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By Editorial Staff

Editors’ Note: We urge all readers of The Prickly Pear to watch this short video presentation by a very astute and wise mother speaking truth to power at a school board meeting. It is tragic that this reality check  from a parent to a ‘woke’ school board actively destroying the reality and critical thinking of America’s children needs to occur but it is critical that it does. Parents must have a ‘life or death’ fighting mindset for the proper education (not indoctrination) of our children and the restoration of our nation. The ‘wokeness’ brought by teachers, their unions, and the ‘diversity’ idiocy of too many school board members must be stopped now.

A parent dressed in a cat costume at a school board meeting and “identified as a cat”. Her speech was clear, concise, and powerful. It also revealed the absurd notion that a grown man with mental health issues and enjoys dressing up in high heels and lip stick, has any business teaching our children in the classroom.

Woman demonstrates on how to handle a school board

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