EXCLUSIVE: Fired for Refusing Flu Vaccination

This email I received from a Geller Report reader shows how totalitarian the system already is, and with Covid it’s rapidly getting worse.

Hello Pamela,

My name is Lisa Amorosi. I was a 27 year Veteran at my local hospital (Glens Falls Hospital) in Glens Falls, NY. I started there in 1993, and was Terminated December 1,2020 after they changed Policy in 2020 mandating every employee receive a flu vaccination and stating that the only exception would be a NYS medical exemption letter from our own Doctors. As I and many others like myself had medical reasons and documentation why this vaccine was not for our medical highest good, we obtained the required NYS Medical exemption formed signed by our doctors.

The Hospital Center of Occupational Health then denied these letters over ruling our doctors exemptions. We were told that we had until December 1,2020 to get the shot or resign.  I advised them that I would do neither. They then bullied and harassed us by not only threatening us by us loosing our jobs, they expected us to choose our job over our own health??? This is a health facility that is no longer concerned about individual health??? What? They are now in the wrong business!

About 5 years ago, NYS passed a law that would now mandate (never before) any health care worker to wear a mask once the CDC “deemed” it official flu season unless they chose to get the flu shot then no mask would be required. There are basically 4 kinds people prior to this mandate –

1- didn’t get them for medical reasons
2- didn’t for personal reasons
3- didn’t for Religious reasons
4- could careless either way (but now got the flu vax because they didn’t want to wear a mask)

So for the past 5 years I choose not to get the flu vax due to 3 different years in past of trying it and I had compromising health quality of life for 8-10 months out of the year all 3 years I had received this flu vax.

So myself and others that chose not to get the flu shot for whatever reason have been wearing the mask for about 6 months out of the year for past 5 years.  But this year (2020) we were all in masks 😷 anyway, hence the policy change? What? Now the masks do not work for flu? This is now about money flo and  kick back! Saratoga Hospital (in NY) and Glens Falls Hospital (GFH) are partnered with Albany Medical center (in NY). Saratoga has been since 2011 ish but GFH only 2020.

Per Albany medical staff that hospital has mandated the flu vax for years or termination (I did not know this until this until after my termination) but Saratoga Hospital along with GFH adopted this policy 2020 as per pressure from Albany Med. but Albany Med. denies this.

Either way, to my point this is not only unethical for a health care not to care about individual health. It is now discrimination. As I and others like me can no longer work at any of these places. Not to mention what a HIPPA violation on our medical information it was that for years due to having to wear a different color sticker on our badges to signify who had the flu shot and who didn’t (because the mask wasn’t obvious enough) but we didn’t even realize what was happening with this segregation until this “plandemic”

And now I can’t unsee it! People need to wake up and know what is really going on! The local news (Post Star of Glens falls) had my story on front page but like most media these days they didn’t report the real story of the Facility Denying our medical exemptions.  They reported me getting fired over the flu shot after 27 years employment and how it was before Christmas so they made me out like Tiny Tim and the Cratchit aboys.

Yes the hospital made us go to an allergist (Worked for partner Saratoga Hospital) and Basically if you didn’t have anaphylactic shock right out of gate.. you were not qualified for exemption.. I was told “I didn’t fit in the box” because my symptoms lasted all year so there was no test for me. They would not give me an exemption even though they believed me and said “I didn’t fit in the box”.  I was offered the flu shot by my employer in several smaller doses?? What aren’t they  getting? My health matters , I am the one taking care of me and my boys! I was told “do your part by keeping the community safe”. I am the community and “doing your part” comes in many different forms it’s not a one size fits all. I did what I needed to do for my own health so I could continue to serve the community.  I got let go because I had to honor my truth and my well being. I am still unemployed and sadly the Medical field has now discriminated where myself and others like me can work based on a flu shot and our own medical needs. The medical field is no longer in it for medical reasons and peoples individual health. It has gone Dark for money, power and greed!

This is NOT acceptable and the Truth NEEDS TO BE TOLD!!

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