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List of Equipment/Munitions Biden Sent to Ukraine That Will Take Between 3 to 18 Years to Replace

By Royal A. Brown III

Reference the telling table below – there is no way the occupant of the White House and his WOKE Department of Defense including Secretary of Defense Austin and Chair, of the Joint Chief’s Staff Milley can justify depleting our own warfighting capabilities for 5 years or more by sending all these munitions and equipment to Ukraine.

NOTE:  This chart does not include the 33 M-1 Abrams tanks (cost $400M); 100 brand new tank transporters and now Patriot surface to air missiles being sent to Ukraine.


Table 1: Inventory Replacement Times for Key Systems

Now for some Questions and my Answers:

  1. Will the Ukrainians maintain all this complicated equipment ?   Answer: NO – they don’t have the capability so US contractors will do so at great expense to US taxpayers.
  2. What happens if any of this equipment lands in hands of Russians?  Answer: Russian and China will reverse engineer and copy them taking away our technological edges..
  3. Does this negatively impact our own defense needs?  Answer: Obviously sending this equipment reduces our own warfighting capabilities. This equipment costs billions in addition to the $100 M in cash sent to Zelinskyy and must also be reducing the warfighting capabilities of our own military.
  4. How long before U.S. boots are on the ground?  Answer: Probably not long. Some are already there in advisory roles – you can bet CIA and mercenaries are there, others like the U.S. 101st Airborne Division are staging in Poland.
  5. Will all this support along with $100B+ in cash ensure the Russians will quit and go home?  Answer:  NO – their Black Sea Fleet is located at Ukrainian ports and they aren’t going to give up Crimea which they invaded and occupied back in early 2014.
  6. Could this war lead to further escalation including possible use of nuclear weapons?  Answer:  YES – Ukraine also had thousands of nuclear weapons and probably still have some suitcase nuclear weapons there was little accountability when Ukraine broke away from old USSR.
  7. Do we have accountability process in place to ensure this $ and equipment all go to help Ukraine military and people and not go into pockets of corrupt Ukrainian Oligarchs?  Answer:  NO  – how much of this money will end up in the off shore or Swiss bank accounts of Ukrainian oligarchs?
  8. Has all this fueled the rampant Inflation and rising prices in the U.S.?  Answer:   YES
  9. Do we know what US National Security Interests are at stake in Ukraine?  Answer:  NO – sure as hell isn’t that if we don’t stop Russia in Crimea it will lead to China attacking Taiwan. This is mixing golf balls and grapefruits. For one thing, Ukraine’s allies are feckless NATO and the European Union who depend on the U.S. for their defense, whereas Taiwan has not only the U.S. but well armed and trained forces of Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, Indonesia, Australia etc. on its side. Those worried about this contingency should be supporting shipment of the equipment in table above to Taiwan not Ukraine.
  10. The Obama/Biden regime were in power in 2014 when the Russians first invaded Crimea what did they do about it?  Answer: Nothing except sanctions which didn’t hurt Russia which kept supplying Germany and much of rest of Europe with their energy needs (e.g. natural gas) and this hasn’t stopped.
  11. Are the Russians and Putin bad people interested in restoring old Soviet Union brand of Communism?  Answer:  Yes, BUT what is NATO and EU going to do about it ?  What red line in the sand did the Obama/Biden regime draw when the Russians invaded Crimea in early 2014?
  12. Did the Russians offer a ceasefire in trade for Ukraine not pushing to enter NATO?  Answer:  YES but Zelensky would have no part of it thus the war escalated. Zelensky is not a man of peace as he tries to convey.
  13. Are these same people in Obama 3/Biden Admin like WOKE SOD Austin and Chair of Joint Chiefs Milley as concerned about defending the US southern border from invasion by illegal aliens and cartels as they are about defending Ukraine?  Answer: Not only NO but Hell NO!

I’m sure you can come up with other questions about this debacle.  If your answers are different, I’d like to hear them.

Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.