What Is Philosophy?

By The Catholic Thing David Warren: One may have much leisured fun comparing the ancient to the modern academic philosophers. It is the difference between a life of free participation and a life in the service of a bureaucracy. Philosophy is a subject by itself, distinct from religion but, more importantly, not subsidiary to one, another, […]

Jihadi Outlet Circulates ‘Inspire Tweets’ Poster Series Amplifying Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Calls To Muslims In The West To Stage Attacks Targeting Prominent Figures, Transportation

By Middle East Media Research Institute On June 9, 2024, the pro-Al-Qaeda Al-Nusra Media Foundation began circulating a series of Arabic-language posters encouraging lone operatives to carry out armed attacks against individuals and infrastructure in the West. This campaign follows similar advocacy in an English-language magazine, Inspire, produced by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). […]

Jihadi indoctrination of American children is active and spreading

By Barry Shaw We have witnessed indoctrination taking place in America’s elite universities, creating a conveyor belt of brainwashed Hamas-supporting activists. Now evidence is emerging that Jihad promoters are poisoning the elementary educational system in America, too. The jihadi savagery of Oct. 7, 2023, when thousands of Palestinian armed terrorists, eagerly followed by Gaza’s citizens, […]

A Politically Incorrect Prayer

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. This year happens to be the 250th anniversary of the beginning of the first Congress (then known as the Continental Congress). Its first session opened in prayer. And Congress has opened each session in prayer since then. But earlier this year, the prayer opening the 118th Congress caused quite a […]

Open Letter to all 8 Catholic Bishops in our Beloved State of Florida

By Willy Guardiola Dear Beloved Catholic Bishops of Florida: Hope all is well with you and your respective diocese as we are 144 days away from the Most Critical Election in our lifetime…and, if we don’t get it right this time around – we can all kiss our Holy Rosaries goodbye and maybe look to […]

Eurabian Germany: Muslim Party Wins 41 Percent in Duisburg in the European Parliament Elections

By The Geller Report What could possibly go wrong? Sharia for everyone! Germany: Muslim party DAVA wins 41 per cent in Duisburg in the European Parliament elections The fact that Germany no longer looks like Germany in certain areas is evident after the EU elections in voting districts in the highly Islamized city of Duisburg, […]

Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven

By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. I am excited to share that my quick reading book is now available at these locations: Barnes & Noble Amazon Walmart Books-A-Million Coming soon on Audio Book. I deliberately made this a quick reading view of the influence God played in the founding of America and our principles.  The men […]

Let’s Not Offend Anyone! Who makes up the rules for secular religions?

By John Droz, Jr. Recently I was discussing strategies for educating the public regarding scientific realities concerning a technical matter (e.g., climate, energy, medical), and an ally said: “We need to be careful not to offend anyone!” OMG! Let’s unpack that concern and assess its legitimacy. To begin with, the Left has created a broad collection of […]

How I’m preparing my children for World War III

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities No one wants to see their child go off to war. But as a former intelligence officer and mother of two young sons, I’ve given a lot of thought to, well, the topic of war. I’ve considered the possibility that, if a global conflict broke out, my sons may find […]

Has Biden weaponised the Justice Department to pursue a morally bankrupt agenda?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities It is a understatement to observe that the Biden administration’s moral compass is broken beyond repair. Earlier this month, Biden’s Department of Justice proudly announced that 75-year-old Paula Paulette Harlow will serve two years in prison for taking part in a “conspiracy” to block access to a Washington DC abortion clinic. Harlow is […]

VIDEO: Interview with Michael Stürzenberger after he was stabbed numerous times by Muslim migrant

By Vlad Tepes Blog One of the saddest elements of this interview is how much Michael was concerned about the officer who was also stabbed, but that Michael did not know the officer had died. The officer even at the time of the interview was already essentially dead, but being kept alive on life support […]

The Pro-Hamas Protesters Who Cause Collateral Damage

By Jihad Watch Those pro-Hamas anti-Israel protesters who have been marching along the streets of European cities screaming their antisemitic hate, calling for the destruction of Israel and its replacement by a 23rd Arab state — for that is the real meaning of “From the river to the sea/Palestine shall be free”— have damaged shops, […]

IDF PHOTO GALLERY: Commanders from ‘Operation Arnon’ Recall the Moments of Drama

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story “I don’t remember such a crazy feeling in the last 8 months. The adrenaline hasn’t gone down yet.” They waited for the “go” command, not knowing exactly how big the task was. Then, in the crowded streets of the Nuseirat refugee camp, the signal to go was given. In […]

Report: Noa Argamani was held in Al Jazeera reporter’s apartment

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story Arab journalist Abdallah Aljamal killed while reportedly attempting to prevent the rescue of a female hostage he held captive in his apartment. Noa Argamani, the 26-year-old Israeli woman who was rescued yesterday in a daring raid by the IDF after eight months as a hostage in Gaza, was held […]

INSURRECTION: Violent Pro-Terror Rioters Storm the White House Calling For Jihad and Terror in America

By The Geller Report “This is not just a Hamas problem. It’s not just a problem isolated to Israel and Jews. It’s a crisis caused by leftist radical culture which jumps from one extremist revolutionary imperative to another. This is a culture that thrives on violence and terror. Another generation will protest just as eagerly […]

A World-Historical Transformation Is Taking Place in Britain, Yet Few Have Noticed

By Jihad Watch A world-historical societal transformation is taking place before our very eyes, and yet few have taken notice. Britain, the erstwhile leader of the Western world and the foundation and source of English-speaking civilization, is in its last days as a free society, and will soon become an Islamic state. Yet despite the […]

Hero IDF Yamam Soldier Dies in Hostage Rescue — May his memory be a blessing!

By The Geller Report “One of the most complicated hostage rescue missions in history. The operation to rescue the hostages from Nusayrat was named ‘Summer Seeds’ and is defined by the IDF as one of the most complex ever for hostage rescue.” — Hen Mazzig, Post on X. Heartbreaking. Commander Arnon Zamora, 36, husband and […]

Gaza-Based Student Group: ‘Besiege The White House!’ Calls For ‘Revolutionary Escalation Of Global Student Intifada’

By The Geller Report MEMRI: On May 29, 2024, a Gaza-based organization issued a statement titled, “It Is Time for Revolutionary Escalation of the Global Student Intifada for Palestine: A Call from the Palestinian Student Movement in the Gaza Strip.” The following are excerpts from the English version: “We write this call from our student […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s statement after meeting with the rescued hostages and families

By NEWSRAEL Telling the Israeli Story “This is an exciting day like no other, an exciting day for all citizens of Israel and many in the world, and an exciting day for me personally. I just met Andrei, Shlomi, Almog and Noa.” — Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. I said to them: “Welcome back […]

Pope Francis: Overpopulation is a Myth — We Need More Children

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That sinks in whenever I leave the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It is good to be back home. My recent excursion into the imperial city brought me up close and personal with the chattering class. I once dwelled among them; their ways are familiar. […]

United Methodists Embrace LGBT Ideology, Lose 1 Million Members in a Day

By Family Research Council Many Christians lamented the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) decision to embrace LGBT ideology at their 2024 UMC General Conference last month. In effect, the church went from declaring homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching,” a belief held since the 1970s, to claiming it is suddenly compatible. But as experts have pointed out, the UMC had been […]

From Quotas to DEI — The Evolution of Campus Anti-Semitism

By Matthew Hausman, J.D. If anything, the fallout from DEI shows how anti-Semitism in academia has come full circle.  As a legal studies professor in the community college system, I was asked to teach a new course on basic student skills mandated for undergraduates at all state colleges and universities. Though I initially agreed to […]

In Portland, the Islamic Revolution Begins in Kindergarten

By The Geller Report Mirroring the Jew hating indoctrination of children in Gaza, Portland’s public school is brainwashing American children to hate and kill Jews. Kindergarten through high school. Hitler youth. In Portland, the Intifada Begins in Kindergarten The local teachers’ union encourages students to resist “Zionist bullies.” By: Christopher Rufo, City Journal, June 5, 2024: […]

‘What Makes a Man?’ Christian Coalition Publishes Statement on Godly Masculinity

By Family Research Council While Pride Month is busy promoting homosexuality and gender confusion, a coalition of Christian men is proclaiming a doctrine of biblical masculinity. On Monday, the men’s chastity and marriage ministry Promise Keepers led a number of other Christian organizations and individuals in issuing “A Proclamation on Godly Masculinity,” which “seeks to establish where […]

Fly the Gay Flag or Face Punishment: Captain Little Took a Courageous Stand

By Martin Mawyer If there are any lingering doubts about whether the LGBT will browbeat its opponents into submission, the story of Captain Jeffrey Little should lay any misconceptions to rest. A lifeguard captain of over two decades in the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Little had devoted his life to serving with honor and […]

#QueersForPalestine – ‘Axis Of Resistance’ Houthi Imams: ‘The Promiscuous, Deformed, And Homosexuals Were All Created By America’

By Middle East Media Research Institute Palestinians, Yemen | Special Dispatch No. 11383 Since the Hamas October 7 massacre, movements such as “Gays for Palestine” and “Queers for Palestine” have become an integral part of the pro-Hamas rallies in the West, supporting the genocidal slogan “From the River to the Sea.” Earlier this month, MEMRI published a collection […]

Why ‘Bad Faith’ is a Bad Movie

By Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. Did the founders create America as “one nation under God” or did they want Christian expression banned from the public square? A recent film seems to promote the latter idea. Dr. Ted Baehr’s MOVIEGUIDE writes: “’Bad Faith’ is a propaganda documentary from the Religious Left, written and directed by a […]

Saudi Arabia Removes ‘Palestine’ and offensive terms about Israel from their school textbooks and maps

By The Geller Report Imagine how far and wide Trump’s Middle East historic peace accords would have transformed the region had the Democrats not stolen the 2020 election. The Saudis were the next to sign. Instead we have hell and worldwide Jew hatred spreading like a metastatic cancer. The Democrats did everything in their overwhelming […]

Muslims’ Entrapment by Islam

By Amil Imani “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful, fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and property insecurity exist wherever the Prophet’s followers rule […]

U.S. Birth Rate Hits New Record Low but Media Refuses to Address Core Reasons

By Leo Hohmann The latest federal data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the fertility rate among U.S. women plummeted to just 1.6 births per woman in 2023. This is the lowest recorded birth rate since the U.S. government began keeping such statistics in the 1930s. But why? We’ll break it down. The […]