VIDEO: Pompeo on Biden’s ‘America is back’ — ‘Does he mean back to when ISIS controlled a caliphate the size of Britain?’

Whether or not that’s what Old Joe meant, that is exactly what Biden’s handlers are getting us into.

“Biden Claims ‘America Is Back’ Then Pompeo Shreds Him with Just 1 Mic-Dropping Line,”

by Kipp Jones, Western Journal, February 5, 2021:

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shredded President Joe Biden on Fox News on Thursday in response to Biden’s claim earlier that day that “America is back.”

Biden, delivering remarks at the U.S. State Department on Thursday during his first foreign policy address, portrayed the country as having faltered somehow during the four years of President Donald Trump’s leadership. Biden, in an (at-times) cringeworthy address filled with verbal miscues and his trademark problems with basic syntax, droned on for what felt like an eternity.

One line, however, stood out among others.

“And so — so is the message I want the world to hear today: America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy,” Biden said in his address, alongside current Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Appearing on Fox News with former Republican congressman and new “Primetime” host Trey Gowdy, Pompeo — who held Blinken’s post from April of 2018 until Biden’s inauguration in January — hit the new president with a memorable one-liner that makes you wonder if Pompeo himself might not be planning a quiet retirement while Democrats eat at the Trump administration’s legacy like termites under a discarded railroad tie.

“Does he mean back to when ISIS controlled a caliphate in Syria that was the size of Britain? I hope not,” Pompeo said….

“President Trump and our team took that down,” Pompeo said of the now-former Islamic State caliphate.

The former head of the State Department continued hitting Biden over his posturing teleprompter speech. He nailed the Democrat over the mess left behind by the Obama administration, which Pompeo and Trump put a lot of effort into cleaning up.

“When he says ‘back,’ when America is back, does he mean back to letting China walk all over us, destroying millions of jobs in places like Kansas and South Carolina, that we know so well?” Pompeo said. “I hope that’s not what he means by back.

“[Biden] talked about allies. When he said go back, does he mean back to dissing allies and friends like Israel and treating the terrorists in Iran like friends by giving them $150 billion in pallets of cash?

“I don’t think the American people can afford to go back to eight more years of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. I hope they’ll move forward with a foreign policy look much more like our America first foreign policy,” Pompeo said….


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