Should Extremist Content Be Taken Down or Should We Talk About It?

The hypocrisy of the EU’s new terror content law & free speech stateside.

A recent agreement drafted for the European Union (EU) mandates that social media companies must take down terrorist content within an hour of it being flagged or risk paying enormous fines.
On the face of it, we may automatically agree that this is a good idea considering the fact that propaganda is actually dangerous due to its proven ability to influence people and sway their opinions.
Most of us would also naturally assume that the new rule will apply to ISIS videos, neo-Nazi content and the like.
But will it apply to the Palestinian Authority (PA), which churns out terrorist content on its state-run media channels non-stop for young and old? Or will the PA be given an exemption considering the fact that between 2017 and 2020, the EU’s baseline amount of funding for the PA was $1.57 billion?
Will the law apply to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and the genocidal content that regularly comes out of its leaders’ mouths? Or will the EU merely condemn such sentiments but look the other way on its social media platforms due to its financial investment of billions of euros in the Islamic Republic in the years since the nuclear deal was signed?
Will it apply to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that most countries in the EU can’t even bring themselves to ban completely, possibly due to the fact that it is an Iranian proxy?
Will it apply to Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian Islamist leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who gives cover and funds to Hamas, slaughters Kurds in Syria and incites religious radicalism to the point of worldwide terror? Or does that also fall under “complicated” territory considering Erdogan’s stranglehold on the EU vis-à-vis the immigration/refugee crisis?
Judging from the EU’s tepid response to the assassination of Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani followed by its full-out condemnation of the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of Iran’s covert nuclear weapons program, as a “criminal act – not to mention its failure to condemn Erdogan – we already know the answers to these questions.
So a very real question to ask when the dust settles is: Who defines “terrorist content”?
The relative standards of what constitutes terrorist content in our increasingly transactional world not only serves to call out the hypocrisy of this new EU mandate but represents a slippery slope to the rights of free speech everywhere, including stateside.
While Europeans have never enjoyed the freedoms of speech, expression or religion that form the bedrock of the U.S. constitution, a debate over these freedoms are raging in the public sphere in America as well.
Only in our increasingly woke America, where words are now perceived as “violence” (to the degree that students in colleges around the country need “safe spaces” from them), the term “terrorist content” has been largely replaced by “hateful content.”
This, in turn, has prompted ersatz purveyors of American culture to demand that tech companies take down “hateful content” from their platforms.
Take former basketball legend turned cultural commentator Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Speaking without the least hint of irony (he says he’s been commenting about culture and politics for the last 30 years), Abdul-Jabbar wants tech companies to take down content he finds objectionable from celebrities. That content includes everything from conservative ideas to commentary about election fraud to information questioning the safety of the rapidly rolled out and experimental coronavirus vaccine.
“It would be tempting to dismiss this self-mutilation as merely the triggering of overly sensitive ‘cancel culture,’” he says about celebrities like J.K. Rowling who go against the current Leftist groupthink. “But some of this public braying does immediate harm to the foundation of society.”
(Rowling had the temerity to tweet about biological sex being important.)
Ultimately, Abdul-Jabar and many others like him would like to see celebrities like Rowling canceled altogether, so that “their professional legacies could become brief footnotes to the memory of their collection of mason jars filled with their excreted opinions.”
There was a time when cultural purveyors such as Abdul-Jabbar would have been ostracized themselves as extremists due to the centrality of free speech in the American system of liberty, but now they are positioned sturdily in the mainstream.
Take Richard Stengel, President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team leader for U.S.-owned media outlets. Writing in The Washington Post just last year, Stengel argued for making hate speech a crime.
Stengel gets around the sticky issue of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution by presuming to get into the heads of the country’s framers.

“… the intellectual underpinning of the First Amendment was engineered for a simpler era,” he contends. “The amendment rests on the notion that the truth will win out in what Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas called ‘the marketplace of ideas’ … [yet] no one ever quite explained how good ideas drive out bad ones, how truth triumphs over falsehood … [how] truth would prevail in a ‘free and open encounter.’”

Ignoring the obvious answer that the country is made up of citizens who are able to think for themselves, Stengel goes on to denigrate the framers’ belief that the free exchange of ideas is “necessary for people to make informed choices in a democracy.”
Somehow, he says, even if that “magically” happened in the past, Stengel says it isn’t possible today: “On the Web, it’s not enough to battle falsehood with truth; the truth doesn’t always win. In the age of social media, the marketplace model doesn’t work.”
Stengel then opines that banning hate speech was really the intent of the framers:

“Hate speech has a less violent, but nearly as damaging, impact in another way: It diminishes tolerance. It enables discrimination … Isn’t that, by definition, speech that undermines the values that the First Amendment was designed to protect: fairness, due process, equality before the law?
“Why shouldn’t the states experiment with their own version of hate speech statutes to penalize speech that deliberately insults people based on religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation?” he asks.

The ideas of Stengel, Abdul-Jabar and other would-be censors and purveyors of “truth” represent a serious slide into a rabbit hole that historically has been tried and never ended well.
Whether it begins with the hypocrisy of the EU banning “terror content” on social media platforms, the condescending attitude of Stengel toward everyday Americans or the nanny state being proposed by Abdul-Jabar, the endpoint of that route is always totalitarianism.
It’s a sticky issue. Yes, ISIS videos and neo-Nazi propaganda can and should be taken down, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that criminalizing hate speech is a good idea instead of what it really is: a euphemism for silencing our political opponents. Better we should talk “hate” and let truth prevail.

Meira Svirsky

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Report: Saudi authorities remove antisemitic, anti-Zionist content from textbooks

Made possible by the greatest POTUS in history. It is just a matter of time before Israel and Saudi Arabia establish full diplomatic relations. What President Trump has accomplished in the Middle East is a miracle.

Report: Saudi authorities remove anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist content from textbooks

The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education finds attitudes in the kingdom towards Israel are becoming “more balanced and tolerant.”
By JNS, December 20th, 2020
Saudi authorities have been removing anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist content from the country’s textbooks for the coming school year, a report by the Jerusalem-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education has found.
The report came amid growing speculation of a potential rapprochement between the Jewish state and the Arab Gulf power. Saudi Arabia’s neighbors, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, normalized ties with Israel in September in a deal brokered by the United States. Washington has made it no secret that it would like to see Riyadh join the Abraham Accords before U.S. President Donald Trump’s term in office ends next month.
The monitoring group said that while it “did not find that new tolerant material had been injected into the curriculum, a substantial amount of offensive material had been removed.”
The report said that many of the books no longer include the prediction of a religious war in which Muslims would annihilate all Jews. Furthermore, the classic anti-Semitic trope saying that “Zionist forces” use nefarious methods to control the world has been dropped.
“Examining the trendline of our 2002, 2008 and even 2019 reports of the Saudi curriculum, it is clear that these new 2020 textbooks represent an institutional effort to modernize the Kingdom’s curriculum,” said IMPACT-se CEO, Marcus Sheff. “The Saudi authorities have begun a process of rooting out anti-Jewish hate.”
Attitudes towards Israel are becoming “more balanced and tolerant,” the institute said, giving as an example the removal of an entire chapter that was titled “the Zionist danger,” which delegitimized Israel’s right to exist.
More generally, the majority of references to jihad have been removed, whereas a decade ago the focus of the curriculum was to prepare students for martyrdom, the group found.
“This being said, anti-Israel content does still remain in the curriculum,” IMPACT-se noted. Hatred of Jews is still present, including “a decontextualized and ambiguous” story about Jewish “wrongdoers,” who are described as monkeys.

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Gaza: Internal Hamas government memo calls for ‘activities to reduce interaction with Christmas’

Once again, anger and fear resurface among Christians living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, who also are preparing to celebrate Christmas amidst the restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic.
However, their concerns are not because of the spread of coronavirus, but rather because of a letter (which was made public on social media and other Palestinian websites) that was sent to the government of Hamas in Gaza regarding the upcoming celebrations of Christmas.
The letter, entitled “Activities to reduce interaction with Christmas during the next two weeks,” was sent by the Director-General of the General Administration of Preaching and Counseling of the Palestinian Endowment Ministry in Gaza.
In what appeared to be an official correspondence between Palestinian officials, the letter discussed the steps taken during “an emergency meeting” that was held in Gaza on December 15. It included the issuance of “awareness and guidance” that needed to be implemented by 10 departments within the Islamic Waqf ministry.
The main goal behind this campaign would include “issuing fatwas [to prohibit Muslims from participating in Christmas], releasing videos, and requesting some preachers” to talk about the great sins of celebrating their holidays with the Christians.
It is worth noting that the number of Christians still living in Gaza may not reach 1000, while the Orthodox and Catholic churches continue to provide parish services to the remaining families, in addition to two schools whose students are mostly Muslims.
After Hamas gained full control of the Strip, the Baptist Church in Gaza, which had operated since 1950, was soon almost shattered. In October 2007, Rami Ayyad, one of its active members in Gaza, who managed its Christian bookstore there, was kidnapped, tortured, and then killed.
After Ayyad’s assassination, seven church leaders left for the West Bank, while Hanna Massad, the church’s pastor, moved to Jordan with his family.
Since Hamas installed Shari’ah law in Gaza, which fomented further threats against the remaining Christians from Islamic extremists, Christians in general feared gathering in groups. They no longer wear crosses, while women dare not move around freely by themselves or be unveiled.
Hamas has always prohibited the Christians from holding public celebrations during Christmas and New Year, ever since its usurpation of power in 2007. This time, it intends to socially isolate them as well.
In the West Bank, the situation of the Christians may seem relatively better, but the fear of Islamic jihad remains a ghost haunting them.
The number of Christians in Bethlehem, which is under the control of the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, is rapidly dwindling. Christians today make up merely 15% of what was once known as a Christian-majority town. The violent military actions taken by Fatah militants wreaked havoc on the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ after the outbreak of the so-called Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000.

Palestinian Christians singing Christmas carol near the Church of the Nativity
A few years ago, a visa clerk at the US consulate disclosed to this writer that Palestinian Christians who met the US tourist visa requirements often decided to overstay their visit to the United States, and eventually applied for political asylum because of fear of growing Islamic jihad activity within the Palestinian society. Those applicants share with the USCIS in secrecy their valid stories of persecution at the hands of “their Muslim brethren.”
On the other side of the country, Christians inside Israel tell a completely different story. They increasingly are incorporated in all walks of life, and their numbers are growing. It is worth noting that their academic achievements rival those of the majority Jewish population.
The head of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association recently posted on his Facebook page an appeal to the Likud, the main party of the current Israeli government. “We call upon the Likud party which is the [ Israeli] government to open up for appointing Christians and to work on integrating our Christian community and our youth into the state of Israel. This is the responsibility of the members of the Likud party today.”

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, recited by Shadi Khaloul, head of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association
In Jordan, where Christians have lived so far in peace and safety and enjoyed opportunities that secured them access to both the public and the private sectors, the picture has begun to change.
Yesterday, The Students’ Union of the College of Sharia at the University of Jordan issued a statement expressing its refusal to erect a Christmas tree and light inside the university courtyard. It added that what the university did is a matter that does not appease God in a country whose religion is Islam.
Muslims, in general, are living in a crisis because the image of Islam has worldwide been shaken. I am not surprised that they seek to defuse their anger in the remaining Christian minorities.” George Abu Kova, a Palestinian Christian who lives in the United States commented on Facebook in reply to Hamas’s letter against Christmas.
Samir Qumsiyeh, a former advisor to the Orthodox and Catholic Patriarchs in Jerusalem, expressed his dismay and anger to the letter in a post on Facebook, saying, “Hamas’s positions are well known. Have you forgotten that Ismail Haniyeh [Hamas Prime Minister] congratulated Erdogan for turning the Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque and thus ignored the feelings of Christians in general and the Christian Palestinians in particular? Then you hear from them that we are one people within all its components.” Unfortunately, our reality is painful and we have no future.

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ADL smears foes of jihad violence against Israel as ‘Islamophobes,’ gets canceled as ‘anti-Muslim’ anyway

Jonathan Greenblatt is discovering that any dissent, no matter how small and qualified, from the far-Left agenda — which is increasingly open in its hostility to Israel — will get you defamed as an “Islamophobe,” no matter how much you pander, no matter how much you desperately try to stay in the good graces of those who set the tune to which the rest of us must dance. The sinister Salam al-Marayati of MPAC has smeared ADL as “anti-Muslim” for supporting Israel, and Greenblatt is dismayed, saying that “the allegation that ADL falls along the same side of Islamophobes is patently false.”
Of course it is. The ADL has repeatedly done to foes of jihad violence against Israel and other states, and foes of Sharia oppression of women and others, exactly what Salam al-Marayati is doing to him now. Greenblatt could have used this as an occasion to wake up and realize how he is being played, and how the entire “Islamophobia” enterprise is a scam designed to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad terror, for fear of falling prey to what al-Marayati is doing to him now. But instead of having an original thought for the first time in his life, Greenblatt is doubling down, pleading with al-Marayati to accept him. Will it work? Almost certainly not, but it will likely lead the ADL to become even more anti-Israel than it is now.
“ADL: We’re proud of our record defending Jews — and Muslims,” by Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Forward, December 16, 2020:

As one of the oldest civil-rights organizations in the Jewish community, we’re not unaccustomed to criticism, even in the pages of one of America’s oldest Jewish news outlets. But the OpEd by Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which the Forward published on Tuesday morning, was illuminating about how certain quarters in our society desperately try to employ cancel culture to silence others. In this case, the author is trying to marginalize ADL and make support for the State of Israel disqualifying in pursuing civil rights for all Americans, including the Muslim-American community.
Al-Marayati argues that ADL is a source of “anti-Muslim” rhetoric and cannot be fully trusted as an ally in the fight for civil rights because of our support of the Jewish state. It is an argument taken from the playbook of a fringe smear campaign being run against ADL that, to its credit, MPAC has not signed his name to, but which he still chose to directly quote in his piece. Still, their campaign is wrong and without merit on a number of levels. It is also dangerous, creating a space where we as a Jewish organization are judged more for what we do or do not say about Israel than for all of the advocacy work we do here in the U.S. and abroad fighting for marginalized communities.
This is a common tactic in a smear campaign – narrow down a broader argument (in this case, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) into a singular, unfounded allegation (in this case, that ADL is Islamophobic because of our support for the Jewish State). But the allegation that ADL falls along the same side of Islamophobes is patently false….

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UK: Publisher Little, Brown cancels book decrying cancel culture because the author criticized Islam
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Pope Francis: Let us Dream of a New World Order

False prophets will come and lead many astray. Jesus warned us about that in Matthew 24. Pope Francis is definitely one of them as he is working hard to lay the foundations for a one-world religion. It will be like a shiny red apple, delicious looking on the outside but rotten to the core. Posing as a man of God, he is leading many Catholics and Christians into the arms of ravenous wolves who intend to enslave them under the guise of offering peace and security. Please read the guest post below from David Martin for more on their plans.
Francis also announced recently he has entered into a partnership with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to promote the globalist “Great Reset,” a total reorganizing of society set to be launched in 2021. As Taylor Marshall explains in the video below, they are attempting to merge the world’s major religions with their proposed new economic system, which they call “inclusive capitalism,” along with the pagan climate agenda of Mother Earth. Inclusive? Yes, for everyone except Bible-believing Christians, who will reject their plans for a total surveillance society, a centrally planned economy managed by elitist technocrats akin to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and the supposed brotherhood of man.
WATCH: Pope Francis & Rothschild join “Guardian” Globalist CEOs for Vatican Inclusive Capitalism Council

In a  article titled “Pope Francis: Let us Dream of a New World Order” David Martin wrote:

Pope Francis recently published a new book titled, Let us Dream: A Path to a Better Future, which is being touted “an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity” (Simon & Schuster). What is strange is that the book is void of the instructions for a better world given to us by Christ. There is nothing about doing penance (Mt 3:2) and obeying rules and commandments (John 14:15).

In his book, Francis talks about “creating something new”, “our new principle”, and “reimagining a new world.” This immediately calls to mind the lyrics of John Lennon’s anti-religious song “Imagine,” in which he says, “Imagine there’s no Heaven … and no religion too.”

Sees COVID as a Launch into “Great Reset”

The pope indeed appears to be dreaming, as if he is saying a “new world” with a “new principle” is too good to be true, i.e. a dream. His book is all about emerging from the COVID crisis and arriving at a new plateau they call the “Great Reset” – a New World Order dreamed up by globalists in which man forgets his religious past and bows to the planetary idol of “mother earth.”

Francis says:

“This is a moment to dream big, to rethink our priorities – what we value, what we want, what we seek…. God asks us to dare to create something new. We cannot return to the false securities of the political and economic systems we had before the crisis.”

Read more…

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“Always Winter, But Never Christmas”

In C. S. Lewis’s book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, he describes a beautiful place (Narnia) under the spell of an evil character (the White Witch)—who symbolizes the Devil. Lewis writes of her that it was she who has made it “always winter, but never Christmas.”
“Always winter, but never Christmas”—what a great phrase to describe this world, without the loving, powerful, and positive influence of Jesus Christ.
Could you imagine life in such an intolerable state where we had to endure the brutal conditions of the winter season—but never having Christmas to look forward to?
Well, this winter, there are some tyrannical state and local officials who are using the coronavirus as a pretext for shutting down churches and family gatherings. To the degree that these regulations are imposed on the people in those states, it will be always winter, but never Christmas. At least this season.
These are the same people who might as well have a sign on their desks for the world to see, declaring, “Do as I say, not as I do.”
We’ve all heard the stories of mayors and governors who urge people to stay home while they are out and about getting haircuts, shopping, and eating at restaurants with large groups. One mayor actually recorded a video urging people to stay home at Thanksgiving. The kicker—he recorded it while vacationing at a family timeshare in Mexico. We don’t have to make this stuff up. Thankfully, people are catching on to the hypocrisy.
Meanwhile, the war on Christmas seems to continue this year, as always. Here are just some examples:

  • The woke now tell us that putting up Christmas lights demonstrates “systemic biases.” An ordinary display of Christmas lights in Minneapolis triggered one snowflake neighbor to write an anonymous letter protesting the non-ostentatious display: “The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own….We must do work of educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward facing display like yours can have.” As if penning satire, the writer called for shutting down the display to “respect the dignity of all people, while striving to learn from differences, ideas, and opinions of our neighbors.”
  • Abortion clinic staffers erected a sacrilegious Christmas tree display. Instead of a star or an angel at the top of the tree, they placed a forceps that is used to kill unborn babies. Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of a Baby; instead, abortionists use the celebration to promote their work of killing babies. As notes of this incident: “It is not the first time abortion activists have sought thrills by mocking Christmas, a holiday celebrating the birth of an unplanned child to a young unwed mother. In 2010, a pro-abortion group sold ‘Abornaments,’ a desecration of plastic fetal models depicting unborn children at various stage of development before birth, online. Some of the ornaments were plastic fetal models decorated with red noses and reindeer antlers hanging from coat-hangers.” Depravity knows no bounds in the abortion industry.
  • Fewer poor people will be helped this year, thanks to the grinches at one of the Christophobic groups that runs around our country looking to abolish any remaining vestiges of our Judeo-Christian heritage in public places. (of the American Family Association) writes: “The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) put an early end to Liberty Middle School’s Operation Christmas Child program—a project organized by Samaritan’s Purse that allowed students at the school fill shoeboxes with Christmas gifts for underprivileged children living in oppressed and embattled nations around the world.” Well done, FFRF. You successfully protected innumerable poor children from receiving Christmas cheer this year.

A great contrast to these anti-Christmas sentiments can be found in the words and actions of many of this nation’s founders and leaders.
Just take one example. John Jay was a key founding father. He wrote some of the Federalist Papers, and he served as the nation’s first Chief Justice. He gave a Christmas address before his fellow representatives of the state of New York in 1776, in which he mentioned God and faith 33 times. For instance, he said, “And we should still have enjoyed the blessings of peace and plenty, if we had not forgotten the source from which these blessings flowed; and permitted our country to be contaminated by the many shameful vices which have prevailed among us.”
Ultimately, C. S. Lewis’s novel is a beautiful Christian allegory showing how Jesus Christ has come into the world to undo the works of the Devil. Thank God for Jesus. Otherwise, it would be always winter, but never Christmas.
©Jerry  Newcombe. All rights reserved.

Tennessee Lawyer Fired for Saying Islam Isn’t a Peaceful Religion

It’s the sort of thing that can make someone proud to be an American: Two Christians are on trial now in Algeria for “insulting the prophet and denigrating the precepts of the Muslim religion.” Imagine: on trial for expressing opinions that go against those of the elites. But that could never happen here, right? We have the freedom of speech in the U.S. We can say anything we wish, aside from calls for violence or criminal activity, and express our opinions, no matter how unpopular, without fear of reprisal, right?
Wrong – as a recent incident in Tennessee illustrates.
 “Tennessee legal watchdog out after lawyer accused him of being an ‘anti-Muslim bigot’” was the headline in Saturday’s edition of the Nashville Tennessean, and of course everyone despises bigotry, so most people might be inclined to think that the legal watchdog in question was entirely in the wrong and justifiably fired. But the details, as is so often the case, makes all this a great deal more complicated.
In the first place, the legal ethics watchdog, whose name is Jerry Morgan, was pressured to resign as disciplinary counsel for the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility because Nashville lawyer Brian Manookian, who according to the Tennessean “was suspended from practicing law last year after the Board of Professional Responsibility said he violated ethics rules by sending threatening emails,” accused him of this Islamophobic bigotry.
Manookian “said Morgan couldn’t do his job effectively because of multiple social media posts he made criticizing Muslims and the Islamic faith.” Manookian’s lawyer, Daniel Horwitz, claimed that Morgan’s judgment in Manookian’s case was tainted “because Manookian’s wife and children are Muslim,” and because Morgan has reportedly “made a slew of disparaging comments against Muslims on Twitter.”
What disparaging remarks did Morgan make? Did he say that Muslims were “the most vile of created beings”? No, that’s what the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an, calls non-Muslims (98:6). Did he call Muslims “apes and pigs”? No, that’s what the Qur’an calls Jews (2:63-65, 5:59-60, 7:166). Did he say Muslims were “unclean”? No, that’s what the Qur’an says of non-Muslims (9:28).
So what egregious statements did Morgan actually make?
As it turned out, he has been forced to resign for “praising President Donald Trump for ‘stopping Muslims’ and ‘talking big against Muslims,’” and “said Islam was not a peaceful religion and made comments linking the faith with violence and ‘Muslim terrorists.’”
Morgan, a court filing claimed, also showed “extreme prejudice toward minorities,” displaying “disturbing views on ‘blacks,’ ‘illegals’ and their children, and the ‘slave’ mentality of minorities.” Even worse, he “has made countless statements evidencing extreme prejudice against ‘liberals,’ ‘Democrats,’ and attorneys who support the Democratic Party in particular.”
On the basis of that, Horwitz intoned piously: “Allowing an extreme anti-Muslim bigot — whom Tennessee’s Board of Professional Responsibility has inexplicably employed and permitted to maintain prosecutions on our Supreme Court’s behalf — to undertake a prosecution against an attorney who has a Muslim family shakes confidence in the integrity of this entire proceeding.”
Manookian and Horwitz prevailed: The Administrative Office of the Courts started an investigation of Morgan, and he resigned. However, as he took a victory lap on Friday, Horwitz “said Morgan’s ‘apparent termination’ was driven by bad publicity rather than the content of his social media posts.”
That in a nutshell is why the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and allied organizations make a fuss when someone says something they don’t like: They know that most groups don’t have the stomach or the courage to stand up to the outrage mob, and so they will throw the putative offender under the bus just for the sake of peace.
Jerry Morgan’s statements are presented in the Tennessean in a highly pejorative light (of course), but all he essentially did was support Trump’s travel ban on people entering the U.S. from jihadi hotspots and other places where officials cannot or will not provide adequate information about those wishing to enter; said Islam was not a religion of peace; linked Islam with violence, as Islamic jihadis do every day; and supposedly demonstrated prejudice against minorities and dislike of Democrats. The prejudice against minorities appears only to consist of disapproving of the “slave mentality” of some, which was likely a reference to their tendency to vote Democrat even against their own best interests.
But such things cannot be said today. America reveres the freedom of speech, except when it doesn’t. Freedom of speech is fine for Leftists, but for anyone else, it’s an egregious offense for which one can be fired. What has happened to Jerry Morgan is a disquieting harbinger of worse to come.
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Jewish Left Cries Antisemitism to Silence Critics but Ignores its Prevalence on the Left

Strangely, many Jewish liberal progressive leftists have become inured and blinded to the Jew-hatred prevalent on the left.

Despite its affinity for extremists who delegitimize Israel using classical stereotypes, the Jewish left often attempts to silence critics by branding them antisemitic. Progressives have no problem excusing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement, validating Hamas, or disparaging Jewish historical integrity, but they often cry “antisemitism” when rebuked for maintaining alliances with anti-Israel zealots. Given their apparently selective sensitivity to bigotry, however, the question is whether they have waived the right to claim victimhood status by consorting with those who promote ancient conspiracy theories or demonize the Jewish State.
There is no dispute that BDS is antisemitic given its revisionist contempt for Jewish history and stated goal of opposing a Jewish state in any part of “Palestine. ”This goal denies Jewish historical rights in favor of a country that never existed and whose proponents lay claim to another people’s ancestral homeland.
Nonetheless, progressive grant organizations support a variety of groups and NGOs sympathetic to boycotts or hostile to Israel’s existence. Some claim not to endorse BDS while simultaneously providing grants to radical organizations that impugn Israel’s legitimacy or falsely accuse her of human rights abuses. When chided for maintaining relationships with those who malign Israel’s Jewish character, progressives often respond by ironically accusing their detractors of antisemitism.
Though some critics of the Jewish left are undoubtedly motivated by antisemitic hatred and the belief in global Jewish conspiracy theories, many others are sincerely dumfounded at how leftists can betray their own people’s tradition, legacy, and history. It is ironic when progressives ascribe hateful intent to those who honestly challenge them for legitimizing terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, slandering Israel, supporting Congressional Democrats who express antisemitic views without fear of party censure, or endorsing UN resolutions (e.g., Security Council Resolution 2334) designed to bolster apocryphal Palestinian claims by denying the Jews’ well-documented history and presence in their homeland.
Progressive communal and religious leaders are inconsistent when they validate such conduct while proclaiming fealty to Jewish tradition. Many nontraditional rabbis, for example, falsely accuse Israel of racism, consort with Islamist front organizations posing as moderate, or defend political attacks against the Orthodox community. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered shutdowns in observant neighborhoods during the festival of Sukkot – citing community resistance to anti-COVID measures while ignoring widespread noncompliance during Black Lives Matter demonstrations–some liberal and secular leaders cheered.
It was especially disturbing when hundreds of predominantly liberal rabbis publicly supported Cuomo’s disparate treatment of the Orthodox community, which was benignly described as an effort to contain pandemic “hotspots.” If they were so concerned about public health, however, they should likewise have criticized the failure to practice social distancing or wear facemasks at anti-police rallies or protests against President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It seems that concern over the pandemic was merely pretext for clamping down on religious neighborhoods during the holidays and shielding Cuomo from criticism for apparently singling out observant Jews.
Such pandering contrasts with the liberal failure to acknowledge and condemn antisemitism at BLM and Antifa demonstrations or coming out of identity communities. Though quick to side with Cuomo against the Orthodox, the liberal rabbinate was largely silent when progressive-inspired mobs turned against Jewish targets in Los Angeles and New York and vandalized Jewish buildings and landmarks on college campuses and across the country.
In promoting social activism from the Bima as an innately Jewish virtue, moreover, the nontraditional movements seriously misrepresents traditional values.
On an individual level, the amelioration of Jewish tradition leads to personal estrangement from community and facilitates assimilation, while on the communal level it triggers the erosion of normative standards and weakens cultural cohesion. This is especially apparent when secular and non-Orthodox leadership elevates “social justice” over observance and spirituality. But progressive ideology does not become intrinsically Jewish when adopted by non-Orthodox clergy or secular communal organizations– any more than violations of Jewish law are reconciled with tradition by the prevalence of nonobservance. Playing golf on Shabbat or eating bacon for breakfast do not rise to the level of tradition simply because many secular Jews do so. Likewise, progressive causes that contravene Halakha do not become synonymous with Jewish values just because liberal clergy and congregants support them.
Individuals who jettison observance and ritual may risk personal assimilation, but those who impose alien ideologies on their communities threaten Jewish cultural integrity and continuity.This has been amply demonstrated throughout Jewish history.
The story of Hannukah, for example, is not merely a political parable about Jews rising up against Greek domination, but rather emphasizes the rejection of Hellenistic influences that infused Jewish culture of the day. Jewish Hellenizers were arguably more threatening than foreign occupiers because they promoted alien culture from within using their own language and societal frames of reference. The Maccabean revolt was as much about rooting out internal corruption as rebelling against Greek authority.
Similarly, apostates during the Middle Ages renounced their ancestral communities and beliefs while assisting the Church’s persecution of Jews who remained faithful to their heritage. Indeed, some were even complicit in the disputations that precipitated the burning of the Talmud. And as demonstrated by the pathological cruelty of Torquemada, degree of Jewish ancestry was often proportional to one’s zeal in persecuting fellow Jews who refused to submit.
The Haskalah (Enlightenment) brought an entirely new threat when Jews believed they could achieve political enfranchisement by voluntarily casting off that which distinguished them from ancestral Europeans. For perhaps the first time in history, westernized intellectuals sought to supplant religious observance with secularity among the Jewish population. Some maskilim may have believed they were reforming Jewish culture rather than degrading it, they discarded many of the beliefs, doctrines, and practices that had assured Jewish physical and spiritual continuity throughout generations of exile.
As a result, many progenitors of Enlightenment failed to preserve for subsequent generations the tools necessary for Jewish survival. Moses Mendelsohn is widely considered the father of Jewish enlightenment, for example, but within two generations all his descendants were culturally and religiously assimilated. Others ended up abandoning their roots altogether, like Eduard Gans, a leader of the German Society for the Culture and Science of Judaism (“Wissenschaft des Judentums”), who chose baptism in 1825 to advance his academic career.
Though assimilation from within was always exacerbated by the rejection of personal observance, the impulse to force it on others became a hallmark of the European progressive movements, particularly socialism and communism. The left declared ideological war on religious faith and national character and in particular despised a people – the Jews – whose identity incorporated elements of both. Consequently, progressive leadership attempted to enforce assimilation, often with enthusiastic assistance from the Jewish left.
The most militant assimilationist group in the former Soviet Union was the “Yevsektsiya,” or Jewish Section of the Communist Party, whose goal was the destruction of Jewish tradition, Hebrew culture, and Zionist thought in the USSR. The Yevsektsiya led the charge in closing synagogues, seizing communal property, criminalizing the practice of Judaism, and outlawing Jewish education. Despite its willingness to serve its Soviet masters, however, the Yevsektsiya was dissolved in 1929, and many of its members, including chairman Semyon Dimanstein, were executed during Stalin’s “Great Purge” of the 1930s. Persecuting their own people in the name of Communism clearly did not save Section members from being murdered as Jews.
Today’s radical left seems guided by the same rejectionist impulse as the Yevsektsiya in Soviet Russia. Its proponents miss no opportunity to disparage Jewish tradition and history, delegitimize Israel, or promote the Palestinian national myth. Perhaps more insidiously, their dogmatic self-rejectionism has filtered down to the liberal mainstream, which as a consequence often blames Jewish behavior for provoking antisemitism among progressives and minorities or accuses Israel of disproportionality whenever it defends itself against unprovoked attacks and terrorism – views that are common among non-Orthodox clergy.
Certainly, not all Jewish liberals are self-loathing rejectionists, but far too many have become inured to Jew-hatred on the left. Moreover, most will not acknowledge progressive antisemitism because doing so would require them to admit that liberals are just as capable of intolerance as the political opponents they routinely slander–despite their protestations of moral superiority. Considering how they falsely conflate Jewishness with liberal politics, such an admission would likely produce existential angst. For some, however, the resulting identity crisis mayprovide the moment of clarity needed to encourage self-reflection and to reconnect with authentic tradition.
For others, it might just lead the way to cultural oblivion.
©Matthew Hausman, J.D. All rights reserved.

Democrat document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office and re-educate Trump voters

A group backed by congressional Democrats touting a “Secular America” has sent a 28-page document to the Biden transition team advising him to strip First Amendment rights from Christians who advocate traditional biblical positions on the sanctity of life, marriage, education and the nuclear family.
The group, calling themselves the Secular Democrats of America, sent the letter to Biden’s team under the title “Restoring Constitutional Secularism and Patriotic Pluralism in the White House: Prepared exclusively by Secular Democrats of America PAC for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Transition Team.”
The document, presented by Reps Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Jared Huffman, D-Calif., and endorsed by Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Calif., states that an incoming Biden administration must “educate the American public,” particularly those identified as the “religious right,” on the need to keep their “religious dogma” to themselves. The document calls for a purge of social conservatives from all levels of government, labeling them as “white nationalist” and “conspiracy theorists.”
“They don’t have a problem with churches, they have a problem with conservative churches that voted for Donald Trump,” Brannon Howse, a conservative radio host who aired a program on the document Monday night, told “And some of the people promoting this are members of the leftist neo-evangelical community.”
He said vengeful Democrats are making enemy lists and have their sights set on the traditional Catholic community as well as the conservative evangelical Protestant community – two groups that voted for Donald Trump in droves.
“As long as you’re teaching a leftist progressive socialist religiosity you’ll be just fine, but if you preach anything that is wrapped around a Judeo-Christian value system they’re coming after you,” Howse said. “They’re telling Biden don’t use the term Judeo-Christian. They don’t like that term.”
The document states:

“The constant entanglement of religion and government—promoted by the religious right and intensified by the Trump administration—sweeps far beyond hot-button ‘culture war’ issues like abortion and contraception. It permeates every aspect of government policy— healthcare, public and private education, foreign policy, tax policy, environmental policy, military policy, and more, all of which will be addressed in this document.”

It goes on to support the most draconian governmental responses to the COVID-19 virus and climate change, which sounds eerily similar to the World Economic Forum’s proposed “great reset” of the global economic and social order [this is a plan to replace free-enterprise capitalism with a type of scientific dictatorship run by unelected technocrats].
The document chastises President Trump for not following all of the arbitrary, constantly changing rules coming from the World Health Organization and “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“Policy decisions that should be guided by science and evidence — on matters ranging from climate change to comprehensive sex education to federal funding for stem cell research — have been skewed or blocked entirely by powerful religious interest groups and further undermined at every turn by the Trump administration. There is no example more grave than this administration’s lethal mishandling of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has brought death to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Disregard for science and disdain for expertise have reached an all-time high in this Administration of magical thinkers and conspiracy theorists, but these policy distortions did not begin with the Trump administration and will not end without deliberate action to restore rationalist, scientific and pragmatic policy methods and judgment. We believe that now is the right time to make the case for reviving a Jeffersonian approach to governance that favors reason, science, and evidence, and to disentangle government policy from the influence of sectarian religious interests that have become dangerously entrenched at all levels of government.”

Labeling traditional Christian views as ‘white supremacist’

Trevor Loudon, an author and filmmaker specializing in communist revolutionary movements throughout history, described the document in an interview Monday with Howse at Worldview Weekend TV as “an advisory to what they hope is going to be President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris basically to clamp down on religious liberty in this country.”
The document demonizes conservative Christians as enemies of the state, equating them with “white nationalists” and “white supremacy,” which to the left is code for fascism, deserving of extreme retribution and ostracizing them from society.
The paper states:

“We urge you not to underestimate the institutional strength of what we refer to (interchangeably) in this document as the ‘Christian nationalist movement’ or the ‘religious right.’ … Its extreme and sectarian agenda is on constant display under the Trump-Pence administration. Its political ideology is anti-democratic and anti-scientific. It provides constant cover for white supremacy.”

Loudon told Worldview TV that this could be interpreted as a recommendation to send conservative Christians to re-education camps.
“Well it was definitely talking about re-educating, and reprograming people who have a traditional Christian point of view,” Loudon said. “From their perspective, these are dangerous people. They’re racist, they’re nationalist and they really need to be reprogrammed and there needs to be programs developed to do that, to deprogram them.”
Loudon, who has spent decades studying the speeches, papers, articles and books put out by radical leftists, says that when the left says they’re going to “unbrainwash you,” what they’re really saying is they want to brainwash you in their way of thinking.
“This is a document that the communists would be proud of. It is couched in the same sort of manner that I read in the communist press,” Loudon said. “They use certain weasel words that you can figure out what it means, and it is very, very scary stuff.”

Preparing for a Maoist Cultural Revolution?

Yet, this document will undoubtedly find a receptive ear in the Biden camp, which has already been infiltrated by Chinese-supporting communist sympathizers. One such person is Anita Dunn, who Biden hired last summer to be the chief strategy adviser. Dunn was caught on audio saying her favorite political philosopher is Chairman Mao Tse Tung, the godfather of Chinese communism who was responsible for launching the Chinese Cultural Revolution that brutally forced the Chinese people to submit to his strict anti-freedom, anti-God, anti-religion policies that erased Christianity from public life and enthroned the state as the one and only acceptable god in that country.
While they don’t call themselves communists, radicalized Democrats plan to launch a similar cultural revolution in America if Biden gets in power, said Loudon.
“The Democratic party is now a Marxist party,” Loudon said. “This document is aimed at the Marxists’ main enemy in this country, which is traditional Christianity. It’s very, very clear.”
Authors include Rep. Jamie Raskin, son of Marcus Raskin, the founder of the Institute for Policy Studies, which Loudon said has connections to the Soviets dating back to the 1970s.
“Jamie Raskin has long connections to the Democratic Socialists of America, he’s written for their publication, and he’s what I call a ‘small c communist,’ meaning he’s not actually a member of the Communist Party but he’s a sympathizer and a collaborator with a neo-communist organization.”
Another author is Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was established by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Also listed as a co-author is Rep. Jerry McNerney.
The document calls on Biden to make the following changes:

  • Eliminating government support for all crisis pregnancy centers and all abstinence-only education programs in schools.
  • Deny free speech and religious liberty to select Americans based on their religious beliefs.
  • Incentivize states to strip parents of all non-medical exemptions to mandatory vaccinations for children in schools or daycare centers.
  • Remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency.
  • Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)
  • Rescind and replace the Trump DOJ’s federal protections for religious liberty.
  • Appoint an attorney general who will support governors whose emergency COVID-19 executive orders restrict gatherings at houses of worship.
  • Reverse the Trump administration policies that have allowed faith-based government-funded contractors to provide adoption and foster care services and work with Congress to pass the Every Child Deserves a Family Act.
  • Fully and robustly fund “comprehensive” sex education, which to the leftist means encouraging elementary and middle school-age children to declare themselves one of dozens of made-up non-biological gender identities and learn how to engage in various deviant forms of sex.
  • Work with governors to educate and combat Project Blitz and encourage the introduction of the Do No Harm Act at the state level. [Project Blitz is a pro-family lobbying group described by the Secular Democrats as “a coordinated effort by Christian Nationalists to inject religion into public education, attack reproductive healthcare, and undermine LGBTQ equality using a distorted definition of ‘religious freedom.’”
  • The document tells Biden: “We urge you to avoid invoking the phrase ‘Judeo-Christian values,’ as it has been weaponized by the religious right to advance an agenda that has the veneer of inclusivity but actually undermines religious freedom and tolerance and does not represent tens of millions of Americans implicitly excluded from its formulation.

Among those endorsing the document as part of the Congressional Free Thought Caucus are the following members of Congress, all Democrats:

  • Rep. Jared Huffman (Co-Chair and Founding Member)
  • Rep. Jamie Raskin (Co-Chair and Founding Member)
  • Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich. (Founding Member)
  • Rep. Jerry McNerney, (Founding Member)
  • Rep. Don Beyer Jr., D-Va.
  • Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill.
  • Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN
  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.
  • Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga.
  • Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton, non-voting delegate from D.C.
  • Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisc.
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.
  • Rep. Susan Wild, D-Pa.
  • Rashida Tlaib wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag on election night 2018, then went on a rant swearing to her young son that, when it came to Trump, “We’re going to impeach the Mother F’ker.”

Steve Cohen has ties to Memphis Socialist Party USA and to members of Liberation Road, a pro-China communist organization. He traveled to Cuba in 2011.
“This is a Democratic Socialist of America-influenced document. It’s Marxist to the core,” Loudon said.
You can see from the flyer that the Secular Democrats of America were preaching their hateful, divisive message before the election, slandering Christians who hold mainstream conservative views as part of a “white supremacy” conspiracy theory.
The document sent to Biden explicitly singles out the “religious right” — Americans who have always leaned conservative, who elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Donald Trump in 2016.
“This is aimed directly at the religious right for one reason and one reason alone, they hate their politics,” Loudon said.
“From the leftist point of view, from the communist point of view, they have control of Hollywood, they control the education system, the media, most of our institutions; the only thing they don’t control is conservative Bible-believing Christians. They voted for Ronald Reagan and they voted for Donald Trump.”
It was these same Christian conservatives who were seen as having blocked Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the rightful heir to Barack Obama.
“She was supposed to finish off the communization of America and these Christians went out and voted for Donald Trump,” Loudon said.
They turned out for Trump again in 2020, in record numbers [Trump was the first incumbent president in American history who received more votes in his second run and yet supposedly did not win re-election].
“So the left understands, they have to get on top of Christianity, they have to suppress it, or pervert it into their own direction,” Loudon said.
Clinton stated in her 2016 campaign that people with “deep-seated religious and cultural beliefs, cultural codes and structural biases have to be changed,” a bigoted comment that garnered her no negative press from the establishment media.

Joe Biden in 2018 called the same body of believers, those who voted for Trump, the “dregs of society.”

Their strategy calls for redefining conservative churches and Christians as “white nationalist” and target them for attacks in the media, on social media, and by weaponizing the federal Department of Justice against these declared enemies.
All Christians who love their country, God and the Constitution will be targeted. Black churches and black pastors will not get a pass.
“Even if you’re black you can be a ‘white nationalist’ in these folks’ eyes and you’re a danger to society,” Loudon said. “You’re residing in a country whose Declaration of Independence says your rights come from God, you believe in borders, freedom, but if you believe in that according to these people, you’re an enemy of the state.”
“If you believe that, you need to be shut down, reprogramed and put out of business.”
The Secular Democrats of America publishes on its website a list of atheist and humanist elected officials who support its agenda of wiping all vestiges of Christianity from public life, from the federal level all the way down to the state and local levels.

Making lists and checking them twice

Loudon said Marxists are historically “very efficient about identifying their enemies.”
“Look at any communist revolution in history and they always have lists, of who to go after, who their enemies were, who to shut down, who to arrest, who to execute. Marxists take revolution as a science, they’re very methodical,” he said. “And they always have lists.”
And atop that list is traditional Christianity. Why? Because it honors a higher authority than the state.
“These people are secular Marxists,” Loudon said. “Their own religion is the state. They do not want competition. They are absolutely antithetical to religion. You see this in California. They shut down churches but strip clubs and casinos are still open.”
Loudon challenged Christians to get prepared for the most anti-Christian administration in history should Biden get inaugurated and urged them not to give up their First or Second Amendment rights without a fight.
“Everybody should be prepared because the government is coming for you if these people get into power. They’re coming to shut down your liberties, and the best guarantee of a free society is an armed protective society. Keep your Second Amendment. …It’s not like the left hates guns. They just want a monopoly on the guns. If a thousand people have guns and a million people have none, who’s going to win that fight?”
©Leo Hohmann. All rights reserved.

The Vortex — Commie ‘Catholics’ & ‘Americans’ — Traitors — all of them.

As 2020 draws near to its close, one good thing that has happened is the revelation of just how many communist bastards have set up shop in the Church and the government. Many faithful and patriotic Catholics and Americans have gone about their lives for decades almost totally unaware of the evil in their country and their Church.
A few sensed something was not quite right here and there but were content to dismiss most of it as isolated and not connected. A smaller group concluded that this seems to be a lot worse behind the scenes than what it appears on the surface, intuiting (correctly) that it was largely all connected somehow through some nefarious networking.
And then there was the even smaller group which was spot on in understanding that it is, in fact, all connected and related right back to communism — and, yes, in not only the country but also the Church. Count Church Militant in the last group.
True, we did not start there when we first established this apostolate 15 years ago, but as we have been following the evidence as it emerged over the last decade, we have arrived there now. And our reporting on all this, as we followed the trail of truth, has earned us massive backlash from those who want to keep all the evils covered up. Oh well. Tough.
And, speaking strictly spiritually, it makes complete sense that communism would firmly plant itself in both Church and State. It took them a century, but they have done it quite ably. In 1917, when the Queen of Heaven appeared to the three children at Fatima, this was her warning from Heaven that communism’s errors would spread throughout the world.
We disregarded that warning, and, well, here we are now. Marxism, at least for the time being, needs the Church to put a friendly face on the evil and make it appear not evil, even make it appear Christian. Check that box, and more in a moment. But it also needs to control the levers of government so that its goals can move from the streets to the halls of power.
As an aside, the role the media plays in all this is to keep you in the dark. Spread the lies, smother the truth. It’s a simple formula. So let’s quickly look first at the usurpation of government. Trump says massive voter fraud occurred. There are now 2,000 sworn affidavits that testify to this. Church Militant has interviewed multiple eyewitnesses from all four states in question, plus Nevada and Arizona.
All of their stories match up, in the large, to wit: Election officials in each state changed the rules laid out in their own constitutions about how the election was to be managed, resulting in tens of millions of mail-in ballots being used. In all four cities where the vote count swung the state to Biden and a giant Trump lead was overcome (Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee) the vote-counting suddenly stopped late in the evening, poll observers were sent home, hundreds of thousands of ballots showed up, counting resumed in the dead of the night unsupervised, and when people woke up the next morning, those leads were wiped out or very close to being evaporated.
The following day, GOP poll observers were not allowed in to watch the final votes being counted, and the few that were allowed in had to stand many feet away and could not observe anything. And if they raised concerns, they were escorted out. The management of the ballots (chain of custody, verification of signatures, correct counting, correct tabulation, fair observation of the counting, etc.) was handled extremely poorly — to say the least — and the results cannot be verified as a result.
Additionally, all sorts of statistical analyses of the vote “results” have shown massive issues — in distribution, timing, trends, probabilities and so forth. These analyses were done by very reputable mathematicians at, for example, Rutgers, Harvard, MIT, etc. Likewise, historical trends in the presidential race were completely turned on their heads.
Bellwether states, bellwether counties, predictable state combinations, voting patterns across multiple voter categories, down-ballot victories for the GOP (almost flipping the U.S. House) were uniformly defied by a Biden “victory.” Never before in American politics has something like this set of events occurred.
The odds of the incumbent losing with even one of these things happening are slim. The odds of him losing and all of these things happening in combination place the odds of an actual Biden win at one in a quadrillion, as we reported the other night. The rebuttal to all of this has been, on the part of the media (who are Democratic allies): “It’s all lies and misinformation; there is no evidence.” Well, that’s not a rebuttal. It’s a refusal to engage with the evidence.
And, as a result, half the country believes election fraud took place. And if Biden takes the oath on Jan. 20, he will be an illegitimate president. That is causing huge numbers of Americans to assess what they will do in their day-to-day lives. Not a small number have already begun a migration from blue states to red states, fearing Biden administration support of a state-run tyranny.
Already, actual threats are coming from multiple Democratic lawmakers that those who supported Trump better watch out. A specifically detestable one came from a state legislator right here in Michigan. She then doubled down on it. That’s how communists are: Friendly looking at first — until they believe they have the upper hand — then they unleash hell.
Of course, the same is true in the Church, as Marxism (under the guise of the modernist heresy) has firmly implanted itself here as well. Although obviously administered differently than a secular government, many of the same underlying principles are at play: Evil leaders who are traitors have usurped their authority to bring about radical change.
If you look even not all that closely, you can see some of this. For example, the leading proponent of Marxism in the world today is communist China. And Marxists, both in the U.S. government and the Church, have very close ties to the atheistic state. We know all about Hunter and, now, Eric Swalwell, not to mention scores of others as testified to by the Chinese communist professor who let the cat out of the bag in a series of lectures about how China has spies and plants all over the government.
In the Church, the Vatican-China accord is example number one, as are Vatican officials making the ridiculous assertion that China puts into action the Church’s social justice doctrine more soundly than anyone else on the planet. I’m not sure when forced abortions became part of the Church’s social doctrine, or religious persecution of millions, or a concentration camp setup that would make Hitler blush.
Likewise, in the administration of the Church, the Marxist bishops are right in lockstep with their Beijing buddies as well as Beijing Biden. They shut down opposition faster than you can say “Tiananmen Square.” If a priest preaches the truth, he is called into the bishop’s office, assessed on the spot as having “anger issues” and shipped off to St. Luke’s nuthouse for clergy.
St. Luke’s is part of a small network of what amounts to little other than a concentration camp set up for “dissident” priests. And like China, the Marxist administrators use your money to pay for it all. Evil men are in key positions in the Church and the government. They each want their respective institutions completely refashioned along the lines of Marxist ideology, and they have already had great success in that area.
A large number of Americans are fine with socialism, and a large number of Catholics are fine with modernism. But see, here’s the point: Americans fine with socialism and Catholics fine with modernism are not actual Americans or Catholics. They are, in a word, traitors. Some follow Benedict Arnold, others follow Judas. Some, we dare venture, follow both. But at the end of the day, they are all guilty of treason.
They are communists — communist “Catholics” and communist “Americans.” Or better stated, they are communists in the Church and in the nation. But they are not in any conceivable way American or Catholic. Communist bishops wrap themselves in religiosity; communist politicians wrap themselves in the U.S. flag.
But both will happily throw off their disguises as soon as is convenient, and many have already begun to do so — sensing, rightly or wrongly, that their moment has arrived. So as we stand on the brink here, we must first pray, in many ways like we have never prayed before. But we must also not remain silent in the temporal realm.
Prayer and works are necessary.
EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Florida Man Converts to Islam, Starts Making ISIS Videos

I am not the renowned chronicler of all things Florida Man, Stephen Green, but it does seem as if Jonathan Guerra Blanco nevertheless deserves a place among the Florida Men, as he is among the first-ever jihad terrorists to join the hallowed ranks. (Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 people in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on behalf of the Islamic State in 2016, was the first, or at very least the most horrifically effective.)
The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that Guerra, who was born in Cuba and now lives near Fort Myers, is currently incarcerated in Miami and has been charged with providing material support to the Islamic State (ISIS). He was denied bail and is looking at twenty years in prison, although his lawyer, Ana Davide, said that he intends to cop a plea.
Guerra, according to the Herald, “was swept up in an FBI undercover operation that targeted an ISIS suspect known as ‘Confederate A’ who allegedly collaborated with him in producing promotional and recruitment videos that were distributed on the Islamist terrorist organization’s encrypted social platforms and networks, including ‘IMN1’ and ‘IMN2,’ a criminal affidavit says. Guerra’s alias was ‘Abu Zahraal-Andalusi.’”
The FBI stated that Guerra intended the videos to “incite and equip primarily Spanish-speaking followers to conduct operational attacks in support of ISIS.” He also worked on producing translations of the ISIS propaganda material into English, Dutch, French, German and Indonesian.” One of his videos threatened jihad massacres on subways in Spain, as well as attacks on the Spanish National Police. He was also responsible for the notorious article entitled, “Elabora una bomba en la cocina de tu Mama,” “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom,” which al-Qaeda published a few years ago and the Boston Marathon jihad bombers followed when assembling their pressure-cooker bombs.
Guerra, a naturalized U.S. citizen, produced another video that threatened jihad attacks in the U.S. itself, featuring video footage of Las Vegas and the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. When one of his comrades got arrested in Spain, Guerra taunted the FBI, sending them a link to a graphic entitled Jamas Nos Capturaras, that is, You Will Never Capture Us.
Guerra told the same FBI operatives that all he was trying to do was “make the word of Allah…the highest,” and explained: “I always strive to please Allah. I don’t want to brag, but I dedicate my life to [jihad].”
All this raises numerous important issues. The main one is the question of how it is that yet another convert to Islam somehow got the crazy idea that his new, peaceful religion encourages violence against unbelievers. Pope Francis tells us that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” Hillary Clinton famously said: “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism,” which is certainly true of a great number of Muslims. French President Emmanuel Macron recently declared, “France has no problem with Islam.”
Statements from non-Muslim leaders insisting that Islam is a religion of peace, if I quoted them all, would make this article longer than War and Peace. Everyone knows today that the real problem is that Muslims are victims of “Islamophobia,” and that there are so many misconceptions swirling around their benign, cuddly religion. So how is it that Jonathan Guerra Blanco, and so many other converts to Islam like him, somehow missed all the teachings of peace in Islam that Pope Francis and Hillary and the rest find so easily and consider to be so obvious?
Law enforcement officials should be pondering that question and others. It would be illuminating to know not only how Guerra came to believe that his new religion commanded him to wage war against and try to kill unbelievers, but where. Who taught Jonathan Guerra Blanco about Islam? Where did he go to mosque? What does that mosque teach?
Why aren’t Fort Myers officials asking — and answering — those questions? For as long as these questions and others like them are ignored, the only thing we can be sure about is that there will be other Florida Men like Jonathan Guerra Blanco.
Al-Qaeda Calls on Jihadis to Kill Non-Muslims With Poisoned Coronavirus Masks
South Carolina Man Converts to Islam, Plots ‘Netflix-Worthy’ Jihad Massacre
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SPLC Uses Anniversary of Islamic Terror Attack to Demonize Conservative Christians
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The Magical World of “Climate Change”

Hadley Arkes: “Climate change” gives the Left a “moral” code, a kind of pseudo religion, without the reasoning that animates true religion.

The state of our public discourse may not be at one of its heights, but it should be a telling sign that we haven’t heard anyone say that we have a remarkable “consensus” on the Pythagorean theorem.  There is no citation to credentialed people to assure us that it’s “accepted” among those who should know that the square of the hypotenuse in the right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the two adjacent sides.
When we are dealing with an axiomatic, or necessary truth, it would be a vulgar move to suggest that this is a matter that may hinge on the “opinions” or the consensus among eminent people.   And yet we persistently hear from the Left in our politics that there is an “overwhelming consensus” among scientists that we are facing a grave crisis over “climate change,” a crisis that will require stringent controls on the way we light and heat our houses, power our cars, and live our ordinary lives.
The passion that animates the partisans in this cause has approached a level of unblinking certitude that runs beyond the conviction of the religious. For the religious, anchored in the world, seeing as it as, may find good reasons for doubt, and rely on the confirmation of their faith.
The partisans in this cause have often rejected, with contempt, the possibility of knowing “moral truths.”  My own sense is that they cling to the orthodoxy of climate change precisely to take the place of those anchoring moral truths that firmed up conviction, and offered consolation, to an earlier generation.
The people sounding the alarm over climate change invoke “science” as their new religion, and yet they have been compelled to speak only of a “consensus” among the credentialed people who come together under this banner.  And yet, for people ostensibly tutored in the hard sciences and mathematics, they don’t seem to realize what they give away in their claims when they are forced to appeal, at most, to a “consensus” of “opinion” among people with academic degrees.
The appeal to “consensus” is a veiled admission that the “truths” they appeal to have fallen notably short of the truths that the Laws of nature can reveal to us.  The people who have denied them their “consensus,” and forced them to use that word, are people like the estimable Will Happer and the distinguished colleagues who have joined him in their dubieties about the theories and ideology of “climate change.”
Will Happer was born in India just before what people of my years call “the War.”  His father was a Scotch physician in the Indian army, his mother a medical missionary from North Carolina.  With that absorption in science and faith, he was drawn back to his mother’s country, where he did a Ph.D. in Physics at Princeton and returned there to teach.  He rose to become Cyrus Fogg Brackett Chair of Physics and the chair of the University Research Board, a committee to provide guidance and oversight in the grants sought in the sciences.
Along the way, he did stints in the Administrations of two Bushes and one Trump.  Under the first President Bush, he became the Director of Energy Research in the Department of Energy.  There he oversaw a budget in the billions covering research in high energy, nuclear physics, and environmental science.  He would go on to co-found a company dealing with “magnetic imaging technologies” – and secure a few patents of his own.
His criticism of the cause for “climate change” did not spring then from the musings of one merely “passionate about the environment.”  He would be joined by a small army of physicists and meteorologists who would add their own searing critiques.  And one of the striking points in the argument has been that, instead of being a danger, carbon dioxide actually helps plants to flourish.
The response of course of the partisans over climate change has mainly been to ignore the evidence and reasoning brought forth by these other, accomplished men of science.  It is far easier to preserve a new orthodoxy if one simply pretends that it draws no serious critique.
But I leave the science here to the scientists.  Let us assume that the heralds of climate change and doom are correct.  What would be the source of the moral conviction that there is an urgent problem here, that it would be morally wrong for anyone to deny the problem and resist the remedies?
I take it that the moral force comes from a concern for the human lives that may be destroyed as the oceans rise, and catastrophes unfold.  But then the obvious question arises in response:  How could one justify massive controls out of a speculative concern for the human lives that might be begotten and destroyed in the future – while attaching no concern at all for the 800,000+ killings performed every year in abortion of nascent babies, not at all speculative, but palpably with us and known to us?
Of course, there is nothing novel here, even with intellectuals in advanced societies, simply drawing a veil over a class of human beings who will not “count,” whose injuries will simply not matter.  They could be slaves in America, Jews in Nazi Germany, or Catholics – at various times – in all places.
The Left came to its position on abortion in the momentum of sexual liberation.  They would reject all moral truths as they would reject any ground of moral judgment on the way that people practice their sexual lives.  But the moral functions of commending and condemning are simply built into our nature.
The Left may reject moral truth, but they want something to feel righteous about, and they do want to ring condemnation for their adversaries.   “Climate change” has given them a “moral” world nicely detached from those vexing moral truths, and a kind of pseudo-religion, bereft of the weave of reasoning that runs through the religion we have come to know.

Hadley Arkes

Hadley Arkes is the Ney Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus at Amherst College and the Founder/Director of the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights & the American Founding. His most recent book is Constitutional Illusions & Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law. Volume II of his audio lectures from The Modern Scholar, First Principles and Natural Law is now available for download.
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Renowned Epidemiologist Aids St. Michael Academy’s Challenge of Michigan’s Lockdown

St. Michael Academy, a small private independent Catholic high school located in Petoskey, Michigan has a total of 30 high school students.  St. Michael is challenging Michigan’s current MDHHS order which has shut down in-person instruction at high schools across the state on the bogus claim that it is “following the science.”  Citing to the recent Roman Catholic Diocese opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court that observes, “even in a pandemic the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten,” the Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”), a nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a lawsuit on behalf of St. Michael late Friday in the federal district court for the Western District of Michigan.
In an astonishing turn of events, St. Michael was able to enlist the support of a world-renowned epidemiologist and expert on the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Bhattacharya is an author of 136 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has provided testimony relating to COVID-19 to both federal and state governmental bodies. He is assisting St. Michael Academy without charge, as is the Law Center.
Dr. Bhattacharya has already filed an affidavit in the case. He points out that MDHHS’s orders shutting down schools to in-person instruction are inconsistent with the best scientific evidence regarding the safety of students and the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, supports the WHO guidelines.
Moreover, Dr. Bhattacharya, citing to July guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, warns that prohibiting in-person instruction potentially causes tremendous damage to students, including: severe learning loss, widening disparities in educational outcomes, hampered development of social and emotional skills, potential harm to mental health, exposure to heightened risk of maltreatment and abuse at home, nutritional deprivation of poor children, and a sharp reduction in regular physical activity.
Dr. Richard A. Brake, the Headmaster of St. Michael Academy, is not only in charge of the academic and spiritual development of St. Michael students but also of the development and implementation of the Academy’s plans to keep its students safe from the COVID-19 virus. He and his staff kept up in-person instruction this school year, until the November 15, 2020 shutdown order was issued by the state. Thus far, St. Michael has not experienced any cases of COVID-19 among its students, faculty, or staff.
Dr. Brake believes that banning in-person instruction precludes the Academy from exercising its religious freedom to inculcate in its students the sense of awe and wonder about all of God’s creation, encouraging them to look beyond the temporal and mundane towards the eternal and transcendent. Education and formation at St. Michael Academy involve prayer, worship, devotional practices and the Socratic method. These are not effective when done remotely, with students looking at computer screens.
Richard Thompson, TMLC’s President, observed, “No one denies that slowing the COVID‑19 pandemic is a compelling state interest. But the U.S. Supreme Court’s November 25, 2020 decision in Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v Cuomo held that, even so, where a state’s COVID-19 mitigation law burdens religious exercise and is not neutral, as in our case, states must narrowly tailor their edicts to meet the state interest in the least restrictive manner. The State of Michigan cannot suspend a fundamental right of the people to the free exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment.”
Thompson added, “And based on the scientific evidence that very few children under the age of 19 suffer or die as a result of COVID-19 infection, and rarely transmit the virus to other children or adults, weighed against all the negative ramifications of keeping children home, the state cannot meet the ‘strict scrutiny’ test which demands that it address its interests by the least restrictive means. Experts like the CDC Director are now saying that one of the safest places for students during this pandemic is in school.”

Click here to read St. Michael’s filed Complaint

Click here to read Dr. Bhattacharya’s 20-page Affidavit
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The teachings and practices of Islam that Biden doesn’t want you to know about

During the recent presidential election campaign, Democratic nominee Joe Biden expressed his desire that Islam be taught in American schools so that students would learn about this “religion of peace.”
On another occasion, he even cited a Hadith of Muhammad in which the Prophet of Islam explicitly promoted acts of violence against anything or anyone who would oppose his teachings.
Nevertheless, Biden should not be held accountable for this, because ignorance for him is bliss. But such statements towards the Islamic groups that stand behind him, and from whom he has been receiving advice and talking points.
Among these organizations is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is known for its links to the Muslim Brotherhood (a group that is banned or restricted in many countries in the Arab world) and support for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.
It is worth noting that both Muslim congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, have been relentlessly working to influence public opinion regarding the image of Islam, and to camouflage it with a modern civilized appearance. One of their main objectives has been to counter the narrative regarding certain negative Islamic practices, notably the poor treatment of Muslim women, who are deprived of their basic rights and freedom.
The fact that two Muslim women act so independently, at least while campaigning in public, gives a positive impression that contrasts with the image of women in Islamic societies, who are oppressed and their rights violated as a result of the teachings of Islam.
Watch this video on the Million Muslims Vote campaign:

Another influential group is the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which created, during the Democratic party primaries, the “2020 Muslim Voter Guide to help Muslims “cast an informed and principled vote in the presidential primaries.”
It also provided detailed information about the number of Muslim advisors for the major candidates and the positions they held within the campaign.
MPAC is also known for its attempts to sway policies affecting Muslims worldwide and to provide Islamic perspectives on many topics inside the United States.
It is known to be heavily involved in trying to change the narrative about Muslim people in this country. It has also been known also for its attempts to reach out to media personnel to explain its vision of Islam and Muslims. It has over the last few years shifted its focus from media efforts to advance its agenda by defending Islamic viewpoints on political and social issues to work inside political lobbies in the Democratic party.
To preserve American values in the face of this campaign that seeks to penetrate communities and dictate teachings and terms, it is the duty of all to speak out rather than to remain silent and thus become complicit in this charade. The reality of Islam should be exposed, including its bloody and immoral teachings.
This video discusses how sexual intercourse with a dead body (necrophilia) is allowed in Islam, adding that it was practiced by the Islamic prophet Muhammad himself. This is mentioned in many of the Hadiths, which are documented in books of Islam.

The right for the husband to have sex with his deceased wife was reportedly discussed in the Egyptian Parliament, which according to some reports discussed a law that would allow a husband to have sex with his deceased wife within the first six hours of her death. Some denied this bill ever existed, but here is proof that it did:

Luckily, the bill did not pass, which also sparked discussions about the people who find themselves walking away from Islam due to these grotesque and savage teachings.
If Biden’s goal is to teach the students about Islam in the schools so that they do not fall victim to these immoral teachings, the federal government should help states’ educational departments add Islam as an elective class to make students aware of these evil teachings.
But instead, those who stand behind Biden on this topic hope to impose an Islamic indoctrination based on the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood. By any possible means, they seek to enlist the aid of Islamic apologists and weaken the voices of those who can properly debate Islam and speak about its teachings accurately.
Their strategy to cover up for Islam is to pass laws at the UN and other arenas to prohibit the criticism of Islam and silence those who can truthfully debate Islam. The use of the false notion of “Islamophobia” while simultaneously unleashing voices that propagate Islam as a religion of peace is essential to putting that plan in motion.
Biden does not know that some of his Muslim allies yearn to convert public platforms into minarets that praise Islam as a religion of tolerance, while incriminating and silencing anyone who tries to reveal its bloody and immoral nature.
These relentless efforts by Muslim groups in America are part of their efforts to dictate how the discussion about Islam in the U.S. should be conducted, in line with the old proverb, “The one who speaks alone is always right.”

Samir A. Zedan is a former Senior Counter-Terrorism Analyst at the US Department of State, and a former Development Outreach and Communication Specialist at USAID/Iraq. He has contributed to hundreds of articles published in major media outlets with assignments in the Palestinian Areas, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Europe.
Cruz Reintroduces Bill to Designate Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group
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France: Seven priests receive letters that say only ‘Allahu akbar’
France: ‘Perfectly integrated’ Muslim migrant student calls for killing cops and Macron, won’t be deported
Iran: Adviser to Khamenei says Israel-Morocco accord is ‘betrayal of Islam,’ threatens ‘popular uprisings’
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ENGLAND: Police charge 32 Muslims with more than 150 child sex offences against eight teenage girls as young as 13

Twenty years later… this has been going on for decades, Muslim gangs sex trafficking upwards of a million non-Muslims British tweens and teens.
Passed around like meat”
“I lost count of how many men I was forced to have sex with.”
Close to a million British non-Muslim tweens and tweens were treated with the same callous scorn and inhumanity in the cause of sharia and “islamophobia sensitivity”.
UK: Muslim Child Rape Sex Trafficking Gangs

Police charge 32 men from West Yorkshire with more than 150 child sex offences against eight teenage girls as young as 13

  • The defendants all largely from the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire, police said
  • Offences allegedly took place between 1999 and 2012 against girls aged 13-16
  • Some victims were also subjected to offences when they were young adults

By Tom Pyman for Mail Online, TOM PYMAN FOR MAILONLINE, 10 December 2020
Police have charged 32 men in West Yorkshire with more than 150 child sex offences against eight teenage girls.
The allegations against the defendants, all largely from the Kirklees area, are from 1999 to 2012 and involve offences allegedly committed against the female victims, who were aged between 13 and 16 years old at the time.
Police have charged 32 men in West Yorkshire with more than 150 child sex offences against eight teenage girls. Pictured: The force HQ
The men are due appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court on December 11 and 14.
Those charged are:
Asif Ali (50) of Batley charged with rape offences (x12), inciting sexual activity with a child (x2), supply class B drugs (X1), trafficking (X1), aiding and abetting rape (x1) assisting in the commission of an indictable offence (x1) making an indecent photo of a child (x2), possession of extreme pornographic images (x1). He has been bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 2pm on 11/12/20.
Amer Ali Hussain (42) of Batley charged with rape (x2) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 2pm on 11/12/20.
Sarfraz Miraf – (45) of Dewsbury charged with rape offences (x1). He has been bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 3pm on 11/12/20
Nazam Hussain – (43) of Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x4) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 3pm on 11/12/20 and 3pm on 14/12/20.
Mohammed Nazam Nasser (35) of Batley, charged with rape offences (x3). Bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 3pm on 11/12/20.
Moshin Nadat (35) from Batley, served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x2) to appear at Kirklees magistrates Court at 2pm on 11/12/20.
Michael Birkenshaw (34) from Wakefield served with a postal requisition for rape (x1) and he is due to appear at court at 12pm on 11/12/20.
Zafar Qayum (41) from Dewsbury charged with rape offences ( x17), gross indecency ( x4), indecent assault ( x9) assault ( X1) sexual activity with a child (x1) sexual assault (x1) theft (x1) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). He was bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 2pm on 14/12/20
Jabbar Qayum (39) from Dewsbury, charged with rape offences (x6) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). Bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 2pm on 14/12/20
Ansar Mahmood Qayum (43) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences (x13), attempted indecent assault (x2), aiding and abetting rape (x2). Bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 2pm on 14/12/20.
Mohammed Tauseef Hanif (36) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences ( x4) Bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 3pm on 14/12/20
Ali Hussain Shah (35) from Dewsbury. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x2) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates on 11/12/20 at 2pm.
Saleem Mohammed Nasir (44) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences (x3) and conspiracy to rape (x1). Bailed to Kirklees magistrates Court appearing at 10am on 11/12/20
Amran Mehrban (37) from Batley. Charged with rape offences (x2), false imprisonment (x1) and sexual assault (x1) and bailed to Kirklees magistrates Court 10am on 11/12/20
Ebrahim Pandor (41) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences (x1) and trafficking (x2) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court 12pm on 11/12/20
Shakil Daji (41) from Batley. Charged with rape offences (x2) and trafficking (x1) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court 12pm on 11/12/20.
Mohammed Imran Zada (41) from Batley. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x6), indecent assault ( x2) and sexual activity with a child (x1) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 10am on 11/12/20.
Sarkaut Yasen (35) from Dewsbury. Charged with trafficking (x1) and aiding and abetting rape (x2). Bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court 11am on 11/12/20
The men are due appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court on December 11 and 14
Amjad Hussain (41) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences ( x2). Bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court 10am on 11/12/20
Asuk Hussain (50) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape (x2) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 10am on 14/12/20
Zafar Iqbal (35) from Batley. Charged with rape offences (x7) trafficking (x2) and supplying a Class B drug (x1) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 12pm on 14/12/20
Nasar Iqbal (35) from Batley. Charged with rape offences (x7) and trafficking (x2) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 12pm on 14/12/20
Bilal Mahmood Patel (38) from Leicester. Charged with rape offences (x2) and bailed to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 12pm on 14/12/20.
Khurum Raziq (38) from Heckmondwike. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x8) and due to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 10am on 14/12/20
Irfan Khan (34) from Batley. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x4) threats to kill (x1) false imprisonment (x1) and harassment (x1) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 11am on 11/12/20
Omar Farooq Hussain (36) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences (x8) supplying class A drugs (x1) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 11am on 14/12/20
Sarfraz Hussain Riaz (37) from Liversedge. Charged with rape offences (x2) and attempted rape ( x1) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 11am on 14/12/20.
Rameez Cheema (33) from Batley. Charged with rape offences (x1) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 11am on 14/12/20
Nasar Hussain (42) from Dewsbury. Charged with rape offences (x6) and bailed to Kirklees Magistrates Court at 10am on 14/12/20.
Mohammed Chothia (41) from Batley. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x8) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 12pm on 14/12/20
Sajad Hussain (37) from Batley. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x1), false imprisonment (x1) trafficking (x1), aiding and abetting rape (x1) and supplying Class C drugs (x1) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at 11am on 11/12/20
Yasser Ali (31) from Dewsbury. Served with a postal requisition for rape offences (x2) to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court at Kirklees Magistrates Court on 14/12/20 at 11am.

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CAIR Offers Office Space to Islamic Group Kicked Out of France

French organization deemed an ‘enemy of the French Republic.’

On December 4, 2020, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced on its website that it had offered office space in its Capitol Hill headquarters to the French NGO Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), stating that French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had “falsely accused” the organization of “spreading Islamist propaganda.”
What are the facts behind this announcement?
In October 2020 Darmanin announced that 51 Islamic organizations would be closed down, including the CCIF, which he described as an “enemy of the French Republic” with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. The justification for the decision was that these organizations have terrorist sympathies, promote religious and identity-driven hatred and are a threat to public order.
The CCIF had been accused of complicity in the beheading of schoolteacher Samuel Paty by an 18-year-old Chechen jihadist. Member of Parliament Aurore Bergé declared that the CCIF “provided legal support to those who lynched the teacher” on social media.  The CCIF rejected the allegation, stating that the father who published a video describing Paty as a thug had merely contacted them seeking support but that the CCIF had not taken any action in the matter.
Former CCIF director Marwan Muhammad told a reporter from the Parisien newspaper that he was “astounded” by the government decision and advanced two possible explanations. First, that the government was seeking to attract right-wing voters, and second, due to animosity toward human rights NGOs because they highlighted the inability of the state to defend minorities.
The CCIF was set up in November 2003 by Samy Debah, a former preacher of Tablighi Jaamat, the global Sunni Islamic revivalist movement, after the French parliament banned the hijab in schools. The association claims to be non-denominational and dedicated to combating “all actions or words directed at an individual linked in a real or supposed manner to Islam.”
Although it denies being associated with any political, religious or ideological groups, Marwan Muhammad shared platforms with radical Islamists such as Imam Hassen Bounamcha and Salafist preachers Nader Abou Anas and Rachid Abou Houdeyfa.
Campaigning under the slogan “Islamophobia is not an opinion, it’s a crime,” the group’s principal mission is to file criminal lawsuits against “Islamophobes.” The organization regularly sues journalists who write on the subject of political Islam.
In 2014, the CCIF secured a conviction against the secular website Riposte Laïque. In 2015, Ivan Rioufol, senior journalist at the Figaro newspaper, was acquitted by the Paris Criminal Court in a defamation case brought by the CCIF. However, the acquittal was not necessarily a defeat, since their strategy is to muzzle critics of political Islam using the threat of lengthy and costly lawsuits.
In 2016, the CCIF filed another complaint for incitement to racial hatred against Georges Bensoussan, an expert on 19th and 20th-century European cultural history. Bensoussan was a high-value target due to a book he edited in 2002 called The Lost Territories of the French Republic, a collection of essays that documented the wave of violence, Islamism and antisemitism sweeping through schools in the suburbs of French cities.
Bensoussan was acquitted by the French Supreme Court in 2019. In 2016, the CCIF targeted Laurence Rossignol, Minister for Family, Children and Women’s Rights, for criticizing Muslim women who wear burkas.
The CCIF is regularly accused of using religion for political ends. In 2019 during a nationwide demonstration against “Islamophobia,” Marwan Muhammad shouted “Allahu Akbar!” to a cheering crowd.
Political scientist and former contributor to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Fiammetta Venner told the Parisien that the CCIF plays a role in facilitating terror attacks by identifying targets, providing a rationale and a methodology. She added that describing someone or an organization as “Islamophobic” is the equivalent of a death sentence.
Charlie Hebdo received that sentence, and in 2015 was the recipient of an Islamist terror attack that left 12 staff members dead and 11 wounded.
In a written response to a French Senate inquiry in 2019, CCIF director Jawad Bachare denied any link to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying,

There is no connection. Our detractors accuse us of promoting political Islam, a term that has no substance other than to discredit our work. Our history and activities are well documented and we will continue to highlight the discrimination and violence endured by Muslims in France and take legal action to restore their rights.”

On November 27, the CCIF published a final statement on its website indicating it had made contingency plans to continue its activities outside France, thereby emptying the French government measure of its substance.

“As we announced on October 26, the CCIF has activated a major plan to deploy a large portion of its activities abroad. As a result, the dissolution notice received on November 19 was not applicable, as the CCIF no longer exists as a structure. The various actions that are still being implemented are merely related to the liquidation procedure. The transfer and/or the closing of CCIF’s files will take the necessary time.
“For more than a week now, we have been responding to the various grievances we have been accused of in the notice of dissolution, and we have demonstrated that it was based on unfounded, biased or misleading elements. Worse: we are globally reproached for doing our legal work, applying the law and demanding its application when it is questioned.
“As we notified the Minister of Interior on Thursday, November 26, our Board of Directors pronounced the voluntary dissolution of the CCIF on October 29. The assets of our association have been transferred to partner associations that will take over the fight against Islamophobia at the European level.
“Our communication tools will be closed in less than 24 hours. We will offer our members, partners, supporters and followers the possibility to get in touch with our new partner associations that will take up the fight against Islamophobia.”

This tells us that the battle against political Islam must be conducted at a European and even trans-Atlantic level.
One thing we can conclude is that CAIR’s generous offer would most likely not be given to an organization that was not like-minded.
For more information on CAIR’s history of intimidation and silencing through the use of lawfare, see Clarion’s interview with Deborah Weiss, Esq., the primary researcher and writer of the book The Council on American-Islamic Relations: Its Use of Lawfare and Intimidation, published by Citizens for National Security. 
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China’s Facial Recognition AI Targeting Uighurs IS The Gestapo

We’re hearing Gestapo thrown around a lot lately. It’s almost as though the legions of easily-propagandized ignorants wore out the constant mis-use of Nazi, Fascist and Hitler. Most of the Gestapo iterations of this are complete nonsense.
Most. Not all. The Chinese Communist government’s police state apparatus is the modern day equivalent of the Gestapo. A report leaked to the Washington Post shows that the Chinese Communist government has tested, and is presumably using, AI facial recognition software developed by Huawei to identify the Muslim ethnic minority of Uighurs and alert police — read, Gestapo. The Post story reports:

“The Chinese tech giant Huawei has tested facial recognition software that could send automated “Uighur alarms” to government authorities when its camera systems identify members of the oppressed minority group, according to an internal document that provides further details about China’s artificial-intelligence surveillance regime.
“A document signed by Huawei representatives — discovered by the research organization IPVM and shared exclusively with The Washington Post — shows that the telecommunications firm worked in 2018 with the facial recognition start-up Megvii to test an artificial-intelligence camera system that could scan faces in a crowd and estimate each person’s age, sex and ethnicity. If the system detected the face of a member of the mostly Muslim minority group, the test report said, it could trigger a ‘Uighur alarm’ — potentially flagging them for police in China, where members of the group have been detained en masse as part of a brutal government crackdown.”

Make no mistake. This is a high-tech yellow star, except instead of being physically pinned on Jews, it is digitally affixed to Uighurs — or those unfortunate enough to look Uighur. The Chinese government is on a determined genocidal mission to exterminate this minority as it continues to boot stomp other minorities and dissenters. The Chinese government is, at this point, the largest source of organized evil actions in the world.
President Trump broke with 40 years of American acquiescence to Chinese cruelty, expansionism, technology and patent theft, trade cheating and spying on U.S. companies and governments, all in return for cheap manufacturing labor. It had been a Faustian bargain for the U.S., particularly middle class, blue collar workers, innovators and patent-holders. Americans and the rest of the world had been paying for it.
Trump was right to call out China, launch the trade wars that were bearing the fruit of better deals, push back on the expansionism and cut Huawei out of providing the U.S. 5G hardware. This latest revelation could hardly have made it more clear. He also unapologetically referred to them as Communists, which they are in repressive actions on a par with the Soviets.
But it looks like Trump will be leaving the White House and his successor, Joe Biden, has a frighteningly comfortable history dealing with the Chinese and quite possibly personally profiting from doing it. Biden has said he believes that a stronger China is good for the world — a mind-numbingly naive, or corrupt, take on this tyranny — and intends to roll back many of Trump’s policies dealing with this international scourge.
You can almost picture a mildly clueless Joe Biden standing in for another mildy clueless Western leader, Neville Chamberlain. After meeting with Herr Hitler in 1939, Chamberlain/Biden waive a piece of paper declaring peace in our times. It was a rueful mistake then, and it is a rueful one now. The devil’s due is frightful to consider.
There had been some bipartisan support developing for stronger dealings with China than pre-Trump, but given the level of Trump animosity that has left much of American progressivism incapable of rational thought, and Biden’s predilection to go soft on the Beijing killers, there is a real threat that once again they will be loosed.
An aggressively expansionist, spying everywhere China and a nuclearized Iran — another distinct possibility under Biden unless Israel militarily intervenes — would create a much more dangerous world than Biden is inheriting from Trump.
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VIDEO: The Vortex — M&M’s

They all taste the same because they are the same.

Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.
Each day here at Church Militant, as part of our ongoing Novena to the Holy Spirit for Justice and our Rosary (also for justice in the nation), we pray for increased strength to fight two specific evils rampaging through the Church and the culture — modernism and Marxism.
And, understand, these two are little else than different sides of the same coin, intimately connected. One does its damage in the theological realm, the other in the secular realm, but they are both moving to the same goal. That goal is the de-spiritualization of man, the reducing of human dignity to being merely a servant of the State.
This is why the Church must be “merged” with the State: To present the facade of some spiritual aspect or dynamic to the assault on human dignity (which is, of course, ultimately from God since we are made in his image and likeness). Modernism and Marxism are like M&M’s candy — peanut or plain — slightly different looking on the outside, although still very close in appearance, on the inside, they are identical.
You can’t tell the difference once you’ve popped them into your mouth, and that’s because there is no difference. Under that thin candy veneer, every one is identical to every other one in the pack, just like modernism and Marxism. This is why the Marxist cardinals in the Church, not to mention bishops and priests, are so enthralled with modernism.
Likewise, this is why the modernist cardinals in the Church — not to mention bishops and priests — are so enthralled with Marxism. It’s why when you go to Mass and there is a modernist priest blathering on, he hits all the Marxist talking points about immigration and climate change and the rest of the lies from the Left.
Listen closely sometimes to the prayers of the faithful, which half the time aren’t really prayers and which seldom reflect the ideas of the authentic faithful. Little in some of those prayers reflects anything related to authentic Catholicism but read like a Saul Alinsky introductory class on class warfare or racism.
Likewise, the Marxist media can’t stop themselves from having on modernist clergy for interviews (like James Martin). These aren’t just separate ideologies with some areas of overlap. They are the same ideologies with very slightly different ways of presenting themselves. Take off the robes and put on a suit and tie, and James Martin could run for office on the Democratic party ticket.
Likewise, slap a miter on Biden’s head and he could easily be Bishop Joe. They all talk the same, say the same things, talk about the same topics. Identical on the inside, very slightly different looking on the outside — just to make you think you’re getting something different. You aren’t.
This is why there is the rush on the part of bishops to go along with anything a government mandates, and in some cases (like the weirdo bishop in Ontario Canada’s London diocese, Ronald Fabbro) bishops are going way beyond even totalitarian governments’ COVID rules. He’s ordering parishes, meaning his priests, to set up what amounts to “snitch squads,” where ushers must refuse you entry into the Church for Mass if you don’t have a mask.
Ushers will be informed of your name and will be on the lookout for you. Likewise, Fabbro has ordered that a pencil and piece of paper be supplied at confessionals so after you have confessed, you can leave your name and number for contact tracing purposes. And no, we are not kidding.
That’s outrageous. But when it comes to weirdness around confession, Fabbro and his staff are refusing to reveal to Catholics in the diocese that a certain priest was excommunicated for breaking the seal of confession. Then, a few months later, blatantly in violation of canon law, Fabbro asked Rome to lift the excommunication without having fulfilled one of three requirements necessary before any lifting of the sentence could be done.
While Fabbro stomps around the diocese imposing dictatorial mandates on the flock, he conveniently — for more than a year — has kept to himself that one of his priests, at least, is not trustworthy in the confessional. But hey, just make sure you put down your name and address after confession, it makes it so much easier to break the seal that way.
And get this: Your information then goes into a sealed envelope and is given to the parish staff who will never open it, unless they have to. Sure. So much for anonymity around the sacrament of confession. Any bishop who would hide behind “procedure” to mask the identity of a priest who breaks the seal of confession is a disgrace.
Likewise, he keeps no tabs on this priest, who supposedly unknown to Fabbro, just up and presented himself to another diocese, where, inexplicably, the bishop there just accepted him and let him go “serve” at a religious community and offer public Mass on Sundays and hear confessions.
Not until his presence was reported (and there was fear of news getting out about the whole affair) did Fabbro “spring into action” and order the priest back to the London diocese. But man, he’s all over the COVID “crisis.”
No mask, no eucharist. No contact tracing, no confession of sins. No bare hands, no reception of Holy Communion. COVID crisis? Got it covered. Catholic crisis? No big deal. Men like this long ago gave up the ghost on the Church. Fabbro even joked once at a fundraiser for the seminary that all the numbers across the board for the Church were dismal, in the toilet. Fewer weddings, baptisms, you name it.
But, he added, the one number where they saw improvement was in cemetery plot sales, adding — to uncomfortable laughter from hundreds in attendance — that even if we lose you coming in, we still get you going out. Modernism dumps the authentic Faith. Marxism replaces it.
The things of God matter not at all to either Marxists or modernists. Their single concern is being in the elite crowd when the rest of humanity is subjected to their one-world new order. Neither cares what your favorite color M&M is — because they are all the same.
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Morocco Will Normalize Relations With Israel, Trump Administration Announces

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the Kingdom of Morocco has agreed to normalize relations with Israel, making it the latest in a string of majority-Muslim countries to do so.
“Another HISTORIC breakthrough today!” the president tweeted. “Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!”
Senior advisor to the president Jared Kushner told reporters shortly after the president’s announcement that Morocco — like other signatories onto the Abraham Accords — will immediately open liaison offices in Israel, start scheduling direct flights from the country to Israel, and foster “cooperation” between companies in both nations. He confirmed that in addition to Morocco’s decision to normalize relations, Trump had also signed a proclamation recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara.
“This comes on four years of very, very hard work and diplomacy,” Kushner stated. “We have peace sprouting in the Middle East.”
Kushner called the announcement a “part of the president’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the world,” and stated that other countries in the region “want to keep this progress going.”
He claimed that the more majority-Muslim countries begin to interact with Israel, the less Islamic terror groups will be able to justify their actions.
Trump has touted the Israel “peace deals” as some of his administration’s greatest accomplishments. Prior to the Morocco announcement, the Trump administration had helped foster normalization negotiations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Somalia.
This is a developing story and will be updated with new information as it becomes available.


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U.S. Department of Labor Publishes Final Rule to Implement Legal Requirements for Religious Exemption

WASHINGTON, DC  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) today released its “Implementing Legal Requirements Regarding the Equal Opportunity Clause’s Religious Exemption” Final Rule, which will be published in an upcoming edition of the Federal Register. This rule will encourage the full and equal participation of religious organizations as federal contractors. Religious organizations, many of them small nonprofits, provide such essential services as feeding the hungry, supporting refugees, and educating our nation’s students.
Executive Order 11246, which OFCCP enforces, generally requires federal contractors to abide by nondiscrimination and affirmative action requirements. Yet the order also acknowledges that religious organizations may prefer in employment “individuals of a particular religion,” so that they can maintain their religious identity and integrity. This accommodation is patterned after a nearly identical provision that has been part of the Civil Rights Act for over a half-century. The rule provides clearer interpretation of the parameters of the religious exemption by adding definitions of key terms. It adds a rule of construction to provide the maximum legal protection of religious exercise permitted by the Constitution and law, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The rule also adds several examples within the definition of “religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society” to better illustrate which organizations may qualify for the religious exemption.
“Religious organizations should not have to fear that acceptance of a federal contract or subcontract will require them to abandon their religious character or identity,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia. “This rule gives full effect to Executive Order 11246’s protection of religious organizations.”
“OFCCP is committed to protecting religious liberty, while ensuring vigorous enforcement of the anti-discrimination laws the agency administers,” said Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Director Craig E. Leen. “This rule will help ensure that religious organizations can fully participate in federal procurement consistent with the First Amendment and other applicable federal laws.”
The final rule is a deregulatory action under Executive Order 13771 as it reduces confusion regarding the Executive Order 11246 religious exemption. The Department estimates that the rule will yield unquantifiable net cost savings overall. The rule does not change the vast majority of federal contractors’ responsibilities to comply with their equal employment opportunity and affirmative action obligations under Executive Order 11246. The Department expects that the large majority of federal contractors do not and will not seek to qualify for the religious exemption.
In addition to Executive Order 11246, OFCCP enforces Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. These laws, as amended, make it illegal for contractors and subcontractors doing business with the federal government to discriminate in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran. In addition, contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from discriminating against applicants or employees because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their compensation or the compensation of others subject to certain limitations, and may not retaliate against applicants or employees for engaging in protected activities. These laws also require that federal contractors provide equal employment opportunity through affirmative action. For more information, please call OFCCP’s toll-free helpline at 800-397-6251 or visit
The mission of the Department of Labor is to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.
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