Lin Wood’s #FightBack Blocked from Facebook and Twitter

Every time you view a post on Facebook or Twitter with a “warning” message of any kind, know you are living through times that we watched with horror happen in other nations, but now are witnessing right here.
And then there are the accounts that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, along with crowdfunding sites and payment processors, simply cancel. This is the reason the Winston84 directory exists. Our mission is to report on the new platforms arising to cope with censorship, and provide profiles of banned content providers that show where they can still be found.
When finding people to add to Winston84, we error on the side of inclusion. But there should be no controversy whatsoever with respect to Lin Wood and his #FightBack Foundation. Wood is a respected attorney whose clients have included Nicholas Sandmann, Carter Page, Dr. Simone Gold, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Mike Lindell, and many, many others. If you view his website, you find nothing remotely hyperbolic or offensive.
But nonetheless when you click on his Facebook account you get a message “This Page Isn’t Available,” and when you click on his Twitter account, at least as of 12/12/2020, you get a message “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted.” Even his Parler account, inexplicably, will not load. If that’s deliberate, bad move.
On all our profiles, we leave in place the deplatformed links so viewers can see the extent of the censorship. And it is getting worse, systematically. There is no reason whatsoever that Lin Wood should be getting deplatformed.
When the internet began it enabled unprecedented ability for content creators to inexpensively reach millions of people. A little over a decade later, social media’s capacity for viral proliferation of information online took that ability to an even more unprecedented level. And then the clampdown began. Today, big tech is coopted by establishment media and corrupt special interests within the federal government. There are things they don’t want us to know, and they’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle.
The good news is they’ll never succeed in lulling literally hundreds of millions of Americans back to sleep. Their actions during the pandemic and during the presidential election have not denied, but increased the credibility of those who have been warning for years about online censorship.
Additional good news is the fact that censorship by the big platforms is stimulating rapid innovation in online communications. The information war has just begun.
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