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Media Attack Florida’s Surgeon General for Defying Science but the ‘Pharmacology of Vaccines is Deceptive’

By Dr. Richard Ruhling, MD

“The Washington Post and media in general know their bread is buttered by pharma but some sources say pharma and its industry professionals offer deceptive benefit for symptoms with adverse reaction risk.” — Dr. Richard Ruhling, MD, board-certified in Internal Medicine.

In contrast to ‘authorities’ who make a living in that industry Ruhling says people should know both sides and let parents decide what’s best for their child, as Dr. Ladapo said.

My background includes a Master’s degree in Public Health and a course in Epidemiology that most MD’s do not get.

For example, epidemiology looks as people who don’t get a disease like autism and populations that do get it—tiny babies that get so many shots. Japan waits a year and they have less. It’s not the vaccine, but the mercury that’s added to multi-dose vials as a preservative. Mercury is a neurotoxin and its symptoms can cause symptoms of autism that has become an epidemic in most of the U.S., but not in Quaker or Mennonites who don’t vaccinate.

I and my wife had a couple kids and adopted four more. None of them had any vaccinations and they all grew up healthy with one daughter featured on the cover of a health and fitness magazine.

The former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Marcia Angell, MD, wrote The Truth About the Drug Companies—How They Deceive UsIt’s a book title that sounds so much like the apocalyptic warning from the Bible where pharmakeia (Greek word in Rev 18:23) “deceives all nations” but it’s badly translated sorcery.

I think Florida gets negative press on this issue because of DeSantis’ stand against the covid shot, and in retrospect, evidence is mounting that supports DeSantis. In January, Cambridge University reported 25% of folks who got a shot for covid now have VAIDSVaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

This is further explained by the FDA post that media never reported—maybe Biden’$1 Billion to promote the shot was a factor, but those who got the shot have higher risk for dozens of health problems suggested by the FDA—Readers can check this out on page 16

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