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CLIMATE HOAX: Biden’s EPA Has Paid Out $1 Billion Into Climate Grants This Year

By The Geller Report

It’s all one giant scam. The climate grift is the greatest political fraud in history.

Back in 1971, the great American political theorist, Ayn Rand, wrote in her book. “The Return of the Primitive” , “It has been reported in the press many times that the issue of ‘pollution’ is to be the next big crusade of the New Left activists, after the war in Vietnam peters out. And just as peace was not their goal or motive in that crusade, so clean air is not their goal or motive in this one.”


Biden’s EPA Has Paid Out $1 Billion Into Climate Grants This Year

By Liz Sheld, American Greatness, March 2, 2023

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced over $250 million in grants are available to fund plans for projects combating “climate pollution” on Wednesday, pushing the total number of climate grants announced this year to nearly $1 billion.

The funds include $3 million for every state, $1 million for each of the 67 most populated metropolitan areas and a total of $25 million to be distributed among Native American tribes, according to the EPA press release. The grants are among the first in President Joe Biden’s new $5 billion Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program, which was created by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

In total, the IRA allocated nearly $370 billion to fighting climate change. The act also includes, among other things, $80 million in additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service, $2o billion in incentives for farmers to not grow crops and $2.2 billion in reparations for black farmers.

“We know that tackling the climate crisis demands a sense of urgency to protect people and the planet,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan in a statement. “President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is a historic opportunity to provide communities across the country with the resources they need to protect people from harmful climate pollution and improve our economy. These Climate Pollution Reduction Grants are an important first step to equip communities with the resources to create innovative strategies that reduce climate emissions and drive benefits across the country.”

The first $250 million from EPA’s new Climate Pollution Reduction Grants is now available! Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, we are providing resources for states, local governments, Tribes, and territories to cut climate pollution and build clean energy economies.

— U.S. EPA (@EPA) March 1, 2023

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