Sea Level is Stable Around the World

By Jay Lehr We have been studying climate change and potentially associated sea level changes resulting from melting ice and warming oceans for a half century. In the 1970s our primary concern was global cooling and an advancing new ice age. Many believe that increasing quantities of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere could result in […]

First Small Modular Reactor Gets Certification From Nuclear Regulatory Commission

By Jeremy Beaman The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the first-ever certification Friday of a small modular reactor design, a big step in the process of developing a new generation of new and more flexible nuclear reactors. The NRC approved the reactor design from NuScale Power, making it the first SMR design to be certified by […]

Hanoi Jane Fonda: ‘There’d Be No Climate Crisis if It Wasn’t For Racism’

By Discover The Networks This week on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show, actress/activist/Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda has declared that the current “climate crisis” is a result of racism, because “everything’s connected.” “Well, you know, you can take anything -– sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever, the war, and if you really get into it, and study it and learn […]

They Really Believe You’ll Be Happy

By Michael Watson As the World Economic Forum (WEF) hosts [hosted] its annual conference of political officials, corporate bigwigs, and leaders of the professional Left-dominated nongovernmental organization world, the organization has come into focus. We brought some of the scrutiny, examining recent writings of WEF leader Klaus Schwab and critics of his “Great Reset.” But […]

Great Food Reset: ‘Lab-Grown Meat’ Harvested in ‘Massive Steel Vats’ Edges Closer to Fed Approval

By Marc Morano European Union approves worms and crickets for human consumption. The Great Food Reset: ‘Lab-grown meat’ harvested in ‘massive steel vats’ edges closer to fed approval & U.S. dinner plates – As EU approves human consumption of worms & crickets Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “You Will Eat lab-grown ‘meat’ and bugs — and Be […]

Don’t miss this: ‘A Wildflower Super-Bloom for the Ages’

By John Eidson With parts of California recently inundated by more rain than any time in the last quarter-century, the climate crisis industry is portraying the unusual weather event as more proof that the much ballyhooed climate “tipping point” is finally upon us. A few years back, they were making the same bogus claim about […]

The Cult of Davos

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow “Davos”, the joke goes, “is where billionaires tell millionaires what the middle class thinks.” The mega-elites in Davos have invested completely in climate, prompting CFACT policy advisor Joanne Nova to describe the gathering as, “what it would look like if a doomsday cult had a billion dollars to spend on a […]

The Great Reset and Its Critics: The Technocrats

By Michael Watson In mid-2020, after COVID-19 and lockdown policies to (unsuccessfully) stop it had spread across the world, the World Economic Forum (WEF) leader Klaus Schwab, along with the man now known as King Charles III of the United Kingdom, announced the Forum’s “Great Reset Initiative” to guide a state-managed, environmentalist, and corporate-aligned reconstruction […]

What Is Behind the Soaring Price of Eggs?

By Neland Nobel Price is largely determined by the interaction of supply and demand and the cost of the factors of production.  In the case of eggs, it is primarily a drop in the supply of eggs, while demand has been fairly constant.  However, there also has been a rise in the cost of the […]

The Latest Madness: Coffee Is Contributing To Climate Change

By The Geller Report Researchers Claim Coffee Is Contributing To Climate Change By Anthony Scott, Gateway Pundit, January 19, 2023: First red meat, then gas stoves, and now coffee. Researchers from Canada are currently analyzing coffee’s “contribution to climate change”. The new analysis was published by researchers from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in a piece […]

Islamic Republic of Iran: Leading Imam Says Drought Has Come Because Women Aren’t Wearing Hijab

By Jihad Watch This kind of magical thinking lends itself to fanaticism. If one assumes that Allah is withholding rain because women aren’t wearing hijab (which must also be why it never, ever rains in non-Muslim countries), then one may also assume that one suffers any misfortune or setback in life because of disobedience to […]

Unhinged in Davos: Kerry Likens Self to ‘Extraterrestrial’ Here to ‘Save the Planet’

By Marc Morano Gore blames ‘climate change’ for Xenophobia. Watch: John Kerry Says WEF Davos Elite Are Like ‘Extraterrestrials’ Here to ‘Save the Planet’ – Touts himself as one of a ‘select group of human beings’  John Kerry at the World Economic Forum: “And when you stop and think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary […]

The Climate Money Monster Cabal may be starting to unravel… Vanguard flees GFANZ

By Joanne Nova Only a week after Ron de Santis pulled $2 billion in Florida funds from BlackRock, Vanguard, the second biggest asset manager in the world, has abruptly pulled out of GFANZ. Vanguard has $7 trillion in assets under management, and GFANZ is a conglomerate cabal of bankers insurers and asset managers that has […]

The Real Cause of Climate Change

By Bud Hancock Can there possibly be one human who has not by now heard those fear-inducing, horrific words, “Climate Change”? Just in case you  have not heard that term, it is the same as the one previously used by the fear-mongers: “Global Warming”. The whole uproar over changes in our global climate have caused […]

If I Wanted To Reshape The World To Have Fewer People →

By Vlad Tepes Blog It occurs to me that our failings in the past decades all have one thing in common. We consistently and with a flawless record, fail to think as big as the people creating the problems facing us. That is to say, when we oppose a line of effort against us, we […]

Here Is The Climate Cult’s True Agenda

By The Daily Caller With the Biden administration’s latest bid to ban gas stoves, many Americans might be asking themselves where they came up with this one. As usual, climate change is one of the culprits – despite Snopes telling you otherwise. This campaign comes as businesses argue it would annihilate the restaurant industry and drive up consumer prices. But that […]

Media Blackout Over Islamic Terror Attack At Vegas Solar Power Plant

By The Geller Report A Muslim is facing terror-related charges after police said he rammed his car through a gate at a solar plant outside Las Vegas and set his car on fire, disabling the huge facility, the 8 News Now Investigators have learned. Nothing to see here. No media coverage – even though it was […]

VIDEOS: The Great Reset and The Green Fraud

By Jamie Glazov Climate Depot’s Marc Morano discusses The Great Reset and The Green Fraud, exposing The global elites’ pernicious agenda. Please watch our 10-Part Series on The Hidden Agenda Behind the “Pandemic” [1] Dr. Paul Alexander: Presidential Takedown – How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO conspired to overthrow President Trump. [2] Dr. […]

Washington Post Now Claims Climate Is ‘Not Warming’ But It’s ‘WORSE For the Planet!’

By The Geller Report So here we how, thirty years of this manure and it’s never mind, but wait, it’s worse than that! They shit on you with impunity. They are destroying everything we value in our civilization with this insulting, contemptuous lie. A new climate reality: Less warming, but worse impacts on the planet […]

Settled Science and the Politics of Knowledge

By Adam Ellwanger Climate catastrophe keeps getting delayed, yet our doom remains imminent. Over the last decade, “The Science is Settled” has been a major refrain of American life. As so many critics have noted, this phrase is not an empirical statement. People who challenge the “settled” state of science explain that science is a […]

Why Banning Gas Stoves Is Not a Serious Way to Fight Climate Change

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) In July, in an effort to combat global warming, Berkeley, California, became the first city in the United States to prohibit natural gas in new buildings, including residential homes. “We need to tackle climate change every way that we can,” said Berkeley City Councilwoman Kate Harrison, who led the effort. Other […]

Now The Left is Trying to Blame All Post-Vax Sudden Deaths On—Climate Change

By The Geller Report Now that it is impossible to escape the horrible post-vaccine phenomena of  young adults are dying suddenly, the left is blaming, wait for it — climate change. If that doesn’t tell you just how stupid they think we are and what malarkey the whole climate hoax is. “Scientists Studying Temperature at […]

Gov. Newsom Claims State That Bans Cars and Speech Offers ‘Freedom For All’

By Jihad Watch You can do anything in California except open a business, walk down the street, or buy a home. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the democratic choice of the enlightened ballot harvesters of California, desperately wants to be president. Despite pledging not to run against Biden, he’s continuing to posture by announcing an “anti-Jan 6” […]

How Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change’

By Jihad Watch A logo for The Associated Press is seen at its headquarters in New York on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. AP’s earnings rose 30 percent last year as the news cooperative recorded a huge tax gain and cut costs to help offset a revenue downturn reflecting the long-running financial woes plaguing newspapers and […]

VIDEO: A Foul Wind Blows Through Idaho

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow You may have heard about the countless wind energy projects being forced on communities across the United States in the name of Biden’s radical climate agenda. One such project is called the Lava Ridge wind project. Once completed, it would be located in Idaho’s unique and majestic Magic Valley, […]

EPIC WOKE FAILURE: NYC’s Electric Garbage Trucks Die In The Cold, Plunge City Into Chaos

By The Geller Report And they’re not powerful enough to plow snow. The great harm the left is doing to our cities, infrastructure is …..deliberate As I have often said, the law of unintended consequences are always on our side. Snow go for NYC’s electric garbage trucks that can’t handle winter weather By Sophia Chang, Dec […]

As Other Automakers Push EVs, This Luxury Brand Drove Laps Around Them In 2022

By The Daily Caller While electric vehicle (EV) startups that once seemed promising saw their stock prices plummet far faster than the rest of the market, Ferrari managed to stay ahead of other automakers as the industry retracted, and is poised to post the smallest decline amongst major automakers in 2022, CNBC reported Wednesday. The FactSet […]

Thirsty Arizona Could Soon Look to the Mexican Coast for Answers

By Cameron Arcand Arizona officials have taken some of the first steps to bring seawater from the Mexican coast to the faucets of Phoenix, even if lawmakers want a more deliberative process. Arizona’s Joint Legislative Water Committee held a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority’s push to create a desalination […]

UK Close to Blackout, While 12% of Germany GDP Pays for Energy Crisis

By Joanne Nova Last Monday in Great Britain the entire steel industry shut down because the wind stopped and wholesale prices reached £2,586 a megawatt-hour. As winter cranks up, British factories are getting ready to shutdown, as the threat of small, medium and blockbuster blackouts loom. In the fifth largest economy in the world, thousands […]

Make Sunsets ‘Shiny Clouds’ Global Cooling Project’s Soviet Connection

By Dr. Rich Swier “We make reflective, high-altitude, biodegradable clouds that cool the planet. Mimicking natural processes, our ‘shiny clouds’ are going to prevent catastrophic global warming.” — Make Sunset website. “My prior calculations suggest over one trillion dollars would be needed to create a cooling effect similar to the Mount Pinatubo eruption which cooled […]