Kamala Found!

I hope today finds you well, overseeing all the news, that is fit to print over at The NY Times.   The news seems to be nonstop these days with human dynamo Joey at the helm.  Successful policy, after successful policy by Ole Joe and his crackerjack crew…..well, maybe successful isn’t exactly the right word.


If you listen to the radical right, their description is a little bit different.  Let’s see, they refer to the first 8 months of the Harris/Talibiden administration as an unadulterated, abysmal failure.  Each failed decision trumping (sorry) the previous decision, with greater ineptitude.  The right says this almost seems like the destruction of our country and values is being done either by design or gross incompetence.  Leave it to Joey to keep us guessing, that rascal!


But, let’s get on to some good news, shall we Deano?  It seems that that elusive installed VP, Kamala Harris has been spotted.  Thank heavens, as I was starting to get worried when I saw her picture on all those milk containers, and was getting concerned.  It seems she was spotted out in California campaigning for that all star of the Democratic Party Gavin Newsom.

Amazing isn’t it Deano, where does she find the time?   With 200,000 illegal aliens streaming in monthly at the Southern border, where incidentally Heels Harris is the border czar, to the absolute catastrophic quagmire worsening day by day in Afghanistan, she was basically nowhere in sight.  It is almost like when there is a legitimate crisis, she magically disappears, a regular Houdini.   Like when she had to make that imperative, ground breaking trip to Vietnam, that accomplished………..well, um, President Trump is a racist.  The right asks where is this empty pantsuit? She is usually right there standing behind Joey like the grim reaper.  They are saying her gross incompetence makes Billy Deblasio look good…….and believe me Deano, that is very hard to do.


Well, I’m sure she will do wonders for Gavin.  Maybe she could be a monitor, and oversee the mail in ballot count….you know make sure there is no fraud? Maybe, he could call in Auntie Pelosi to lend a hand, unless she has a hair dye appointment, touching up those Gray roots or Happy Hour that day; what  a beautiful soul she is.   I wouldn’t put it past the right to try and manipulate that mail in process, sheesh.  Well hopefully seeing the great job Gavin has done so far out there he is a cinch to win. Why, just look at San Francisco, and all the free campsites lining the streets.  Or, take a spin to wine country after filling up with $4.50 a gallon gas.  Mask and school mandates, unless of course you are dining out during the height of the plandemic, like good Ole Gavin.  A poverty rate of over 17%, homicide rates skyrocketing year after year, affordable housing non-existent, forest fire management (better skip this one), a tad of a homeless problem, well then that explains it, …..President Trump is a racist.


Speaking of the Governor run off in California, did you happen to see Larry Elder on the campaign trail the other day Deano?  Well it seems that a protester threw an egg at Larry as he was walking down the street, narrowly missing him.  This upstanding citizen in a gorilla mask then took a swipe at one of those in Larry’s entourage.  Wearing the mask and menacing, very KKK like, eh Deano?  You could even make a claim that this was a racist attack.  Here is the funny part Deano old sport, there wasn’t any mention of this in your award winning tabloid, The New York Times, where you are the executive editor.  For that matter, I didn’t see any coverage on that other trustworthy news outlet, CNN, maybe the unbiased Rachel Maddow on MSNBC covered the story?

You see, I would venture to say, that if this were to happen to the lovely Maxine Waters, Heels Harris or perhaps, dare we say, Barack Hussein, the coverage would have been much different.  Wouldn’t you agree Deano?  I would imagine this as front page news and 24/7 coverage on CNN.  I could see Fredo, sorry I mean Chris Cuomo and the unbiased Donnie Lemon screaming of violated civil rights.  Hollywood would be out in droves, Tommy Hanks, Stevie Spielberg, Meryl Streep (she of “Harvey Winestein is a God”, fame), the ever even-keeled Bobby De Niro, speaking out against these racists.

But not a peep, in regards to Larry Elder though.  Makes you almost think that these “news” outlets and celebrities have a ridiculous double standard and reek of hypocrisy, and tow a strict party line.  I know that sounds crazy, it’s almost like saying, Joey Talibiden is a pathological liar………well maybe that is not the best example, scratch that.


I want to congratulate you personally Deano.  You barely have any print dedicated to Joey’s Afghanistan debacle. Less than 2 weeks after Joey sacrificed 13 American heroes and abandoned Americans and refugees .  That’s right Jen Goebbels Psaki…..abandoned!  Well done Deano, right up there with CNN. Always deflect, don’t hold your party accountable, yeah, that’s the ticket.

We have to really focus on Covid, now more than ever.  This narrative needs to go all out, to shall we say 11/8/22 for instance, just a random date.  I say shut down businesses again, get the kids back to remote learning, more stimulus checks, and MOST importantly we need mail in ballots.  Forget the Southern Border catastrophe, Joey’s Afghanistan debacle, run away inflation, crime ridden cities………..focus, focus on the real issue, toddlers in masks!  The science, you must respect the science…….unless you’re at Barack Hussein’s birthday bash or Ole Nancy’s garden parties.


Maybe after the  DOJ  gets done suing Georgia and their racist voting requirements, (like having a valid ID, crazy, I know)….the nerve, or get done suing Texas and their abortion laws, we can get back to examining Larry Elders civil rights violations.  It’s funny, it’s like almost any conservative states that pass laws that don’t line up with the administration’s liberal views, they end up getting sued by the federal government. Sounds a little like the media, social networking, Hollywood, etc, being an arm or rather a tentacle of the left.  Sue all conservative’s I say, just to be on the safe side.  It is almost like the Harris administration is directing the DOJ.  That can’t be right, can it Deano?

This is akin to the amount of attention the FBI is giving the Capitol inconvenience  (Jen Propaganda Psaki trick), versus the voter fraud claims, which is almost comical. I know they can’t be working with the liberal progressive administration, that would be corrupt. Maybe, they could get the Cracker Jack FBI officers who worked on the Whitey Bulger case to work on the voter fraud? When are they due out of jail anyway?

Well, as usual your journalistic integrity is beyond reproach Deano.  The example you set for our children is immeasurable.  I just hope the kids can appreciate it through their double masks and virtual learning.

Remember stay away from the Larry Elder coverage, as you enjoy your plush estate out in the non diverse hamlet of Larchmont California.  I bet no one’s throwing eggs out there, eh Deano?

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