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Ohio State Senator Calls for Incompetent Buttigieg to Resign

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In an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, Ohio State Senator Michael Rulli (R) said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg “needs to resign right now” over the train derailment in East Palestine.

“Buttigieg needs to resign right now. He is an embarrassment. He is incompetent, and he is actually getting people hurt by holding that position,” Rulli said. “The people in Congress, we need to impeach him. And it needs to happen right now.”

Referring to the diversity hire Buttigieg’s comments last week that there are roughly 1,000 train derailments each year, Rulli added that Buttigieg “had the gall to tell my people that he has 1,000 train accidents, and that this isn’t that bad. It is that bad.”

“[Buttigieg] doesn’t even understand, in that town, it’s half and half. You got half Democrats, you got half Republicans,” Rulli added. “They’re going to punish my people because they just think that we’re all Trump, and that’s it. That’s what they’re doing here.”

Pete Buttigieg

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Buttigieg on Capitalism & Socialism

In March 2019 Buttigieg told MSNBC that he thinks of himself as a capitalist but believes the system should be changed. Specifically, he stated that big business is a threat: “The biggest problem with capitalism right now is the way it’s become intertwined with power and is eroding our democracy.” Buttigieg was less critical of socialism, telling the network that socialism “is a word in American politics that has basically lost all meaning” and “has been used as a kill switch to stop an idea from being talked about.”

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