HORROR VIDEO: 65 year-old Texas woman tackled and arrested for not wearing mask

This is the worst thing I’ve seen.

She did nothing wrong. And the maskless cop at the end, that was too much. That was just the icing on the cake. If it was fiction, I would say you’re overdoing it, we get the point.

The Nazis used sickness to impose their politics, too. The Third Reich did the same thing – using tuberculosis instead of COVID-19.

One small point, the idea that banks are “private” businesses is contemptuous of the American public, considering the trillions of American taxpayer dollars that the banks receive. QE1, QE2, etc. etc.

The Democrat party is the enemy.

65 Year Old Woman Tackled, Arrested For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott Lifted Mandate

By: Citizen Free Press, March 16, 2021

The mask mandate was lifted statewide on March 10, but the very next day a 65-year old woman was tackled to the ground by police after being told by a Galveston Bank of America branch to mask up.

She later recounted in an interview with FOX Houston that she was there to close her account, and that she couldn’t enter the drive-thru. “Ma’am you have to leave…,” the bank staff told her upon entering. “I just want to close my account, I’m gonna get my money and then I’ll leave. I can’t use the drive-thru, I’m pulling the rig.”

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