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New CFACT YouTube Series ‘Capitol Pink’ Exposes Free Speech Fight on Florida’s International University Campus

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow

CFACT is launching a new YouTube video series aimed at exposing the assault on free speech that right of center students face on their college campuses every day.

The program is called “Capitol Pink.” It is hosted by Shakira Jackson who is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and former CFACT Collegians activist. Her spunky, “take no prisoners” approach at tackling the censorship and political bias of those on the Left, particularly on America’s college campuses, is a breath of fresh air.

Watch Capitol Pink E1: What’s the Fuss about Florida Free Speech.

On the first episode of CFACT’s new YouTube series, Capitol Pink, CFACT’s Shakira Jackson sits down with Florida International University student Cristen Lameira to discuss her fights with campus administrations in starting conservative clubs and standing for free speech.

Lameira explains her struggles to try to get professors willing to stand up as public advisers to conservative clubs, and gives her advice to current students on how to effectively advocate for the rights of all students.

Capitol Pink is the video series that focus on free speech, censorship, technology, energy, environment, and much more. Tune in every few weeks to get the fresh take on these issues from CFACT activist and researcher Shakira Jackson.

The series is largely aimed at young adults and those attending college. However, the program will certainly be of interest to those of all ages. In addition to free speech, Capitol Pink will focus on important issues like technology, public policy, energy, environment, and more.

The Left and the media like to paint the picture that all young people walk in lockstep with the woke agenda. CFACT prides itself in exposing this charade as being flat out wrong. That’s why CFACT started its one-of-a-kind national Collegians program, and it’s why CFACT is sponsoring this new Capitol Pink video series.

It’s time for the public hear from a bright, young, articulate woman that isn’t beholden to the left-wing agenda. It’s time for there to be a forum for young people to speak out on the important issues of the day, without fear of being bullied as “politically incorrect.”

Take a look at the first episode of Capitol Pink, share it with a friend, and let’s start putting pressure on left wing administrators that stifle the rights of students in America.

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