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Impeachable Offenses at the Border

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

It’s been widely reported border agents have apprehended a record 2.3 million illegal aliens at the southern border in the last 12 months.  What has not received nearly as much attention is the fact that 20 known or suspected terrorists were arrested at the southern border last month, bringing the total for the fiscal year to 98.  This is four times the number for the last five years COMBINED.  Houston, we have a problem.  In addition, over 25,000 special interest aliens with possible ties to terrorism were encountered at the border this fiscal year, more than half of them from the Islamic Republic of Turkey.  What’s up with that?

Recent stories in the news also confirm the familiar litany of other problems with Joe Biden’s open border policies, starting with fentanyl pouring into the United States.  Enough fentanyl to kill 36 million Americans was confiscated around the country from May to September.  Some 12,000 fentanyl pills were seized at the Los Angeles airport last week.  Not only do the Democrats not care, they blocked a bill last month that would have upgraded the penalties for selling fentanyl.  Another reason not to vote Democrat in the election.

Meanwhile, dead bodies are piling up at the border, literally.  Texas sheriffs are having to use mobile makeshift morgues to handle the record number of illegal aliens dropping dead at the border.  The situation is so bad in one Texas town, the funeral homes and local mortuaries are no longer taking in dead bodies.  They’re simply being buried in the local cemetery without being identified.  I guess that’s what Biden immigration officials mean by prioritizing ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’.  If you come here illegally and die, we’ll still include you in our cemeteries.

Just as cynical is the administration’s handling of unaccompanied alien children.  A record 130,000 entered the government shelter system this fiscal year.  But an Inspector General report last month blasted the administration for improper care and for releasing children to sponsors who have not been properly screened for child sex offenses.  Democrats must not care if children are released to unsafe sponsors and are put at risk for sex trafficking, because no Democrat has spoken out against it.

Another consequence of Joe Biden’s border policies is the empowerment of the cartels.  Migrant smuggling is now a $20 billion enterprise. Twenty billion will buy a lot of weaponry and bureaucrats.

The Biden administration isn’t defending any of this.  Instead, they’re trying to hide it from the American public.   But why hide it?  If you’re proud of your policies, you should want to tell the world.  Tell the world how you pressured the mayor of El Paso not to declare a state of emergency over the border crisis because it would make you look bad.  Tell the world how you are sending military personnel to the border to cook, sweep floors, and fill out paperwork.  Like the ad says, be all you can be.

And tell the world how you continue to change policies to promote more illegal immigration.  I’ve already documented dozens of policy changes in previous commentaries.  Here are the latest:  It is now policy to open gates locked by the Texas National Guard so more illegal aliens can enter.   It is policy to tell border states that put up their own barriers to illegal entry they are guilty of “trespass against the United States” and pressure states to remove them.  And it is now policy to spend tens of millions of dollars on legal services to help illegal aliens avoid deportation and stay in the U.S. permanently.

The border has become an issue in the elections.  People don’t trust the Democrats on border issues and wish Republicans were in charge.  The nation has immigration laws, but Democrat Joe Biden and his open borders cronies have thrown them in the trash.  Joe Biden is running a criminal enterprise, as far as I’m concerned, and he and his border officials really should be impeached for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws as they have sworn to do.  Shame on Kevin McCarthy for taking impeachment of Biden off the table.  Now McCarthy can’t even use the threat of impeachment as a bargaining chip to get something else.  What a dummy.  Like they say, Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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