Ivermectin Therapy Suppressed by WHO and Censored Online

Back in the 1970s, the Union of Concerned Scientists, along with scores of other influential left-leaning groups, were in genuine opposition to corporate special interests. That was then. Today the global Left and multi-national corporations are in perfect political alignment.

But back then, as recently described by Dr. Pierre Kory of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, the “disinformation playbook” employed by corporations consisted of the following tactics:

  1. The Fake – Conduct counterfeit science and try to pass it off as legitimate research.
  2. The Blitz – Harass scientists who speak out with results reviews inconvenient for industry.
  3. The Diversion – Manufacture uncertainty about science where little or none exists.
  4. The Screen – Buy credibility through alliances with academia or professional societies.
  5. The Fix – Manipulate government officials or processes to influence policy inappropriately.

In an interview posted on YouTube – which was quickly removed by YouTube – now accessible on BitChute, Dr. Kory, as quoted in the alternative news source World Tribune, “describes how the five tactics have been deployed against the scientific findings on ivermectin. One example is the corruption of leading medical journals, whose editors refuse to allow ivermectin studies to advance to peer review. The most egregious institutional participant, however, is the WHO.”

Kory’s accusations are denied a hearing on any mainstream media platform. For this reason alone they must be taken seriously. His allegation? “The real problem with the drug [Ivermectin], is that in addition to being effective, safe, and easily available, it is very cheap. Ivermectin costs only a few dollars per dose. This pits the drug against financial interests of over 100 billions of dollars to be made from vaccines.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been impossible to get reliable data on the effectiveness of therapies. To the extent there is reliable data on Ivermectin, it has been suppressed. But even without data, and even without a background in medicine, it is compelling to wonder – what would have happened if the hundreds of billions that have been poured into vaccines had instead been used to research and deploy early stage treatments?

Thanks to “gain of function” research, and suppression of treatment options, we now face a world where mandatory vaccines, which will have to be “boosted” with annual shots. Over time, this will pour trillions into the treasuries of the pharmaceutical corporations, and bestow previously unthinkable police powers to national governments.

Or we may hope. Will the efficacy of Ivermectin be the next thing that Facebook stops censoring? And if so, will everyone that took the experimental vaccines suddenly not need them, since what they were protecting themselves against is curable? Don’t hold your breath. If COVID-19 therapies became popular, trillions in profits and tyrannical new powers would be in jeopardy.

Until the media platforms, most assuredly including the search and video monopoly Google and the social media monopoly Facebook, start to permit open discourse on this topic, we must consider the possibility that we are victims of what might well be the biggest betrayal of a population by its economic elites in the history of the world.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Ivermectin was mentioned as an inexpensive treatment for COVID over and over at the recent Health and Freedom conference we attended at the Rivier Church in Tampa attended by over 10,000 patriots – very exciting information put out.

    Don’t trust any of the vaccines – look up the bad stuff in them like “Spike Proteins” and SM 102 which can cause the immune system of a person to go berserk and also feed information to a central source in order to control people, etc. etc.

    We have been lied to over and over by Obama 3 sycophants like Fouci, Bill Gates, the media, etc. regarding the Chinese Communist Party Virus COVID 19.

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