The Injustice of Social Justice

In today’s understanding of “social justice”, it is axiomatic that differences in populations are attributed to race.  This is precisely the position held by such enlightened organizations as the Ku Klux Klan. People who are white are lumped together, regardless of socio-economic background or ethnic differences, and treated as a lump of humanity.  Likewise, are […]

America, Please Beware: A Toxic Theory of Race Relations in Our Schools

Most Americans were not aware when a toxic theory of race relations deeply embedded itself into our culture, especially our schools. Critical Race Theory (CRT) sounds like sophisticated academic reasoning, but it is not rooted in any science nor subjected to disciplined analysis. It is based on the assumption that white people are born with […]

The Real Threat to Your Guns is Not Just Rust and Politicians

The biggest threat to your fundamental right – your right to keep and bear arms – may not be what you’ve always feared. It may not be new laws. The risk may not even be from the two main political parties, though they both need constant watching, as Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers warned. […]

Prop 207: Written by the Marijuana Industry, for the Marijuana Industry

Prop 207 doesn’t simply decriminalize marijuana. That could have been done in a page or two. Marijuana sellers, instead, wrote 17-pages of changes to Arizona law, creating a lucrative recreational marijuana industry for themselves, at the cost of Arizonans. The sweeping changes in Prop 207 would impact current laws governing driving impairment, workplace safety, as well […]

The History of BLM Matters

Look. Let’s get this clear. Black Lives Matter as a civil rights slogan is perfect. Who could disagree? The phrase simply states what ought to be obvious to anyone who isn’t a racist. Matters grow more complicated when someone states “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter.” Quickly, one is marginalized and even attacked as […]

Profound Leftism and Indoctrination In Our Universities: Is There a Solution?

It’s become almost trite in our day to point out that colleges and universities are disproportionately left wing. Does anyone dispute it anymore? Universities are grossly intolerant of conservative viewpoints and Phoenix gets really hot in the summer. But that is precisely the danger. We’ve become so accustomed to knowing that faculty are radically unrepresentative […]

Critical Race Theory Critiqued

“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” Thomas Sowell Critical Theory is an umbrella term designating innumerable modes of revolutionary inquiry. The theories originated in the Frankfurt School and in Post-modernism. These may include critical race theory, critical psychiatry, critical literary theory, etc. The list proliferates. What they all have […]

Black Lives Matter Accused of Cultural Appropriation

The three Black women who founded Black Lives Matter have been accused of cultural appropriation by Professor E.Z. Pickens of Whatsamatter U near Boinksville, Pennsylvania. Professor Pickens pointed out that the founders of BLM have claimed to be trained Marxists. Professor Pickens explained that Karl Marx was German and Dutch, ethnically Jewish from a line […]

The Difference Between Intellectuals and Deplorables

Scene 1: A café patronized by college professors and other left-liberals in a neighborhood next to the University of Arizona in left-leaning Tucson, where my wife and I live. The media of choice among the patrons are the New York Times, PBS, and CNN. Scene 2: A café patronized by the working class and other […]