TRAINING HITLER YOUTH: NYC Teachers on How to ‘Get Around Censorship’ to Teach Kids about the ‘Genocide in Gaza’ thumbnail

TRAINING HITLER YOUTH: NYC Teachers on How to ‘Get Around Censorship’ to Teach Kids about the ‘Genocide in Gaza’

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NYC teachers will exchange notes on how to ‘get around censorship’ to teach kids about the ‘genocide in Gaza’

By Aneeta Bhole, Emily Crane, NY Post, Feb. 1, 2024:

A faction of New York City educators are hosting a virtual seminar this weekend to share resources on how to “get around censorship” and teach students about the “Israeli occupation” and “ongoing genocide in Gaza,” The Post has learned.

The virtual “curriculum share” event, which is scheduled for this Saturday, is being organized by the group NYC Educators For Palestine and is geared towards K-12 classroom teachers, various promotional materials show.

“Teachers will have the opportunity to present and share original lessons and materials they have developed on topics such as Palestinian history, the history of Israeli occupation, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza,” a description of the two-hour seminar said.

“Every teacher who attends the curriculum share will leave with a collection of lessons they can use with their students.”

At least one principal, Terri Grey, who heads the Virtual Innovators Academy — a remote public school for first-year 9th and 10th graders — has been boosting the upcoming event to her educators.

A flier for the seminar 3

New York City teachers are slated to meet at a seminar this weekend so they can share resources on how to “get around censorship.” NYC Educators for Palestine

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