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Election 2024: The Heat is On

By Michael Infanzon

As summer descends upon Arizona, residents brace for the sweltering heat that defines this time of year. Temperatures soar well above 110 degrees, creating a landscape where air conditioning is not just a luxury but a necessity. The excessive heat warnings this week are a stark reminder of the desert climate’s unforgiving nature. However, this year, the rising temperatures coincide with another kind of heat—the intensifying political landscape as we approach the primaries on July 30th.

Rising Temperatures: A Phoenix Summer Tradition

Phoenix, known for its blistering summers, is experiencing another wave of extreme heat. According to the National Weather Service, excessive heat warnings have been issued across the region, with temperatures expected to reach record highs. These warnings are more than just a routine advisory; they are critical alerts to safeguard the health and well-being of the community.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It is essential for residents to take preventive measures, including staying hydrated, avoiding strenuous outdoor activities during peak hours, and checking on vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and those without access to air conditioning.

Political Climate: The Election Cycle Heats Up

As the mercury rises, so does the political fervor across the state. With the primaries scheduled for July 30th, the election cycle is in full swing. Candidates are ramping up their campaigns, vying for the attention and votes of the electorate. This election season is particularly crucial as it sets the stage for the general elections later in the year.

The primaries are a vital part of the democratic process, providing voters with the opportunity to select the candidates who will represent their parties in the general election. This year’s primaries are especially heated, with numerous high-stakes races that could shape the future of local, state and federal government.

The Importance of Voter Registration

Amidst the political excitement, it is imperative for citizens to ensure they are registered to vote. Voter registration is the first step in participating in the democratic process. Without it, you forfeit your right to have a say in the leadership and direction of your community.

If you are already registered, it’s crucial to verify that your registration is up to date, especially if you have moved recently. Ensuring your registration reflects your current address will prevent any issues on election day and guarantee your vote counts. The Arizona Secretary of State’s website offers an easy-to-use tool to check your voter registration status and update it if necessary.

Researching the Candidates

Informed voting is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. With numerous candidates running for various positions, it is essential to research and understand their platforms, policies, and track records. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

1. Visit Official Campaign Websites: Candidates’ official websites provide comprehensive information about their platforms, policy priorities, and personal backgrounds.

2. Follow Local News Outlets: Local newspapers and news stations often cover candidate debates, interviews, and campaign events, offering valuable insights into their positions and performance.

3. Attend Town Halls and Debates: Many candidates host town halls and participate in debates, providing a platform for voters to ask questions and hear directly from the candidates.

4. Review Voting Records: For incumbent candidates, reviewing their voting records can offer a clear picture of their legislative priorities and effectiveness.

5. Engage with Civic Organizations: Organizations such as ABATE of Arizona, Arizona Citizens Defense League, and the League of Women Voters provide nonpartisan information and resources about candidates and issues on the ballot including scorecards on voting records.

As Phoenix endures another scorching summer, the heat is not just a physical phenomenon but also a metaphor for the intensifying political climate. With the primaries on the horizon, now is the time to ensure you are registered to vote and to educate yourself about the candidates. Your vote is your voice, and staying informed and engaged is crucial for the health of our democracy.

Take the time to register, research, and get ready to cast your vote on July 30th. The heat is on, Phoenix—both outside and in the political arena. Let’s make sure we’re prepared for both.


Michael Infanzon is a political and government policy contributor at The Prickly Pear.

Michael writes about government policies that affect millions of Americans, from their introduction in the legislature to their implementation and how policies impact our everyday freedoms.

He is the Managing Partner for EPIC Policy Group, located in Phoenix, AZ. EPIC has clients ranging from motorcycle rights organizations, firearms organizations, 2A rights organizations, veterans advocacy, and chambers of commerce to agricultural products and personal freedoms, among other policy issues.

You can follow Michael on X/Twitter (@infanzon) and email him at minfanzon@epicpolicygroup.com.


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