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Payback Is Coming Due

By Royal A. Brown III

Payback is coming due once the Republicans regain Congress and invoke “retribution” for the terrible, dangerous and destructive policies of Pelosi, Schumer and the Obama 3/Beijing Joe puppet administration. Democrats should and will be taken down.

No more compromises. No worries about “Civility”.

  • Rules should be changed to facilitate conservative actions just as Pelosi and Schumer have done to facilitate socialism.
  • Dems should be removed from committees where possible.
  • Deals, resolutions, agreements passed by Pelosi House and Schumer Senate should be revoked.
  • Unconstitutional, corrupt laws should be challenged.
  • Overspending using omnibus bills with earmarks holding defense spending hostage to trigger RINOs into voting with Democrats to approve must stop.
  • The threats of govt. shutdowns by Dems and RINOs must not be feared or heeded – shutdowns and their consequences involve huge lies.
  • Immigration laws must be enforced and not continued to be ignored.
  • Security clearances of unelected deep state traitors like Brennan, Clapper, McRaven, Kerry, and many others must be revoked.

And when DJ Trump is re-elected he should totally clean house of every political appointee/non-civil servant in every dept. immediately and then have his carefully selected Cabinet heads proceed to clean house of the anti-American civil servants in their Departments/Divisions.

Yes, by Civil Service rules this will take documentation, counseling and at least a year but it can be done “for the good of the govt.”.

Every Obama 3/Biden Executive Order and/or Administrative policy should be eliminated on day one just like Biden did with Trump’s orders and policies which brought prosperity to our country and its people.  The non-elected Administrative State swamp dwellers must be exposed and shut down.

All current administrative Departments/Divisions are corrupt and in particular, the Department of In-Justice, Dept. Homeland Security, State Department, Department of Defense, INS, FBI, CIA and entire intelligence community are a bunch of socialist, communist traitors and all need to go.

Reminder: These 50 Intelligence Officers Claimed, Without Evidence, That New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story Was Russian Disinformation

The New York Times on Wednesday finally admitted that the 2020 New York Post story regarding information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop was legitimate.

The Times confirmed the existence of Biden’s laptop in a story about a federal investigation into the son of President Joe Biden.

“People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. [Devon] Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity. Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation,” the Times reported.

The information contained on the laptop, first published by the Post in the month before the 2020 election, was undermined by numerous news outlets and social media companies, who tried to suggest it wasn’t real. The Daily Wire previously reported on these attempts by Politico, NPR, The Washington Post, and others.

The Times itself had previously sought to undermine the story with an article titled “New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts,” which emphasized that “The New York Post’s front-page article about Hunter Biden on Wednesday was written mostly by a staff reporter who refused to put his name on it, two Post employees said.”

Read the full article.

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