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Gun Rights: The Death of a Thousand Cuts

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

Joe Biden played fast and loose with the truth about guns after the tragedy in Nashville this week.

We’ll get to that but, first, a little refresher on why we have the Second Amendment.  It’s not for personal protection.  It’s so that We The People can resist a rogue tyrannical government.  The Founders knew even then how often governments become tyrannical and turn on their own people.  Moreover, under our system, we are considered to be born with individual rights, including the right to bear arms, and no further explanation or apology is necessary.

Biden said AR-15s are “weapons of war”.  This implies AR-15s are fully automatic weapons, which they are not.  AR-15s are not fully automatic assault rifles, despite their looks.  Biden also claimed, “You’re not allowed to own a machine gun.”  That’s not true.  You can own a machine gun – a fully automatic weapon – if you’re at least 21, a legal resident of the U.S., eligible to purchase a firearm, pass an 8-10 month background check, pay the $200 transfer tax, and are not otherwise a “prohibited person”.

Biden made these claims in the service of more gun control, as if taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is going to accomplish anything.  These arguments come out every time there’s a tragedy, but the gun grabbers in the government are becoming increasingly brazen.  They’re assaulting gun rights in ways that would have been unthinkable even five years ago.

Joe Biden went around Congress and directed the Attorney General to take the U.S. as “close as possible” to universal background checks without legislation.

The ATF adopted a “zero tolerance” policy against gun stores that violate federal firearm licensing requirements, meaning licenses can now be taken away for minor infractions even without a prior history of violations.  Sixteen ATF agents swooped down on a gun store in Georgia for a surprise inspection, but left after learning a member of Congress was watching.

The ATF recently expanded the gun registry by administratively declaring pistol owners who add stabilizing braces must register.

The ATF is also using income data to conduct warrantless tracking of gun purchasers with low income who, the bureau figures, should not be able to afford to buy guns.

The FBI massively underreported the number of active shooting incidents ended by good guys with guns.

Congressional Democrats introduced legislation that would further restrict the sale of ammunition and require sellers to report purchases in some instances.

A Maryland bill would require embedded trackers in some guns sold in the state.

New York passed a law last year requiring gun owners who apply for a concealed carry permit to submit their social media history to the state.

That’s a lot of hostility to gun rights, but the gun grabbers aren’t done.  Did you ever hear them say ‘we promise to stop after this – this far and no farther’?  Of course not.  They want ALL our freedom, so I’m not willing to give them ANY of it.  Don’t doubt me when I say they want all our freedom.  Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers union, just called for a complete ban on guns.

So the gun grabbers have put me in the position of saying ‘no compromises’ because I know their incessant demands are never going to stop.  They’re already showing the kind of tyrannical tendencies the Second Amendment is intended to deter.  Even if you don’t like guns, the forces of liberty must band together to stop the gun grabbers from taking any more of our freedom.

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