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The Politics of the Pelosi Home Invasion

By Neland Nobel

Details concerning the attack on the home of Nacy Pelosi and her husband Paul, continue to trickle in and they remain confusing.

As seems standard in these cases, the initial information is fragmented and contradictory.  No one really knows what happened there and that includes The Prickly Pear Further, local authorities in San Franciso are so left-wing, one is suspicious of the selective information they are releasing.  For example, there is still no security camera video or police body cam footage for the public to view.

Originally, the police said when they entered they found the two men struggling over a hammer.   If the two men were engaged in a physical tussle, who opened the door to admit the police?  There are no reports they broke the door down.  Obviously, body cam footage could clear up many of these questions.  Why the delay in releasing it?

Now the story is that Mr. Pelosi opened the door, oddly went back to his would-be attacker, and was struck with a hammer.  You would think that if Mr. Pelosi was concerned enough about his safety to call the police, he would get out the door as soon as possible and fall in behind the police for the protection he was seeking.  Instead, he went back to join the burglar who had a hammer. Huh?

We do have the audio of the 911 call, and it seems that Mr. Pelosi knew his attacker by name.  Some say he used his name as a way to calm his attacker who lurked outside his bathroom door while Pelosi was making the 911 phone call.

Honestly, who knows exactly where the perp was and what he heard? If he was right outside the bathroom door, revealing his name to police could just as well infuriate an attacker as now he is known and at risk.  Still, why did he know his name, and why did he not remain in the locked bathroom as a sanctuary until the police arrived, which has been reported to be under three minutes?  It would seem smart to linger in the bathroom a bit longer, feigning digestive issues. As long as the attacker is kind enough to allow you a potty break, why not take advantage of putting a locked door between you and the home invader until the police arrive?

None of this makes much sense.  Pelosi could have stayed in the bathroom, did not rush to the police when he opened the door, and strangely rejoined the attacker after the police arrived.  He then reportedly got hit while the police were there.  Why did the police permit victim and attacker to get close to each other if the home invader was so dangerous?  The fact that the Police got caught flat-footed, and that Pelosi himself went from the door back to Mr. Depape, would indicate neither the Police nor Pelosi thought Mr. Depape was a threat at that time.  If so, why the phone call in the first place?

San Francisco authorities reportedly have said they will not release the body cam footage as it is not in the “public interest.”

This is wrong.  The President, his press secretary, and recently Representative Clyburn, have all used the Pelosi home invasion to smear Republicans, roughly half the country. 

Clyburn further says this is just like before the Nazis took over. Given the serious charges made against Republicans, the body cam footage is very much in the “public interest.”

The FBI is now involved and given its rapidly declining reputation for objectivity and professionalism, it is doubtful things will get any clearer.  The extreme left-wing politics of San Franciso could also infect their police department. Who can be trusted to give us the truth?  The body cam footage is necessary, yet even so, hardly sufficient.

But with all the unanswered questions, only one person knows for sure. According to the President of the United States, the homeless, drug-using illegal immigrant from Canada, who lived in a hippy commune in a school bus, and had LGBTQ flags and Black Lives Matter signage on his residence, is a conservative Republican.  He is ultra MAGA and inflamed by January 6th.

Contradicting the President, both neighbors and the attacker’s ex-“life partner”, do not indicate that Mr. Depape was in fact conservative at all, but rather very much a progressive in his politics.  Would they be in a position to know him better than Biden?

And, just like the criminal who broke into Katie Hobbs’ campaign headquarters, Paul Pelosi’s assailant was also an illegal alien. Both incidents were made possible by Democrat border policy.

In short, with no information to confirm his thesis, other than Depape asking”where’s Nancy” (how do we know that was said), Biden is able to conclude that roughly half the country is responsible for the beating of Paul Pelosi and that it was politically motivated. Peering into the teleprompter with an expression oddly reminiscent of the “banjo boy” from the movie Deliverance, Biden attacks Republicans in the harshest terms, all the while condemning excessive political rhetoric.

We are not among those that excuse the President for constantly misstating facts on a whole range of issues.  He can’t seem to remember where he went to college, and how his eldest son died, and he meets and talks to people who have died before he could have met them.  These are delusional ramblings of a declining intellect. The cabinet should act to remove him from office.

There is a real danger that this tragically sick old man, could mangle his words in such a way as to get us into a major war.  This is serious. He should be constitutionally removed from office.

But Mr. Biden’s latest attack was read from a teleprompter, as usual with a lot of mistakes.  But that indicates the words were written for him, vetted by staff, and therefore cannot be excused as the ramblings of dementia. No, this is THE ADMINISTRATION talking, and the Democrat Party.

These attacks on Republicans then, are not the singular ravings of an old man, but rather the explicit policy of the Democrat Party.

This follows along a previously established line of calling political opponents “deplorable”, semi-fascists, and domestic terrorists.

Democrats are big at calling political speech the “cause” of actual physical violence.  It has been part of their playbook for years. We remember well after the Kennedy assassination, Democrats blamed the city of Dallas, for “creating an atmosphere of hate”, that just happen to “cause” a communist to shoot President John Kennedy. Then as now, there was no connection between what conservatives were saying and the violent act.

Yet when years of race-baiting and anti-American rhetoric from the left is contemporaneous with hundreds of riots in the summer of 2020 and attacks on Republicans and Supreme Court justices, Democrats suddenly can see no connection whatsoever between their rhetoric and how it might influence public opinion.

The Prickly Pear does not think political speech is responsible for the violence.  At the margin, it may influence unstable people to act, but still, individuals are responsible for their actions.

What Biden and his party are doing is inexcusable, to libel Republicans as Nazis.  He wishes to denigrate and divide the American public into warring camps. He diminished the true crimes by Nazis.  And, he does all this under the banner of uniting the country and raising the level of our political discourse.

Republicans, independents, and sane Democrats should turn against this demagoguery. Further, this case is a matter of public interest and officials need to release all relevant data.

As for the Democrats and their hateful demagoguery, there is only one thing we voters can do: In future election, vote them out, every one of them.