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Transgenderism on Trial

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US

I routinely ask people in social gatherings ‘how do we win – how do we defeat the Left?’  One answer that’s come back is lawfare, tying up our opponents in court.  Transgenderism is one area where lawfare could actually work.  Legal action has the potential to bring down the entire Transgender-Industrial Complex.

To that end, I have created a new section on my website – Transgenderism on Trial – to foment more litigation against doctors, psychologists, school administrators, teachers, and other instrumentalities of the Transgender-Industrial Complex who are either out to make a buck or to make America a communist country.

I don’t throw around the word ‘communism’ lightly, only when I have the goods and here I most definitely do.  The first thing you will see in my new transgenderism section is a video showing four transgender activists openly and explicitly discussing how the purpose of transgenderism is to usher communism into the United States.  If you think communism is cute, we’ll see how cute you think it is when communism arrives here and you get the midnight knock on the door from the secret police to haul you off to the gulag for thought crimes.

Transgenderism on Trial starts with a news feed.   I am the only one collecting all the stories from all around the country about litigation against health care providers and school districts pushing life-altering drugs and irreversible mutilating surgery on defenseless kids.  The news out of Missouri is amazing.   A trans whistleblower documented enough corrupt practices at a gender clinic in St. Louis to bring a whole-of-government investigation down on the clinic that may result in civil enforcement actions and criminal charges.  The practices include pushing transitioning on kids without psychological assessments in individual cases, prescribing drugs without parental consent or after consent was revoked, lack of full disclosure of the adverse and long-term consequences of sex change drugs and surgery, false claims children would commit suicide if not allowed to transition, and other high pressure sales tactics.  The investigation will determine whether school officials conspired with clinicians to form a school-to-clinic pipeline of steady business for the clinic.

That’s just one case.  My news feeds chronicles other cases where doctors are being sued for botched surgeries, medical experimentation with unstudied or unapproved drugs, and pushing transgender drugs and surgery instead of providing counseling.  Cases are also sprouting up against school districts for transitioning kids without parental knowledge or consent, violating teachers’ religious beliefs, and firing teachers who refuse to lie to parents or otherwise get with the transgender program.

Transgenderism on Trial provides a list of law firms and legal foundations around the country bringing these types of cases or expressing a desire to enter the field.  These are the courtroom warriors who vindicating parental rights, pursuing medical malpractice claims, and taking action against so-called transgender sanctuary states that lure kids from other parts of the country.

Using my collection of parental resources, parents can arm themselves with the facts and learn how to deal with gender-questioning children and high-pressure sales tactics from clinicians and school administrators.  In addition to books and parental guides, the list of resources tells parents how to find support groups and objective counselors who will give parents unbiased information about the subject.

Finally, there’s a page on the most despicable high-pressure sales tactic of all – telling parents their children will commit suicide if not allowed to transition.  A second set of researchers reexamined the raw data from the original study making this claim and found that the data did not support the study’s conclusions.   When confronted with this information, the University of Washington which participated in the original study tried to cover it up.  Other early studies making similar claims were later found to be flawed for, among other things, failing to track outcomes long enough to draw reliable conclusions and hiding raw data from other researchers.  Finally, the page describes two other studies showing people who transition are MORE likely – not less likely – to commit suicide.  Lies, misrepresentations, hiding data, ignoring later studies – there’s enough on the page to completely debunk the high pressure sales tactics the snake-oil salesmen are using on parents.

Plaintiffs of the World, Unite!  Let’s bring down the communist transgender activists who are trying to destroy the country and the doctors, school administrators, and other financially self-interested useful idiots who are getting paid handsomely for doing their bidding.  There’s nothing like legal liability and a blizzard of court cases to focus the mind.  Let’s swarm them and put them out of business.

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