Oklahoma Imam Imad Enchassi: Liar and Anti-Semite

Imam Imad Enchassi, the current imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (my former mosque), has been in the news recently for being likely the first Muslim to give the opening prayer of the Oklahoma state senate, calling for “justice” in “Palestine,” and for getting very emotional over receiving money from a local Jewish woman to help a family in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Enchassi is quite the character. He is also a very good liar. Enchassi has actually claimed to have a certificate of Apostolic Succession! Real trustworthy guy.

Enchassi has worked very hard, like Imam Suhaib Webb before him, to present himself to the media and other unbelievers as a moderate, a peacenik, and a promoter of “social justice.”

However, like Suhaib Webb, Enchassi eventually let the mask slip.

When I was approached by law enforcement in the fall of 2006 about attending the mosque I had walked away from in March 2003, I agreed, feeling it was a duty and necessity to help expose some of the, shall we say, less peaceful messages coming from the mosque.

The first thing I noticed was that Imad Enchassi was now the imam. I found that odd, as he was the manager of a Furr’s restaurant while I was a Muslim, and now he was leading the mosque. One Friday, as I was attending the Jummah prayer, Enchassi gave the khutbah (sermon). He said one thing that I never forgot. He claimed that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by digging tunnels underneath it. He offered no evidence for this. He just stated it as if it were a well-known fact, and then moved on with the rest of his sermon.

I knew Enchassi, who was from Lebanon, to be a staunch hater of Israel. During the dua before the prayers, I heard him at least a few times pray for the mujahideen in Palestine among other places. Before he was the imam, I remember him giving a loud “Ameen” when another Muslim who was leading the Ramadan prayers prayed for the mujahideen in Palestine.

This man is a liar and an anti-Semite. His partner in taqiyyah, Adam Soltani, the leader of the Oklahoma City chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), openly criticizes Israel but then claims he knows nothing about Hamas, who they represent, or if they are a terrorist group, since he is not a foreign policy expert.

These people think the American people are stupid. Unfortunately, regarding all too many Americans in regard to the jihad threat, they aren’t completely wrong.

People such as Imad Enchassi, Suhaib Webb, Saad Mohammed (the director of dawah at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City), and Adam Soltani should not be honored. They should be shunned and condemned for being bigots. But the useful idiots of the woke left are too busy worrying about “white supremacy” to be concerned about the followers of a religion that is completely antithetical to Western civilization.

They do their best to hide the truth, but it isn’t impossible to see. As Voltaire said, “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Islam must be thought to be peaceful at all costs, and these imams benign pillars of the community, or the narrative will crumble and leftist utopian fantasies will topple like dominoes.



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