus’ to Enforce Universal Flu Vaccination

Medical Kidnap reported the following as participants at the Milken Institute meeting:

Joining Fauci, Rick Bright, and Michael Specter at this event were: Margaret Hamburg, Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Medicine, Bruce Gellin, President, Global Immunization, Sabin Vaccine Institute, Casey Wright, CEO, FluLab.

Explosive Video of Fauci and HHS Plotting for a New Outbreak to Enforce mRNA.



Michael Specter: Why don’t we blow the system up? I mean obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system. We have and then say, hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine that we haven’t given to anyone yet. But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.

Fauci: In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried-and-true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be beneficial, I mean we’ve done well with that. There must be something that has to be much better. You have to prove that this works and then you’ve got to go through all of the clinical trials: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and then show that this particular product is going to be good over a period of years. That alone, if it works perfectly, it’s going to take a decade.

Bright: There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that’s completely disruptive, that’s not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.

Fauci: So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it’s going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and say, I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem in a disruptive and in an iterative way because she does need both.

Bright: But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that.. to a number of regional centers if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch of self-administer.

©All rights reserved.

An Important Church and State Battle in Seattle

We have all seen the horrible violence in Seattle in the last year or so. But now there’s a new battle, virtually under the radar.

In 1932, the Union Gospel Mission began serving the poor and downtrodden in Seattle. But now this ministry which has been serving millions of meals through the years and providing many other services may have to shut its doors because of a decision by the Washington Supreme Court.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is defending the mission. They write:

“A Washington Supreme Court decision forces a religious nonprofit, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, to hire employees who do not share the organization’s religious beliefs.”

The mission chose not to hire a potential candidate to work for them, who by his own profession does not share their beliefs. He is not a Christian. So he sued. Yet, Christianity is at the core of what they do.

Scott Chin, the president of the mission, told Virginia Allen of Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal (9/27/21):

“We are 89 years old and [at] Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, we exist to love and serve and share the Gospel with our homeless neighbors. We do that by providing food and shelter, addiction recovery services, job placement services, and legal services.”

For example, their website explains one aspect of their mission:

“11,751 of our neighbors in the greater Seattle area are homeless. Every night, Search + Rescue vans drive to the darkest places in the greater Seattle area to hand out life-saving supplies and care to men and women.” Who knows how many homeless they might have spared from freezing to death?

But all of their good works for Christ might grind to a screeching halt because the Washington Supreme Court is ignoring the true meaning of the First Amendment.

On June 12, 1788, James Madison, a key architect of the Constitution, declared:

“There is not a shadow of right in the general government to intermeddle with religion.”

The founders did not intend for the state to run the church, nor did they intend for the church per se to run the state—however, that’s a far cry from saying the church would have no influence in the state.

A month after he was sworn in as our first president, George Washington wrote a group of Baptists: “If I could have entertained the slightest apprehension that the Constitution framed in the Convention, where I had the honor to preside, might possibly endanger the religious rights of any ecclesiastical society, certainly I would never have placed my signature to it.”

In short, if you believe that the Constitution allows for government to interfere with religious organizations, you’ll find no support from the father of our country.

The legal battle is an important one, says Chin: “And so we’ve asked the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on this critical issue, ‘Does the government have the power to punish religious organizations for living and operating consistently with their faith in this way?’”

Appealing to the U. S. Supreme Court is always a long shot. But the irony is that the Supreme Court has even spoken on this type of issue.

Imagine a Supreme Court decision in which both the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the late Antonin Scalia agreed upon. Ginsburg was as far left as they get, and Scalia was far right. But they both agreed on this: A religious organization has the autonomy under the Constitution to hire according to its religious beliefs.

This was a 2012 case out of Missouri involving a Lutheran school, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC.

In the unanimous decision (9-0), Chief Justice Roberts wrote:

“The interest of society in the enforcement of employment discrimination statutes is undoubtedly important. But so too is the interest of religious groups in choosing who will preach their beliefs, teach their faith, and carry out their mission. When a minister who has been fired sues her church alleging that her termination was discriminatory, the First Amendment has struck the balance for us. The church must be free to choose those who will guide it on its way.”

Jeremy Dys—Special Counsel for First Liberty Institute, which fights for religious liberty—told me:

“No one should be surprised when a religious organization acts religiously. It is only surprising—and unconstitutional—when the state insists a religious institution shed its faith commitments or be punished.”

If the mission loses this case, imagine the potential impact on the hungry and downtrodden of Seattle. But for the Left, this isn’t about suffering people. Despite First Amendment protections and clear Supreme Court rulings, these dedicated secularists are wholly devoted to undermining the influence of religion and religious organizations in America—and we see the results as our society comes unglued around us.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

Worldview is Central to Determining Views on Abortion

The month of October kicks off “Respect Life Month” in the Catholic Church, and with the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled to hear the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case on December 1, Christians across the country have begun praying in earnest for the case that could overturn Roev. Wade. How will Americans react to the possibility of the Court altering the long-standing Roe ruling concerning abortion?

Many Americans wonder why abortion remains such a high-profile issue after all these years. The explanation is simple. Almost 50 years ago, seven appointed—not elected—justices decided that killing unborn babies should be a constitutionally-protected act. Since that time, more than 62 million unborn babies have been killed in our nation.

Rest assured, that fact has not gone unnoticed by the God who knitted together those babies in the wombs of their mothers.

Recent worldview research provides helpful insight into Americans’ views about abortion. The annual American Worldview Inventory undertaken by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University shows that after a half-century of energetic public debate about abortion, the abortion perspectives of millions of Americans remain surprisingly tenuous and pliable.

Keep in mind that very few adults are capable of applying a biblical worldview to this (or any other) issue. Although 51 percent of Americans think they have a biblical worldview (according to a Center for Biblical Worldview survey), the American Worldview Inventory reveals that only six percent of Americans actually have one. Since most Americans (88 percent) are driven by a Syncretistic worldview—an inconsistent, unpredictable combination of elements originating in various competing worldviews—the nation’s thinking about the morality and permissibility of abortion is more likely to be based on current emotions and popular thought, not on biblical principles related to life.

Indeed, the American Worldview Inventory underscores the morally wayward thinking of Americans. Not quite four out of 10 adults (39 percent) believe that life is sacred. An equal proportion of Americans argue that life is what we make it or that there is no absolute value associated with human life. The remaining two out of 10 adults possess a variety of other views about life, including outright uncertainty as to whether or not life has any intrinsic value.

Views about life are closely related to worldview and faith commitments. For instance, more than nine out of every 10 adults (93 percent) who have a biblical worldview believe that human life is sacred. Eight out of every 10 (81 percent) SAGE Cons (i.e., the Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservative Christians) possess that view as well. Surprisingly, only six out of 10 theologically-determined born-again Christians (60 percent) say that human life is sacred. Those proportions dwarf those among people associated with non-Christian faiths (25 percent) or those who are spiritual skeptics (15 percent).

Many people are surprised to discover that Millennials are not a pro-life generation. Less than one-quarter of them (22 percent) believes that human life is sacred. Meanwhile, twice as many in Gen X and a slight majority of Boomers and their elders contend that human life is sacred.

Americans’ views about abortion continue to shock many observers. For instance, two out of three adults (64 percent) either say that the Bible is ambiguous in its views about abortion or that they don’t know what those views are. For a nation where roughly seven out of 10 adults call themselves “Christian,” that represents a mindboggling degree of biblical ignorance concerning one of the most high-profile social issues of the past half-century.

Not everyone falls into that vacuum of wisdom, though. More than nine out of 10 people who have a biblical worldview—a group known as Integrated Disciples—reject the notion that the Bible contains ambiguous ideas about abortion. Similarly, eight out of 10 SAGE Cons reject that position as well.

But the idea that the Bible is ambiguous about abortion is held by a variety of population segments. More than 70 percent of people who draw heavily from non-biblical worldviews—specifically, Marxism, Secular Humanism, Modern Mysticism, Postmodernism, and even Moralistic Therapeutic Deism—believe the Bible can be interpreted multiple ways regarding abortion. At least seven out of 10 adults aligned with a non-Christian faith or spiritual skeptics also embrace that point of view. And two-thirds of adults under the age of 50 harbor that misconception as well.

Given these perspectives, then, it should not shock us to find that nearly six out of 10 adults (57 percent) believe that a woman who chooses to have an abortion because her partner has left and she believes she cannot reasonably take care of the child is making a morally acceptable decision. Again, the survey shows that such a decision is a direct reflection of one’s worldview. Just two percent of the Integrated Disciples support abortion under such circumstances. In contrast, more than eight out of 10 who are adherents of other worldviews support that decision. That includes 89 percent of those who often draw their worldview from Postmodernism; 88 percent who often rely upon Secular Humanism; 82 percent who draw frequently from Modern Mysticism; and 81 percent who lean heavily upon Marxist philosophy.

Previous research by the Cultural Research Center also revealed that national opinion is roughly equally divided as to whether the Supreme Court should overturn its disastrous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. The subgroup numbers line up similarly to the segmentation patterns related to the responses to the other abortion-related questions described earlier. In general, those most desirous of the Court overturning the 1973 ruling are led by Integrated Disciples (67 percent consider a reversal of Roe to be a priority) and by SAGE Cons (74 percent). Those who want the Court to affirm Roe are led by groups that are not favorable to Christianity.

The Court’s ultimate decision, whatever it may be, will not satisfy everyone—or, perhaps, even a majority of Americans. But for biblically informed Christians, the abortion issue is not about pleasing a majority of the public or persuading a majority of jurists; it is a matter of understanding and obeying God’s principles and standing for His truth.


George Barna

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VIDEO: Government Strong-Arming Fuels American Distrust

According to Pew Research, in the early 1960s nearly 80 percent of Americans trusted the federal government “to do what’s right just about always/most of the time.” Today, that number hovers around 20 percent.

Is it any wonder why? The Biden administration refuses to control our borders, betrays friends, and bewilders allies in Afghanistan, and is reverting to the failed tax-and-spend policies typical of the Left. But now there’s something else that is troubling millions of Americans: A new and dangerous push for mandatory vaccinations in both public and private sectors.

President Biden is planning to issue a new federal requirement that “all businesses with 100 or more employees have to ensure that every worker is either vaccinated for COVID-19 or submit to weekly testing for the coronavirus.” This would affect no less than 80 million people in the workplace.

Last month, a survey of corporate executives indicated that nearly half “plan to institute a vaccine mandate.” And it’s not just the big companies: Forbes Magazine reports on another recent poll showing that 75 percent of small business owners “would fire workers for failing to comply with their vaccination policies.” Some firms, including some major health care providers and even United Airlines, are already doing this.

What’s going on? Since when did the federal government have the legal right to demand that citizens of a free republic accept a specific and, for many Americans, unnecessary medical treatment? And what happened to the belief that mature adults could make wise decisions for themselves and their children?

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine. He joined “Washington Watch” to warn Americans about some of the claims being made by the federal government about vaccines. He mentioned “a study out of Israel [of] two and a half million people” showing “that if you’ve had the disease … the odds of you getting hospitalized [are] seven times less than if you’ve only been vaccinated.”

“This isn’t an argument against being vaccinated,” Senator Paul made clear. In fact, he noted that he believes people in “high risk groups” should be vaccinated. However, he said, “for the people [who] have already had the disease … there is really no evidence that you have to get vaccinated or that the vaccine is better than natural immunity.”

Maybe even more striking is the Senator’s comment that “the Biden administration is not following the science.” Thousands of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals now have immunity from COVID due to working with victims of the disease for many months before there were vaccines. Why should they be, as Senator Paul said, “slapped away” in “callous disregard” for their brave service?

The senator faulted Dr. Anthony Fauci for much of the problem. “He disseminates more bad information and misinformation than probably anybody ever has in the history of public health,” said Senator Paul, citing the example of Dr. Fauci’s insistence that Americans wear masks of any kind, even though “cloth masks don’t work.”

We Americans are not subjects of a group of our “betters” in a far-distant capital. We are citizens whose liberty has been hard-won and must be vigorously defended. Whatever one believes about vaccines, no elected or appointed official has the constitutional authority to demand that we accept an injection we do not want.

If policymakers want to restore the public’s faith in their government, one way not to do it is to treat free people like wayward children, or worse, subjects who must be quiet and do whatever they are told.


School Boards Want FBI Protection from Parents

Worldview is Central to Determining Views on Abortion

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Poll: Majority Say Biden Doing a ‘Poor Job’ Uniting the Country

In news that will come as a surprise to no sentient being in the entire world, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found that the majority of Americans believe catastrophically incompetent President Joe Biden, who had made “unity” a central theme of his election, has done a “poor” job of uniting the country.

Fifty-three percent said he has done a “poor” job,” while 15 percent said “fair.” Another 20 percent said he is doing a “good” job, and 10 delusional percent said “excellent.” Notably, 79 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of independents said Biden is doing a “poor” job at uniting the country. Democrats remain divided: 52 percent say he is doing either a good or excellent job, while 45 percent say poor or fair.

An overwhelming majority of voters, 64 percent, said the country has become “more divided” since the last election, while 23 percent said it has remained “about the same.” Another 11 percent in denial of reality said it has been “more united.” Three percent answered, “not sure.”

Uniting the country has never been Biden’s aim. The aim of his party is not to bring Americans on opposite sides of the political fence together, but to eradicate political opposition.

Joe Biden

112 Known Connections

In Midst of Border Crisis, Biden Calls for Massive Numbers of New Immigrants

The number of youths illegally crossing the border into the southern U.S. had reached staggering proportions since 2012, when President Obama had announced that his administration would no longer deport minors who were in the country illegally, so long as they met certain basic requirements. Whereas in 2011 about 6,000 young people were apprehended by border personnel, government officials now estimated that the corresponding totals would exceed 90,000 by the end of 2014, and 140,000 in 2015 — not including the many tens of thousands more who would avoid capture.

Notwithstanding this crisis — and the fact that the open southern border left the U.S. vulnerable to infiltration by Islamic terrorists who had long been known to be working with Mexican drug cartels — Biden, speaking at a National Association of Manufacturers’ meeting, called for a “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants — “not dribbling [but] significant flows” that could bolster the national economy. “We need it badly from a purely — purely economic point of view,’ said Biden. The vice president later tweeted: “The final thing we need to do together is pass immigration reform … We need it badly.”

To learn more about Joe Biden, click here.


RELATED ARTICLE: Whitmer Vetoes Voter Integrity Bills That ‘Perpetuate the Big Lie’

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VIDEO: Pfizer Insider LEAKS Hidden COVID Vaccine Info

Project Veritas released the fifth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series today featuring a sit-down interview with Pfizer Insider, Melissa Strickler.

She leaked internal emails that show corporate executives telling staff to be secretive about the use of human fetal tissue in laboratory testing of the COVID vaccine.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research: “From the perspective of corporate affairs, we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there…The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there. We have not received any questions from policy makers or media on this issue in the last few weeks, so we want to avoid raising this if possible.”
  • Gelman: “We have been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines…One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program.”
  • Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer: “HEK293T cells, used for the IVE assay, are ultimately derived from an aborted fetus. On the other hand, the Vatican doctrinal committee has confirmed that they consider it acceptable for Pro-Life believers to be immunized. Pfizer’s official statement couches the answer well and is what should be provided in response to an outside inquiry.”
  • Melissa Strickler, Pfizer Insider and Manufacturing Quality Auditor: “They’re being so deceptive in their emails, it’s almost like it is in the final vaccine. It just made me not trust it.”

Watch the video:

These are shocking revelations coming from a Brave Big Pharma Insider.

The public has a right to know how the products they consume are developed, especially vaccines.

Project Veritas encourages more whistleblowers working inside Big Pharma to come forward with newsworthy information on the COVID vaccine.

Email us at


EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Democrat Senator Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require VAX to Fly on ALL Domestic Flights

Nazi tactics, plain and simple, the end of America.


By: The DC Patriot, October 4, 2021:Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced a bill, The U.S. Travel Public Safety Act, that would require travelers on domestic flights in the U.S. to be vaccinated for COVID-19, test negative, or have had a previous infection.​If passed, it would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to consult with the Federal Aviation Administration to develop national vaccination standards and procedures related to COVID-19 and domestic air travel.

Feinstein said on twitter, “We can’t allow upcoming holiday air travel to contribute to another surge in COVID cases. Today, I introduced legislation requiring passengers on domestic flights to be vaccinated, test negative or be fully recovered from a previous COVID illness.”

The bill would allow air passengers who don’t have proof of vaccination or a negative test to provide “written or electronic documentation of recovery from COVID-10 after previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s White House coronavirus adviser said in September he “would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated.”

United Airlines announced it is firing about 600 employees who chose not to comply with the company’s vaccine requirement, while Frontier Airlines has announced similar policy requiring employees to be vaccinated or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Frontier’s deadline for vaccination was October 1.

Most airlines have expressed opposition to a vaccine mandate, with the issue of the logistics of enforcement required.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker told the New York Times in August, “Requiring vaccinations to travel and not requiring vaccinations to do anything else around the country isn’t something we’re looking to do.” He also emphasized “It would be physically possible to do without enormous delays in the airline system.”

Talking along the same lines, Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian also has argued, “The logistical challenge of getting vaccination paperwork and understanding exemptions, would cause a massive crimp on the operations.”

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Young Mother Dies After Mandated Vaccination

Jessica Berg Wilson didn’t Want To Lose Her Job, Obituary Gets ‘Misleading’ Label When Posted to Twitter.

Democrat party of murder.

“Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Washington, passed away unexpectedly September 7, 2021 from COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family,” …. An Oregon woman’s obituary has gone viral after her family blamed side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on her death, and minced no words calling out state and local governments for their “heavy-handed vaccine mandates.”

Mother Dies of Vaccine-Induced Blood Clot, Obituary Gets ‘Misleading’ Label When Posted to Twitter

By Elizabeth Stauffer, The Western Journal via Flag and Cross, October 4, 2021:

Jessica Berg Wilson’s obituary described the Seattle woman as “an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions” who “died unexpectedly on Sep. 7 from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT).”

The obituary on continued: “Jessica fully embraced motherhood, sharing her passion for life with her daughters. Jessica’s motherly commitment was intense, with unwavering determination to nurture her children to be confident, humble, responsible, and to have concern and compassion for others with high morals built on Faith.”

“Jessica’s greatest passion was to be the best mother possible for Bridget and Clara. Nothing would stand in her way to be present in their lives,” it said. “During the last weeks of her life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates. Local and state governments were determined to strip away her right to consult her wisdom and enjoy her freedom.

“She had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, knowing she was in good health and of a young age and thus not at risk for serious illness. In her mind, the known and unknown risks of the unproven vaccine were more of a threat.
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“But, slowly, day by day, her freedom to choose was stripped away. Her passion to be actively involved in her children’s education—which included being a Room Mom—was, once again, blocked by government mandate. Ultimately, those who closed doors and separated mothers from their children prevailed.

“It cost Jessica her life. It cost her children the loving embrace of their caring mother. And it cost her husband the sacred love of his devoted wife. It cost God’s Kingdom on earth a very special soul who was just making her love felt in the hearts of so many.”

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Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech [Video]

There is more to the story than meets the corrupt media eye. Make no mistake, this whistle blower is merely a Democrat device to hijack the censorship issue of conservatives and instead, shut down free speech.

Two sides to the story:

Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech

Republicans Pretend They Cannot See What’s Going On:

By: Sundance Conservative Treehouse, October 5, 2021:

The transparency of this operation was/is brutally obvious. Frances Haugen appears on CBS 60-Minutes as a Facebook “whistleblower”, and already had a congressional hearing lined up for 48 hours later? C’mon man… did the lessons of Sandra Fluke or Christine Blasey Ford not register with anyone?

Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen is a left-wing activist with a long history of giving money to far-left fellow travelers including congressional moonbat AOC. Haugen is the Blasey-Ford of 2021 and her objective is to further advance the premise of censorship and political targeting under the guise of protecting children.

The leftist ruse was obvious when Ms. Haugen began demanding (during her scripted congressional testimony) that social media platforms start clamping down on expressions of free speech in order to protect the user.  The demand is for more central command and control authority over what you read, review, discuss and debate on the internet.  It is frustrating to see the UniParty play out this pantomime as if the American electorate cannot see the strings on the puppets.

Everything prior to Frances Haugen appearing today was scripted and planned; including the false “whistleblower” narrative.  Everything taking place in the Senate hearing today was scripted and planned in advance.  Political activist and left-wing ideologues want freedom censored and shut down.  It is one long continuum of stopping any push-back against oppressive government.

Remember, the Fourth Branch of government is only possible because the U.S. Senate supports it.  The control mechanism to target opposition works through a Public-Private partnership between the U.S. Intelligence apparatus and Big Tech social media platforms.  The U.S. Intelligence agencies are collaborative partners with Big Tech {LINK}.  That is why Google, Amazon (owns the cloud),  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all now connected to the portals of the Five Eyes intelligence operation.

There’s a very strong possibility the Facebook/Insta blackout yesterday was associated with the new system merging that took place.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  They admitted it out loud in June of this year, when the biggest names in Big Tech announced they partnered with the Five Eyes intelligence network, ultimately controlled by the NSA, to: (1) monitor all activity in their platforms; (2) identify extremist content; (3) look for expressions of Domestic Violent Extremism (DVE); and then, (4) put the content details into a database where the Five Eyes intelligence agencies (U.K., U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand) can access it.

DHS, FBI and DOJ openly admitted their intent to define domestic political opposition as extremists.

July 26 (Reuters) – A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias, the group told Reuters.

Until now, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s (GIFCT) database has focused on videos and images from terrorist groups on a United Nations list and so has largely consisted of content from Islamist extremist organizations such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Over the next few months, the group will add attacker manifestos – often shared by sympathizers after white supremacist violence – and other publications and links flagged by U.N. initiative Tech Against Terrorism. It will use lists from intelligence-sharing group Five Eyesadding URLs and PDFs from more groups, including the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and neo-Nazis.

The firms, which include Twitter (TWTR.N) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube, share “hashes,” unique numerical representations of original pieces of content that have been removed from their services. Other platforms use these to identify the same content on their own sites in order to review or remove it. (read more)

Think about that sentence structure very carefully. They are “adding to” the pre-existing list…. admitting the group (aka Big Tech) already has access to the the intelligence-sharing database… and also admitting there is a pre-existing list created by the Five Eyes consortium.

Obviously, who and what is defined as “extremist content” will be determined by the Big Tech insiders themselves. This provides a gateway, another plausible deniability aspect, to cover the Intelligence Branch from any oversight.

The volume of metadata captured by the NSA has always been a problem because of the filters needed to make the targeting useful. There is a lot of noise in collecting all data that makes the parts you really want to identify more difficult to capture. This new partnership creates a filtration system in the metadata that circumvents any privacy protections for individuals and gives Big Tech the authority to censor viewpoints that concern them.

Fast forward a few months, and a “whistleblower’ pops up advocating for Big Tech social media to do more controlling of speech on their platforms?

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes it is impossible to return yourself to that place before where you could watch the pantomime and not see them!

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Madness: UCLA Suspends Professor for Refusing to Assign Grades Based on Skin Color


My latest in PJ Media:

This is the state of American academia today: Gordon Klein has taught courses in business law, tax law, and financial analysis at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management for no fewer than forty years. He is a respected academic who has been on CNBC and quoted in the Wall Street Journal for his economic expertise. But now, after being suspended, he has filed suit in California Superior Court against the university regents over his suspension. Klein has a good case: He was suspended from teaching at UCLA for the crime of refusing to discriminate and treat his black students differently from how he treated others.

“I was suspended from my job,” Klein explained, “for refusing to treat my black students as lesser than their non-black peers.” His ordeal began on June 2, 2020, when “a non-black student in my class on tax principles and law emailed me to ask that I grade his black classmates with greater ‘leniency’ than others in the class.”

In a sane society, a “non-black student” who demanded that black students be graded with greater “leniency” than others would be castigated as a racist. But in the Left’s funhouse mirror ethics, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and treating students differently based on race is racial justice.

The student wrote to Klein: “We are writing to express our tremendous concern about the impact that this final exam and project will have on the mental and physical health of our Black classmates.” Klein believes that the student was using an online racial justice form letter: “There was no project in this class, and it was unclear to me who the ‘we’ in this case was. I suspected the student simply used a form letter he found online and neglected to change the subject.”

The letter went on to claim that black students were too traumatized by racism to do well on the final exam: “The unjust murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the life-threatening actions of Amy Cooper and the violent conduct of the [University of California Police Department] have led to fear and anxiety which is further compounded by the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on the Black community. As we approach finals week, we recognize that these conditions place Black students at an unfair academic disadvantage due to traumatic circumstances out of their control.” It concluded: “This is not a joint effort to get finals canceled for non-Black students, but rather an ask that you exercise compassion and leniency with Black students in our major.”

Klein notes that “in a subsequent conversation with a university investigator,” the student who wrote the letter made it clear that he “intended that the requested adjustments apply to Black students and not the class generally.” To strengthen the case, the student invoked the Anderson School of Management’s “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” agenda, which stresses that a “commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion as fundamental to achieving Anderson’s mission.”

There is more. Read the rest here.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©rights reserved.

Corruption? FBI Raids Home of NYPD Sergeants’ Union Head Who Criticized de Blasio and Cuomo

My latest in PJ Media:

As Matt Margolis noted in July, the FBI is “corrupt and needs reform.” This reform became all the more urgent last week, when it was revealed that the feds were far more deeply involved in the January 6 insurrection-that-wasn’t-an-insurrection at the Capitol than had been previously known. But instead of moving to restore its shattered reputation and proving it hasn’t become little more than the far-Left’s muscle, the FBI on Tuesday raided the home of Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) President Ed Mullins, a Trump supporter and outspoken critic of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to the New York Daily News, the raid “also targeted the police union’s Lower Manhattan headquarters.” The FBI confirmed that it was “carrying out a law enforcement action in connection with an ongoing investigation” into the 13,000-member SBA. Said de Blasio: “All I have been told is the FBI has raided the SBA HQ and it’s in connection with an ongoing investigation, but we don’t have further details on that at this moment.”

The mayor couldn’t resist, however, kicking Mullins while he was down: “A lot of what he’s done has been really, really destructive — especially in the middle of a crisis where we’re trying to unify and we’re trying to get through together. I think he’s been a divisive voice. … All I hear is the FBI raid. I want to hear the details before I comment further.”

Mullins aroused de Blasio’s ire when he posted the arrest report of Chiara de Blasio, the mayor’s daughter, on Twitter; Chiara de Blasio was arrested in May 2020 during the George Floyd riots in Manhattan. According to the Daily News, Mullins was accused of “violating department rules” in disclosing Chiara’s private information, while his lawyer, Andrew Quinn, noted that the report had already been publicized and stated: “We see this case an attempt to chill Ed Mullins’s First Amendment rights.”

Amid the controversy, Mullins “vowed to continue speaking out whenever he believes cops are vilified or mistreated” and declared: “De Blasio’s City Hall has been at war with cops since his first days in office. Charges against union activism that City Hall doesn’t like — speaking truth to those who claim power — is sadly what we’ve come to expect from this administration.”

Mullins has made other enemies as well. Former mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, who previously had worked for de Blasio, excoriated Mullins for alleged “racism.” And in May 2020, New York’s then-Health Department Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Babot declared “I don’t give two rats’ a**es about your cops” in response to a request for more masks for the police. Mullins tweeted in response: “Truth is this b***h has blood on her hands but why should anyone be surprised the NYPD has suffered under DeBlasio since he became Mayor.”

There is more. Read the rest here.


Madness: UCLA Suspends Professor for Refusing to Assign Grades Based on Skin Color

Thanks, Joe! Taliban Gives Tajik Jihadis U.S.-Made Weaponry and Vehicles

Marine Jailed for Slamming Pentagon Brass Over Afghanistan to Trump: ‘I Don’t Want or Need Your Help’

Muslims celebrate death of Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks

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VIDEO: Parents = Terrorists? Insane!

School Board Member Bridget Ziegler discusses the DOJ threatening to crackdown on parents.

Last night, my wife and Sarasota County School Board Member, Bridget Ziegler joined Congressman Ken Buck on Shannon Bream’s Show to discuss the Department of Justice threatening to treat concerned parents showing up at School Board meetings as “Domestic Terrorists”.

Watch the clip. Then share it.

Let’s be honest about what the REAL threat here is, that the Biden Administration is attempting to squash parents. Parents are becoming incredibly effective advocates at the local level.

Their voices are being heard, School Boards are experiencing accountability for the first time, and the moms and dads in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are getting involved with politics for the first time are realizing just how radical Democrats have become and the impact that out-of-touch School Board Members have on their children.

That is not good for Democrats in 2022 and they are now deploying tactics to help suppress dissent ahead of the mid-term election season.

Do not let it intimidate you. And I encourage you to continue to do your homework and peaceably express support and/or dissent in reaction to the actions of your elected officials.

©Christian Ziegler. All rights reserved.

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RACE: A Four-Letter Word Guaranteed to Offend Everyone

Every day brings horror stories of racial discrimination and racial preferences.

Told a couple of folks I was going to write about race. “Don’t go there,” said one. “Leave it alone,” said the other. ‘Nuff said. I couldn’t resist.

America is obsessed with race. That is just how we live. Social justice warriors and woke media – that’s just about all US media – keep the subject in front of us 24/7. You can’t escape it. Identity politics is race-based. Every day brings horror stories of racial discrimination, racial preferences, Black Lives Matter, White privilege, racial reparations, cancelling and confrontations in the streets, courts, universities and elsewhere over matters having to do with race.

The racial angle is everywhere.

  • The Washington Post Sports section tells us that “‘Race-norming’ kept former NFL players from dementia diagnoses. Their families want answers.
  • The National Institutes of Health reports on “Racial Differences in Perceived Food Swamp and Food Desert Exposure and Disparities in Self-Reported Dietary Habits”
  • The Associated Press notes that “People of colour more exposed to heat islands, study finds.”
  • Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, beloved figures on American supermarket shelves, were cancelled, their smiling faces having suddenly been deemed racist.
  • The professional football team in our nation’s capital is no longer the Washington Redskins, that term after nearly a century having been discovered to be racist.

Some of the same people who blow a cork about race tell us that race really doesn’t exist, arguing that it is merely a “social construct.” Yet they track racial statistics obsessively.

Here are a few such US race-related stats. In the 1960 Census, America was 88.6 percent White, and almost all the rest were Black.  The brand new state of Hawaii provided a few Asians.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 changed everything. It abolished the National Origins Formula with immigration based on the composition of the existing population and opened immigration to the world.  Why was this done? The old system was deemed racially discriminatory. The real reason? Cheap labour.

Thus the 2020 Census is quite different. It has the US at 61.5 percent White, 18.7 percent Hispanic or Latino, 13.4 percent Black, 7.0 percent Asian, 2.0 percent American Indian or Alaska Native, 1.4 percent Some Other Race, and 0.4 percent Pacific Islander.  Yes, this adds up to more than 100 percent, but that is because some Hispanic/Latino folks also identify as White, and numerous others also claim dual identities.

The big media takeaway from all this is about what is going on with White folks. One news outlet after another pointed out that in the 2020 Census, for the first time in history, the US White population declined.

According to demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution, the outright decline in America’s White population has come eight years sooner than projected.He wrote, “Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn’t have believed you… The country is changing dramatically.”

Dramatically and fast.

The White Non-Hispanic category of the US population is now below 60 percent. White population declined in 26 states. The age-18-and-under cohort declined in 31 states and is now majority non-White. 2011 was the first year that non-White births outnumbered White ones. Dr Frey calls this a “cultural generation gap.”

While Census analysts tell us that the US will be majority non-White – aka “majority-minority” – by 2045, that point is likely to be reached much earlier, possibly even by 2030. All US population growth in the last decade has been non-White.

Hispanics comprised 50 percent of US population growth in the last Census. In the last thirty years America’s Hispanic and Asian populations have doubled, and Blacks held steady at around 12.5 percent.

In the last decade the US had the slowest population growth since the first national census in 1790, with the exception of the Great Depression.

As expected, in woke America whenever the subject of race comes up, bigotry rears its ugly head: Here’s a tweet from Michael Moore, American film maker and uber-left superstar:

If the word “White” had been replaced with “Black,” “Asian,” “Hispanic” or “Native American,” Moore would have been banished forthwith to his palatial pad in rural Michigan. Looks like Mr Moore, a White guy, has a problem with White folks. Weird.

The absence of media outrage at Mr Moore and other White-bashers reflects a worrisome double standard. The culture war on Whites (which is being waged by  many Whites themselves) gathers steam by the day. Leftist Critical Race Theory is taught in schools. We hear day-in-and-day-out about racism, which the media would have us believe is an attitude exclusive to Whites. In woke America it is more socially acceptable to have an axe murderer in the family than a racist.

But when somebody bashes White folks, woke moralizers fall silent. Perhaps the fact that the White vote leans solidly Republican has something to do with it. Were it not for White voters, conservatism in the US would be running on fumes.

This profoundly discordant state of affairs spells trouble ahead. Since 1965, too many people from too many places have come too fast to the West. Identity politics meant that assimilation was never an option. Consequently, America is now thoroughly balkanized. There is no longer an American nation. Social cohesion is kaput. Today’s multicultural America is more diabolically divided than ever, at least since the Civil War (1861-1865).

The Austro-Hungarian Empire had so much diversity that interpreters were needed on the floor of parliament. It did not survive the shock of World War I.

What will become of the USA?


Louis T. March

Louis T. March has a background in government, business and philanthropy. A former talk show host, author and public speaker, he is a dedicated student of history and genealogy. Louis lives with his family… More by Louis T. March.

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Panic Has Led to Government “Cures” That Are Worse than the Disease, History Shows

Let’s take the novel coronavirus seriously, but let’s not throw reason, prudence, or the Constitution out the window.

Anyone who’s seen the John Hughes movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off probably remembers the scene where Ferris’s economics teacher (Ben Stein) explains the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act to a roomful of bored, sleeping students. The scene is brilliant for many reasons, perhaps most so because it perfectly demonstrated how some of the most boring things in history are also the most important.

Smoot-Hawley was, of course, one of the great blunders in history.

Passed in 1930 over the objection of more than a thousand economists, the legislation increased tariffs (which were already high) on imports to protect US industries and farmers, sparking a trade war that deepened the Great Depression. It’s a perfect example of authorities taking decisive action to alleviate a crisis—and making things much worse.

What many forget is that Smoot-Hawley didn’t cause the Depression. It was a response to the Depression. Indeed, it may never have passed at all without the catalyst—the Stock Market Crash of 1929—that sent the nation into a frenzy. Senate Republicans had defeated the GOP-controlled House bill the previous year, but trade restrictionists found a convenient crisis in Black Tuesday, which triggered widespread hysteria, allowing the law to squeak through. (President Hoover opposed the bill but signed it anyway because of political pressure, which included resignation threats from several Cabinet members.)

Designed to protect Americans during the economic crisis, Smoot-Hawley proved disastrous. Imports fell from $1,334M in 1929 to just $390M in 1932. Global trade fell by roughly 66 percent, government data show. By 1933 unemployment was 25 percent, the highest in US history.

To “correct” things, Americans elected Franklin D. Roosevelt, who launched a series of federal programs—which made the crisis even worse. The rest, as they say, is history.

Smoot-Hawley and the New Deal are hardly the only examples of government actions making a panic worse.

In his book Basic Economics, the economist Thomas Sowell recounts several instances in which governments turned small problems into major ones by using blunt force—often price controls—to respond to public panic about rising costs of a given commodity.

One of the more famous examples of this is the gasoline crisis of the 1970s, which started when the federal government took a small problem (temporary high costs of gasoline) and turned it into a big one (a national shortage).

It began when OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), a newly formed oil cartel, cut oil production, causing fuel prices to rise. To address the rise, the Nixon administration (and later the Ford and Carter administrations) resorted to price controls to keep fuel prices low for consumers.

The result? Mass fuel shortages across the country that led to long lines and many Americans unable to buy fuel. This “energy crisis,” as it was dubbed at the time, in turn wreaked havoc on the automotive industry.

As Sowell explains, however, there was not an actual scarcity of gasoline. There was nearly as much gas sold in 1972 as the previous year (95 percent, to be precise). Similarly, Americans in 1978 consumed more gasoline than in any other previous year in history. The problem was the resources were not being allocated efficiently because of state-imposed price controls.

The energy crisis was entirely predictable, two Soviet economists (who had vast experience in the arena of central planning-induced shortages) later observed.

In an economy with rigidly planned proportions, such situations are not the exception but the rule—an everyday reality, a governing law. The absolute majority of goods is either in short supply or in surplus. Quite often the same product is in both categories—there is a shortage in one region and a surplus in another.

No one likes high gas prices, but the energy crisis of the 1970s wasn’t truly a crisis until the government created it. Nor was the result unique. Similar examples can be found throughout history, from the grain shortages in Ancient Rome brought about by Diocletian’s “Edict on Maximum Prices” to the mortgage crisis in 2007 and the financial crisis that ensued.

This might seem obvious in hindsight, yet similar mistakes are made today during crises, just on a smaller scale. To address alleged crises in housing, California and Oregon recently passed rent control laws that will surely have a devastating impact on residents in those states. Similarly, anti-price gouging laws (and social pressure) regularly lead to mass shortages during national emergencies.

As America endures the most frightening pandemic in a century, the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important that decisions affecting the lives, liberties, and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people are being reached through reason, not collective fear.

Pandemics are clearly different from economic depressions and fuel shortages, but some of the same lessons apply. Like an economic panic, pandemics incite mass fear, which can lead to flawed and irrational decision making.

We know that human beings by nature are prone to crowd-following, especially during periods of social unrest and panic. This instinct has resulted in some of the greatest tragedies in human history.

COVID-19 may very well prove to be every bit as dangerous as we’ve been led to believe. Epidemiologists, vaccine researchers, and other medical experts agree it’s highly contagious and deadly, especially for certain at-risk demographics (the elderly and people with compromised immune systems and lung damage, for example). Yet many of the same experts disagree on the scope of the COVID-19 threat.

One of the problems medical professionals are encountering is they simply don’t have a lot of reliable data to work with.

“The data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable,” John P.A. Ioannidis, an epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University who co-directs the university’s Meta-Research Innovation Center, recently wrote in Stat.

Let’s face it: pandemics are scary. This is probably doubly true in the age of social media, when the scariest models tend to be the ones most shared, which fuels even more panic. Because of the heightened level of fear, it’s not unreasonable to think public officials could “follow the crowd,” which is a bad idea even when the crowd isn’t totally petrified.

“Crowds do not reason….they tolerate neither discussion nor contradiction, and the suggestions brought to bear on them invade the entire field of their understanding and tend at once to transform themselves into acts,” wrote Gustave Le Bon in his seminal 1895 work The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.

It’s no secret or coincidence that crises—foreign wars, terrorist attacks, and economic depressions—have often resulted in vast encroachments of freedom and even given rise to tyrants (from Napoleon to Lenin and beyond). In his book Crisis and Leviathan, the historian and economist Robert Higgs explains how throughout history, crises have been used to expand the administrative state, often by allowing “temporary” measures to be left in place after a crisis has abated (think federal tax withholding during World War II).

“When [crises occur] … governments almost certainly will gain new powers over economic and social affairs,” wrote Higgs. “For those who cherish individual liberty and a free society, the prospect is deeply disheartening.”

Let’s take the novel coronavirus deadly seriously, but let’s not throw reason, prudence, or the Constitution out the window while doing so.

If we do, we may find the government’s “cure” for the coronavirus cure is even worse than the disease.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.


Households Brace for Higher Winter Heating Costs as Natural Gas Prices Vault

Hey Nancy Pelosi, Here Are 4 Easy Things to Cut From the $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: The Truth Will Set Us Free from Vaccine Mandates

In new footage released by Project Veritas, three Pfizer scientists admit that natural immunity to the coronavirus likely offers better protection than the vaccine. Yet the CDC refuses to even address the possibility of natural immunity, and various vaccine mandates America’s tyrants are considering allow no exemption for natural immunity.

Natural immunity is not some magic code, nor does it suggest genetic superiority. The term simply refers to someone who has contracted COVID-19, and whose immune system developed the tools to successfully fight off the virus. Those immune defenses remain in the person’s bloodstream even after the virus has been eliminated. After 18 months of data, the administration’s utter silence on natural immunity, an obvious, viable alternative to vaccination, has grown deafening.

Nick Karl, who works directly on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, said natural immunity probably produced “more antibodies,” leading to a stronger immune response against a second infection. Karl also said persons who contracted the virus will produce “antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus,” retaining immunity even to mutated strains.

If that’s true, why isn’t the company saying so publicly? Pfizer scientist Rahul Khandke explained that Pfizer forces employees into “hours and hours” of seminars where they are told, “you cannot talk about this in public.” Chris Croce, Senior Associate Scientist for Pfizer, said the corporation had pushed aside successful monoclonal antibody treatments to focus on vaccines because of money. “Our organization is run on COVID money now,” added Croce. Croce said he feels “like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits, in the end.” Pfizer hit the mother lode in the first quarter of 2021 with $3.5 billion in revenue from its COVID-19 vaccine, as part of a total revenue income increase of 45 percent over the first quarter of 2020.

Aside from Croce’s oddly anti-business sentiments (after all, corporations exist precisely for “profits, in the end”), if Pfizer executives are deliberately withholding vital information from the public for their company’s bottom line, it is one of the most despicable con games ever played on the American public.

Even worse, public officials seem to be parroting the talking points developed by the pharmaceutical corporations who stand to profit. “I’m at a loss to understand the actions of the CDC,” Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University, said on “Washington Watch.” The CDC guidelines instruct people “to make all these changes in our life in order to do an impossible goal.”

He explained that zero COVID cases nationwide is not a feasible end goal. As Australia has discovered, no amount of government control can eradicate it — not lockdowns, not vaccines. “We have no technology to … eradicate the disease,” he said. “This disease will circulate forever.”

Bhattacharya isn’t preaching doom and gloom. Instead, “we need to tell people to stop being so scared about it,” he insisted. COVID vaccines and natural immunity both provide defense against severe infections that could lead to hospitalization or death. “[The] right sort of sequence is: get vaccinated, and then don’t worry so much about being infected,” he said. The CDC “should be telling people how to manage the risk around the disease” instead of “vaccine mandates, which are essentially ripping society apart.”

Because we are better equipped with vaccines, effective treatments, and hospital protocols, COVID-19 “is no longer the kind of disease it was last year,” said Bhattacharya. “Let’s tell the population.”


Manchin Walks the (Red) Line to Courageously Defend Hyde

A Tribute to Todd Akin

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My “Wealth Effect Monitor” for the Money-Printer Economy: Holy Moly, October Update

Editor’s Note: It is amusing, if not tragic, that those who complain the most about “inequality”, pursue monetary, fiscal, and tax policies, that make it much worse for the poor.  Asset price inflation favors obviously those with the means to own assets: stocks, bonds, and real estate. While inflation is a tax on all of us, and a regressive tax at that, lacking the ability to own assets means the poor get hurt the worst by precisely the economic fallacies peddled by those who say they help the poor.


The bottom 50% need not apply. They just get to eat the soaring costs of housing. How the Fed totally blew out the already gigantic wealth disparity during the pandemic.

On Friday, the Fed released the detailed data about the wealth of households by wealth category for the 1%, the 2% to 9%, the “next 40%” (the top 10% to 50%) and the “bottom 50%” for the second quarter, after having released less detailed figures on September 23. You read the stories at the time about how the Fed’s money-printing and interest-rate-repression has enriched American households.

But the detailed data, just now released, show whose wealth jumped the most, and who got left endlessly further behind. It wasn’t households in general that benefited, but only the richest households with the most assets. The more assets they had, the more they benefited.

My Wealth Effect Monitor divides the wealth (assets minus liabilities) for each wealth category by the number of households in that category, which produces average per-household wealth within each category. The wealth of the bottom 50% is reflected by the jagged green line on the bottom, essentially on top of the horizontal axis:

Not shown separately are the truly rich – the 0.01% – and the Billionaire Class.  The Fed wisely doesn’t provide any information on them separately, but includes them in the Top 1%.

But according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the top 30 US billionaires are worth on average $69 billion per household currently, having gained on average $2.2 billion in wealth each over the quarter.

The bottom 50% of US households (green line above) – 63.2 million households – are worth on average $47,900 per household. But this includes $25,970 in “durable goods” (cars, phones, furniture, etc.), which for consumers are normally considered consumables, not assets, because their values are declining, and they don’t produce incomes.

The bottom 50% gained $7,900 per household over the quarter, and those gains included $2,085 from purchases of durable goods!


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Socialist Spending Bill Fails To Move Forward

Thank you for taking the time to send emails.

Socialism is hostile toward a wide range of liberties that Americans have cherished for hundreds of years.  Socialism is very oppressive toward religious liberties especially towards Christians and Jews.

“This is the biggest step toward socialism in my lifetime.”  U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to take a vote on the $3.5 trillion dollar socialist spending bill by her September 30, 2021 deadline after approximately two dozen members of the house indicated that they would not vote for it.  Additionally, Senators Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) and Kyrsten Sinema (D- Arizona) voiced their opposition to the fiscally irresponsible legislation.  Additionally, it appears that some other Democrat senators also indicated that they would not vote for the bill.

Since the overwhelming majority of Republicans are opposed to the $3.5 trillion dollar socialist spending bill Florida Family Association focused on encouraging 7 moderate Democrats in the Senate and 19 moderate Democrats in the House to oppose the legislation.   Florida Family Association launched several email campaigns that provided prepared emails for subscribers to send to these moderate Democrats.   These prepared emails were produced in a format that sent them through each subscriber’s own email client.  This embedded email format was chosen in order insure their delivery. Florida Family Association estimates that each official received over 15,000 emails from Florida Family Association subscribers.  Additionally and thankfully, there were conservative news media and talk shows that expressed grave concern regarding this radical legislation.

Why is Florida Family Association concerned about the $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill?  This legislation moves America ever closer to oppressive socialism.   U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham described the $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill as “This is the biggest step toward socialism in my lifetime.”  Socialism is hostile toward a wide range of liberties that Americans have cherished for hundreds of years.  Socialism is very oppressive toward religious liberties especially towards Christians and Jews.

High inflation and gas prices caused by recent excessive congressional spending are hurting millions of American families and threatening our economy.   Fox News Poll reports: “83% worry about inflation, majority says benefits hurting economy.  Inflation tops the list of economic concerns for voters– ahead of taxes, unemployment, the federal deficit, and interest rates.”   The increasing gasoline prices and energy costs will likely go even higher with the left’s obsession with the New Green Deal which is part of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

It is fiscally irresponsible for congress to throw more money on the inflation fire that will break the budgets of more American families and burden them with entitlement programs that will endure forever.   Additionally, the $3.5 trillion plan will require much more money from the private sector to pay for more entitlement programs thus pushing America even closer to socialism while hurting our robust economy.  This bill will increase energy costs and our dependence on foreign oil thereby weakening national security.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi extended the deadline for voting on this irresponsible socialist legislation to October 30, 2021.  The $3.5 trillion amount will likely be reduced in order to garner votes.  However, the bill’s passage becomes much less probable following this failure and as the calendar nears the 2022 elections when voters will be more likely to hold these officials accountable.  Florida Family Association is prepared to launch more email campaigns if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to send emails.  Your emails made a difference.

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A Record? Twitter Has Had Me “Under Suspension” for SIX MONTHS

Maybe they want to see who’ll blink first. But I’ve heard of Twitter suspending people’s accounts (e.g., Nicki Minaj) and banning users (e.g., President Trump), along with the games they routinely play, such as shadow-banning tweets. I’ve never heard, however, of someone being in Twitter limbo for more than six months while the Twitter twits “review” his appeal.

But that’s me.

September 17, 12:29 p.m. marked the six month anniversary of my first and only “suspension” from Twitter. Oh, it was a long time in coming. I mean, I’d posted so much politically incorrect material that I was wondering when I’d be suspended and, frankly, had been feeling a bit neglected, as if I wasn’t persecution-worthy. In particular, I’d sent a multitude of “un-woke” tweets (a.k.a. the Truth) about the MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status or “transgender”) agenda, which the Twitter twits are often intensely sensitive about. (I guess they can sympathize with aspiring shape-shifters, having long ago transitioned from a social media platform to an anti-social propaganda outfit.)

But I finally attracted their attention when I responded to rapper Cardi B after the March dust-up she had with commentator Candace Owens. Owens had criticized the “singer’s” depraved 2021 Grammy Awards performance featuring her testimonial to America’s descent into idiocracy — her song “WAP” — and, in response, Cardi B had posted an old, suggestive photo of Melania Trump to justify her actions and asked why Owens had a problem with her. I then tweeted:

@iamcardib Maybe because you’re acting like a greedy slut who’s corrupting the young? Just a thought. Here’s a pro tip: You don’t justify bad behavior by citing other bad behavior. Children do that.

There are two ironies here. First, in saner times, pre-Sexual Devolution, Cardi B’s cultural effluent wouldn’t have been produced by any major label, let alone aired.

Now it’s criticism of such that mayn’t be aired.

Second, my Twitter cancelation befell me while I was crafting a magazine essay on cancel culture. So as I put it, sort “of like a researcher in the midst of a set of experiments who then finds out he’s going to be one of the test subjects, Twitter gave me some timely and personal material a day before my article deadline.”

What’s more, the Twitter twits explained my suspension thus:

“You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

Of course, I didn’t actually call Cardi B a “slut,” but said she was acting like one. But help me out: Into which of the above categories does “slut” fall? Maybe it’s a “disability,” I don’t know. Or perhaps it’s a race from an alternate universe where vice is the norm (oh, wait, that’s what we’re becoming!) and the women are all like Bill Clinton without the self-restraint.

By the way, I won’t explicitly relate what “WAP” is an acronym for, but the first word is “Wet,” the second is a three-letter term for derrière, and the third is both a name for a cat and a vulgar noun describing an intimate female body part.

But, no matter, Cardi B, worth $30 million dollars, needs GoogTwitFace (Big Tech) protection from those of modest means who’d dare question her probity. So for the last six months, when logging into my Twitter account, a page appears on which the Twitter twits “thank” me for my appeal and then write:

Please note that while we review your appeal, you won’t be able to access your Twitter account. We’ll take a look and will respond as soon as possible.

If you’d rather just delete the content, you can cancel your appeal.

I’d sent the Twitter twits a link to my first article, in which I also called them Twitter twits, which probably didn’t exactly endear them to me. I also wrote in reference to my possibly deleting the tweet that this will never, ever happen. The Twitter twits might have taken this as a bit of a challenge and perhaps want to see me go back on my word — see me blink first, as I said.

Yes, well, Twitter twits, I really do miss being shadow-banned and having a grand total of seven followers actually see my tweets. What exposure I’m missing!

But I’ll manage and, along with many others, will use alternative social media platforms. This will further divide the country and clarify the battle lines. I won’t say “It’s all good,” but it is all now necessary — and a heck of a lot better than the alternative.

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