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Mass Hysteria Driving the EV Phenomenon

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

Domino’s Pizza is rolling out hundreds of electric delivery vehicles. Cool! Or maybe not. Listen to this:

There was just another story in the news about an all electric vehicle (EV) spontaneously bursting into flames. This one was in California and it took 6,000 gallons of water to put it out.

Even the Left is finally catching on to the environmental consequences of transitioning everything to electric vehicles.  A story in The Guardian talked about water shortages, land grabs victimizing indigenous peoples, and destructive expansions of mining to feed the EV beast.  The facts are right, but The Guardian’s conclusion is all wrong: it’s all your fault and you’ll just have to drive less to make the transition your masters have ordered work.

The vehicle fires and the problems with environmental sustainability are fairly well known at this point, but there are other problems with our government pushing us into EVs that have not received nearly enough attention.

The charging technology just isn’t there.  It takes five days to charge an electric Hummer at home.

When you need a replacement battery, you just might be told to wait four years.

Electric cars are heavier and could cause parking garages, designed for lighter vehicles, to collapse.

EVs are not up to tough jobs.  New York City found electric garbage trucks only last four hours on the street when doubling as snow plows, making them unworkable.  The U.S. Forest Service is transitioning to EVs, but a critic said “they’re still built for highways and nowhere near capable of operating in extreme temperatures, navigating uneven terrain, towing heavy loads, or fulfilling any of the Forest Service’s other numerous responsibilities.”

The economics aren’t working out as expected.  Start-ups find they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every time they sell an EV, due to climbing raw material and production costs.  Charging an EV in Norway is twice as expensive as filling a gas tank because electricity prices have risen so much.  Switzerland is considering intermittent bans on recharging EVs and lower speed limits because there’s just not enough electricity to go around.  EV production in Britain is falling because consumers are balking at the high price tag.  If the U.S. transitions completely to EVs, lower income people will be left behind.

There are less than 20 million EVs in the world right now.  If you increase that 25 times to 500 million, world consumption of oil would only fall by 10 percent.  That’s because most of the oil is used by airplanes, big trucks, and mining equipment.  Even if countries reach their EV goals by 2030, the temperature would only go down 0.0002 degrees under the United Nations climate model.

I’m all for new technology, but here’s what bothers me:  policymakers, many of whom personally have green energy investments, have gotten the public to romanticize EVs and to buy into the hysteria that we have to completely transition to EVs or the planet will burn up.  The policymakers have to know it’s all a bunch of malarkey as I’ve shown here today.  So why are they doing it?

The answer, as I’ve said in many previous commentaries, is ‘follow the money’.

Their wallets grow fatter when you turn off your brain and follow them blindly.

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