Experts: Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy Is Naïve

By Family Research Council President Joe Biden’s rapidly shifting Israel policy is taking criticism from foreign policy experts who believe the administration is fundamentally or deliberately misunderstanding the true nature of the situation. “The Biden administration either is not connecting the dots or frankly, they don’t care, which is actually more troubling,” suggested Family Research […]

The Key to Our National Motto

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. The war on America as founded continues unabated. As well know, the Francis Scott Key Bridge was destroyed recently, and already the woke elites are calling for it to be renamed. Key, who wrote what became the basis for our National Motto, was a man of his times. And those […]

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ Shakeba Morrad Mocks Families of Hostages

By Canary Mission How is this America? How is this person in the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs? Shakeba Morrad of the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs shockingly mocks the pleas of Jews and Israelis for the release of hostages by Hamas. About Shekeba Morrad Overview Shekeba Morrad is an attorney with the United States federal government who mocked people pleading […]

Several Michigan Democrats Fail To Condemn ‘Death To America’ Chants

By The Daily Caller A number of Democratic elected officials in Michigan failed to condemn “Death to America” chants made at an Al Quds Day Rally in Dearborn, Michigan, late last week. An activist named Tarek Bazzi spoke to the crowd at the rally calling for “all of” the crowd’s chants and shouts to be […]

Biden Now Offering to Take Houthis Terrorists OFF the Terror List

By The Geller Report We are ruled by traitors. BREAKING: Biden now offering to take Houthis OFF the terror list By: Right Scoop · Apr. 3, 2024: It’s been a roller coaster between Biden and the Houthis since he took office. He originally undid Trump’s move and took the Houthis off the terror list and then […]

Biden Regime Upset Israeli Government Hasn’t Briefed It On Invasion Date

By Jihad Watch I can’t imagine why. Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that Israel intends to go into the final Hamas stronghold in Rafah. Israel has set a date for the military offensive against the remaining Hamas terror battalions in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday night. “It will happen; there […]

THEOLOGICAL BUTCHERS: Constantine, the Church and the Jews

By Kelleigh Nelson “You can’t love God without loving the Jewish people.” —  Corrie Ten Boom “For the Lord will not cast off his people, neither will He forsake his inheritance.” — Psalm 94:14 “Behold, I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” —  Isaiah 49:16 “Wherever […]

Israel Remains Steadfast in Goal of Defeating Hamas despite Pushback, Say Experts

By Family Research Council After six months of near-continuous battle in the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Sunday that they were withdrawing the 98th Division of troops from the Khan Younis area, with an IDF spokesperson saying that the move signals “another stage in the war effort.” As the Biden administration continues to call for […]

Pro-Life Leaders React to Trump’s Abortion Statement: ‘Rebuild America’s Spiritual Walls’

By Family Research Council Pro-family leaders reacted to President Donald Trump’s announcement that abortion policy should be handled exclusively by the states by saying that “pro-life policies should be pursued at every level of government” to rebuild “the spiritual walls of our nation.” Although pro-life advocates expressed gratitude for the president’s role in overturning Roe […]

Biden regime admits that it includes Hamas jihadis in totals of ‘Palestinian’ casualties

By Jihad Watch Of course it does. It’s on their side. White House: Numbers of Dead, Injured Palestinians We’ve Cited Include Hamas Terrorists by Ian Hanchett, Breitbart, April 5, 2024: On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby stated that Israel hasn’t fulfilled its duty to protect […]

For Elon Musk and His Disciples, Mars Is Heaven

By The Catholic Thing Auguste Meyrat: The Tesla founder is one of the richest and most celebrated men in the world, yet he also has to be one of the loneliest and saddest, bereft of community, meaning, and love. In terms of revolutionizing the world and pushing humanity forward, Elon Musk has easily been one of […]

QUEERS FOR PALESTINE UPDATE: Hamas Executed Senior Member on Accusations that He was Homosexual

By Jihad Watch Queers For Palestine hardest hit. Actually, they’ll take no notice, and carry on with their deluded nonsense. Hamas Files Found by Israel in Gaza Detail Execution of Senior Member Accused of Being Gay by Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz, April 3, 2024 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Mahmoud Ishtiwi was executed in […]

Dearborn: Al-Quds Day rallygoers scream ‘Death to America,’ speaker says U.S. one of world’s ‘rottenest countries’

By Jihad Watch Why are they here? “Fight them until persecution is no more and religion is all for Allah.” (Qur’an 8:39) That is, to conquer and Islamize. And no one dares say a thing about it, because to do so would be “Islamophobic.” At International Al-Quds Day Rally in Dearborn, Michigan Protesters Chant ‘Death […]

What Do You Know Of the World’s Smallest Bible?

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story The Jerusalem Nano Bible is an extraordinary creation that has etched its name into the annals of record-breaking achievements. Here are the fascinating details: What Is It? The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the world’s smallest Bible. It’s a remarkable fusion of faith and cutting-edge technology. This minuscule Bible contains […]

IDF Withdraws All Troops from Southern Gaza

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story Only one brigade remains in the Strip; terrorists in Khan Yunis fire rocket barrage at Israeli towns. The Israel Defense Forces has withdrawn all ground troops from the southern Gaza Strip, with only one brigade remaining in the coastal enclave, according to reports on Sunday. This comes after four […]

VIDEO: April 8th Eclipse — Shofar of Warning

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a Word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me.”  — Ezekiel 3:17. “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword […]

Israel: The Persian People of Iran Are Not Your Enemy

By Amil Imani Persian Jews have lived in Iran for millennia.  In fact, the Jewish community in Iran is among the oldest in the world.  I personally dislike calling them Persian Jews; I prefer to call them just Persian.  They are just as Persian as any other Persians.  Iran belongs to them just as much as it belongs to […]

Biden regime plans to label goods made by Jews in Judea and Samaria so they can be boycotted

By Jihad Watch Government-led boycotts of Jewish businesses. Hmmm. Where have we heard of such a thing before? U.S. plans to label goods from Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank by Felicia Schwartz, Financial Times, April 5, 2024: The Biden administration is drawing up plans to require goods produced in Jewish settlements in the occupied West […]

Israel’s top police interrogator on Oct. 7th Hamas terrorists: ‘They cut off organs’ to trade during hostage negotiations

By The Geller Report Police officers who interrogated Hamas Nukhba terrorists tell of the horrors that the terrorists partook in as the October 7 massacre unfolded. We are in the presence of crime without a name. The West stands with the savages. The Biden regime stands with these animals. America has lost its moral compass. […]

Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests, ‘serious threat to Hashemite Kingdom’

By Jihad Watch “Jordan’s government has been one of the most vocal opponents of Israel’s war to root out Hamas terrorists from Gaza.” The battle is on for control of the region, and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is infamous for destabilizing countries. Recall the upheaval in Egypt in 2012, before Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi […]

CIA Says Iran About to Attack Israel

By Kenneth R. Timmerman Hold the presses, folks! The CIA apparently has warned Israel that Iran is going to attack within 48 hours! Now that warning, we are told by “press reports,” occurred on Thursday. And just to rub it in, a former CIA official told the New York Times that Israel’s precision strike on […]

Jihad Murderer of 5-Year-Old Girl Caught Hiding in Maternity Ward

By Jihad Watch Justice comes for a Hamas child killer. On a Sabbath morning, three Islamic terrorists invaded the Israeli village of Adora located in the Judean Mountains in the rebuilt vicinity of a city dating back to the reign of King Solomon. The Jihadists had carefully picked the Sabbath morning when many of the […]

Gaza: Truths Behind the Lies

By ACT For America! You’ll Want to Share it With the World! VICTOR DAVIS HANSON | PJ MEDIA | MARCH 29, 2024 Occupied Gaza. Prior to October 7, there were roughly two million Arab citizens of Israel but no Jewish citizens in Gaza. Gazans in 2006 voted in Hamas to rule them. It summarily executed its Palestinian Authority […]

Good Hate, Bad Love

By Amil Imani “Love” is considered a virtue, while “hate” is considered a vice. But not all forms of love are good, and not all hates are bad. If you love to set buildings on fire, molest children, or steal, these are obviously bad loves. If you hate racism, sexism, or injustices of all sorts, […]

Downtrodden in The Netherlands

By Matthys van Raalten In my country, The Kingdom of The Netherlands, there are tens of thousands of people that live on the street. These downtrodden fellow countrymen of mine try to find sleeping places in gardens, in cars, in shelters for the homeless. If they are lucky, they may be permitted to sleep once […]

WATCH: Masih Alinejad explains why the people of Iran danced after the death of Qassem Soleimani

By Amil Imani Iranian journalist and activist and President of the @WLCongress Masih Alinejad, “I will explain why the people of Iran danced after the death of Qassem Soleimani and now they are drinking wine to celebrate the death of seven more of Khamenei’s allies in the IRGC. This is a big no to the lobbies […]

Trump Declares November 5 ‘Christian Day of Visibility’

By Family Research Council In response to incumbent President Joe Biden naming Easter Sunday the national “Transgender Day of Visibility,” former President Donald Trump is declaring a “Christian Visibility Day.” The 45th president announced on Truth Social, “Election Day, November 5th, will be the most important day in the History of our Country. It will also be Christian Visibility […]

Powers and Principalities: America Is at Spiritual War

By Family Research Council The hour is late, and open war rages across the United States. No sword is drawn, no shot is fired, yet lives, souls, and civilization itself all hang in the balance. This present war is not a political one — though politics and government are the weapons used in this combat […]

O’Biden plotting a Color Revolution in Israel to oust Netanyahu while the country is at war!

By Cherie Zaslawsky Breitbart reports on the U.S. plan to topple Israel’s government. On April 3rd, Breitbart published an article quoting top Israeli journalist Caroline Glick on the news that the Biden administration is planning to overturn the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. Let’s connect some dots. Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists is emblematic […]

$1 Million Dollar Challenge to Replicate the Shroud of Turin

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the cornerstone of historic Christianity. But is there scientific evidence it really happened? Some scholars believe that yes, there is and it’s in a cathedral in Turin, Italy. The Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth 14 feet by 3 feet, contains the […]