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CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Biden’s EV Addiction Could Hurt National Security

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Biden is a wrecking ball.

Head of major U.S. bank: Biden’s EV addiction could hurt national security

We cannot cede … to another country’

By: WND Staff, April 5, 2023:

The head of one of America’s largest financial institutions, Chase Bank, says the electric vehicle ideology being pursued by the Joe Biden administration could be dangerous.

In fact, according to Jamie Dimon, such moves could imperil national security.

In a report from Just the News, it explained how Dimon’s comments came in the company’s 2022 annual report.

The top Democrat Party donor says he has concerns about Biden’s agenda.

“China … and its economic muscle to dominate batteries, rare earths, semiconductors or EVs, could eventually imperil national security by disrupting our access to these products and materials,” Dimon explained in the company’s 2022 report.

“We cannot cede these important resources and capabilities to another country.”

The Biden administration and others have admitted the U.S. needs to move to a position of being less dependent on China’s battery and semiconductor industries.

But analysts point out independence on such issues remains “far away.”

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NOTE: James Dimon is an American billionaire businessman who has been the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase since 2005. Dimon was previously on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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