Ron DeSantis Presents Felix Rodriguez Governor’s Medal of Freedom

Governor Ron DeSantis awarded the Governor’s Medal of Freedom to Felix Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez is only the second recipient of the highest honor in the state.

Throughout his life, Felix Rodriguez has fought for freedom and liberation. He was born in Cuba in 1941, but after his family’s possessions were seized by Fidel Castro’s tyrannical government, he dedicated his life to fighting for freedom and liberty.

Felix joined the famous Brigade 2506, which carried out the Bay of Pigs invasion, worked with CIA, and participated in the capture and execution of Marxist leader Che Guevara. Not only that, but after becoming a U.S. citizen he joined the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

Felix’s firsthand knowledge of the pain and suffering caused by oppressive Communist dictatorships is reflected in his dedication to service. We know the horrors caused by these oppressive regimes and it takes men like Felix to remind us how important it is we rebuff those attempting to plunge us into those dangerous policies and systems here in America.

There is nobody who has demonstrated a greater commitment to liberating those most oppressed. As Democrats embrace Socialist policies like a warm hug, we should remember sacrifices those like Felix Rodriguez have made to eradicate that tyrannical ideology and continue to fight back in preservation of freedom here in America.

Thanks to Felix Rodriguez, countless individuals were able to experience the blessings of freedom, and Governor DeSantis was proud to recognize his heroism with the Governor’s Medal of Freedom.

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