FLORIDA: Muslim Inmates Beat Guard Unconscious for Trying to Search Their Qur’an for Contraband

They have evidently thoroughly imbibed the Qur’an’s teachings of peace.

Flager County officials would do well to investigate the possibility that there is heavy Islamic proselytizing and jihad recruitment going on in their jail. But they almost certainly will not do so.

2 Flagler jail inmates attack guard who tried to search Quran for contraband, release says

by Frank Fernandez, Daytona Beach News-Journal, June 6, 2021:

A Flagler County Sheriff’s Office detention deputy was beaten unconscious by a pair of inmates after he tried, as is standard practice, to check the Quran belonging to one of the inmates for contraband or weapons, according to a press release.

Inmates Carlos Dupree and Marion Leo Gavins Jr. were accused of attacking the corrections deputy on Friday, according to the release.

Gavins and Dupree were each already charged with serious crimes even before they attacked the detention deputy, according to reports.

Gavins, 20, was charged with first-degree murder in the 2019 killing of 18-year-old Curtis Gray in the parking lot of a Palm Coast shopping center. Gray had attended Matanzas High School for 3½ years and played on the school’s football team for three seasons. In January 2019, he transferred to Flagler Palm Coast High School to join the Bulldogs’ track team.

Dupree, 34, had been in jail since December 2020 related to a home invasion robbery in which he was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, home invasion with a firearm, wearing a mask while committing a felony, and resisting without violence.

Dupree and Gavins were additionally charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and depriving an officer of means of protection or communication in the attack on the detention deputy….

Dupree and Gavins were being prepared on Friday for a meeting and requested to bring along their prayer items, a request which was approved.

The detention deputy then proceeded to search them as he was instructed to do for safety reasons because inmates are “well-known” to try to hide weapons and contraband in hollowed-out books, the release said.

The surveillance footage shows the detention deputy search Gavins’ items without issue.

But when he tries to search Dupree’s items, Dupree tells him he cannot search his Quran, the release said.

The deputy tells him he needs to search the Quran for him to bring it with him and then tries to reach for it.

Dupree violently shoves the deputy away, according to the release. The detention deputy then tries to detain Dupree. But the other inmate, Gavins, approaches from the deputy’s right and violently shoves the deputy into a wall.

Then both Gavins and Dupree attack the detention deputy, the release stated. Security video shows the inmates repeatedly punching the deputy in the head until he loses consciousness….

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If No Islamophobic ‘Hate Crimes’ Exist, They Must Be Invented. The Next Target Is Southwest Airlines

My latest in PJ Media:

If “hate crimes” targeting Muslims do not exist, they must be invented. They’re simply too politically useful to do without. And so it is that the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is aiding a Muslim woman, Fatima Altakrouri, who claims that Southwest would not allow her to sit in a plane’s exit row because she was wearing a hijab.

Just for some perspective, in the last few weeks alone, in Nigeria, Islamic jihadis murdered a Christian pastor and his 3-year-old son. Elsewhere in the same country, Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murdered 37 Christians, all the while roaming freely in the presence of security personnel, who did nothing to stop them. In Indonesia, eleven Muslims were arrested for plotting jihad massacres at several Christian churches. In South Sudan, thirteen Christians were murdered in a village that, according to the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, “experiences frequent attacks by Arab Islamic militias.” In Pakistan, a Muslim mob murdered a Christian for trying to defend his sister whom Muslims had stripped naked in the street. In Uganda, Muslims beheaded and removed the tongue of a pastor who had debated Muslims and converted some of them to Christianity.

Now, I don’t mean to minimize the gravity of being denied a seat in the exit row, but compared to incidents of that kind, which take place more or less regularly, it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal. If this is an example of what CAIR can come up with in terms of “Islamophobia,” it’s pretty thin gruel. Yet “Islamophobia” in the U.S. and Europe gets far more international media attention than the global Muslim persecution of Christians. Now, why is that?

As for Fatima Altakrouri, according to USA Today, she has “filed a complaint with the Department of Transportation, saying she was not allowed to sit in an emergency exit row on a Southwest Airlines flight because she was wearing a hijab, but her sister was allowed to sit there without one.”

Altakrouri claims that after denying her request, a flight attendant mocked her as a terrorist: “As I was walking, I overheard her saying to the passengers in the seats that were around that area, laughing, saying that ‘If we sat her there, she’d bring down the plane in an emergency. You can imagine the shock I was in at that time.”

There is more. Read the rest here.


Florida: Muslim inmates beat guard unconscious for trying to search their Qur’an for contraband

Brooklyn Film Festival premieres documentary about NJ mayor who ‘fights the forces of Islamophobia’

Yemen: Houthi leader claims US fabricated 9/11 in order to target the Islamic world

Afghanistan: 12 civilians murdered in bomb blasts on buses in Shi’a area

Germany: Intelligence agency reports dramatic increase in number of Hizballah members and supporters

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Canada’s Leap From Socialism To Communism!

We saw this coming for a long time. And it seemed to explode extemporaneously within this last month. It had already pushed off in the United States, using the Covid19 Virus, as the fuse to began shutting churches down. These actions were attributed to the pandemic ruling that due to the virus, people cannot gather.

This protects people from getting this contagious disease, they say. Great tool for Commicrat thugs who want to control every movement we make. This protects people from getting this contagious disease, they expostulated, even though not that convincingly.

The most threatening gathering place, say the Communist Party recruiters, is the church. The Reds know that a Christian Mind cannot be enslaved. So the first thing they do before takeover is to eliminate all churches. Notice today how in Communist China they bulldoze churches and any crosses that may be in view.

And they are the ones who created and released…not accidental leaked–but released Covid19. Bill Gates, who works with the U.N. to depopulate the earth, gave $1.3 million to Dr. Fauci who took it to the Wuhan lab in China to create this pandemic.

One major church in America that is targeted is John Macarthur’s church, Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. The feds have done everything to shut his church down including raids and lawsuits. But fortunately, Rev. Macarthur is a bit bull headed and he faces them toe to toe and is not about to budge.

We’ve always known that Canada is a Socialist Country which is the stepping stone to Communism. For me there has always been something off center with Canada. Now the war has begun. The Gestapo Cops have been raiding churches, some during services, demanding that people depart. and by the way, take in the following.

In the United States it is a felony to disrupt a religious service. So the next time these intruders storm a church, at least in America, immediately file charges against them with the District Attorney. I had to do that once.

So far the police have been doing this without checkmate. Using the notion of the Covid19 Virus, they claim that they are putting everyone at risk by gathering for church. Perfect for the Communist Storm Troopers who do not want God in their area.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, was conducting a service when the storm troopers pushed their way into the church, during a service, and ordered everyone to leave or face arrest. Pastor Pawlowski who was familiar with Communist Rule while living in Poland, charged towards the cops and ordered them to leave the area immediately. They did.

Than after another service, as the pastor was leaving the church to go home, five police cars were waiting, followed him, then with sirens suddenly breaking the sound barrier, they stopped him in the middle lane of a Freeway where they arrested him, handcuffed him with his arms behind his back, dragged him down the street and threw him down, again, in the middle of the lane of that busy freeway. He could have been killed but the so called police officers had no feeling about that. He represented God and the church so it isn’t important if he dies.

Next his property was firebombed. To Pastor Pawlowski, this was a sign that someone wanted him dead. Rev, Pawlowski said that his arrest was “painful” and actual torture” saying the entire ordeal was “unbelievable.”

Meanwhile, a small “Church of God” in Aylmer, Ontario, faced a police ambush during their service, ordered the parishioners to exit the church, then they changed locks on the church so that nobody could come in again. The church group decided to have their services outdoors. This rankled the authorities who fined the little church, $200,000 for continuing to hold worship despite provincial ‘Stay at home” orders.

Still not satisfied, those crazy Canucks fined that little church an additional $66,000 over Memorial Day Weekend, for having outdoor services which attracted some 400 attendees. and live-streamed online. They were then fined an additional $100.000 dollars.

The Crown Communist Attorney, Lisa Brost said in court, “The church is escalating its defiance of governor edicts by continuing to hold outdoor worship service,” which she described as ‘an intentional confrontation.’ “The church ‘deliberately did exactly what they knew they were not permitted to do,” Brost belched, adding she believes the congregation should be barred from appealing having their facility locked until they fully repay all the outstanding fines against them. Get that? Pay up first then you can go back into your church. Sounds like Ransom to me.

So even in a Communist Country money can compel others to change their minds.

And Canada, with this latest and ferocious attack against churches, have, as expected, taken the step from Socialist to Communist. There, to me, was always a sense of something strange in Canada, while dissecting the personalities of people I met. First of all, I met a lot of former Nazis who retired there. They were not that pleasant to talk to. While in show business I performed throughout Canada. And that is the only country that actually booed me. And why?

I was the Ringmaster of the Shriner’s Circus, a huge benefit program which supports the Shriners Hospital for children. While performing in a major arena with a packed house, the Fire Marshall came to me and requested that I make a “No Smoking” announcement, which I did. Then I added, “And to you young people here, don’t even start it or even try it. You only have one set of lungs…take care of them.” That resulted in resounding BOOS throughout the stadium arena. I couldn’t believe it.

I let them continue the booing until they stopped. I waited another minute, then said, “Any country who would boo someone for advising young people to protect their lungs by not smoking, is not ready for self government.” Things suddenly got so silent that one could hear a caterpillar doing pushups on a Lemon Meringue Pie.

I waited another minute, then resumed the show. There were no further problems.

Let’s face it. One by one, countries are giving in to Communism. Yes, it is even in The United States, but it is not fully recognized yet, but it is getting there..

God help us all!

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VIRGINIA: Pakistani Muslim indicted for scheme to smuggle illegal migrants into US from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Do the feds know where all the people Abid Ali Khan brought in are, and what they’re doing? What might illegal migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan be up to in the United States? Can that question even be asked, or is it “Islamophobic”?

Pakistani National Indicted and Sanctioned for Human Smuggling Conspiracy

by Steven McLoud, Diálogo, May 25, 2021

On April 7, a federal grand jury in Virginia indicted a Pakistani citizen for allegedly leading a scheme to smuggle undocumented individuals into the United States from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

According to court documents, between January 2015 and December 2020, Abid Ali Khan, allegedly organized, led, and worked with others in his Pakistan-based smuggling network to facilitate the travel of undocumented individuals to the United States. Khan also allegedly encouraged, induced, and brought undocumented individuals to the United States for commercial advantage and financial gain.

“Khan allegedly led a global human smuggling operation that used fraudulent documents and international travel routes to facilitate the entry of unauthorized individuals into the United States,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Raj Parekh for the Eastern District of Virginia. “We are committed to holding accountable those who seek personal monetary gain by compromising and undermining the integrity of the immigration process.”

In a recent Homeland Security Investigation (HIS) in Miami, it was revealed that Khan allegedly accepted payment in exchange for planning and coordinating international travel for foreign nationals from Pakistan through multiple countries, including Brazil….


Witnesses at US-Mexico border report dramatic surge in migrants from Islamic terror-linked nations

Zarif: ‘Netanyahu has joined his anti-Iran co-conspirators — Bolton, Trump and Pompeo — in the dustbin of history’

Turkish crime boss says Turkey sent weapons to jihad terror group in Syria 2015

Israel: Muslim girls try to drown Jewish girl in pool, ‘We will chase every Yahud out of here, this is all ours’

Palestinians Ban UNRWA’s Gaza Director From Gaza for Noting That Israel Didn’t Hit Civilians

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OHIO: Nazi Football Coach Forces Kosher Observant Teen to Eat Pork as Punishment

Head coach Marcus Wattley made the teen sit in the middle of the gym and eat the whole pizza. If he didn’t, his surrounding teammates would have to run extra drills. Wattley also threatened to kick the teen off the team.

Ohio Football Coach Forces Kosher Observant Teen to Eat Pork as Punishment

The family of a McKinley High School football player is calling for more action after it says the head coach Marcus Wattley forced the teen to eat a pizza containing pork.

The incident happened on May 24th after the junior missed practice with an injury. According to the family’s attorney, head coach Marcus Wattley made the teen sit in the middle of the gym and eat the whole pizza. If he didn’t, his surrounding teammates would have to run extra drills. The attorney said Wattley also threatened to kick the teen off the team. The 17-year-old’s faith strictly forbids eating pork or pork residue.

The boy repeatedly told the coach he did not eat pork and eventually he was allowed to pick off the pepperoni. However, grease still remained on the pizza,.

After finishing, the teen was ordered to do extra drills outside, according to the attorney.

Canton City Schools said it suspended eight members of the high school football coaching staff, including the head coach. It is conducting an investigation into the incident.

“The incident calls into question whether appropriate team management, discipline, and player accountability infrastructures are in place,” the district said in a statement on Friday.

The boy’s family said Wattley’s actions were a, “violation of the constitutional rights of this child,” and are threatening legal action.

“The family does not feel that this suspension is adequate. The school has not offered any counseling for the child. The child is devastated due to consuming the pork grease pizza and being degraded in front of the entire team,” the attorney said in a news release on Tuesday.

The student, who is not named in the news release, is a tackle on the football team and has a 4.0 GPA

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Hamas-Linked CAIR Sues Maryland County over Christian-Only Chaplain Hiring Policy at County Jail

A Muslim man is embroiled in a religious discrimination lawsuit at a Maryland county jail, where job applicants for the position of chaplain are made to sign a statement affirming that they are Christians. Lawyers from the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) “sued Prince George’s County on behalf of Edrees Bridges, who has been a volunteer chaplain at a county jail in Upper Marlboro since 2018.”

The CAIR lawsuit argues that “that kind of religious test is illegal under the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause,” and “claims the statement violates Bridges’ religious freedom rights,” even forcing him to abandon his religious beliefs as a Muslim, should he sign the statement.

The challenge has legal and Constitutional merit, but it is no accident that it came from CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case. CAIR has earned its reputation of finding legal and political loopholes to advance its agenda to the detriment of the greater good — in this case, for the inmates in Prince George’s County. In 2018, CAIR sued Riverside Regional Jail in North Prince George, Virginia for allowing for a Christian space. CAIR filed an injunction demanding “Islamic programming,” “pork-free meals,” and a dismantling of the Christian “God-Pod” for promoting what CAIR called “segregation.”

Statistical data on religious representation among prison inmates in America from the US Department of Justice reveals:

The Prison Service recognizes more than 40 different religious denominations. In 2000, the largest group of inmates was Anglicans, who formed 39 percent of the prison population. Next was the group with No Religion (32 percent) followed by Roman Catholics at 17 percent and Muslims at 7 percent. Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs each accounted about a half of one percent of the population. The fastest growing group was prisoners with No Religion, which more than doubled in size between 1993 and 2000. The prison population as a whole grew by 55 percent over the same period. Between 1993 and 2000, the number of Muslims doubled.

Although Prince George’s County may be different, overall, Christians constitute the largest representation of inmates in America, making up 56 percent of the prison population. Then follow those of no religion, and then Muslims at only seven percent, although “between 1993 and 2000, the number of Muslims doubled.” Inmate conversions are included — and among them are jihadi converts.

CAIR seeks Muslim representation among prison chaplains, without acknowledging how that representation has proven to be problematic. In 2011, Michael Downing, who was LAPD Deputy Chief at the time, addressed the House Homeland Security Committee; he warned: “We have ongoing cases that involve convert prison radicals that are out in the community now.” The hearing focused on the threat from “Prislam,” which Downing described as “an extremist ‘cut and paste’ version of Islam practiced by inmates.”

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Smith stated in that same hearing that the Prislam ideology was one which “he saw in some New Folsom prison inmates whom he prosecuted for plotting to attack Jewish targets in Los Angeles and the LAX airport.”

According to Patrick Dunleavy, author of The Fertile Soil of Jihad: Terrorism’s Prison Connection: “If we continue to downplay the threat, we do so at our own peril.” He added that he “would not be surprised to find a copy of al-Qaida’s Inspire magazine in any prison.” 

American federal prisons have more recently been described by experts as “breeding grounds” for terrorists. The implications are immense. “Prisons have long been criticized for a culture that can make some inmates more dangerous than when they entered, but the possibility that typical felons could become lone wolf terrorists upon earning parole is a disturbing new wrinkle.”

By contrast, Christianity has a longstanding positive impact in prison ministry. In the best interests of the prisoners collectively — and for society at large — programs in prisons have focused on restorative justice. Restorative justice is rooted in compassionate Christian beliefs.

“Prison Ministry of America, which also is named as a defendant in the suit, has a contract with the county to provide religious services to jail inmates. The statement on its job application says Prison Ministry of America employees are ‘committed to a lifestyle of Christianity and agree with our statement of faith.’”

The problem is not only an American one.  In the UK, jihad recruitment in prisons has earned them the reputation of being jihad training camps, where Muslim prison gangs beat prisoners who won’t convert to Islam. Prison staff are afraid to stand up to Muslim inmates for fear of being called “racist.” A Christian prison chaplain in the UK was banned for ten years for warning about “Islamic extremism” in jails.

Many prisoners may be adversely affected, depending on the outcome of the CAIR lawsuit, if it results in more Muslim representation and fewer Christian chaplains.

Lawsuit: Only Christians could apply for jail chaplain job

by Michael Kunzelman, ABC News, May 27, 2021:

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Applicants for a chaplain’s job at a Maryland county jail had to sign a statement affirming that they are Christians, a Muslim man claims Thursday in a federal lawsuit accusing the county and a contractor of religious discrimination.

Lawyers from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group, sued Prince George’s County on behalf of Edrees Bridges, who has been a volunteer chaplain at a county jail in Upper Marlboro since 2018.

Bridges, 49, learned in April that the county was hiring a paid chaplain. He asked for an application but couldn’t complete it because all applicants were required to sign a “Statement of Applicant’s Christian Faith” that would force him to abandon his religious beliefs as a Muslim, his lawsuit says.

Prison Ministry of America, which also is named as a defendant in the suit, has a contract with the county to provide religious services to jail inmates. The statement on its job application says Prison Ministry of America employees are “committed to a lifestyle of Christianity and agree with our statement of faith.”

It also asks applicants to affirm that they “believe in one God, Creator and Lord of the Universe,” that “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit” and that “the Bible is God’s authoritative and inspired Word.”

The lawsuit says that kind of religious test is illegal under the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which prohibits government from establishing a state religion. It also claims the statement violates Bridges’ religious freedom rights.

Bridges said he was shocked and saddened to learn that his Muslim faith would exclude him from the applicant pool.

“I have always encountered people that have been open to that diversity of ideas, diversity of thought,” he said in an interview Thursday. “As a chaplain, one of the core ingredients to being a chaplain is to be there for all.”…..



Muslim woman claims Southwest Airlines barred her from exit row because of her hijab

Skeet Shooting, Israeli Style

Tlaib’s ally, hard-Left academic Hatem Bazian, promotes jihad and anti-Semitism

Israel: “The terrorist stopped in front of me. He shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ and just started firing.”

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Seattle Muslim Plots To Drive Semi Truck Through Gay Pride Parade and Then OPEN FIRE on Crowd

Expect silence by left-wing, gay leadership in America, gay leadership in America stands with the sharia left. Scroll here. The sanction of brutal of gays under Islam continues. I spoke at an LGBT event at the RNC decrying the treatment of gays under Islam, and the mainstream media attacked the event with a vengeance. Gay leadership has condemned me (and my colleagues) who oppose the most brutal, homophobic and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, while stumping for their executioners. They were loud and proud against our ads highlighting the brutal oppression and subjugation of gays under sharia. They were holding press conferences condemning me. Gay organizations in America say nothing about this, but loudly condemned my ad campaign highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia. That includes the San Francisco Board of Examiners, the Human Rights CommissionSFHRC head transgender Theresa Sparks, but most especially the enemedia. They called our ads hate and issued a resolution condemning our AFDI ad campaign (the first of its kind) against our organization for merely quoting Muslim political leaders, spiritual leaders and cultural voices in the Muslim community who call for the torture and death of gay people.

Seattle man arrested at Sea-Tac Airport, accused of trying to join ISIS

By Breaking 911, June 1, 2021

WASHINGTON – A Washington man was arrested on Friday, May 28, at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on criminal charges related to his alleged efforts to join Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization, in order to engage in violent acts of terrorism in the Middle East or the United States.

According to court documents, Elvin Hunter Bgorn Williams, 20, of Seattle, was arrested as he prepared to board an international flight following a lengthy investigation into his efforts to join ISIS.

“As alleged, Williams was determined to support ISIS either by traveling overseas to join and fight with the terrorist organization, or by conducting an attack here in the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “The FBI was just as determined to stop him, and he was intercepted as he tried to make his way abroad. The threat of terrorism at home and abroad remains, and the National Security Division is committed to holding accountable those who would provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations. I want to thank the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who are responsible for this case.”

“This defendant proved persistent in his efforts to join ISIS – speaking with enthusiasm about acts of horrific bloodshed in the Middle East and here at home,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Tessa M. Gorman for the Western District of Washington. “I want to commend those citizens who contacted law enforcement – including his family and faith community – expressing concerns about the defendant’s radicalization. Their courage to speak up and work with law enforcement was important to ensure public safety.”

“This individual self-radicalized, pledged loyalty to ISIS, and became consumed with activities to join the cause overseas,” said Special Agent in Charge Donald M. Voiret of the FBI Seattle Field Office. “We are grateful for the concerned citizens and family members who reported his behavior on multiple occasions and all of the law enforcement agencies who worked tirelessly on this case. These combined efforts no doubt saved lives.”

KOMO News reported: “It’s one of the biggest pride parades in the United States. Plus, after COVID hits, there is going to be tons of people wanting to go to the gay pride parade,” Williams allegedly said, according to the case file.

His plan was to get a semi truck and drive straight through the parade, mowing down marchers and spectators, then jumping out of the semi and opening fire on the crowd, the court documents show. The friend declined to join him and Williams gave up on the idea.

In November 2020, a member of a Seattle-area mosque contacted the FBI with concerns about Williams. The mosque had attempted to provide support and guidance to Williams, but members became aware he was deeply involved in ISIS propaganda. Williams was using mosque-provided electronic devices to engage in online chats with ISIS radicals and to view ISIS propaganda videos of beheadings and other acts of violence. In November 2020, Williams allegedly swore an oath of allegiance to ISIS.

Using confidential sources close to Williams, the FBI monitored his activity and became aware of his efforts to travel to the Middle East and join ISIS. Williams expressed to his associates that if he could not travel overseas, he would commit an attack in the U.S. on behalf of ISIS. Williams began communicating with those he believed were ISIS recruiters who could get him to an ISIS terror cell in the Middle East or other parts of the world.

In early May 2021, Williams booked airline travel from Seattle to Amsterdam and on to Egypt to join ISIS. On Friday May 28, 2021, he went to Sea-Tac Airport to catch the first leg of his international flight. Williams was arrested at the departure gate.

Williams is charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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WATCH: Muslims Stage Nazi-Style Rally in Germany

The world’s silence about Islamic Jew-hatred mirrors the silence about Nazi antisemitism.

Watch: Muslim extremists stage Nazi-style rally attacking Israel in Germany

BY World Israel News, June 1, 2021:

Hundreds of Islamist protestors in Hamburg mounted a sinister display last Friday that brought to mind demonstrations by neo-Nazi groups.

By Ben Cohen, The Algemeiner

Anti-Semitic demonstrations targeting Israel have continued to be staged by Islamist groups in Germany, despite the May 21 ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

In a sinister display last Friday that brought to mind demonstrations by neo-Nazi groups, hundreds of Islamist protestors lined the Steindamm in the St. Georg district of the port city of Hamburg.

Video of the rally showed more than 200 men clad in black clothing and lined up in military fashion. Several carried coffins bearing Arabic inscriptions as they angrily chanted slogans accusing Israel of being a “child murderer.”

According to Philipp Stricharz, the head of the Jewish community in Hamburg, Friday’s demonstration was organized by a splinter group within the city’s Muslim community of 90,000.
Stricharz told local media outlets that the rally had violated German laws against public displays of anti-Semitism, and that he would be consulting with the police and municipal authorities in the coming days.

“We consider the demonstration on Friday to be an attempt by a fringe group to drive a wedge into Hamburg society,” Stricharz declared. “We will not allow that, and we are certain that the overwhelming majority of Hamburg’s Muslims will see it the same way.”

The group behind the demonstration, Muslim Interaktiv, is considered to be a successor to Hizb ut Tahrir, a rabidly anti-Semitic Islamist organization that was banned by the German Interior Ministry in 2003.

According to the findings of the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Muslim Interaktiv has been active since the beginning of last year and maintains a strong presence on social networks, the Jüdische Allgemeine Jewish news outlet reported on Monday.

The Hamburg branch of Germany’s ruling CDU Party separately demanded an answer as to “why a successor organization to the Hizb ut-Tahrir can spread its anti-Jewish slogans unhindered on Hamburg’s streets?”

The CDU claimed that the city’s Social Democratic and Green administration had shied away from an outright ban on the rally.

“According to the Basic Law, intolerance is not a reason to prohibit a meeting,” Andy Grote of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) told local journalists.

The head of Germany’s Kurdish community also condemned the demonstration, remarking that the Islamists had staged “a martial show of power to which our politics simply has no answer, and they take advantage of this vacuum of helplessness.”

Ali Ertan Toprak — the federal chairman of the Kurdish Community in Germany — declared on Twitter that Hamburg had witnessed a “rise in hatred.”

“We can no longer leave the streets to these Islamist anti-Semites!” Toprak emphasized.

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Escalating Anti-Semitism — The Blame Israel Bears

There is a symbiotic link between the abysmal (mis)conduct of Israel’s public diplomacy and the building crescendo of Jueophobic frenzy across the globe.

Israel is losing the war for international opinion because – in the final analysis – she does not really want to win it! Or at least the official organs charged with administering this war do not– Entire world is not against us, March 28, 2007.

Israel has made itself defenseless’…. ‘Israel has vacated the battleground of the mind’… ’Israeli “hasbara” is a JOKE!’–Melanie Phillips—cited in INTO THE FRAY: Comprehending the incomprehensible, January 3, 2012.

Israel’s greatest strategic challenge, its gravest strategic failure, its grimmest strategic danger is the (mis)conduct of its public diplomacy.—INTO THE FRAY: Intellectual warriors, not slicker diplomats February 14, 2013.

Continued impotence and incompetence in the (mis)conduct of Israel’s public diplomacy is becoming not only [a] strategic threat to the country but is beginning to imperil Jewish communities abroadINTO THE FRAY: Dereliction of duty, October 25, 2013.

‘It is dreadful to hear that the [popular children’s] snack Bamba has a promotional budget two to three times the size of the total state budget for public diplomacy…’— cited in INTO THE FRAY: If I were prime minister… October 31, 2013.

… much like the air force and missile defense, diplomacy is a strategic imperative whose function is to facilitate decision-making space for national leadership to pursue national interests. INTO THE FRAY: My billion-dollar budget: If I were PM (cont.), November 7, 2013.

By allowing Israel’s image to become so distorted and debased, Israel has made being Jewish a risk-fraught experience… rather than anti-Jewish prejudices generating anti-Israel prejudices, anti-Israel animosity translates into anti-Jewish animosityINTO THE FRAY: Catalogue of common canards. September 4, 2014.

Israel is losing the battle for hearts and minds across the world, for a very simple reason, very difficult to accept, yet very easy to prove: It simply does not want to win!INTO THE FRAY: Preserving the Jewish nation-state-The imperative for a political ‘Iron Dome’, November 12, 2015.

This, far from exhaustive, selection of citations, spanning almost a decade and a half, reflects an ongoing and grinding effort to draw attention to the gathering storm clouds on Israel’s diplomatic—and strategic—horizon. Sadly, it was an alert that went unheeded, resulting in the blight, of which it warned, to fester and now turn septic.

There is now little option but to cauterize it—lest it turn fatal.

Sins of omission rather than of commission

Of course, I realize some might find this article’s heading a little provocative, perhaps even offensive.

After all, at a time like this, with Jews, their property, and their institutions under escalating assault throughout the US and across the globe, allegations that seem to suggest the Jewish state is complicit in fanning the flames of Jew-hatred might well be perceived as inappropriate, uncalled for—indeed, even harmful and hurtful.

So, I hasten to clarify.

The blame that can—indeed—must be apportioned to Israel is not the product of intentional malfeasance or unintentional misadventure, but of disastrous dereliction of duty over decades – i.e. not because of what Israel has done but because of what it left undone. Thus, in terms of facilitating anti-Semitism, Israel is guilty far more of sins of omission rather than of sins of commission.

The appalling worldwide surge in Judeophobic incitement and Judeocidal attacks should come as no surprise—and hence the lack of any serious preparation to effectively confront it, contend with it, and curtail it comprise an unforgivable strategic debacle—for both Israel’s national security and for its relationship with its kinfolk in the Diaspora.

Thus, encapsulating the widely felt exasperation and bitterness was the following Facebook response from a reader, to my rebuke of gross Israeli diplomatic lethargy in Deleriction of Duty:The State of Israel, the country that represents Jews throughout the world as much as its citizens, is slowly but surely abdicating its role by its action or perhaps better said inaction vis-a-vis public diplomacy”.

Anguish, not arrogance

Indeed, browsing through some of the many columns I have written over the years on the topic, it is difficult to escape an eerie sense of déjà vu and a feeling that what I wrote then, not only applies to the events of today, but in many ways precisely predicted what is now being precipitated before us.

I underscore this not out of arrogance, but anguish, not to showcase any personal prescience, but to urge action to head off preventable perils. For, as I warned in the past:

It is difficult to understate how pernicious and pervasive the consequences of this inexplicable fiasco of impotence and incompetence are. They permeate all walks of national life, corroding the very fabric that binds the Zionist enterprise together.

Indeed, over half a decade ago, I diagnosed as a “strategic imperative” the need to establish “a political ‘Iron-Dome’ to intercept incoming barrages of demonization & delegitimization launched daily at Israel”, and stipulated the scale and scope of resources that should be allotted for such an initiative (1% of Israel’s state budget, or over one billion dollars)—as befits such a strategic enterprise.

Foreseeing that many might be aghast at the size of the specified outlay, I wrote: “A billion dollars!? I can almost hear gasps of disbelief and the dismissive snorts of derision. They would be sorely inappropriate and unfounded–detached from any factual foundation. For a billion-dollar public diplomacy budget might sound wildly exorbitant – until you compare it with the sums laid out for other purposes–like the air force or Israel’s anti-missiles system.”—on which billions are spent without arousing any significant protest or astonishment – see for example Israel to Invest $1 Billion in Iron Dome Missile Defense System.

Political Iron Dome: Where will the money come from?

However. as I pointed out: “…weapons systems, that can inflict [potentially] dissuasive costs, are of little value if political constraints prevent/limit their use.”

Somewhat acerbically, I added: “… even the sleekest super-duper modern combat jets with the latest hubba-dubba avionics and awesome destructive capability will be of little value if diplomatic pressures prevent policy-makers from allowing them to take off…”.

To underscore this point, I invoked the frustrated puzzlement of Rabbi Shmuely Boteach, who exclaimed exasperatedly: “What good is having Apache helicopter gunships, or Merkava tanks, to defend your citizens against attack if you can’t even use them because the world thinks you’re always the aggressor?”

Accordingly, I reiterated: “For Israel…it is a strategic imperative to devise and deploy an apparatus that will not only protect Israel from the debilitating effects of the unrelenting barrages of malevolent delegitimization, to which it is continuously subjected, but generate the legitimization for the effective use of its military might to deter and/or eliminate threats to the national security of Israel and personal safety of Israelis – whether these emanate from Iran, Gaza, Judea/Samaria, south Lebanon or elsewhere”.

Concerning the funding, I pointed out: “Finding the funding is hardly an insurmountable challenge–as the subsequent figures clearly demonstrate. The miserly amounts allotted in the past for a strategic diplomatic initiative do not reflect a scarcity of resources, but a grave lack of awareness and resolve.”

Thus, I argued: “…to amass a billion dollars for the historic imperative of defending the legitimacy of Jewish national sovereignty, the lofty ideals of Zionism, and the practical policies to preserve them, would require less than 0.5 percent of GDP, or about 1 percent of the state budget…All that is called for is shaving off infinitesimal amounts from other budget items to generate the necessary resources.”

Jeopardizing Jews

Despondently, I wrote: “One of the gravest consequences of Israel’s virtual abdication from the public diplomacy front is the effect this is having on Jewish communities across the world, and on the personal safety of Jews in the Diaspora. Perversely, instead of being a protective shield for Jews, it is exposing them to dangers by making them a focus of anti-Israeli hostility because of their imputed affiliation with the mendaciously maligned Jewish state.

I cited a 2013 Jerusalem Post editorial, which referred to a study that found “an astounding number of Europeans feel a tremendous amount of opprobrium for anything connected to Israel… And since visibly identifiable Jews are connected with Israel,” this anti-Israel animosity translates into anti-Jewish animosity.

Describing the dismal reality for many Diasporic Jews, I lamented: “From Scandinavia through Scotland and Spain to South Africa, throughout France and Hungary and across campuses in North America, Jews are being besieged and harassed largely because Israel has failed to convey its eminently conveyable case to the world. It has allowed itself to be portrayed as a dangerous pariah – and any association with it carries a price.”

I singled out one particularly egregious example: “This was vividly illustrated by the fate of Sweden’s Jewry – particularly in the city of Malmo…Consider the following excerpt from a report by Haaretz: ‘[An] Israel solidarity demonstration in central Malmo ended in violence as participants were pelted with eggs, bottles and fire crackers…. [Mayor Ilmar] Reepalu suggested Malmo’s Jews could avoid anti- Semitism by condemning Israeli policy.’…The message [was] clear: Disavow Israel, or pay the price.”

Both denial and defeatism spawn dereliction

The Israeli leadership has been afflicted by both denial and defeatism, both of which spawn the ongoing diplomatic debacle.

Clearly, no problem can be dealt with effectively if one either denies that it exists or despairs of resolving it.

A telling example of the disturbing denial displayed by Israeli government representatives was on stark display at the 2014 Jerusalem Post Conference, in which I participated –by none other than the man then in charge of Israeli diplomacy, former Foreign Minister, Avigdor Liberman. Liberman was addressed by a young pro-Israel activist, who explained the difficulty that he and his Zionist campus colleagues were experiencing because of their support for Israel and opposition to BDS. Accordingly, he asked Liberman what his ministry could do to help activists like himself in their pro-Israel campaign. Israel’s top diplomat’s response was as crass and pigheaded as it was undiplomatic and prompted me to write: “Liberman’s response was dismaying, and should be a cause of grave alarm for all those concerned with the long-term future of Israel and its vital ties with Jewish communities across the world…Indeed, it encapsulated all the misperceptions, and mismanagement that have characterized Israel’s diplomatic strategy.”

Disapproving, I added: “Dispensing with any semblance of civility, and any expression of encouragement of the voluntary efforts of young pro-Zionist activists in defense of Israel on hostile campuses, Liberman brusquely conveyed…that endeavors like his were essentially unnecessary, and largely a waste of time.”

Reproachfully, I summed up the exchange: “In particular, it spotlighted the incomprehension and incompetence Israeli officialdom has displayed in the conduct of our public diplomacy, going a long way to explain Israel’s growing international beleaguerment.”

Denial and defeatism (cont.)

Regarding the unfortunately oft-heard claim that there is little point bolstering efforts to convey Israel’s case to the world, I commented: “Defeatism and dereliction go hand in hand. After all, a necessary condition to win a battle is to participate in it. With regard to public diplomacy – this is something Israel has refrained from doing with any efficacy.”

Elsewhere, I reiterated: “Not infrequently, the claim is raised that ‘no amount of PR can counteract anti-Israel acrimony,’ and more vigorous public diplomacy effort is futile because of the visceral anti-semitism (I prefer “Judeophobia”) that pervades much of the public in many of the countries in the West. As someone who grew up in a small mining town in South Africa, and as the only Jew on my high school rugby team, where Judeophobic sentiments were always bubbling close to the surface, I do not wish to belittle the impact of irrational anti-Jewish enmity that prevails in much of the world. However, I suggest that in many cases, rather than anti-Jewish sentiments fueling anti-Israel sentiments, it is Israel’s failure to convey its case effectively and cogently that facilitates the burgeoning propagation of hatred against the Jews we now witness.”

Typical of this uncalled-for resignation to diplomatic defeat was a recent editorial in the Times of Israel (TOI). Thus, after listing a number of factors that matter greatly in rejecting a two-state solution, TOI editor, David Horowitz, asserted that they don’t matter, and Israel should embrace the two-state solution anyway, dubbing it, “a viable framework for long-term peace and security for ourselves and for the Palestinians”. I kid you not!!

Indeed, is difficult to think of anything that, over the last three decades, has proved less viable and more detrimental to long-term peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Despairing, Horowitz bemoans that “… even when facing an enemy so patently cynical, amoral and intransigent as Hamas, militarily strong Israel will be held responsible for the loss of life on both sides of the conflict.”

Remedy requires resolve, resources & resourcefulness

Such dour defeatism is misplaced and misleading. Indeed, the claim that because of the prevalence of ingrained anti-Semitism in the world, “no amount of PR can counteract anti-Israeli acrimony… is a canard that must be summarily dismissed.” For it is a claim that is only valid if one believes the truth can never vanquish falsehood, that malice and misrepresentation will always prevail over morality and scruples.

Moreover, as I have repeatedly maintained, there is a remedy. However, “It is a remedy that requires resolve, resources and resourcefulness. The failure of Israeli leadership to mobilize these elements comprises a grave dereliction of duty, bordering on betrayal of Israelis and of Jews in the Diaspora.

As I have underscored in the past, it is a remedy in which, “The Palestinian-Arab collective must be considered an implacable enemy—not a prospective peace partner…and it must be treated as such. It is a remedy that must channel resources and effort: To aggressively undermine, discredit and ultimately de-legitimize the Palestinian narrative.”

For both common sense and intellectual integrity dictate an unequivocal conclusion: “…the Palestinian narrative and the Zionist narrative are, for all intents and purposes, inconsistent with each other. In other words, they are mutually exclusive narratives.

Accordingly, enhancing the legitimacy of one necessarily implies undermining the legitimacy of the other. (For a more detailed elaboration of this matter see:“Deciphering delegitimization”).

Thus, it follows that “Once the legitimacy of a Palestinian state is conceded, the delegitimization of Israel is inevitable.”

Attempting to deny, circumvent or blur this stark truth is nothing but dangerous delusion which will certainly culminate in evermore upward spiraling of trauma and tragedy

Google’s Diversity Head: ‘Jews Have Insatiable Appetite for War and Killing’

These people are controlling what information and news we see and hear. There is something terribly, horribly wrong in America.

Google’s diversity head lambasted for ‘Jews have insatiable appetite for war’ blog post

By: i24NEWS, June 02, 2021:

Kamau Bobb described in a 2007 blog how he thought Jewish people should view the Middle East conflict

As if to show that even if you work for Google most of what is written on the Internet is permanent, evidence has come to light of a 2007 blog post for the tech behemoth’s current head of diversity strategy.

Kamau Bobb, then a research associate in technology at Georgia Tech, authored a missive, “If I were a Jew,” which posited his own opinions on how Jewish people ought to view the Middle East conflict.

Written in the shadow of another conflagration with Hamas in the Gaza Strip and then the 34-day Second Lebanon War against Hezbollah it argued that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for war” and an “insensitivity to the suffering [of] others.”
Video poster

Bobb slammed the Israeli government – then under the premiership of Ehud Olmert, and argued that Jews should be “tormented” by the country’s actions and said Jewish suffering, particularly the Holocaust, should theoretically give them more “human compassion,” reported the New York Post.

Predictably, the response from Jewish groups and individuals was one of dismay that someone with such questionable published views should have been allowed to rise to Google’s head of diversity.
ve been deactivated. You can activate them by clicking

Bobb wrote – on the 79th anniversary of the Kristallnacht atrocity in Germany – that this should lead Jews to oppose violence, instead they embraced it, he claimed.

The revelation comes at an interesting time, in the wake of the recent 11-day conflagration between the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and Israel. As a result of which, a group of Google’s employees called on the company to cancel its business contracts in Israel and publicly condemn the IDF’s actions in Gaza.

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Muslim Girls Try To Drown Jewish girl in Swimming Pool

“We will chase every Yahud out of here, this is all ours, get out of here!”

The Muslim world has been given on a free pass on 1,400 years of genocidal Jew hatred. America has long been a stop gap to their annihilationist aspirations. Those days are over. Jews, get armed.

Islamic Jew hatred is a central tenet of Islam.

Lod: Arab girls attempt to drown Jewish girl in swimming pool

‘I didn’t understand what she wanted from my life, but then she made a motion on my neck as if she was slitting it,’ 11-year-old H. says.

By: Arutz Sheva Staff , Jun 02 , 2021:

Arab girls attacked a Jewish girl in a swimming pool in the central city of Lod, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

In one of the incidents, which occurred Tuesday, a local Arab girl attempted to drown a Jewish girl, identified as H.

As she worked to drown the Jewish girl, the Arab girl and her friends cursed H. and “all the Yahud (Jews – ed.).”

H., who is eleven years old, told Kikar Hashabbat, “I went with my friends to the municipal pool, which on this day has hours for us, and suddenly one Arab comes over, a young girl, and jumps on me with her friends.”

“I was in the deep water, so I almost drowned. At the beginning I didn’t understand what was happening to me, what she wanted from my life, but then she pulled my swimsuit and made a hand motion on my neck as if she was slitting it, and her friend told me, ‘Palestine is on your head.”

H. said she hurried to exit the pool, but the Arab girls did not leave her alone.

“‘We will chase every Yahud out of here, this is all ours, get out of here,’ they screamed at me. And then several women heard it and one of them called the police,” H. recounted.

“Afterwards, when I came home, I told everything to my mother and I went together with her to the police station – my father at the time was giving a class – and we’ll see what happens now.”

H.’s mother added, “I hope she recovers from this quickly, and no less important: That the municipality set separate days for swimming in the pool – for Jewish girls.”

Revital, a 26-year-old who lives in Lod’s Ganei Aviv neighborhood, told Kikar Hashabbat: “When we arrived at the pool, the Arab girls who we passed cursed us that we die and called us names, and we tried to ignore them as much as possible.”

“But when I was swimming, one of the Arab girls kicked me, and I got out of the water. And then my friend’s daughter also got out of the pool, upset, and said that they were threatening her, and another girl said they hurt her in other ways.”

At this point, when the Jewish swimmers approached the Arabs and asked that the harassment cease, the Arabs “began to scream: ‘We hate you and all the Jews.’ So we understood that this would be a big mess and my friend called the police,” Revital said.

“The whole time, meanwhile, I was filming them and when one of the Arabs realized, she came up to me making a move as if to punch me near my heart, cursed me that I die, and tried to take my phone. It’s a miracle that the girls who were at the scene separated us and begged her to leave me alone and stop being wild.”

The mother of one of the girls told Kikar Hashabbat: “My daughter came back from the Lod pool and now I found out that the Arab girls made slaughtering motions at the Jewish girls on their necks and told them, ‘We can make you disappear.’”

“Were it not for the intervention of one of the women at the pool, who called the police, it’s impossible to know how this story would have ended. The girls come on the ‘separate’ day for women, and if in the past we could send our girls safely, now that can’t happen anymore – unless they do not allow Arabs to enter on that day, which is what we expect the municipality to do – and urgently.”

RELATED ARTICLE: Young Jewish Siblings in LA Targeted by Paintball Fired From Vehicle After Shabbat Services

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Oklahoma Imam Imad Enchassi: Liar and Anti-Semite

Imam Imad Enchassi, the current imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (my former mosque), has been in the news recently for being likely the first Muslim to give the opening prayer of the Oklahoma state senate, calling for “justice” in “Palestine,” and for getting very emotional over receiving money from a local Jewish woman to help a family in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Enchassi is quite the character. He is also a very good liar. Enchassi has actually claimed to have a certificate of Apostolic Succession! Real trustworthy guy.

Enchassi has worked very hard, like Imam Suhaib Webb before him, to present himself to the media and other unbelievers as a moderate, a peacenik, and a promoter of “social justice.”

However, like Suhaib Webb, Enchassi eventually let the mask slip.

When I was approached by law enforcement in the fall of 2006 about attending the mosque I had walked away from in March 2003, I agreed, feeling it was a duty and necessity to help expose some of the, shall we say, less peaceful messages coming from the mosque.

The first thing I noticed was that Imad Enchassi was now the imam. I found that odd, as he was the manager of a Furr’s restaurant while I was a Muslim, and now he was leading the mosque. One Friday, as I was attending the Jummah prayer, Enchassi gave the khutbah (sermon). He said one thing that I never forgot. He claimed that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by digging tunnels underneath it. He offered no evidence for this. He just stated it as if it were a well-known fact, and then moved on with the rest of his sermon.

I knew Enchassi, who was from Lebanon, to be a staunch hater of Israel. During the dua before the prayers, I heard him at least a few times pray for the mujahideen in Palestine among other places. Before he was the imam, I remember him giving a loud “Ameen” when another Muslim who was leading the Ramadan prayers prayed for the mujahideen in Palestine.

This man is a liar and an anti-Semite. His partner in taqiyyah, Adam Soltani, the leader of the Oklahoma City chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), openly criticizes Israel but then claims he knows nothing about Hamas, who they represent, or if they are a terrorist group, since he is not a foreign policy expert.

These people think the American people are stupid. Unfortunately, regarding all too many Americans in regard to the jihad threat, they aren’t completely wrong.

People such as Imad Enchassi, Suhaib Webb, Saad Mohammed (the director of dawah at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City), and Adam Soltani should not be honored. They should be shunned and condemned for being bigots. But the useful idiots of the woke left are too busy worrying about “white supremacy” to be concerned about the followers of a religion that is completely antithetical to Western civilization.

They do their best to hide the truth, but it isn’t impossible to see. As Voltaire said, “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Islam must be thought to be peaceful at all costs, and these imams benign pillars of the community, or the narrative will crumble and leftist utopian fantasies will topple like dominoes.



New York Times Publishes Photo of Girl Killed by Israelis Who Was Also Killed by Israelis in 2017

UN to investigate Israel for war crimes for defending itself against ‘Palestinian’ jihad

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Biden’s Plan to Open Separate Jerusalem Consulate for Palestinians Violates U.S. Law

The White House lived up to its promise to send Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Middle East to “rebuild ties” with Palestinians. In fact, it exceeded expectations, with a pledge by Biden to ask Congress to donate $75,000,000 to the Palestinians. It didn’t stop there. Blinken formally announced the decision to reopen the Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem during a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. But to do so isn’t legal according to the article below, which was written by Mark Meadows, chief of staff to former President Donald Trump, and David Milstein, who served as special assistant to the US ambassador to Israel.

A Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem violates the Jerusalem Embassy Act that Trump activated in 2017. The Act recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and calls for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city.

Although Biden stated that Israel has a right to defend itself, his administration has bent over backwards to send the message to Palestinians that America under Biden supports the Palestinian cause — which is jihad for the eradication of Israel.

Biden’s plan for a diplomatic mission to the Palestinians blatantly violates US law

by Mark Meadows and David Milstein, New York Post, May 26, 2021:

As presidential candidate, Joe Biden was asked if he would reverse President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Biden promised, “I wouldn’t reverse it.”

But candidate Biden also proposed re-opening the US diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, which had merged with the Jerusalem embassy in 2019.

Now Team Biden is moving forward with the latter initiative. On May 25, Secretary of State Antony Blinken formally told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Washington would seek to reopen this diplomatic mission. The move contradicts Biden’s campaign promise not to renege on the recognition of Jerusalem, since a pair of missions in the same city undercuts Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital. It also breaks the Jerusalem Embassy Act that sought to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem no later than 1999 — a law Biden voted for along with 92 other senators.

The 1995 law states that “Jerusalem should remain an undivided city, in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected. … Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.” In 2017, on the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification in the Six Day War, the Senate unanimously voted to reaffirm the act and called upon the US to “abide by its provisions.”

Former President Donald Trump fulfilled the will of the American people, as expressed by Congress, by relocating the embassy in 2018. In February 2021, the Senate also adopted an amendment by a 97-3 vote to “make the US Embassy in Jerusalem permanent, effectively preventing it from being downgraded or moved out of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”

The Biden administration’s intent to reopen a separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and the location of the US Embassy, would be a violation of US law, wrongly signaling that Washington supports dividing Jerusalem.

If implemented, this could signal the return to a misguided diplomatic arrangement, under which the US ambassador to Israel historically lacked jurisdiction over the eastern part of Jerusalem, the West Bank or Gaza. Instead, a US consul general led a separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians, who had jurisdiction over those geographic areas. The consulate general didn’t even report to the US ambassador to Israel, but directly to the State Department, often sending conflicting reports to DC.

The diplomatic mission included the US consulate general’s official residence, located in the western part of Jerusalem, thus resulting in the US having a diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, despite that the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

The Trump administration’s decision to merge the US diplomatic mission to the Palestinians into the US Embassy in Jerusalem remedied the prior arrangement and implemented a key aspect of the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which requires that the US Embassy in Jerusalem include the ambassador’s official residence.

Reopening this separate diplomatic mission to the Palestinians would therefore render the US government noncompliant with American law…..



Biden Statement on Anti-Semitism Fails to Mention Violent Muslim Assaults on Jews

Students for Justice in Palestine Protests Condemnations of Antisemitism

Muslim prof claims Islamic scholars have placed ‘too much emphasis on jihad as violent’

Hungary says border fence worked, urges EU to refocus on migration as illegal Muslim migration attempts triple

Austria to launch terrorism offenders registry for ‘Islamist’ and ‘right-wing’ terrorists

Germany: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ threatens motorists, attacks cops, motive ‘not determined’

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Religion is an “Essential Service”

John M. Grondelski: One lesson of the pandemic lockdowns is that threats to religious freedom are proliferating, and that every state in the Union should act to stop it.

I have previously written about the imperative for the Church to restore the obligation to participate in Sunday Mass as part of the way back to normal in post-COVID America.  That process is slowly getting underway, but there’s another side of that process: the Church must protect itself against Caesar in a future pandemic situation.

When governments – primarily state and local – began closing down public assemblies last spring, bans were also imposed on the Church.  Because society could not be totally locked down, officials began issuing ever more detailed lists of “essential services” that might continue to operate.

Grocery stores were exempted: “man does not live on bread alone,” but neither does he live without it.  In a society whose Founders thought of people as being arrayed into competing “interests,” however, the more complex the economy and the longer those restrictions were in place, the more those “interests” found ways to shape public policy in their favor.

By the end of the summer of 2020, some officials seemed to believe that COVID had become so “smart” that it was particularly infectious in loosely packed buildings with stained glass windows, but far less virulent in liquor stores (especially if state-run), casinos, abortuaries, marijuana “dispensaries,” or packed big-box stores.

Religious believers recognized that double standard and began asserting their Constitutional rights.  As the late Father Richard John Neuhaus constantly observed, the very first right enumerated in the very First Amendment of our Constitution is freedom of religion.  Not freedom of the press, assembly, speech, immunity from double jeopardy, or guarantee of due process.  The first thing the First Amendment talks about is freedom of religion.

That might surprise many modern Americans, who have been propagandized to believe that their country was founded to ensconce “racism.”  An objective look at the American Founding confirms that some colonies were established as money-making schemes that soon imported slaves (Virginia).  But it also recognizes that many colonies were established to provide for the free exercise of religion (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland).

Those early settlers provided for the “free exercise of religion” (at least theirs).  Those who sought religious freedom did not think of it as “freedom of belief,” i.e., you are entitled to believe whatever you want in your head as long as you keep it there.  They supported the public exercise of religion.

Fr. Neuhaus made a related point about the First Amendment.  “No establishment” had a limited purpose: it was a means to promote all religions flourishing in the public square, but it barred privileges for any one religion.  The American public square was to be free to all religions, not free from any religion.  That was how the Supreme Court saw things until 1947.  Since then, it has started treating religion as such as suspect; rather than allowing religion to flourish, it has been seeking to drive it from public life and influence as a “threat” to “democracy,” demanding all citizens pretend to be non-religious in the public square.

We can divide the past year into two periods: B.B. (Before Barrett) and A.B. (After Barrett).  The B.B. Court treated free exercise claims as just another “interest” the state had to “balance” vis-à-vis others.  The A.B. Court is arguably moving in the direction of what the Constitution presupposes, i.e., that religion is not a “private interest” but a “public right” that is protected from infringements that require the strictest justifications.  (See herehere, and here.) No wonder those who have spent the past seventy years pedaling the myth that American liberty is built on a secularized vision of society are ringing alarm bells.

As we emerge from this pandemic, it is imperative that the Church reassert its rights vis-à-vis Caesar. Catholics should demand clear laws that affirm religious services as “essential services.”

The handwriting has long been on the wall.  Eight years ago, I remarked how clergymen were excluded from attending the injured and dying at the Boston Marathon bombing because they were already regarded as “non-essential” to the “emergency.” The ensuing years have only further marginalized religious exercise; elite opinion has privatized religion and declared any recognition of it by public authorities as unessential, suspect, or even illegal.

So, what do Catholics need to do?

  1. 1. State Catholic conferences and the USCCB should draft model legislation for introduction into the House and Senate, and every one of the 99 state legislative chambers across America, stipulating that, under any laws that grant emergency powers to executives to impose civil restrictions but contain exceptions for “essential services,” those essential services must include access to public religious worship (including access by clergy to emergency scenes).
  2. 2. They should work with interreligious coalitions to demand up and down votes on such legislation in 2021.
  3. 3. Legislators should be pressed to state their position on such legislation and, where possible, to co-sponsor it. Executives should be pressed to state whether they support and will sign it.
  4. 4. New Jersey and Virginia both have state elections this year.  Both have governors who zealously locked down public worship.  New Jersey is the third most populous Catholic state.  No candidate for public office should be allowed to evade taking a stand. Both states should be good test runs to carry this issue nationwide.

South Carolina is moving on such legislation.  Other states should follow suit.  In most states, those emergency executive powers derive from statutory bases. Legislatures need to protect religious freedom.  If they won’t, Catholics should use initiative and referendum, where possible, to force the issue onto the ballot.

It’s time to make clear that those statutory bases protect religion as a basic civil right that is essential, especially in times of emergencies.


John M. Grondelski

John M. Grondelski – a new contributor to The Catholic Thing – is former associate dean of the School of Theology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. All views expressed herein are exclusively his.

EDITORS NOTE: This The Catholic Thing is republished with permission. © 2021 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: info@frinstitute.org. The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

VIDEO: The Status of Women in Islam – An Introduction

According to Muslims, Islam was the first religion to give women their rights.

Actually, the Koran has three ways to treat women: they are equal to men on Judgment Day; they are elevated in status as mothers; they are subjugated in marriage. But the equality of women is tainted by the fact that they will be judged by how well they obeyed their husbands in marriage. And mothers are subjugated as wives.

Sharia courts use the Koran to achieve “justice”, a justice that makes wife beating a sacred law.

©Bill Warner. All rights reserved.

The Oldest Hatred Now Fulminates and Flourishes at 1600

In February, not two weeks into the, ahem, presidency of Joe Biden, I described in my article, “Joe’s Jews,” the appointments he made of 11 longtime Jew-haters and Israel-loathers to key positions in his cabinet/regime.

A month later, in my article “More about Joe and the Jews,” I described 12 more Jew-haters and Israel-loathers that Joe appointed to key positions in his cabinet/regime.

There have been many other alarmingly similar appointments since then, making it clear to even the most casual observer that the Biden White House has a particularly hostile––even hateful––attitude toward Jews and their ancient homeland Israel, combined with a perverse infatuation with and allegiance to any group or individual intent on destroying the Jewish state.

There is no doubt that Biden’s presence in the Oval Office has been interpreted by these career haters and organized thugs as an unmistakable nod of approval to continue and even expand on the tsunami of anti-Semitism now sweeping the entire globe––from the contamination of most American colleges and universities to brutal physical assaults of Jews in the streets of New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and around the world––a phenomenon writer Victor Rosenthal elaborates upon in chilling detail––to condemnation of Israel by the Irish parliament and other governments to the racist obscenities vomited out routinely by Democrat members of the U.S. Congress.


In fact, Joe Biden and his entire coterie/staff/cabinet/appointees of left-wing, blatantly anti-Semitic radicals demonstrate their noxious racism on a daily basis, notwithstanding his boilerplate pronouncements about support for Israel…at the exact same time he embraces, applauds and funds Israel’s mortal enemies. Want proof? Here is the very very short list:

  • Biden appeased and clearly agreed with the growing number of Jew- and Israel-haters in the Democrat Party by sending the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians $167 million dollars––enough to finance the recent war against Israel by Hamas terrorists.

But we really shouldn’t worry. After all, just the other day, Biden told an ABC-TV reporter that Hamas is “just an idea. It’s more of a concept, an a-a-abstract, a, the, you know, the, the, the thing. A sym––a symbol. Hamas is more of the journey, the, the destination. The real Hamas is just the, you know, just the friends we made along the way.”

“So who is launching the rockets then?” asked the interviewer.

“Come on, man!” Biden replied angrily. “Want to arm-wrestle? I took down ole Bucktooth Joe back in my college days. He was one of the best arm-wrestlers east of the Mississippi. And pow! I took him down. Right in the kisser. Let’s go, me and you, right now. Or maybe a push-up contest. You know, the — the thing about the push-ups…”

  • Biden––when it was clear that the aggressors of Hamas were getting trounced by Israel––was sent a letter by no less than 500 of his anti-Israel campaign staffers––begging him to “hold Israel accountable for its actions.” Bad Israel for fighting back!
  • Biden dispatched Michael Ratney to represent the U.S. in Israel––the same guy, according to Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart––whose role in the Obama administration was to interfere in Israel’s 2015 election with the goal of ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Biden, instead of allowing Israel to turn Gaza into a demilitarized zone, initiated the ceasefire that Hamas was begging for and demanded that Israel––not the terrorists!––meet three demands:
    • Desist from evicting the Arabs who have been squatting on Jewish property for decades without paying rent,
    • Appease the fanatically militant Arabs who don’t allow Jews to pray at their most sacred site, the Temple Mount,
    • And stop celebrating Jerusalem Flag day which honors the State of Israel. “Imagine if another country demanded we stop celebrating the Fourth of July or Memorial Day!”
  • Biden, like Obama before him, believes in rewarding terrorists, and so has pledged billions––not millions or even multimillions, but billions!––to rebuild the breeding ground of hatred and terrorism known as Gaza. He has also committed $150 million to––as former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley describes it––the systemically corrupt United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that was suspended under the Trump administration.
  • Biden and Kalamity Harris enthusiastically supported Rev. Raphael Warnock when he ran, victoriously, for the U.S. Senate in Georgia last year, knowing full well of his rabid anti-Semitism and hatred of whites, as spelled out here by journalist and blogger Jeff Dunetz.
  • Biden’s nominee for a top State Department position, according to writer Alana Goodman, “played a key role in assembling a book on the nefarious influence of the ‘Israel lobby’ while working for an organization that promoted claims about Jewish media control and dual loyalty to Israel.”
  • Biden chose attorney Kirsten Clarke as the Assistant Attorney General to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, she whose loathing of Jews and whites is extensively documented by the esteemed Daniel Greenfield, as well as by writer/editor David Rosenberg. Clarke has posited that “the human brain was structured in a way that makes black people superior to white people.”
  • Biden, only a year after being elected, delivered Egyptian disinformation to Israel––to the besieged country’s detriment––ahead of the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, as described by writer David Israel.
  • Biden, just the other day, ordered U.S. Embassies around the world to fly the Black Lives Matter flag to commemorate George Floyd’s murder “on May 25 and beyond.” You remember BLM––the Marxist terrorist group rampaging across the U.S. for the past year and responsible for about $2 billion in property damage, devastating arson, widespread theft, the injuries of more than 240 police officers and destruction of hundreds of police precincts, upward of 30 murders, and the defacement and vandalizing of synagogues, at which they screamed “F… the Jews and Kill the Police.” That BLM! That Joe Biden!
  • Biden’s House Democrats last week rejected–– unanimously––a Republican effort to provide Israel with emergency security funding for its life-saving Iron Dome system. A couple of days earlier, they stopped legislation that would sanction foreign entities doing business with Hamas. Getting the picture?
  • Biden & Co. fully support the World Health Organization, a toxic arm of the United Nations cesspool, which held a meeting the other day to address the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, and predictably––given their entire history of fanatical anti-Semitism––singled out Israel to condemn for violating the rights of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, although the charge is objectively untrue and Israel has been at the international forefront of the research and development of anti-Corona vaccines.
  • Biden has brought in Islamic activists––among them Hina Shamsi, who fought on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation, the leaders of which were convicted of providing material support to Hamas—to investigate “extremism” in the U.S. military. In essence, writes Daniel Greenfield, “American military personnel are being put at the mercy of advocates for their worst enemies. To Biden, defending Al Qaeda and Hamas terrorists is the only qualification needed for going after American soldiers.”


One thing about Jew-haters and Israel-loathers:  they are remarkably unoriginal. While their reasons for hating Jews may have changed over the centuries, the symptoms of their racism have remained the same:

  • Thinking obsessively about Jews,
  • Fulminating with hatred,
  • Blaming everything wrong in their lives and society on Jews,
  • Joining with other racists to inflict harm,
  • In many cases, devoting their lives to this obsession.

All of it driven by pathological jealousy!

Interestingly, they never seem to wonder why it is that out of eight-billion people in the world––including 2.2-billion Christians, approximately one-billion Protestants, and 1.8-billion Muslims (the majority in 49 countries), they cannot deal with or destroy the 15-million Jews––seven-million in the U.S., seven-million in Israel, and about one million around the world.

It must make them feel immensely stupid or impotent, hence even angrier than their usual fixated state of fury.

But like every liberal, leftist, progressive––whatever they’re calling themselves these days––who thinks that the crashing failures of socialism and communism in world history were a function of bad management and that they will do it better, so the Jew-haters of the world think they will finally get the anti-Semitism thing right and once and for all get rid of the people, and their country, that make them feel so bad and inferior and stupid and impotent every minute of every day and night––including weekends and holidays!


“The Biden administration has revealed the president’s long-seething hostility toward Israel,” writes former professor of political science Abraham Miller, “going back to his encounter with Israel’s then-prime minister Menachem Begin, in which Biden threatened to cut off aid to Israel.”

As Israelis were crouching in hallways and bomb shelters and Hamas launched death from the skies against them,” Miller writes, “the Biden administration’s representatives in Vienna were negotiating an overture to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal”––Iran being the foremost supplier of arms to Hamas.

Larry Gordon, editor-in-chief of the 5 Towns Jewish Times (Long Island, NY), asks: “Do Jewish Lives Matter?”

“A great deal of the recent debate [about the Hamas-Israel conflict], Gordon writes, revolved around the issue as to whether Israel has the right to defend itself….under what possible circumstances would it be acceptable or okay for Israel not to defend itself?

“Over the last several weeks Jews are being clubbed and beaten at random.” Gordon continues, “but the president so far has not found it within himself––like the Jewish Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer––to stand up and condemn these types of hate crimes. Perhaps they will see themselves as being aligned too much with Jews which may impact on their political standing….what a shameful situation!”

Economist and political commentator Valerie Sobel states that it is “entirely inexplicable how such a large caucus of American Jewry can be so irreparably injured by a presidential tweet on media bias, yet be entirely untouched by the ‘Death to Jews’ chants in the violent, politically underwritten Jew-hatred festivals of their own party and tirelessly anti-Semitic media.

“Impossible to digest how their Jewish offspring, their contaminated social justice warriors, the very grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, are so indoctrinated that they march with Black Lives Matter and the Boycott-Divest-Sanction Jew haters while holding ‘Free Palestine’ signs. And entirely irreconcilable––the supine silence of predominately liberal Jewish Community leaders on the Kristallnacht-style pogroms in L.A., London and New York.

“How can we explain this craven desire to throw ourselves onto the sword in the name of wokeness?” Sobel asks. “Who would applaud this desperation for acceptance into a club of liberal ideals that includes vile Jew-hatred? And why in the world would a political party with such a vast anti-Semitic ledger and clinically Israel-allergic membership be valued at such a premium by Jews themselves?”

Psychiatrist and historian Kenneth Levin also talks about the Congressional enablers of genocidal anti-Semitism. “Hamas is explicit in wanting to kill not only all Israelis but all Jews,” Levin writes….

“The current Administration,” Levin continues, “has stated as one of its essential goals the reassertion of American moral authority in the world…[but] the further, ugly phenomenon of a sizable segment of the Congressional delegation of a major American political party serving as supporters of or apologists for the criminal actions of a genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist group…[is] rather a demonstration of moral bankruptcy.”

Liel Leibovitz, writing in the NY Post , states: “As Jews were being pummeled, punched, spat at, intimidated with explosive devices and singled out for violence and harassment all across America this week, the righteous men and women of the Democratic Party were quick to denounce the twin scourges behind these mini-pogroms: anti-Semitism and—drumroll, please—Islamophobia.

“That’s the thing with morally muddled thinking, “Leibovitz continues. “It’s a simple principle that seems to be completely lost on nearly everyone in today’s Democratic Party. Hopefully, its Jewish voters will wise up before it’s too late.”

Journalist and author John Perazzo, in Israel’s Fake ‘Friend’––an in-depth, comprehensive timeline of Joe Biden’s relentless hostility toward Israel from 1982 to just a few months ago––describes “a long destructive track record of undermining Israeli security.”

“Joe Biden has made a habit of describing himself as a loyal, stalwart friend and ally of Israel,” Perazzo writes….but a careful examination of Biden’s track record reveals his long and extremely troubling history of undermining Israel’s security and public image.”

In his timeline, Perazzo describes eight long years of Biden’s steadfast support of Barack Obama’s deep hostility and sabotage of Israel, which Israeli lawmaker Danny Danon, chairman of Likud’s international outreach branch, said were “catastrophic.”

Writer Andrea Widburg has the last word in Biden’s ignominious role toward Israel: “Biden may say he believes Israel has a right to self-defense,” Widburg writes, “but his actions reveal that his real sympathies lie with the Islamists who seek to destroy Israel and kill every one of her inhabitants. He is an indecent excuse for a human being.”

©Joan Swirsky. All rights reserved.

Muslim migrant city councillor starts fight outside gay club, screams ‘Allahu akbar,’ ‘I will make sure these faggots die’

Celebrate diversity! You have a problem with this? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

Greens councillor accused of starting fight, launching homophobic tirade

by Cameron Houston, The Age, May 20, 2021:

A Yarra City councillor has been accused of starting an altercation with another woman outside a gay club in South Yarra, before the councillor allegedly exclaimed “Allahu Akbar” and vowed to “make sure all these faggots die”.

Anab Mohamud, a member of the Australian Greens, allegedly launched the homophobic tirade after sustaining serious facial injuries from the assault on April 11, according to a witness statement.

The statement was recently provided to Victoria Police detectives, who continue to investigate the incident outside Chasers nightclub, which hosts the popular LGBTQ dance party Poof Doof.

The security guard said he called an ambulance and attempted to administer first aid to Cr Mohamud immediately after the assault on Bray Street.

“[Cr Mohamud] told me numerous times to ‘bring that bitch back, I’ll f— her up’. She has also yelled out various things, such as ‘f— the LG family’ and also said something in what I believe was in Arabic and not understandable, followed by words along the line of, ‘I swear to Allah if I lose my eye I will make sure all these faggots die,’ ” the guard alleges in a statement to police.

Video footage obtained by The Age shows Cr Mohamud and a male companion walking down Bray Street about 3.40am, when she stops outside a caged smoking area to the rear of Chasers nightclub.

Another witness, who works as a manager at Poof Doof, told police Cr Mohamud reached through the bars of the smoking area and grabbed a “trans woman” by the hair.

The manager, who asked not to be identified, said he attempted to separate the pair.

“As I got to [the patron], I looked out the metal bars and saw that her head was being pulled against the metal gate bars by a female [Cr Mohamud] out on Bray Street … She was screaming, ‘F— you, I’m going to get you,’ ” the manager said in a sworn statement made on May 17.

Once separated, the patron opened an emergency door and pursued Cr Mohamud along Bray Street before the altercation occurred.

The manager alleges in his statement that Cr Mohamud was yelling “Allahu Akbar” – the Muslim declaration that God is great – after the incident.

He also alleges that her male associate said to him: “Do you know who the f— she is, you’ve messed with the wrong woman. She knows all the gangs, they will f— you up.”…

Cr Mohamud, who came to Australia as a Somali refugee 20 years ago and now lives in the Atherton Gardens Estate, says she has a “strong connection to Greens values”, according to her profile on the Australian Greens website….


Turkey: Muslim stabs his wife 46 times, killing her, gets sentence reduced because she ‘provoked’ him

Vatican hails Berlin interfaith shrine containing synagogue, church and mosque

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

Black Lives Matter founder: ‘If we don’t step up to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel, we’re doomed’

Globalist socialist internationalists want to destroy borders and nation-states, and continue and even increase mass migration into the West. The existence of Israel as a distinct nation of a particular people is therefore anathema to them.

Black Lives Matter Founder Calls For ‘The End’ Of Israel

by Natalie Winters, National Pulse, May 27, 2021:

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors called for the “end” of Israel at a 2015 panel hosted a Harvard Law School.

Unearthed by The National Pulse, the clip comes from a panel entitled “Globalizing Ferguson: Racialized Policing and International Resistance” hosted by the prestigious law school’s Human Rights Program.

Cullors, who recently announced her resignation from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network Foundation, explicitly called for “the end” of Israel at the event:

“Palestine is our generation’s South Africa, and if we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel, we’re doomed.”

“We could have a whole conversation about the settlements that we witnessed and the stories of murder and death at the hands of Israelis and Zionists,” she adds before describing Palestinian solidarity as “crucial” to the BLM movement.

Cullors, who had recently returned from a “historic trip to Palestine” at the time of the panel, recounted her travels in the speech:

“Nothing would have prepared me for the ways in which we witness people’s terror. People live in terror on a daily basis, and nothing would have prepared me for how much clarity I would have on why we have to be a part of Palestinian solidarity.”…


How Black Lives Matter and the media are contributing to the rise in antisemitism

Video: Jay Smith and Robert Spencer on Muhammad cartoons, the freedom of speech, and ‘provoking’ Muslims

Bangladesh: Popular Muslim preacher detained on charges of inciting jihad terrorists

Vatican hails Berlin interfaith shrine containing synagogue, church and mosque

What Lies Beneath: Biden’s Deceptive Acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide

Biden’s Only Reason to Have a US Consulate to the PLO in Jerusalem is to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Israeli Tech Sector Surges Despite Jihad War and Antisemitic Boycott Jews Movement

A great big middle finger to the Nazis on the left.

The anti-Israel Left is riding high right now. They really think that they have Israel right were they want them. All because of the backlash against Israel’s just war against Hamas. How wrong they are. You see, unlike the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, Israel does not invest in terrorism, racism, and murder. On the contrary, Israel invests in education, innovation, technology, and humanitarianism.


Israeli tech surges with investors jumping in as COVID spurs digitalization

Israel created unicorns at the astounding rate of one a week in Q1 this year; experts say corrections may come, but tech is on a long-term upward trend

By Times of Israel, May 26, 2021

Israel’s tech scene is on fire.

Companies are raising record amounts of money from investors at unprecedentedly high valuations and shares of publicly traded firms have seen a surge in value on the public markets.

This is helping Israel to speed up its shift from a Start-Up Nation, with a plethora of fast-moving small tech firms that get sold quickly, to a “Scale-Up Nation” in which entrepreneurs hold on to their companies and seek to grow them into large and hopefully profitable ones. This tech boom is also creating newly minted tech millionaires.

The boom is in line with what is happening to the tech industry worldwide, where the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digitalization of work and play. As businesses, schools, shopping and food services increasingly went online amid COVID-imposed lockdowns, the world turned to technology for assistance. The virus has underlined the key role of innovation with a message that is loud and clear: businesses that don’t go digital and innovate cannot survive. This push has fired up the industry.

Even while tech shares have been getting battered on Wall Street as the specter of inflation looms, experts believe that in the long run the overall picture for tech firms is positive.

On Tuesday, Valens, a maker of high-speed chips for the audio-video and automotive markets, said it will merge with special purpose acquisition company PTK Acquisition Corp. in a transaction that values the Israeli firm at $1.16 billion. On that same day, Forter, an e-commerce fraud prevention startup founded in 2013, said it raised $300 million from investors at a $3 billion valuation.

Earlier this month, as deadly conflict flared between Israel and the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip, Global-e Online Ltd, an Israel-based provider of an e-commerce platform, held its share debut on Nasdaq at a $3.55 billion valuation.  Fintech firm Nayax started trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange after an initial public offering that valued the firm at $930 million, making it the largest in the history of TASE’s high tech sector’s IPOs, in terms of both the company value and the amount raised. Meanwhile, digital analytics firm SimilarWeb held an intitial public offering of shares in New York IPO at a valuation of $1.6 billion.

Also this month, Walmart announced it would buy Israeli startup Zeekit, a maker of an app that allows users to virtually try on clothes when they shop online, for an undisclosed amount, and Cisco Systems Inc., a US maker of networking software and hardware, said it would acquire Israel’s Sedona Systems, a maker of communication technologies, for a reported $100 million.

“Everybody understands that the need for technological innovation is much larger now,” post-COVID, said Yifat Oron, the newly appointed head of Israel operations for Blackstone, a New York City-based investment giant that manages $649 billion in assets, last month. “Everyone around the world is doubling down on tech. Companies that are not working on accelerating technology adoption are at risk of becoming irrelevant.”

Blackstone said last month it was setting up an office in Tel Aviv to tap into the nation’s growing tech firms, which are now “ripe enough” to be recipients of the New York firm’s large investments.

Let’s look at the numbers

Private tech firms globally and in Israel have raised records amount of money from investors. In the first quarter of 2021, global venture investments hit an all-time high, surging to $125 billion in a “whopping” 94 percent increase year over year, according to data compiled by Crunchbase. Valuations of VC-backed companies in the US were at or near record highs in the first quarter of the year, according to a May 24 report by data firm Pitchbook. The venture capital market was buoyed by strong initial public offering exits, the participation of money-rich nontraditional investors, and the prospect for a broader economic recovery on the horizon.

In parallel to the investment boom, new unicorn companies — privately held firms valued at $1 billion or more — flourished in the first quarter, creating worldwide “an average of close to two new unicorns per working day, well above all previous quarter counts,” the data firm said. In the first quarter of this year, a total of 112 companies joined the Crunchbase unicorn club, whereas for the whole of 2020, a total of 159 companies, or roughly one per two working days, became unicorns.

There are between 662 and 820 global unicorns, according to data compiled by Crunchbase and New York data firm CB Insights.

Stock shares of innovation firms have also been on a roll. Four of the world’s largest tech giants — Apple, Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft and Facebook — reported strong results in April as a result of the technology rush.

RELATED ARTICLE: “Biden” Campaign’s Jewish Engagement Director Tells Jews to Hide Their Judaism

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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POLL: American voters overwhelmingly support Israel, favor sending aid and weapons

Despite the vicious attacks from the Left, America still overwhelmingly supports Israel. Given how rapidly anti-Israel propaganda is spreading, such high levels of support from the American people are truly remarkable.

There is a complete dichotomy between who and what Americans want and the evil objectives of the ruling left autocrats.

This poll will signal to the Democrat media complex to ramp up the Jew-hatred.

Fox News Poll: Voters support Israel, favor sending aid and weapons

In general, 59 percent of voters say they side more with the Israelis, while 24 percent sympathize with the Palestinians

By Fox News, May 26, 2021

Most American voters side with Israel in the Mideast conflict, and over half favor the United States helping with money and weapons, according to the latest Fox News survey.

By a 56-38 percent margin, voters approve of providing the Israeli government with financial aid for its military, and are almost as supportive on selling weapons to Israel (51 percent favor, 44 percent oppose).

Progressives like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) oppose a $735 million dollar weapons sale, but the Biden administration has committed to helping Israel.

In general, 59 percent of voters say they side more with the Israelis, while 24 percent sympathize with the Palestinians.

Among Republicans, 78 percent back the Israelis and 10 percent the Palestinians.  Democrats divide more evenly:  42 percent side with the Israelis and 35 percent the Palestinians.

Republicans are also much more inclined than Democrats to favor both giving financial aid to Israel (71 percent vs. 47 percent respectively) and selling it weapons (67 percent vs. 42 percent).

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has held since May 21.

Two-thirds of voters (66 percent) report closely following the Mideast conflict, including 25 percent who are following news about it “very” closely.  Democrats and Republicans (70 percent each) are equally likely to be monitoring it closely, while independents are less so (49 percent).

More voters disapprove (52 percent) than approve (43 percent) of the job President Biden is doing handling foreign policy generally.

For his overall performance as president, Biden receives positive ratings:  54 percent approve vs. 42 percent disapprove.

Conducted May 22-25, 2021 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News Poll includes interviews with 1,003 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide who spoke with live interviewers on both landlines and cellphones.  The total sample has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.


The Social Media Pogrom

HORRIBLE: Florida Holocaust Museum Attacked, Defaced With Jew Hatred: Swastika, “Jews are Guilty”

Israeli Tech Sector Surges Despite Jihad War and Antisemitic Boycott Jews Movement

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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