AOC Likely Violated Federal Law With Met Gala Theatrics, Congressional Ethics Office Says thumbnail

AOC Likely Violated Federal Law With Met Gala Theatrics, Congressional Ethics Office Says

By The Daily Caller

The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) said Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York may have violated “standards of conduct” and “federal law” over “impermissible gifts” relating to her appearance at the 2021 Met Gala, according to a release by the House Ethics Committee.

“Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have accepted impermissible gifts associated with her attendance at the Met Gala in 2021,” the OCE report said. “If Rep. Ocasio-Cortez accepted impermissible gifts, then she may have violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law.”

🚨BREAKING: The Office of Congressional Ethics has released a statement in which they say there is “substantial reason to believe” AOC “accepted impermissible associated with her attendance at the Met Gala in 2021” that violated “standards of conduct and federal law.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) March 2, 2023

Ocasio-Cortez wore a dress with the words “Tax the Rich” on it during the ritzy gala in September 2021, drawing an ethics complaint accusing her of improperly accepting free tickets to the event, which reportedly start at $35,000. Members of the House of Representatives may accept gifts of either “nominal value” or from relatives and friends, but any gift over $250 requires written permission from the House Ethics Committee.

“While regrettable, this matter definitively does not rise to the level of a violation of House Rules or of federal law,” an attorney for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez wrote to the House Ethics Committee.

“Though no Ethics violation has been found, the Office of Congressional Ethics (“OCE”) did identify that there were delays in paying vendors for costs associated with the Congresswoman’s attendance at the Met Gala,” Ocasio-Cortez’s office said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Congresswoman finds these delays unacceptable, and she has taken several steps to ensure nothing of this nature will happen again.”

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American Fighting for Ukraine Defects to Russia, Blows Whistle on Nazism, War Crimes thumbnail

American Fighting for Ukraine Defects to Russia, Blows Whistle on Nazism, War Crimes

By The Geller Report

An American Army veteran who spent a year fighting in Ukraine’s Foreign Legion has defected to Russia, bringing with him tangible evidence and first-hand accounts of widespread Ukrainian Nazism and war crimes.

John McIntyre joined Ukraine’s Foreign Legion, before learning they were Nazi war criminals and defecting to Russia.

By Frankie Stockes, National File, March 1, 2023:

An American Army veteran who spent a year fighting in Ukraine’s Foreign Legion has defected to Russia, bringing with him tangible evidence and first-hand accounts of widespread Ukrainian Nazism and war crimes. He also says that Americans are on the ground in Ukraine, communicating directly with CIA handlers as they help coordinate attacks on Russian troops.

John McIntyre, an American southerner and US Army veteran who joined others from around the world in soliciting his services to the Ukrainian Foreign Legion has defected to Russia and described the war crimes and open Nazism he witnessed in NATO-backed Ukraine during an exclusive sit-down interview with RT in Moscow.

“When I came [to Ukraine],” McIntyre told RT, “I was really surprised. Everybody had tattoos and Nazi symbolism.”

When he was asked by the Ukrainians why he was fighting in the war as a foreigner, he told them that he was there to stand up against Russian “Nazis” and “fascists,” only to be told that “the Russians aren’t the Nazis, we are the Nazis,” by his Ukrainian comrades and other neo-fascists who poured into the fight from all over Europe.

McIntyre told RT that he personally knew foreign fighters who had committed war crimes by executing Russian prisoners and that others had committed hideous acts of torture, something he says the Ukrainians and their foreign comrades like to laugh and joke about.

“A lot of captured Russian soldiers, they’ll take and cut their genitalia with a knife and everything and cut their stomachs open, slit their throats, cut their heads off and stuff like that. Really horrible stuff,” said McIntyre.

And it isn’t just Russian soldiers who have fallen victim to Ukrainian war crimes. Civilians, McIntyre said, have been targeted by the Ukrainians in pro-Russian separatist regions like the Donbas, and civilian homes and community centers, like schools, are routinely used as shields.

While McIntyre told RT that he was acting as a “spy” against the Ukrainians the entire time he was there, it’s unclear if this is actually true, or if he became disillusioned with the Ukrainian cause after witnessing their conduct first-hand. Nevertheless, the tale of his escape to Russia is harrowing. To escape, McIntyre contacted his family and received $300, before boarding a flight from Odessa to Istanbul, and later to Moscow, fearing for his life the entire time.

McIntyre described to RT how the Ukrainians deal with spies and whistleblowers, saying that they receive a “bullet to the back of the head,” and that it’s quite a regular occurrence, as multiple fighters have simply “disappeared” after being suspected of reporting war criminals.

“And we’re supporting these guys?” McIntyre said of American and NATO involvement in the war. “And these are supposed to be our allies? And we’re supposed to put them in NATO with us? And they can’t even follow the Geneva Convention?”

Far from only supporting the Ukrainians with massive shipments of weapons and cash, McIntyre told RT that the United States has men on the ground in Ukraine, maintaining direct communications with their handlers from the CIA and other American agencies notorious for meddling in global conflict zones and unstable nations.

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U.S. DROPS AGAIN: We’re #25 in Annual Global Economic Freedom Index ‘Amid Mounting Deficit and Debt Burdens’ thumbnail

U.S. DROPS AGAIN: We’re #25 in Annual Global Economic Freedom Index ‘Amid Mounting Deficit and Debt Burdens’

By The Geller Report

The United States has slipped to 25th place globally for economic freedom amid excessive government spending and a mounting debt crisis, according to The Heritage Foundation.

Another poison consequence of the Democrats’ war on America.

We’re No. 25: US slips again in annual global economic freedom index ‘amid mounting deficit and debt burdens’

The global economy is ‘mostly unfree,’ according to a new index of economic freedom

By Jon Brown | Fox News March 1, 2022:

CBO warns US could face debt ceiling crisis by July

Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has more on the fiscal trajectory as the Congressional Budget Office warns the country could default sometime between July and September on ‘Special Report.’

The U.S. has fallen again in a recent index of global economic freedom that noted economic freedom worldwide has declined to its lowest point in two decades.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2023 Index of Economic Freedom, which evaluated economic policies and situations in 184 nations from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022, found a worldwide economy that is “mostly unfree,” according to an executive summary of the report provided to Fox News Digital.

The report made special note of the declining position of the U.S., which slipped to 25th place globally because of what researchers described as the country’s runaway government spending amid “mounting deficit and debt burdens.”

“This really should be a wake-up call if you’re looking at the United States,” Joel Griffith, a research fellow in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for economic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation, told Fox News Digital. “We’ve been doing this report now since the 1990s, and based on our metrics, this is the lowest the United States has ever ranked in the index as far as the total score.”
The U.S. federal government will accumulate $19 trillion in debt over the next decade, according to a recent estimate from the CBO.

The U.S. federal government will accumulate $19 trillion in debt over the next decade, according to a recent estimate from the CBO.

“Especially notable is the continuing decline within the ‘mostly free’ category of the United States, whose score plummeted to 70.6, its lowest level ever in the 29-year history of the Index,” researchers wrote. “The U.S. is now the world’s 25th-freest economy. The major causative factor in the erosion of America’s economic freedom is excessive government spending, which has resulted in mounting deficit and debt burdens.”

The U.S. dropped from the 20th to the 25th spot in the index since last year. Other nations experienced worse downward trends, which reportedly prevented the U.S. from sliding further down the rankings.

The U.S. federal government will accumulate $19 trillion in debt over the next decade, according to a recent estimate from the CBO.

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Pamela Geller

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The Incredible ‘Green Transition’ That Can’t thumbnail

The Incredible ‘Green Transition’ That Can’t

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

Joe Biden campaigned on getting rid of fossil fuels. He said he would ban fracking and his Green New Deal proposal would completely replace fossil fuels with clean energy by 2035.   He is also on record saying he plans “an incredible transition” of the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels, openly admitting that pain at the pump from high gas prices is part of the plan.  His administration is rushing pell-mell into a green energy future, by, among other things, drawing on the $27 billion green energy slush fund in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

There’s just one problem: the green energy future envisioned by the administration and other wild-eyed climate change fanatics is totally impossible and won’t ever happen.

There aren’t enough minerals on earth to make a green transition a reality.  Copper, lithium, nickel, and cobalt are limiting factors, especially if you think about sustaining all-green energy into the future.

Converting all big trucks, ships, and railroads to electric – even if such a thing were possible – would require 10 times the number of power plants we have now.

To deliver reliable power from unreliable solar and wind, and avoid blackouts, would require more electrical storage capacity  than is physically feasible or economically viable.  Before we transition everything to green energy, wouldn’t it make sense to demand to see a demonstration project succeed, first?   Of course it would.  It’s also not too much to ask for a “comprehensive quantitative system-engineering life-cycle analysis of an all-renewable energy system” before we jump into it sight unseen.  Such an analysis would include the costs of materials, construction, operation, maintenance, decommissioning, and disposal.  And let’s see an environmental impact statement, while we’re at it.  Green energy is incredibly damaging to the environment, as some on the Left are beginning to recognize.  Life-cycle and environmental analysis would undoubtedly show a green transition is not physically or economically feasible.

Green energy fanatics have blinders on that don’t let them see beyond the east and west coasts.  The fact is, regardless of what the U.S. does, worldwide use of coal set a record last year and is expected to increase further this year.  The U.S. could do somersaults and cartwheels for green energy, but it wouldn’t make one bit of difference to global climate change computer models.

The fanatics want to leave fossil fuels in the ground and stop all oil & gas projects now, but the fact is fossil fuels will still be needed for decades if we are to avoid energy shortages, supply disruptions, and wild price swings.

Another problem is toxic waste.  What are we going to do with all the obsolete wind turbines, defunct solar panels, and dead batteries a green transition would entail?  No one has figured this out yet.  Put them in landfills and toxic minerals will leach into groundwater.  Burn them and it will all go into the air.

What happens to electricity prices if you get rid of all natural gas stoves, furnaces, and appliances and require everything to run on green energy?  What happens to electricity prices if you get rid of the internal combustion engine and require all vehicles to run on batteries?  Parts of Australia where gas drilling and fracking have been all but banned are already seeing double-digit increases.  Consumers in U.S. states with renewable energy quotas pay higher energy prices than they otherwise would.  Call it the ‘green tax’.

Vegetables are being rationed in Britain because soaring energy costs from overreliance on renewables is causing farmers to switch off their greenhouses before they go bankrupt.  That’s just one consequence that flows from unchecked green mania – not enough greens to eat.

Not only would a green transition place upward pressure on electricity prices, there’s another problem, as identified in E.M. Forster’s magnificent short story The Machine Stops: once you centralize everything into one system, everything comes to a grinding halt when the system fails.  A single point of failure – like an exclusively all-electric energy system – is a fundamental error well-known to anyone who has studied strategic planning.  Move everything to electricity and everything will stop if electricity becomes unavailable or unreliable.  That doesn’t happen now with energy sources for power and transportation diversified among coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, and renewables.  There’s a lot to be said for keeping energy diversity and not letting green energy mania put the blinders on.  Our food, economic, and national security depend on it.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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Yellen: U.S. Taxpayers Have ‘Duty’ to Defend Ukraine’s Border From Invasion thumbnail

Yellen: U.S. Taxpayers Have ‘Duty’ to Defend Ukraine’s Border From Invasion

By Discover The Networks

In a New York Times op-ed published on Monday while she visited the nation, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed American taxpayers have a “moral duty” to defend Ukraine’s eastern border from invasion by giving aid to the nation.

Yellen said the American support “is motivated, first and foremost, by a moral duty to come to the aid of a people under attack.” So far, American lawmakers have so far earmarked more than $110 billion of moral duty from taxpayers to defend the border against a Russian invasion.

“Our work is not over. In fact, it is more vital than ever that we continue supporting the Ukrainians,” she continued. “Ukraine’s military resistance depends on a government that can function effectively, as well as a stable economy that can help finance defense efforts over the long term. By fortifying the ‘home front,’ our economic assistance is helping make possible Ukraine’s stalwart frontline defense against Russia.”

Yellen boasted that sanctions have “systematically degraded Russia’s military-industrial complex and reduced revenues that the Kremlin is relying on to fund its war. As demonstrated by our new actions last week, we will not rest until the war is over.”

Not a word was mentioned about the Biden administration defending America’s own borders from an ongoing invasion of millions of unvetted migrants, drug cartels, and society-crippling fentanyl.

Janet Yellen

9 Known Connections

During her Senate confirmation hearing, Yellen discussed her views regarding climate change, a phenomenon which she described as an “existential threat” to the economy. “Both the impact of climate change itself and policies to address it could have major impacts, creating stranded assets, generating large changes in asset prices, credit risks and so forth that could affect the financial system,” she said. “These are very real risks.” The notion that America should strive to replace its reliance on fossil fuels with a reliance on renewable energy sources instead has been a recurring theme in Yellen’s public statements over the years.

To learn more about Janet Yellen, click here.



Ukraine needs fresh young Americans to help fight on the ground war.

“The US will have to send their Son’s & Daughter’s… to WAR…”

“….and they will be DYING.”

— James Phillips (@JamesPhillips00) February 28, 2023

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Illegal Migrant Encounters at Southern Border Hit 1,000,000 Mark for FY 2023, Outpacing Prior Year thumbnail

Illegal Migrant Encounters at Southern Border Hit 1,000,000 Mark for FY 2023, Outpacing Prior Year

By The Geller Report

This regime continues to smash records in their war against Americans.

Migrant encounters at southern border hit 1,000,000 mark for FY 2023, outpacing prior year: sources

That 1,000,000 number is greater than the same time last fiscal year

By: Fox News, February 27, 2023:

Migrant encounters at the southern border have already surpassed the one million mark for Fiscal Year 2023, multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources tell Fox News, marking an unprecedented pace for encounters.

As of Friday, the total migrant encounters at the border were at 1,008,217 for the fiscal year, which began in October. Of those, 87.8% were single adults. Just 328,454 were expelled under Title 42 — the pandemic-era protocol that allows border agents to rapidly expel border crossers.

There were more than 1.7 million encounters overall in FY 2021 and over 2.3 million in FY 2022. The first months of FY 2023 have outpaced those of the prior fiscal year. This time last year, numbers for FY22 through March 1 were 839,819 — well under the 1 million mark.

Meanwhile, there have been 354,522 known “gotaways” — illegal immigrants who have evaded Border Patrol agents but have been detected on another form of surveillance. In FY 2022, there were nearly 600,000 gotaways.

Despite the high number of encounters, the Biden administration has pointed to a sharp drop in numbers from the historic high of 251,000 in December to over 156,000 in January. While that figure is the highest on record for the month of January, officials still linked the drop to a number of measures rolled out by the administration last month — including a humanitarian parole program that allows 30,000 migrants from four nationalities into the U.S. each month.

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Pamela Geller

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Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending The ‘Corporate Kingdom’ Of Walt Disney World thumbnail

Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending The ‘Corporate Kingdom’ Of Walt Disney World

By The Daily Caller

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday ending the self-governing status and special privileges provided to Walt Disney World through the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

DeSantis made the announcement during a press conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The legislation, titled HB 9-B, ends Disney’s self-governing status, establishes a new state-controlled district and imposes a five-member state control board, which is appointed by the governor. The board will also be confirmed by the state Senate.

“Allowing a corporation to control its own government is bad policy, especially when the corporation makes decisions that impact an entire region,” DeSantis said in a statement.

Here Is What The Legislation Does Specifically:

  • ENDS Disney’s self-governing status.
  • ENDS Disney’s exemption from the Florida Building Code and Florida Fire Prevention Code.
  • ENDS Disney’s exemption from state regulatory reviews and approvals.
  • ENDS Disney’s secrecy by ensuring transparency.
  • ENSURES that Disney will pay its fair share of taxes.
  • PREVENTS leftist local governments from using the situation to raise local taxes.
  • IMPOSES Florida law so that Disney is no longer given preferential treatment.
  • ENSURES that Disney’s municipal debt will be paid by Disney, not Florida taxpayers.

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) February 27, 2023


Florida Ends the Corporate Kingdom

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) February 27, 2023

“This legislation ends Disney’s self-governing status, makes Disney live under the same laws as everybody else, and ensures that Disney pays its debts and fair share of taxes,” DeSantis added.

The bill is 189 pages and would also make it so that the new representatives of the committee cannot have any previous relationship with Disney within the past three years.



Chief national correspondent. Follow Henry Rodgers On Twitter.


I signed legislation to end Disney’s self-governing status, placed the area in state receivership, and appointed 5 members to a state control board.

Disney no longer has its own government, will live under the same laws as everyone else and pay its debts and fair share of taxes.

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) February 27, 2023


Florida Bill Would Grant DeSantis Control Over Disney’s Special District

‘It’s A Pinata’: Former Trump Adviser Says DeSantis’ Moves Against Disney Make For Good ‘Primary Politics’

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The American People Have Never Been So Ignored thumbnail

The American People Have Never Been So Ignored

By The Geller Report

When polled the American people overwhelmingly (80%) oppose the United States being the world’s policeman. When polled, again overwhelmingly, Americans believe we are involving ourselves in too many wars. And increasingly, America opposes the billions and militaria we are sending to a country they care little and no less about – Ukraine.

By: Ray DiLorenzo, Canadian Free Press, February 25, 2023:

The Globalist Goal for the World is Socialism and We Dare Not Lose Sight of That.” ~ David Rockefeller

Charles Buxton said, “Silence is sometimes the severest criticism.”–Is anyone listening? Apparently not. The people of this country have never been so ignored.

I am confident that by now most readers have heard of the New World Order (NWO), The Great Reset, or Agenda 2030. It is real, and it is being implemented. Build Back Better…The Great Reset…Sustainable Development…Global Cooling, then Global Warming, then Climate Change…Abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBTQ…it’s all The Great Reset. It’s all the art of selling. It’s a strange combination of Marxism and Fascism and is now imbedded in our government, our institutions, and the governments of most of the West.

What the NWO Globalists require is what we are experiencing…social and political disorder and chaos. They need ignorant, obedient, scared, pliable and amoral people

The globalists want to make life unbearable, in gradually larger doses, so you will accept anything ‘reasonable’ as an alternative. Where is our legislature? Where are the concerned citizens?…silence.

What the NWO requires is what we are experiencing…social and political disorder and chaos. They need ignorant, obedient, scared, pliable and amoral people, and at least those willing to go along.

If you ask the question, What is The Great Reset? Chances are you will get an answer like this:

“The Great Reset Initiative is an economic recovery plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was launched in June 2020, with a video featuring the then Prince of Wales Charles released to mark its launch.” ~ Wikipedia

Sounds wonderful, but it’s total nonsense! First, Wikipedia is not the place to go to for unbiased information on anything. Up until recently, Wikipedia listed The Great Reset as a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact. Now Wiki seems to have relented (or given the go-ahead) to announce its launch.

My definition:

The Great Reset initiative is a redesign of the world’s economic and political systems to destroy nation sovereignty, to further enrich the already rich, further empower the already powerful, limit or eliminate the competition from would-be competitors, further downgrade or eliminate the middle class and keep the poor exactly where they are, but limit their numbers, initiate the 4th Industrial Revolution and reduce the world population through abortion, planned pandemics, and vaccines because the vast majority of people will no longer be needed…all under the cover of performing an honorable undertaking for the good of mankind and to save the planet.

The Elite do not recognize God or any values other than their own

This New World Order will be amoral and will require its people to be equally amoral. The Elite do not recognize God or any values other than their own. They abhor the Bible and plan on erasing it from their coming society. The harassment and ridicule of Christians and Jews has begun and will get worse. Any criticism of the LGBT community or transsexualism will be met with outrage and possible prosecution. Disapproval of our justice system or even chemical spills, mysterious explosions, and fires of food processing plants, will be met with inaction.

This mocking of Western values and the creation of chaos and confusion is what Marxists require. It’s called demoralization.

Demoralization is a strategy to lower morale and morality, which are closely linked. It induces helplessness. This helplessness causes people to lose their courage to condemn what he/she knows is wrong…self-confidence is lost. Groups will form for self-protection. Other groups that form are seen as a threat. What results is polarization which creates political and social tensions which intensifies over time…identity politics on steroids. Marxism/Fascism uses this to turn a cohesive society into one driven by suspicion, doubt, animosity, alienation, and…fear! Dividing society by race and creed is an important factor as division will always consume a nation.

When you lose self-confidence you are easily deceived. Reality even becomes questionable. The basic human concept of cause and effect is lost, replaced with an almost childlike perception of reality…you have your reality, I have mine…we all live in a cyberspace computer game…I was born a male, but I choose to be a female. Norms of social behavior no longer exist. People sit in silence and accept what they are told rather than the arduous task of dealing with the insanity.

The Elites are destroying whole societies while we watch…in silence. Isn’t anyone angry?

When social constraints are lost, who is to determine new ones? To the globalist it certainly will not be God.

Europe and the United States are heavily demoralized. That is why so many are reluctant to defend their values, their country’s values. They live in this epidemic of silence. They feel alone when they are not. How many churches stood up against the lockdowns? How many ‘Christian’ churches have abandoned their faith under the guise of the ‘modern age’? When people do speak up or show their discontent, like on Jan 6, or the Canadian truckers, they are heavily denounced, punished, and made examples of. They say it is all to protect society or democracy while they are in the process of destroying it.

The Elite are using this to push their changes and so far are succeeding. How else could they have induced no ID voting, mail-in voting, voting machines that can be tampered with, ballots that don’t match registration signatures, more registered voters than eligible voters, the setting free of felons to continue killing and raping. All crimes graded on a curve. They are destroying whole societies while we watch…in silence. Isn’t anyone angry?

The New World Order has been planned for a long time. Oligarchs and autocrats have needed a good crisis to ‘save human existence and our environment from extinction’ so they created the crisis they needed, a pandemic to establish an emergency atmosphere, and kill millions of people at the same time. Not so much from the pandemic, but from the cure and/or the ‘prevention’. Anyone with any common sense would say it is counter-productive, but there it is. Don’t try to make sense of it, you have entered the Twilight Zone.

Almost the entire medical establishment bought into it. The government was telling doctors how to treat their patients, strictly enforced by the hospitals, lest they not get paid. They discarded good medicine and adopted experimentation. COVID patients were put into assisted living centers with the uninfected, therefore killing thousands of people. Since the vaccine introductions, the birth rate has plummeted world-wide, young athletes are suffering heart attacks, healthy pilots are dying, some in the cockpit, young college students dying for no apparent reason. Insurance companies are noticing an alarming increase in the excess death rate. Funeral directors have noticed strange blood clots from the deceased. Many great doctors suffered the consequences for not going along.

Is all this coincidence?

A lot of people, albeit unthinking, are going to take exception to what I am going to say, but the reason for defending Ukraine is not for the sake of Ukraine or its people. It is to destroy the Putin regime. Putin is not buying into the NWO. He stands in the way and the globalist oligarchs want him gone. What they did to Trump they are trying with Putin and anyone who gets in their way. If it takes war, so be it. A member of the Ukraine government admitted last year approvingly that the Ukraine war is to protect the New World Order. They are all determined to get this NWO wrapped up by 2030. The sufferings of the people of Ukraine are a tool of the NWO. It’s criminal.

A war with Russia or China will mean an accelerated end to the United States as we know it and the globalists will cheer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not living in reality.

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GOP Wants the Receipts for $113 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars Laundered Through Kiev thumbnail

GOP Wants the Receipts for $113 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars Laundered Through Kiev

By The Geller Report

Trump tried to get to the the truth of Biden’s Ukraine corruption. And the Democrat party of treason impeached him for it. Don’t expect these criminals to cooperate.

By: Steven Ahle, Billings Report, February 24, 2023:

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY) has written to Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and USAID Administrator Samantha Power.

He is compelling them to give him a full accounting of the $113 billion in cash we have sent to Ukraine. National Security spokesman John Kirby claimed not to have seen “any signs” of corruption in Ukraine.

This came just one day after President Zelensky fired several cabinet members for corruption.

Comer wrote:

“Came one day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired several top Ukrainian officials amid a corruption scandal. Providing US taxpayer funds in a war zone come with an inherent risk of fraud, waste, and abuse.” “Unrealistic timelines and expectations that prioritize spending quickly lead to increased corruption.”

DoD, State, and USAID must now produce all documents relating to US funding to Ukraine by March 8, 2023. The letter was signed by republican Representatives including Jim Jordan, Nancy Mace, Andy Biggs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Anna Paulina Luna.

Dear Secretary Austin, Secretary Blinken, and Administrator Power:

The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is conducting oversight of the federal government’s administration of U.S. taxpayer-funded assistance to Ukraine. Since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago, Congress has provided more than $113 billion for security, humanitarian, economic, and governance assistance.

It is critical that government agencies administering these funds ensure they are used for their intended purposes to prevent and reduce the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse. The Committee seeks documents and information to understand how the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of State (State), and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) are conducting oversight of these funds.

On January 25, 2023, U.S. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby claimed, “We have not seen any signs that our budgetary assistance has fallen prey to any kind of corruption in Ukraine,” and that all direct budgetary assistance, “goes through the World Bank.” Mr. Kirby continued, “I would go so far as to say the same on the security assistance side as well.”

These claims came one day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired several top Ukrainian officials amid a corruption scandal. Ukrainian government officials allegedly engaged in bribery, used government vehicles for personal use, and purchased inflated food supplies for Ukrainian forces. In response, President Zelensky named a new Minister of Defense. Based on Mr. Kirby’s remarks, however, the U.S. National Security Council appears unaware of this corruption scandal, heightening concerns that U.S. agencies are not conducting oversight of taxpayer assistance to Ukraine.

Providing security and humanitarian assistance for warfighting and reconstruction purposes comes with an inherent risk of fraud, waste, and abuse. The United States must identify these risks and develop oversight mechanisms to mitigate them.

We learned from efforts in Afghanistan that the World Bank does not always have effective monitoring and accounting of funds, and often lacks transparency. We also learned that unrealistic timelines and expectations that prioritize spending quickly lead to increased corruption and reduced effectiveness of programs.

As the United States continues to filter assistance through multilateral organizations with pressure to spend funds quickly, we must ensure proper protections are in place to prevent the misuse of funds.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Media Says Americans Should Just Skip Meals To Cut High Grocery Bills thumbnail

Media Says Americans Should Just Skip Meals To Cut High Grocery Bills

By The Geller Report

Democrats want you miserable, poor and hungry. Who votes for this?

This is the left’s economy of scarcity replacing American’s economy of abundance.

WSJ Suggests Americans Skip A Meal To Save Money- No Joke!

By: Erica Carlin, Liberty One, February 2023:

I hate even repeating this ignorant idea, but people should know what the left thinks we should all be doing if we want to save money. For instance, Democrats are blaming the ‘poor’ (Also known as the lower and middle class—Basically the rest of us) for inflation. According to them, Americans are only spending money on essentials and that’s driving up inflation.

Now, the Wall Street Journal suggests Americans skip a meal to save money. I want to believe this article was satirical but given the current climate, it’s poorly curated.

A joke or not WSJ said that because egg price increases were the worst, Americans should just skip that meal completely:

“Several breakfast staples saw sharp price increases due to a perfect storm of bad weather and disease outbreaks—and continued effects from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Egg prices increased 8.5% in January from a month earlier and are up 70.1% over the past year, the highest annual rate since 1973. The deadliest avian-influenza outbreak on record has devastated poultry flocks across the U.S., leading the price of eggs to rise more than any other grocery item in 2022, according to Information Resources Inc. U.S. egg inventories were 29% lower in the final week of December 2022 than at the beginning of 2022, according to the USDA.

Frozen, noncarbonated juices and drinks—a category that includes frozen orange juice—rose by 1.5% in January from a month earlier, and the 12.4% annual increase is the highest in over a decade. Florida orange growers are harvesting their smallest crop in nearly 90 years, the result of a freeze, two hurricanes and a citrus disease that is laying waste to its groves.”

Read more.


Pamela Geller


Biden Stumbles, Falls While Boarding Air Force One

Supreme Court Upholds Arkansas Law Opposing Boycott of Jews (BDS)

BIDEN’S FIASCO: Putin Pulls Out Of New START Treaty, Last Nuclear Arms Control Treaty With USA

Federal Employees Say Forcing Them Back Into The Office Endangers The Planet

Biden Gives ANOTHER HALF A BILLION DOLLARS To Ukraine, $0 To Ohio

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Texas Border Operation Catches 348,000 Illegal Immigrants, 361 million Lethal Fentanyl Doses thumbnail

Texas Border Operation Catches 348,000 Illegal Immigrants, 361 million Lethal Fentanyl Doses

By Judicial Watch

In the absence of adequate federal enforcement a Texas border security initiative heavily criticized by Democrats and the media has apprehended hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants—including thousands of criminals—and seized millions of lethal doses of fentanyl. Known as Operation Lone Star, the project was launched by Governor Greg Abbott in March 2021 as the illegal immigration crisis gripped his border state. Essentially the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas National Guard are picking up the slack for the federal government, which is charged with protecting the famously porous southern border.

Texas had to take charge to combat the smuggling of people and drugs, the governor’s office wrote in the 2021 press release announcing Operation Lone Star, which integrates DPS with the Texas National Guard and deploys air, ground, marine and tactical border security assets to high threat areas to prevent Mexican cartels and other criminal elements from smuggling drugs and humans into the state. “The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration,” Abbott said at the time. The governor’s office assures that the operation continues to fill the “dangerous gaps left by the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure the border.” Every arrested individual and every ounce of drugs seized by Operation Lone Star would have otherwise made their way into communities across the nation due to the president’s open border policies, Texas officials point out.

The most recent figures, released just days ago, show that Operation Lone Star is succeeding despite detractors on the left. Since the multi-agency effort was launched more than 348,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended and over 24,000 criminals have been arrested. DPS has also seized a startling number of drugs, over 361 million lethal doses of fentanyl. “Texas has also bused more than 9,100 migrants to our nation’s capital since April, over 5,200 migrants to New York City since August 5, more than 1,500 migrants to Chicago since August 31, and more than 890 migrants to Philadelphia since November 15,” the state announcement reveals. The document offers specific Operation Lone Star cases that prevented the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and humans into Texas.

The crisis along the southwest border is unprecedented and has created a tremendous threat to national security. The latest government stats show a drop in monthly illegal immigrant crossings that carries little weight since it is a decrease from the record-highs that have prevailed during the Biden administration. The stats show that U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended 128,000 illegal immigrants in January 2023 and federal agents at crossing ports prevented an additional 28,000 migrants from entering the country. Considering illegal immigration records have been shattered under Biden, the latest monthly figure is not bad. In his first year as president, federal agents apprehended 1,659,206 illegal immigrants at the southwest border, breaking the previous high of 1,643,679 in 2000. To put things in perspective, during Donald Trump’s last year as president federal agents arrested 400,651 illegal aliens along the Mexican border.

But as the Biden presidency progresses, the crisis worsens. Fiscal year 2022 also started with a bang, a 137% increase in the first quarter over the final quarter of 2021. By the end of 2022, the Border Patrol arrested a record-breaking 2.4 million migrants, up from an already shocking high of 1.7 million in 2021. Among the apprehended were hundreds of gang members—mostly from the famously violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)—and dozens of people on the national terrorist watchlist. Federal agents also confiscated thousands of pounds of drugs, mainly methamphetamine. The unprecedented numbers depict a chaotic Mexican border region rife with lawlessness that has inevitably seeped north into many parts of the United States. At least Texans have Operation Lone Star to help compensate for the federal government’s ongoing failures.

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s War On Suburbia: The Democrats Are Coming For Your Home and Neighborhood, Playing the Race Card thumbnail

Biden’s War On Suburbia: The Democrats Are Coming For Your Home and Neighborhood, Playing the Race Card

By The Geller Report

No where to run to, baby, nowhere to hide.

The Biden administration announced on January 19th it will require all towns across America to submit “equity plans” showing how they will make it possible for low-income people to live there, by providing affordable housing, transportation and other resources.

By Betsy McCaughey, NY Post, February 7, 2023:

The Biden administration is warring on local zoning laws to build high-rise apartment buildings with “affordable” units in tree-lined, single-family neighborhoods.

If you’ve worked hard to afford a suburban house with a patch of lawn where your kids can play, you’re under attack.

The Biden administration and Democrats in New York, Connecticut and other states are warring on local zoning laws to build high-rise apartment buildings with “affordable” units in tree-lined, single-family neighborhoods. All in the name of equity, meaning everyone can live in a tranquil suburb, whether they’ve earned the money to pay for it or not.

The Biden administration announced Jan. 19 it will require all towns across America to submit “equity plans” showing how they will make it possible for low-income people to live there, by providing affordable housing, transportation and other resources.

Towns that don’t meet the cookie-cutter requirement for economic diversity will lose federal funding.

No one’s denying there’s a housing shortage. In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul is pushing some reasonable ideas such as allowing mother-in-law apartments and relaxing environmental restrictions on a residential building.

But Hochul’s biggest proposal, the Housing Compact, is another misguided attack on local control and single-family zoning. It would compel each town and village in the New York City metro area to increase its housing stock to meet a uniform, state-imposed target and rezone for high-density housing — apartment buildings — within a half-mile of every Metropolitan Transportation Authority train stopI

If a town fails to meet state targets, the compact will allow developers to build big in defiance of local zoning boards in almost all cases.

Hochul is seeking legislative approval for her plan by April. Suburban homeowners are battling a powerful alliance of real-estate developers in it for the money and social-justice warriors determined to end single-family zoning.

Local control will be obliterated. Albany will call the shots on what your town looks like, how much traffic there is and ultimately what your home is worth.

Slate’s Henry Graber bashed Hochul’s critics as “a band of recalcitrant, remorseless ne’er-do-wells.” He’s wrong. Their concerns are legitimate. For most people, their home is their biggest asset.

Opponents of single-family zoning are also playing the race card. ERASE Racism President Laura Harding says she’s fighting for a Long Island “free of structural racism and de facto segregation.” The same phony pretext is being trotted out everywhere.

Racial discrimination is abhorrent and should be prosecuted. But as a Brookings analysis of the 2020 census shows, race isn’t a barrier to suburban living: Blacks are moving to the suburbs at a faster pace than whites. Anybody can be suburban. It just takes money.

Especially in Connecticut. In 2022, developer Arnold Karp purchased a colonial house on tree-lined Weed Street in small, ultra-wealthy New Canaan. There are no commercial or multi-family buildings on the street. He wants to build a five-story, 102-unit apartment complex with 30% set aside for affordable housing.

Weed Street is only a 10-minute drive or 17 minutes on the local train to Stamford, a midsize city where the quantity of affordable housing (nearly 16%) exceeds state guidelines.

Ensuring a supply of affordable housing within a region is more reasonable than demanding every town alter its character.

Local officials explain that New Canaan’s six-person fire department doesn’t even have hoses or trucks to fight a fire in a building as big as Karp’s design.

Weed Street neighbor Chris DeMuth Jr. warns Karp’s “plan is to cram over 300 people into a lot currently occupied by a single family home.” He adds, “If they destroy Weed Street, they could come for your neighborhood next.”

Keep reading.

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McConnell’s Ukraine Obsession Further Illustrates His Disregard For The Plights Of Everyday Americans thumbnail

McConnell’s Ukraine Obsession Further Illustrates His Disregard For The Plights Of Everyday Americans

By Royal A. Brown III

I agree with this article below! We should stop shoveling $$$ to Ukraine unless and until it is proven to the American taxpayer that U.S. national interests are at jeopardy. We also should be assured there is absolute accountability for the over $100 Billion already sent to Ukraine in cash. Furthermore, it should be explained how the $Bs worth of modern US warfighting equipment sent to Ukraine which will require replacement taking 5 or more years has impacted our own Defense capabilities.

I don’t buy the lame argument that if we don’t stop Russia in Ukraine, it will embolden the Chinese to invade Taiwan. The Obama3/Beijing Joe Biden administration has already emboldened Communist China towards their goal of world domination and outpacing the US as the leading super power. Following are a few examples of how they no longer fear the U.S. as they did under the Trump administration:

  1. The Biden family has been enriched with $ millions in gifts from the CCP.
  2. The PENN-BIDEN Center was funded by $54 M in Chinese donations and recent TS documents discovered in a closet there shows their influence.
  3. The Biden DOD has shown they are totally incompetent in dealing with Chinese incursions over US airspace and installations with the recent Spy Balloon incident.
  4. The CCP has infiltrated our institutions, research facilities, corporations and even the federal govt in many areas
  5. The CCP is unchecked in buying up American farmland, ports and other assets
  6. China still enjoys most favorable nation status and surplus trade agreements which Trump was curbing.

Furthermore, the corrupt Ukrainian President, Zelenskyy along with socialist Democrats and warmongering neocon, globalist Republicans like McConnell, Graham and Romney don’t want peace and have rejected efforts towards a cease fire which Israel and others have attempted to negotiate.

Why is all this more important than securing our own Southern Border which has put our country’s sovereignty and safety in dire jeopardy as millions of illegal aliens stream across our border including terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, and other criminals?

McConnell’s Ukraine Obsession Further Illustrates His Disregard For The Plights Of Everyday Americans

With a faltering economy, a wide open southern border, imminent national security threats from the Chinese government, and radical leftists trying to co-opt unsuspecting kids into their social movements, the United States under the “leadership” of President Joe Biden is in a tailspin. So naturally, out-of-touch swamp creatures such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it was appropriate to remind us plebs about what’s really important: Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

While donning his infamous Ukrainian flag-colored tie during his Thursday appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” the Kentucky Republican arrogantly regurgitated the most tone-deaf statement imaginable by claiming that “defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now.”

“It will save us an enormous amount of money down the road if the Ukrainians can succeed,” McConnell baselessly opined.

It’s no secret in Washington that McConnell is obsessed with shipping endless amounts of taxpayer money to Ukraine — the second most corrupt country in Europe — with virtually no oversight. So much so that his blue and yellow tie has become the GOP equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits.

But maybe I’m being too hard on McConnell. I mean, it’s not like America’s own borders are being overrun by millions of illegal aliens or the U.S. economy is in free fall — with skyrocketing inflation making it harder for Americans to afford basic necessities, such as food and gas.

Read more.

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Northern Border Agents Were Asked To Deploy To Florida Due To Massive Illegal Migrant Surge thumbnail

Northern Border Agents Were Asked To Deploy To Florida Due To Massive Illegal Migrant Surge

By The Daily Caller

Agents patrolling the northern border were asked to deploy to Florida due to a large surge in illegal migrants in recent months, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told the Daily Caller News Foundation Friday.

The Miami sector has seen increasing flows of illegal migrants with a surge of hundreds of them reaching the Florida coast in a matter of days in early January, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded more than 1,300 migrant encounters. For the last few months, agents stationed along the northern border have been dealing with their own migrant surge and deployments to address another surge at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“While the southwest border with Mexico continues to be the most problematic area for border security, Biden has made it possible for people and cartels to exploit weakness on all our borders including our coastal borders and northern border. Robbing Peter to pay Paul by moving resources from one area to another is, and has never been the answer, while it might help one area, it weakens the area the agents vacated. This Administration has proven it has little ability and care to protect our borders thereby safeguarding US Citizens,” Judd told the DCNF.

#BreakingNews @USCGSoutheast reports that all remaining migrants on @DryTortugasNPS, an #updated total of 337 migrants (not including the 90 migrants previously removed by @USCG), were removed from the island & are onboard a @USCG cutter for transfer to Key West, tomorrow.

— Homeland Security Task Force – Southeast (HSTF-SE) (@HSTF_Southeast) January 5, 2023

Border Patrol agents stationed along the U.S.-Canadian border, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak, confirmed to the DCNF that they were asked to volunteer.

“What’s next?” one of the agents told the DCNF. “We’re all being stretched pretty thin.”

“The situation in Florida isn’t uncommon. However, it wasn’t consistent as it has appeared to be recently. Once the boats started showing up consistently, and with hundreds of apprehensions per vessel, the need for additional agents brought about the requests for agents who wanted to volunteer to deploy down to Miami Sector,” a second northern border agent told the DCNF.

The situation has also led Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to send in additional state resources, including the National Guard, and declare an emergency. In one instance, two cruise ships in the area came to the rescue.

CBP told the DCNF that it had deployed additional resources to address Florida’s influx of illegal migrants.

“Due to maritime migrant fluctuations in Florida, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has deployed additional Border Patrol and Air and Marine Agents to the south Florida area of operations. These additional resources along with our integrated collaboration with our federal, state, and key stakeholders, allows for a rapid and efficient response to any increase in migratory flows. CBP seeks to deter and disrupt human smuggling activities by transnational criminal organizations and ensure our personnel are properly equipped to maintain border security,” a CBP spokesperson said.



Investigative reporter.

RELATED ARTICLE: American Dissatisfaction With Immigration Levels Increases As Border Crisis Continues: POLL

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CBO: Interest on Debt to Triple by 2033, Surpass Defense Spending by 2028 thumbnail

CBO: Interest on Debt to Triple by 2033, Surpass Defense Spending by 2028

By Family Research Council

Here’s one ballooning problem the military can’t simply knock out of the sky: net interest payments on the U.S. government’s debt are projected to triple over the next 10 years, totaling 300% of 2022 outlays in 2033, according to a new report published this week by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

According to CBO projections, interest on the debt (which claimed 7.5% of federal government spending in 2022) will rise sharply to 10.3% of spending in 2023 and then continue rising steadily, surpassing defense spending (11.9% of spending in 2022) in 2028 and reaching 14.4% of spending by 2033.

This bad news on rising interest costs comes amid another, short-term crisis regarding the debt ceiling. The U.S. government hit its statutory debt limit of $31.4 trillion on January 19 of this year. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has resorted to “extraordinary measures” to “borrow additional funds without breaching the debt ceiling,” the CBO explained, but they estimate that “the Treasury would exhaust those measures and run out of cash sometime between July and September of this year” unless Congress acts to raise the debt ceiling. For every penny Congress raises the debt ceiling, it will only aggravate the interest problem more.

The increase in net interest payments has two primary causes: interest rates and deficit spending.

First, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes to fight inflation contribute to higher interest rates the U.S. must pay on preexisting debt, with a small lag in time. The Federal Reserve has raised the federal funds interest rate eight times in the past 12 months, from a targetrange between 0.25%-0.00% in January 2022 to a range between 4.50%-4.25% today.

“Net outlays for interest, which rose by 35 percent last year, are projected to increase by 35 percent again this year,” said the CBO. “The projected increase in 2023 occurs primarily because the average interest rate that the Treasury pays on its debt has risen sharply this year and is expected to rise further as maturing securities are refinanced at rates that are higher than those that prevailed when they were initially issued. For example, the interest rate on 10-year Treasury notes averaged 1.3 percent in 2021 and 2.4 percent in 2022; that rate averages 3.8 percent in 2023 in CBO’s current economic forecast.”

Second, continued deficit spending increases the volume of debt on which the U.S. government must pay interest. (To clarify, “debt” is the total, cumulative amount owed, while “deficit” is the difference between expenditures and revenues over a given period of time.) “Debt held by the public (in nominal terms) is on track to increase by 6 percent from 2022 to 2023,” said the CBO, which “projects a federal budget deficit of $1.4 trillion for 2023.”

In fact, the CBO projects the federal government will run an annual deficit of $1.4 trillion-$2.8 trillion (amounting to 5.4%-7.3% of estimated Gross Domestic Product [GDP]) for every year, 2023-2033. In their February report, the CBO added 20% to their projected deficit over the next 10 years, due to changing economic and legislative factors.

Assuming that “current laws governing taxes and spending generally remained unchanged,” CBO projects that “federal debt held by the public is projected to increase in each year of the projection period and to reach 118 percent of GDP in 2033 — higher than it has ever been.”

Rising interest payments will only exacerbate the U.S. government’s budget shortfalls. According to the CBO project, the percentage of the budget devoted to paying interest will nearly double from 2022-2033. Other slices of the pie must get smaller as a result. But, as Figure 1 shows, the decreases won’t come from mandatory spending (it’s mandatory, after all), which is already a majority of federal spending. Instead, the increasing interest payments mean a smaller slice of the pie is left over for discretionary spending — including a vital subset, defense spending. The CBO estimates that defense spending will decline from 13.2% of federal expenditures in 2024 to 11.1% in 2033 (with nondefense spending declining proportionally), as interest payments increase from 11.5% to 14.4% over the same period.

VIEW: Figure 1: CBO Projection – Spending by Category (in Pct.)

Of course, one often overlooked feature of the spending “pie” analogy is that the pie can grow in size — through either expanding revenues or assuming additional debt. As Figure 2 makes clear, the CBO doesn’t predict that discretionary spending — either for defense or nondefense purposes will shrink in absolute terms. Rather, it will grow more slowly than interest payments, mandatory spending (mostly Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare), and by implication, the whole economy as well.

VIEW: Figure 2: CBO Projection – Spending by Category (in $Billions)

One major asterisk to CBO estimates is their assumption that “current laws governing taxes and spending generally remained unchanged.” There’s nothing wrong with projecting from that assumption — it’s their job at the Congressional Budget Office, actually. But a lot can change over 10 years. For one thing, “forecasting interest rates is particularly challenging,” the CBO admitted in 2020. Three presidential elections and two midterm elections give plenty of time for political coalitions to change “current laws.”

It’s not implausible that America might experience a recession, or even two, over a 10-year period; this, too, could radically alter taxation and spending priorities. Foreign events may also interject themselves; a foreign conflict with, say, China could substantially increase military spending. All these plausible variables could dramatically alter the shape of actual government spending, 10 years down the road.

What the CBO projection can tell us is that our current policies are needlessly backing us into a corner. Just paying the interest on our current national debt will cost more and more, and the government continues to overspend its revenues to the tune of trillions (with a “T”) per year. Meanwhile, the CBO predicts mandatory spending will increase by 60% from 2023 to 2033, primarily due to the population aging into Social Security benefits. The combined pressure of these factors will reduce the federal government’s freedom to spend discretionary funds (on everything else), trimming them from 26.5% of total spending in 2022 (and somehow 29.1% in 2024) to 23.9% of total spending in 2033.

If the CBO’s projection is accurate, when Congress gets around to allocating funds in 2033, they will have less than a quarter to work with out of every dollar that they spend. That quarter must cover all discretionary spending, including defense spending.

Net interest payments are far from the most expensive category of federal spending, as Figures 1 and 2 illustrate, so why do they matter so much? One reason is that they perpetuate the deficit spiral. The CBO called the “net interest outlays increase … a major contributor to the growth of total deficits.” These deficits add to the debt, which then increases the interest the U.S. government must pay even further.

Another reason is the irresponsible folly it implies. The U.S. government is in the situation of a person who has gotten up to their eyeballs in credit card debt. Yet the government not only continues to finance purchases with credit, but only ever pays the interest that comes due, and never pays down the ever-growing principal. Sooner or later, those chickens will come home to roost, and, when they do, everything will smell like chicken houses.

A third reason to worry about the growing interest payments is that it complicates the math for any plan to reach a balanced budget. “Opportunities to trim costs are limited, with only about one-third of federal spending labeled as discretionary,” wrote analysts at The Wall Street Journal. Those opportunities shrink further as discretionary spending is crowded out by interest payments.

A fourth, and related, reason is it leaves us less prepared for any crisis. Apart from possible military crises, the CBO forecasted last month that Social Security will become insolvent in 2033, 10 years away. Analysists have recognized for decades that the entitlements time bomb is most likely to kill us when it finally detonates, but America lacks the political will to address that issue yet.

Still, the U.S. government can be better or worse prepared when that time comes. Our best escape route is to free up some funds to deal with the ultimate insolvency of Social Security. Instead, we continue to spend money we don’t have. It’s as if we are trapped in a corral with a deadly bull lying fast asleep. We could choose to flee before the bull awakes. Yet America has not only remained in the ring, but we have backed ourselves into a corner, limiting our chances to dodge its gory horns. And, on top of that, we occupy ourselves by stringing barbed wire across our best escape route. When the bull finally awakes, we will deserve all the consequences of our folly.

If America’s fiscal situation is dangerous, even desperate, why haven’t we confronted our fiscal irresponsibility yet? One reason is that historically depressed interest rates kept legislators from feeling the consequences of their actions. For 11 out 14 years from 2008-2020, the federal funds effective rate lay under 1% (and most of that time it was under 0.2%). In 2015, the interest rate on a three-month Treasury bill, which averaged almost 5% in 2007, had dropped to 0.03%. This created an era of cheap debt, where Congress could overspend with hardly any consequences. Now, as interest rates rise, as we always knew they would, the U.S. government not only has to shoulder an interest burden to which it is unaccustomed, but it has also lost the habit — or even the façade — of fiscal restraint.

According to the latest CBO report, 2028 represents a shocking threshold: the year when the U.S. government will have to spend more paying the interest on our $31.4 trillion of debt than it will spend on national defense. Whether we reach this landmark a few years early or late, the point is that our profligate legislature is spending our country into a pointless crisis.

Just as no one wants to be the team down by three touchdowns at the two-minute warning, no country should willingly bury itself under so much debt that it’s mathematically impossible to escape. Alas, the only similarity between wisdom and Washington is that both begin with “W.”


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a staff writer at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

‘A Nest of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading as Educators’: Bill to Abolish Woke Department of Education thumbnail

‘A Nest of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading as Educators’: Bill to Abolish Woke Department of Education

By The Geller Report

We rank among the lowest in industrialized nations while they are destroy our children.

We won’t get such legislation passed until every Americans gets involved and the election system is overhauled. Only then can we take back the country and purge all weaponized, thoroughly corrupted US government agencies.

“A Nest of Radical D.C. Activists Masquerading as Educators” – Rep. Barry Moore Introduces Bill to Abolish Woke Department of Education

By Jim Hoft, TPG, February 11, 2023:

Representative Barry Moore (R-AL 2nd) has introduced legislation that would abolish the Department of Education and give States control over public school spending for elementary and secondary education.

The U.S. Department of Education is one of the newest Cabinet-level agencies in the United States, having been established in 1979.

“The Department of Education is a nest of radical D.C. activists masquerading as educators pushing indoctrination schemes of radical anti-American ideas. For our children’s protection, it must be abolished,” Moore said in the release.

“Across our country, we have seen taxpayer dollars used to expose children to radical gender and race ideologies without the consent of their parents. The education of our children should not belong to the federal government – it is time to return those rights to parents,” he added.

This week I introduced legislation to abolish the Department of Education, which has become a nest of radical D.C. activists masquerading as educators pushing indoctrination schemes of radical anti-American ideas.

— Rep. Barry Moore (@RepBarryMoore) February 10, 2023

The bill is cosponsored by Reps. Ralph Norman (SC-05), Matt Gaetz (FL-01), Byron Donalds (FL-19), Marjorie Taylor Green (GA-14), and Eli Crane (AZ-02).

Moore provided some examples of the radical left indoctrination being pushed through our schools by the Department of Education:

Keep reading.


Pamela Geller

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

What? Air Force Shot Down $12 Hobby Balloon with $500,000 Missiles! thumbnail

What? Air Force Shot Down $12 Hobby Balloon with $500,000 Missiles!

By Royal A. Brown III

Congratulations to the Commander-in-Cheap and his WOKE Department of Defense for shooting down a $12 hobby balloon over Lake Huron using 2  $500,000 Sidewinder Missiles (1st one missed) with permission of feckless Canadian PM Trudeau and bragging about it.

Beijing Joe also bragged about his actions regarding a real threat, the Communist Chinese Spy Balloon which was allowed to fly all way across the continental USA and close to dozens of sensitive military installations like our ICBM silos in Montana before finally being shot down.

I really feel safer now.

US Air Force may have shot down hobby club’s balloon worth US$12 with US$439,000 missile

By Aqil Hamzah

The United States Air Force (USAF) launched a US$439,000 (S$587,000) missile to take down an unknown flying object that might prove to be something quite unremarkable: a US$12 (S$16) hobby balloon.

A hobby group in the US, the Northern Illinois Balloon Brigade, was reported by The Guardian as saying that one of its pico balloons had gone “missing in action” over Alaska on Feb 11, when a USAF F-22 fighter jet coincidentally shot down an object flying in the vicinity of Canada’s Yukon territory.

A pico balloon is equipped with trackers typically used to measure temperature, humidity, pressure or wind currents.

Although the group did not link the two events, the balloon’s trajectory suggests a possible connection.

The group’s website said that balloon K9YO was last reported to have been flying at an altitude of 11,560m near Hagemeister Island in Alaska.

However, as “no part of the object shot down… has been recovered,” the group said it was unable to confirm definitively if it was indeed one of their balloons.

The unidentified flying object that was shot down over Yukon was the second one to be felled, with US President Joe Biden issuing orders to take down three of them on consecutive days, starting on Feb 10.

US Department of Defense officials had said that the objects did not pose a military threat, but their flight paths and proximity to sensitive sites, as well as their altitudes, were potential hazards to civil aviation, causing concern.

They have since said that the objects were possibly commercial ones or used for climate research purposes.

The downing of the objects comes after the US in early February shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon that had flown into its airspace.

Read more.

©Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.


NOT SATIRE: Biden Uses $200 Million Fighter Jet to Shoot Down $12 Hobby Club’s Science Project

White House Demands Media ‘Comply,’ Kicks Specific Reporters Out Of Biden’s UFO Brief

Biden may have shot down Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade’s missing balloon: report

Reports: US missile may have shot down $12 balloon from amateur hobby balloonists

Biden IRS Plans to Crackdown on Waitress’ Tips As Biden Lies No New Taxes On Working Class In SOTU Speech thumbnail

Biden IRS Plans to Crackdown on Waitress’ Tips As Biden Lies No New Taxes On Working Class In SOTU Speech

By Dr. Rich Swier

Biden’s IRS plans to crack down on waiters’ tips

‘They’re coming after waitresses’ tips now,’ tax expert Mike Palicz says

By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News

California, New York, Connecticut, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois and Maryland among the states to tax wealthy who flee.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed a revenue procedure this week to crack down on the service industry’s reporting of tips.

The Service Industry Tip Compliance Agreement (SITCA) program would be a voluntary tip reporting system in which the IRS and service industry companies cooperate, according to the announcement Monday. As part of the proposal, the IRS will give the public until early May to provide feedback on the program before implementing it.

“Those 87,000 new IRS agents that you were promised would only target the rich,” tweeted Mike Palicz, federal affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform. “They’re coming after waitresses’ tips now.”

According to the IRS, the program would seek to “improve tip reporting compliance,” reduce administrative burdens and provide more transparency and certainty to taxpayers.

“This is not a proposal for the auditing of servers,” an IRS official told Fox News Digital. “Yesterday’s action was a proposal for comment – not a rule – based on over a decade of feedback from restaurants and other businesses seeking the increased flexibility for their overall tax compliance on tips.”

“This proposal is not in effect and is intended to welcome further conversation from all interested parties before any rule is put into place,” the official added.

Biden:”Let me be clear, no one making less than $400k pr yr is going to pay a penny more in taxes”

The Nasty Italian: Let me be clear. Biden is fucking piece of shit liar & everyone of you assholes who were dumb enough to vote for him deserves to be poor!

— The Nasty Italian🍷🇺🇸 🇮🇹 (@sayitnspinit) February 7, 2023

Those 87,000 new IRS agents that you were promised would only target the rich…

They’re coming after waitresses’ tips now: “monitoring of employer compliance based on actual annual tip revenue and charge tip data from an employer’s point-of-sale system.”

— Mike Palicz (@Mike_Palicz) February 7, 2023


Pamela Geller


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‘The Peace President’: Trump’s 2024 Plan Is To Run Against The War In Ukraine thumbnail

‘The Peace President’: Trump’s 2024 Plan Is To Run Against The War In Ukraine

By The Daily Caller

Former President Donald Trump is planning to tap into “anti-war” sentiments over the Ukraine-Russia conflict in a bid to stand out in a potentially crowded field of Republican contenders heading into 2024, Politico reported, citing anonymous individuals closely tied to his campaign.

Trump has criticized the Biden administration’s handling of Ukraine, and said he would have ended the conflict in “24 hours,” according to Politico. The former president’s pivot to foreign affairs is in direct response to a growing field of potential Republican challengers, including former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Trump is the peace president and he’s the first president in two generations to not start a war, whereas if you look at DeSantis’ congressional record, he’s voted for more engagement and more military engagement overseas,” an anonymous individual close to Trump told Politico.

The former president hopes his “America First” agenda will stand out among the other likely political opponents, who have signaled support for supporting Ukraine in its war against Russia, according to Politico.

Shortly after Russia’s invasion, Haley said “this isn’t just a war for Ukraine, its a war for freedom.” In October, Pompeo said the U.S. must supply Ukraine with the necessary resources.

Proud to endorse @realDonaldTrump for President in 2024.

While others want to foolishly march us into WW3 over Russia and Ukraine, Trump is the only candidate running with the courage to stand up to the corrupt bipartisan foreign policy establishment.

— J.D. Vance (@JDVance1) February 2, 2023

“I do think national security is going to be a much more important issue in 2024 than in many of the most recent presidential elections,” John Bolton, former national security adviser to the Trump Administration, told Politico, in lieu of the recent Chinese balloon national security breach.

After several days of the balloon traveling through American air space, it was shot down over the Carolinas.

Trump also called out his former secretary of State, claiming Pompeo took too much credit for the Trump administration’s foreign accomplishments, according to Politico.

Republican Sen. J.D. Vance from Ohio praised Trump’s policy plans, “I’m supporting him for president in 2024 because he’s the only person certain to do it,” he wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Haley’s former UN ambassador experience will likely come in handy in this political match up, those close to Haley told Politico.





Trump Reveals What A ‘Reformed FBI And Justice Department’ Would Do If He Wins In 2024

Trump Admin Officials Deny Chinese Spy Balloons Crossed US Territory Under Their Watch

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Joe Biden Has Become a Key Weapons Supplier for the Global Jihad thumbnail

Joe Biden Has Become a Key Weapons Supplier for the Global Jihad

By Jihad Watch

The U.S. military was far too concerned with implementing Critical Race Theory and making sure the troops were vaccinated to bother with something so trivial as planning a safe and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, and so when it all came crashing down and the strongest military in the world had to cut and run in the most ignominious manner imaginable, it ended up leaving behind $7 billion worth of American ordnance. This appalling turn of events was dismissed at the time, as we were assured that the Taliban wouldn’t know how to operate all this sophisticated weaponry. But the generous Taliban jihadis have shown that they are more than willing to spread their wealth around among their fellow warriors for Allah. And so Old Joe Biden has become the chief weapons supplier of the global jihad.

NBC News reported Monday that the weapons that Biden and woke Gen. Mark Milley were far too busy to be concerned about as they ensured that the U.S. exit from Afghanistan was conducted in the most shameful possible manner have now made their way to other jihadis, in the Indian province of Kashmir that has been a hotbed of jihad violence for years now. What’s more, NBC adds laconically that “experts” say that the transfer of this materiel from Afghanistan to Kashmir “could be just the start of the weapons’ global journey.” No kidding, really?

The Kashmir jihadis, who want to detach the province from India and attach it to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, are now armed with “M4s, M16s and other U.S.-made arms and ammunition that have rarely been seen in the 30-year conflict.” For these top-of-the-line armaments, they can thank not only the Taliban, but Old Joe, Milley, and Biden’s woker-than-woke Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin. The groups that your taxpayer dollars have armed now include not only the Taliban, but Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), both of which the U.S. government has designated as terrorist organization.

Wait, it gets worse. Lashkar-e-Taiba has looked into perpetrating jihad massacres inside the United States. Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield notes that the terror group has “a long history of recruiting Americans, including members of the Virginia Jihad Network,” a group that was discovered in the early 2000s to be training to participate in jihad attacks overseas. And maybe more than just overseas: Greenfield reports that “during the Virginia Jihad Network investigation, Masoud Khan, one of the men charged, revealed that the terror boss behind the Mumbai attack had asked them to conduct ‘information gathering’ operations in the United States, specifically ‘an unnamed chemical plant in Maryland.’”

That wasn’t all: “Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Sadequee, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants operating in Georgia, were accused of making videos casing the Capitol Building in D.C. and other targets, and sent the videos to a facilitator for Lashkar-e-Taiba. Sadequee was convicted of conspiring to provide material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba.” And in yet another instance, “after Mir Aimal Kansi, a Pakistani Muslim, opened fire at CIA headquarters in Langley, he hid out at a safe house constructed by Osama bin Laden at Lashkar-e-Taiba’s headquarters. That same safe house was alleged to have been used by 1993 World Trade Center bombing operative, Ramzi Yousef.”

This is a clear indication that Lashkar-e-Taiba was looking into striking inside the U.S.; although they didn’t follow up on this at the time, now that Old Joe and his henchmen have supplied them with top-grade weaponry, maybe they’ll decide to revisit those plans.

In the meantime, an Indian army spokesman, Lt. Col. Emron Musavi, confirms that “it can be safely assumed that” Lashkar-e-Taiba jihadis “have access to the weapons left behind.” The Kashmir jihadis have been active of late. According to NBC, “the year opened in violence as Kashmir police blamed militants for a Jan. 1 gunfire attack that killed four people in the southern village of Dhangri, followed by an explosion in the same area the next day that killed a 5-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. At least six people were injured on Jan. 21 in two explosions in the city of Jammu.”

For that and much more, we have Old Joe Biden to thank. But as with so much else, one thing is certain: the sycophantic Leftist propagandists that make up the establishment media will never ask the old man about this. To do so wouldn’t fit the narrative.




REPORT: Putin Wants to Buy U.S. Weapons Biden Left in Afghanistan — But There’s Even More

Biden’s handlers release ‘high-value’ Guantánamo jihadi

Feds drop probe of far-Left general accused of lobbying for Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Qatar

Iraq: Father murders his YouTube star daughter over her decision to live alone in Turkey

Hamas top dog calls for ‘international Islamic court’ to ‘confront’ ‘crimes’ against Muhammad, Qur’an, and Allah

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