The Marks of Respect in the UK for the Duke of Edinburgh and Loss of Respect for Good Friday

These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.  Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.

I am really not quite sure what I thought about the ‘covid-secure’ funeral of Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away, aged 99 on the 9th April.   I watched it, but briefly, with a strange inner conflict, for the respect which I felt I should have had, to the nothingness I witnessed, which I know some of my fellow countrymen must have also sensed and felt.

I am aware of the military history of the Duke of Edinburgh, which should obviously be honored, but from the strategically placed guardsmen and the military personnel, who were all socially distanced under the perfect blue sky in the grounds of Windsor Castle, to the images of the queen sat all alone in a darkened chapel, and the black masked attendees; 30 in total, including the estranged Prince Harry, there was definitely something missing from the usual sadness or empathy you might feel for another.

Of course, the death of someone who is 99 years old, is much different from the death of someone younger, and the grief felt by close family members, to an onlooking public is not comparable, but I can report that there is definitely a large shift in our respect towards royalty these days in comparison to the respect which I have witnessed from the British public towards our monarchy in the past.

It is interesting to note that it was reported that the BBC received over 110,000 complaints in the week before his funeral, citing that there was too much coverage of his life. However, many of those complaints were also in relation to how his death was announced on the airwaves which was un-professional and confusing.

In relation to the media, almost every newspaper also appeared to herald a headline which championed him as the ‘Grandfather to the Nation’ which people could neither recognize or acknowledge.    This stemmed from the confusion in relation to some of his insensitive actions and some of the comments the prince was well known and reported for, in comparison to the image now being portrayed.   His person has been somewhat remote and usually in the background, in comparison to the presence of his wife, the Queen.

In fairness, I believe his comments have sometimes been very humorous and honest rather than reportedly racist.  They are the blunt remarks we sometimes think ourselves but would never outwardly have the courage to say.  However, a comment that he is well known for and which has resurfaced and been remembered for in past year is from 1988.

On Death

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (1988)

Therefore, apart from his unfortunate comment and aside from Prince Phillips obvious military history and his position in the monarchy, could it be that the media coverage had over-played their hand in thinking they knew how people feel and what people wanted or needed during this time, or are they being socially manipulative?

There is a massive divide in the UK between people who trust establishments and those who don’t.  There are those who want to hang on to the image of ‘royalty’ and some sense of superiority, but there is a now also a population who know about elite globalists, their agenda’s, their coldness and their incessant lies.   They have lived under massive propaganda and a very evident form of psychological abuse for the past twelve months.  There is a suspicion about who is who.   There has been an ‘awakening’ that those who are meant to serve us are not respecting us.    They are aware that the mainstream media does not report the truth and are the mouthpieces for a corrupt system.   Something is wrong.

They see a government who considers itself unanswerable and unaccountable, regardless of what they say; and it is this that has killed the last vestiges of respect.   ‘Enough is enough’ is the lament.   There have been but a handful of men and women who have publicly spoken up.  There have been demonstrations across the cities in the UK.   Under-reported by the media, the last demonstration in London against lockdowns reported as a few hundred people, was estimated at 80,000 people.     The country has really been run on the integrity and goodness of people, and not by the leadership of any governmental system.

The ‘covid-sutward show of a covid-secure funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh, I believe there is now instead a bitter-sweet detachment of loyalty.

It didn’t have to be this way.

The lone figecure’ life which has showed no respect towards their family life, their loved ones, their freedoms, including their right to worship has been abused.   Their ‘non-essential’ needs and their own personal identity dismissed.  Isolation and division have been their motive.

Was the service meant to create some unity between a us and a them?  I don’t know.

It is unfortunate that the monarchy and the heads of the Church of England appeared to abandon their ‘subjects’ during 2020, at a time when it could have bought people together.   Therefore, despite the oure of a woman sat all alone at her husband’s funeral was a reflection of the feminizing of our country.      Where have the men gone?   The scene was a replicate of funerals which happened up and down the country last year where people could not be consoled at a funeral.   Surely, it should be a choice in those circumstances.       Surely, the men who were at Prince Phillips funeral, and who were weighted down with medals could have sat near to the queen.

The infamous interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle with TV Host Oprah Winfrey was also a reflection of how the feminine aspect of political correctness is being used, except in this instance it failed.    Or did it?    What we have to remember is whilst the media is attracting your attention towards this, it is directing your attention away from something/someone else.   In this instance, we have to remember that it may be the alleged friendship and involvement of Prince Andrew, the queen’s son, with Jeffrey Epstein.  A story which will not go away.     Prince Harry is not the only concern to the queen.  Andrew has been permanently banned from royal duties.   It was reported he wanted to wear full military attire for the funeral and be recognized as an Admiral!

The media are also now pushing a narrative that Kate Middleton is the family’s new peace-maker, based solely on the fact that they saw her walking with the two brothers away from the funeral.   They have no idea whatsoever what was being said or done, but now it is not unusual to hear the public repeating the same ‘parrot-fashioned’ sentence.

Dismantling the Patriarch and The Importance of the Father and Son.

The infiltration of a Good Friday church service by Covid police in London is indicative of the dis-respect which has slowly and purposefully dismantled the respect we should have for our Creator and all life.   A belief and a faith in God and the moral values and love which Truth promotes have been slowly dismantled over a period of many years.   It is claimed it is the end of the church age.

Targeting churches and worshippers who had chosen to attend church on a very special day, Good Friday, the day which remembers the crucifixion of Jesus, the son of God, was weak.   It was a false premise to have claimed the actions were for the safety of others.  We know it has nothing to do with safety.

Under ‘covid-secure’ regulations many laws have been passed in government which the public have not noticed.  This is how it works.

  • On the 30th March, last year, Matt Hancock who is the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, republished the biggest change to abortion law since 1967 by allowing a woman’s home to legally be a place where an abortion can be carried out – without medical supervision. The government are now deciding whether to make this permanent, despite ‘promising’ it was only a temporary response to the pandemic.

Safeguarding is not high on this government’s agenda.

  • On the 20th May, last year, a new system came into effect which meant people over the age of 18 had to ‘opt out’ of being an organ doner from a register they had never signed up to. The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill received Royal Assent on 15th March 2019.
  • There is currently a Private Members Bill, The Assisted Dying bill which is at its second reading in the House of Lords to enable competent adults who are terminally ill to be provided assistance at their request to end their own life (suicide). The sponsor is Lord Falconor of Thoroton.

These are just a few of the laws which get passed. when you are looking the other way.

The death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh will leave a great void in the lives of the Queen and his family.  They knew him better than anyone else.  Pray for his family.

However, The Death and the Crucifixion of Gods son and Christian values is what we should all really mourn for today.

One Solitary Life

One Solitary Life – YouTube

He was born in an obscure village The child of a peasant woman He grew up in another obscure village Where he worked in a carpenter shop Until he was thirty He never wrote a book He never held an office He never went to college He never visited a big city He never travelled more than two hundred miles From the place where he was born He did none of the things Usually associated with greatness He had no credentials but himself He was only thirty three His friends ran away One of them denied him He was turned over to his enemies And went through the mockery of a trial He was nailed to a cross between two thieves While dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing The only property he had on earth When he was dead He was laid in a borrowed grave Through the pity of a friend Nineteen centuries have come and gone And today Jesus is the central figure of the human race And the leader of mankind’s progress All the armies that have ever marched All the navies that have ever sailed All the parliaments that have ever sat All the kings that ever reigned put together Have not affected the life of mankind on earth As powerfully as that one solitary life. Dr James Allan © 1926


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