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Adobe Caught Selling Dishonest AI-Generated Images As Actual Photos of Israel ‘Violence’

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The idea that is “Israel is losing the media war” or “Israel has to step up its PR game” (!) is a false premise. You cannot win in a fixed game. You cannot win when the deck is stacked against you.

At this point, it’s life or death for Israel and it is my fervent hope that Israel stops subduing and supplicating itself to the annihilationist forces that are working furiously to see its end.

The blood libels and false news is coming from the media and inside the tech industry.

Adobe Caught Selling AI-Generated Images of Israel-Palestine Violence

The misinformation is coming from inside the tech industry.

By: Yahoo News, November 5, 2023:

Software giant Adobe has been caught selling AI-generated images of the Israel-Hamas war, as first spotted by Australian news outlet Crikey, a shocking and morally reprehensible instance of a company directly profiting from the spread of misinformation online.

A quick search on the company’s Adobe Stock website — a service that offers subscription customers access to a library of generic stock images and now AI-shots as well — for “conflict between Israel and Palestine” comes up with photorealistic images of explosions in high-density urban environments that closely resemble the real-life carnage currently unfolding in Gaza.

Another image shows a “mother and child in destroyed city in Palestine Israel war conflict,” a devastating framing that was entirely AI-generated. In fact, it’s one of a series of 33 images that all show a similar composition.

These images all appear to have been submitted by Adobe Stock users and were seemingly not generated by Adobe itself.

However, while they’re technically tagged as being “generated with AI,” a requirement for all user-submitted works, some of these images are already making their rounds on other parts of the web, as Crikey found, which could easily mislead unsuspecting members of the public.

simple reverse image search on Google confirms this, with one photorealistic AI image of a huge explosion being used by a number of small publications.

After all, without closely examining these images for telltale signs of having been generated by an AI, like misaligned windows or mismatched lighting and shadows, they could easily pass for the real thing.

AI image generators like OpenAI’s DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney have made massive technological leaps over the last 12 months. Long gone are the days of obvious glitches or horrifying animal monstrosities.

Consequently, AI-generated images are getting huge amounts of visibility online. Earlier this year, Futurism found that the top image result on Google for the name of famed realist artist Edward Hopper was an AI fake.

Instead of treading into the world of generative AI carefully, Adobe has chosen to embrace the tech with enthusiasm.

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And this:

Unethical Gaza Reporting Cuts Crucial Context

By Noah BeckSpecial to IPT News • November 5, 2023T

he adage that “journalism is the first draft of history” understates the impact that journalists have on the present, given that their reporting can change perceptions and public discourse in a way that shapes the history being recorded in that first draft.

The media’s ethical duties and challenges are among the greatest when it comes to reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an issue plagued by misinformation and disinformation, and where passions are inflamed by reports that can quickly affect events on the ground. Compounding those concerns is the broader geopolitical context of reporting in the Middle East, a volatile region of proxy wars, terrorism by state and non-state actors, and nuclear weapons and proliferation.

Failures to adhere to journalistic standards can perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by creating a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel that leads global public opinion and world leaders to pressure Israel into allowing a baby-burning terror group at its doorstep to prepare for the next round of war, within months after the latest round of violence, rather than allowing Israel to defeat Hamas once and for all.

Through defamatory allegations of “genocide,” anti-Israel activists add to the global pressure on Israel that prevents it from militarily eliminating the Hamas threat, a necessary step towards any improvement in the lives of both Gazans and Israelis, given Hamas’ commitment to killing all of the Jews in the world (as the organization clearly states in its charter). So while activists and the media outlets that quote them (like Al Jazeera) ignore the very genocidal elements in Hamas’ foundational document, they will absurdly allege that Israel is engaged in a “genocide” against Gaza, but never explain why such a powerful army needs nearly two decades and multiple wars to accomplish this “genocide,” when the Israeli military could easily do so in a day.

It is Israel’s own extraordinarily high ethical standards that have prevented it from committing “genocide,” despite countless vicious Hamas attacks whose barbarism has gotten progressively worse over the last few decades, culminating in the October 7th slaughter of 1,400 Israelis, which is the equivalent of almost 52,000 deaths in the USA – about seventeen September 11s in one day, or about 1.3 times the 39,000 people killed by the nuclear bomb over Nagasaki. And the horrific savagery of those murders even in far smaller numbers would likely prompt most militaries in the world to act far more aggressively and decisively than Israel has thus far. Indeed, it is the many battlefield advantages that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) concedes to its enemies, in order to comply with the IDF’s exceptionally high ethical code, that have led observers, including British military expert and war hero Richard Kemp, to note that the IDF is the most moral army in the world. In the October 9, 2009 debate on the infamous Goldstone Report issued in the wake of Operation Cast Lead, Colonel Kemp asserted that “the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

Yet journalists quickly forget these ethically crucial details and too often fail to provide critical context for those trying to gain a meaningful understanding of the conflict and the moral character of each side. And the international community – fueled by the unethical and/or sloppy reporting of so many journalists – forces Israel into accepting military half-measures that simply bring a temporary “quiet” to the region. Tragically, the international pressure for cease fires that allow the root problem of Hamas to fester have proven to be utterly counterproductive, even from the perspective of those claiming to care about the Palestinians, because leaving Hamas in power condemns Gazans to indefinite suffering with only brief respites that end as soon as Hamas decides once again to launch violent attacks against its northern neighbor.

But bad journalism does more than perpetuate the conflict – it actually aggravates it. By omitting crucial context or publishing inflammatory rumors rather than verified facts, the news media fuel a dangerous strategy preferred by Palestinians: inciting fury on the Arab street (often by claiming that Jews are endangering the Al-Aqsa mosque or grossly exaggerating Palestinian casualty figures, as with the 2002 libelously labeled “massacre” in Jenin). The more the Arab street is enraged by misleadingly incomplete or patently false news, the more likely an already combustible situation can quickly spin out of control, with more attacks on Israel by “lone-wolf” attackers, terrorist groups, and/or Arab states feeling public pressure to jump into the fray (as is the current concern with Lebanon, a failed state that is effectively ruled by the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah).

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It’s almost four weeks since the horrific terrorist attack on #Israel. A lot has happened, the public debate has become heated and confused. Find thoughts from Vice-Chancellor Robert #Habeck in the video, putting the events in context. 📣With English, Hebrew and Arabic subtitles.

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