Climate Models Hotter Than Reality

Global warming policy is based on climate computer models. These simulations of the temperature of the Earth are wrong and always have been. They start out on the left side of the graph looking pretty good.  They have to.  Real-world recorded temperature observations had already been made. It’s like projecting the results of races that […]

Wuhan Virus: Joe Biden Is Missing In Action

PRESIDENT BIDEN HAS MISSED EVERY WEEKLY COVID-19 CALL WITH GOVERNORS SINCE TAKING OFFICE. Anonymous staffers note that the time, 11AM, is difficult for the president as his medication takes time to become effective. Every Tuesday, usually at 11 a.m. EST, all 50 governors dial in to the same conference call to coordinate federal and state […]

MIT Study Finds That We are ‘No Safer at 60 Feet than at Six Feet’

It was never about health, it was ALWAYS about Democrats seizing control, defeating Trump and imposing draconian totalitarian measures to humiliate and break the American People. MIT Study Finds that We are ‘No Safer at 60 Feet than at Six Feet’ A major study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that all this mythic […]

Biden WEARS MASK for Zoom call with world leaders on ‘climate change’

America is a global laughingstock with this husk, this enfeebled puppet, supposedly at the helm. Apparently those who manage the “president” told him that covid can be transmitted through Zoom now, so he has to mask up even when he is babbling about “climate change” alone in a room talking to a screen. How Xi […]

‘Dark Diversity’ in America’s Public Schools

Our schools choose their teaching staff by the color of their skin, not the content of their character or the extent of their knowledge, and the advantages that may be gained for the socialist-democrat party. In a small, but vibrant, Middle-America community, there exists a public high school with a wall that proudly displays the […]

Democrats Furious Over Stanford Study that Found Masks are Useless Against COVID

Covid-19 Vaccine – Branding Humans Like Cows. So much for leftists caring about “science.” The Democrats have destroyed every respected institution in America. Liberals Furious Over Stanford Study that Found Masks are Useless Against COVID Stanford University quietly published a study that found that paper masks don’t help at all to prevent transmission of the […]

VIDEO: Mick Jagger released ANTI-LOCKDOWN song!

That means both Mick Jagger and Van Morrison remember when music was about promoting freedom and against a state narrative. Good on ya Mick. So happy to be a Stones fan today. WATCH Mick Jagger:  BORN TO BE FREE by Van Morrison  EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is […]

Scientists Predict Death Spike in Vaccinated: Modelers are ‘following the science’ down a rabbit hole

WESTMINSTER, England ( – The most deaths in a third coronavirus wave will consist of people who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, British scientists are warning in a new doomsday report. “The resurgence in both hospitalizations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% […]

VIDEO: New Movement #ForgetYourMask Launched

Jennifer Cabrera (Leader, #ForgetYourMask) discusses her new movement, #ForgetYourMask, and reveals how it is a fight for humanity – and for basic human rights. WATCH: EDITORS NOTE: This Glazov Gang video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved. Please support The Glazov Gang because we are a fan-generated show and need your help to keep going. Make a […]

Why the Push Is On To Make Pandemic Life ‘Permanent’

One year after Americans were ordered to close down society for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” Bloomberg columnist Andreas Kluth warned, “We Must Start Planning for a Permanent Pandemic.” Because new variants of SARS-COV-2 are impervious to existing vaccines, says Kluth, and pharmaceutical companies will never be able to develop new vaccines fast enough to keep up, […]

VIDEO: Vaccine Is Trojan Horse For Totalitarian Takeover

CANTERBURY, England ( – The former vice president of Pfizer is raising the alarm over a coercive regime of mass gene-based vaccinations resulting in a global digital database that will “provide the perfect tool for totalitarian control” over every human being on earth. In a lengthy interview Friday with British journalist James Delingpole, distinguished biochemist and pharmacologist Dr. […]

SEGREGATION: Vermont Opens Early COVID Vaccine Access On Explicitly RACIAL LINES

I think I am going to be sick. Vermont causes controversy by opening early COVID vaccine access on explicitly racial lines Not a great look By: Leon Wolf, The Blaze, April 2, 2021: The state of Vermont has caused controversy by announcing that access to the COVID-19 vaccine will be opened early along explicitly racial lines, with […]

A Smorgasbord Of COVID Corruption — Part One

I don’t know if it is still in operation, but at one time and over many years there was a Swedish restaurant in northwest Arkansas that was very famous for its smorgasbord, which was a massive buffet loaded with many varieties of good food. We are now confronted with a situation in America that we […]

President Biden’s Biology Denial Will Ripple Throughout the Nation

Today, President Joe Biden proclaimed it to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Decrying the supposed systemic discrimination of those who identify as transgender, Biden’s proclamation only exposed just how out of touch he is with much of America. President Biden used the opportunity to push Congress to pass the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that we know […]

Texas Hits Record Low COVID Cases, 3 Weeks After Lifting All Pandemic Restrictions

On March 2, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was lifting all government restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19. “I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%, Abbott tweeted. “EVERYTHING. I also ended the statewide mask mandate.” I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%. EVERYTHING. I also ended the statewide mask mandate. — Greg […]

Are Schools The Beacon of the Destruction of America?

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes, the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.”   – Thomas Jefferson It is very difficult to understand the deep roots of communism in our Florida schools because the “educators” are very careful not to use word communism.  The American approach to education uses the scientific method […]

EXCLUSIVE: Fired for Refusing Flu Vaccination

This email I received from a Geller Report reader shows how totalitarian the system already is, and with Covid it’s rapidly getting worse. Hello Pamela, My name is Lisa Amorosi. I was a 27 year Veteran at my local hospital (Glens Falls Hospital) in Glens Falls, NY. I started there in 1993, and was Terminated […]

VIDEO: The Demonic Carnage of Vaccines — Part 3

“The evil of using aborted fetal cell lines involves not just the original murder, but the ongoing commercialization of the child’s body, as well as the ultimate refusal to bury his desecrated remains. We cannot sit back as the use of aborted human babies in medical research is gradually normalized as an ‘unfortunate’” part of […]

When History Disproves Climate Doom

One of the toughest challenges for the global warming crowd occurs when, after the passage of time, the doom they predicted is nowhere to be seen. Dr. Jay Lehr rounded up ten prominent examples where alarming predictions by warming campaigners failed to come to pass: In 1987, a former NASA scientist was quoted in nearly all […]

Covid-19 Responses Have Been Consistently Callous

Science decided that love means staying away, masking up and awaiting the vaccine. From the very outset of the Covid-19 lockdowns — a year ago now — something odd, if not sinister seemed afoot. How quickly the repetitive messaging came from all quarters to quarantine the healthy: “because we’re all in this together”! A minority, […]

PODCAST: The PRO Act nationalizes the worst of California’s policies!

 GUESTS AND TOPICS: GREGORY WRIGHTSTONE Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist with more than 35 years spent investigating the Earth and its processes. He earned an undergraduate degree from Waynesburg University and a masters degree in geology from West Virginia University. He is also the author of a new book — Inconvenient Facts: The science […]

Science Moves Another Step Closer to Human ‘Hatcheries’

Scientists acknowledge the ethical problems — and then ignore them. Another step in “an explosion of new techniques and ideas for studying early development” of human embryos came last week from Israel. Researchers there have successfully grown mouse embryos for 12 days, which is about half the animal’s natural gestation period. The rough equivalent for […]

GREEN FRAUD: Why the green new deal is even worse than you think

The intrepid Marc Morano, author of the bestselling Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, breaks down the science and the politics to expose the truth about the Green New Deal in his new book.  Join Marc as he discusses what he calls a new LOCKDOWN to save the climate. “If you care about America’s future, read this book.”—Mark […]

Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows

How many lives are actually saved by gun ownership? It never fails. A split-second after a mass shooting occurs, grandstanders and ideologues issue statements demanding new gun controls—even if the laws already on the books failed or the laws they want would have made no difference. Case in point: the tragic incidents in Dayton, Ohio, and […]

Media Are [Finally] Starting to Reconsider Florida’s Pandemic Strategy

After months of scathing criticism, US media and politicians are reconsidering Florida’s response to the pandemic. In July, Adam Weinstein of The New Republic wrote that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was leading Americans “on a Death March” by not embracing the same COVID-19 restrictions as many other US states. “Keeping churches open—as well as beaches, restaurants, and dividend-yielding […]

Let’s Kick This Monster’s Ass!

Democrats are hell-bent on implementing a “carbon enforcement mechanism.” What does that mean? It means the enactment of absolutely massive new fossil fuel taxes that will impose draconian lifestyle changes on all but the wealthiest Americans. As we brace ourselves for a plethora of involuntary sacrifices, it’s comforting to know that the wealthy are fully on board […]

HORROR VIDEO: 65 year-old Texas woman tackled and arrested for not wearing mask

This is the worst thing I’ve seen. She did nothing wrong. And the maskless cop at the end, that was too much. That was just the icing on the cake. If it was fiction, I would say you’re overdoing it, we get the point. The Nazis used sickness to impose their politics, too. The Third […]

BLOOD LUST: COVID Vaccines, Culling the Population — Part 2

“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective.” ― Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz “The more it (vaccination) is supported by public authorities, the more will its dangers and disadvantages be concealed or denied.” ― M. Beddow Bayly, English physician and anti-vaccination campaigner “I am and have been for years a confirmed […]

Non-White People At Higher Risk of Covid Infection, Hospitalization and Death

The media will not talk about the rates of infection, hospitalization and deaths of nonwhites compared to white people. Why is this? It appears the media is anti-white, because of white supremacy bias, all but ignores the facts that white (Caucasian) people are better equipped to deal this the Covid pandemic than nonwhites. Whites are […]

The Façade Of The Covid Fraud

Actually, this is an account of much more than the façade of the fraud. When we analyze all aspects of it, we have to conclude that the Covid plandemic is up there with the biggest lies of all time. It is even bigger than the plan to tear down the Great Wall of China which […]