Assassination in Tehran

By Kenneth R. Timmerman The motorcycle killers who got to the Quds Force Colonel were playing hardball. The motorcycle killers who assassinated a senior Quds Force officer in Tehran on Sunday knew what they were doing. According to Iranian media accounts, accomplices blocked the street behind the target’s car by double-parking and raising their trunk, […]

Three Mistakes about the Common Good

By The Catholic Thing Michael Pakaluk: The idea that the common good can be found in Roe v. Wade is gravely mistaken, since it subordinates the good of the unborn to the born. Iwant to draw attention to three mistakes about Aquinas’ teaching on the common good which are encouraged by some presentations today of so-called “common good” jurisprudence. If we […]

Massive Sexual Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention

By Save America Foundation I have written much about sex abuse of children by people placed in positions of trust. The other day I showed the problems with our public school system which has abused so many kids as to make the Catholic sex abuse scandal look small. Let me be clear. No abuse of […]

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Comes Out in Support of Abortion!

By Save America Foundation The Evangelical Lutheran Church, a mainstream church with around 3,000,000 U.S. members and its very own openly Transgender Bishop the Rev. Megan Rohrer, a former lesbian who claims now to be non binary and who likes to be known as “they or them” pronouns, just declared that their 1991 social teachings […]

Tlaib, Omar, AOC, other Leftists introduce resolution calling Israel’s founding a ‘catastrophe’

By Jihad Watch The real catastrophe is that there are open supporters of the genocidal “Palestinian” jihad against Israel in the United States House of Representatives. Tlaib, Squad introduce resolution recognizing ‘catastrophe’ of Israel’s creation by Ronn Blitzer, Fox News, May 17, 2022: House members led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., introduced a resolution Monday calling for U.S. […]

Biden reverses Trump withdrawal, sends U.S. troops back to Somalia

By Jihad Watch Is it really America’s job to solve all the world’s problems? What difference can fewer than 500 troops make, anyway? With America suffering from so very many problems at home, is this really the best use of the nation’s resources? Or is it all just to make sure that the military-industrial complex […]

Abortion and the Genocide of the Black Community

By The Catholic Thing Randall Smith: 16,000,000 dead black babies and counting. All those demonstrating to protect the abortion industry are not only on the wrong side of history, they’re also racist. There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the upcoming Dobbs decision, in which the Supreme Court might finally overturn the Court’s deadly earlier decisions in Roe […]

THE RAPE OF GREAT BRITAIN: Tommy Robinson’s documentary on Muslim Gangs Grooming and Raping Children in the UK

By Dr. Rich Swier The RARE Foundation has released a documentary film exposing Muslim rape gangs grooming, raping and selling into prostitution under-aged children in England. We are witnessing something very similar happening in the United States by companies like Disney, Apple and in our public schools. The RARE Foundation wrote: At the beginning of […]

Since the Debut of Disney/Marvel’s Muslim Superhero Kamala Khan, 159,715 People Have Been Murdered for Islam

By Jihad Watch EDITORS NOTE: See for the jihad body count, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, since 2001. The only reason we began to discuss Islam was jihad, and the one thing that Disney/Marvel have completely kept out of their Muslim superhero comic book is jihad, which […]

Omar Accused of ‘Shilling for Iran’ After Call to ‘Finalize’ Deal

By Discover The Networks Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) took heat online after posting a message on Monday in support of an immediate finalization of the disastrous Iran Deal, which she claimed would avert a Middle East war. “We are running out time in making peace in the Middle East and avoiding war,” Omar tweeted. “It’s time to finalize the […]

May Is Mary’s Month

By The Catholic Thing Brad Miner: Of all the poisonous aspects of the Reformation, none is more tragic, saving the disunity it caused, than the elimination of Mary from the heart of Christianity. I admire the work of the late Irish-Canadian-American novelist, Brian [bree-Ahn] Moore. Three of his books in particular: Catholics (1972); Cold Heaven (1983); and Black Robe (1985 […]

Spiritual Warfare – The Gloves Are Off!

By Save America Foundation Spiritual Warfare – The Gloves Are Off! By Jason A Brown The gloves are off, and the demonic forces that have long resided in Washington, D.C. have taken off the mask.  Protestors outside the Supreme Court, throwing a fit because the so-called abortion rights, (aka right to murder children) may be […]

Biden Taps Anti-Semitic Activist and Spouse of CNN Reporter as WH Press Secretary

By The Geller Report This Nazi urged Democrats to skip pro-Israel AIPAC conference. We will hear little to no condemnation from America’s Jewish leaders for this appointment. Most especially ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt, who viciously attacked and slandered the pro-Jewish President Trump throughout his presidency. The unwillingness of America’s Jewish establishment’s to aggressively confront the anti-Semitic Left […]

Blinken says U.S. will rejoin anti-Israel UNESCO, reopen ‘Palestinian’ consulate in Jerusalem

By Jihad Watch The world is on fire, but Biden’s handlers are not too busy to enable and embolden the jihad. Blinken: US will rejoin anti-Israel UNESCO, establish Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem JNS, April 30, 2022: Israel has no objection to an U.S. return to UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, U.S. Secretary […]

REPORT: Pro-Life Christians Purged from U.S. Military and DoD

By Dr. Rich Swier EDITORS NOTE: Personhood Alliance issued the following shocking report on what is happening in our military to pro-life Christian soldiers. Please read and share their report. COVID VACCINES: PURGING PRO-LIFE CHRISTIANS FROM THE U.S. MILITARY Across America, thousands of pro-life Christian service members are being persecuted and purged from the military […]

Bad Times: The Flood, the Shoah, Ukraine War and Terror

By Howard Rotberg Israel manifests a social resilience in a nation that is far from giving up or rejecting the Jewish role in history, despite terror. In my 2003 novel, The Second Catastrophe: A Novel About a Book and its Author, a Canadian Jewish professor, son of a survivor of the Shoah, becomes obsessed with […]

Affirm Foundation: Scripture Helps Parents Combat Trans Craze [+video]

By Family Research Council In a final rule released Thursday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) surprisingly omitted a proposed change to bundle so-called “gender transition” procedures into private insurance plans. Dr. Jennifer Bauwens believes comments submitted by Family Research Council, other policy organizations, and thousands of individual citizens are the reason. “By backing off this rule, […]

RAMADAN 2022: The Holy Month and the Pursuit of Jihad

By Jihad Watch The world can now breathe a sigh of relief that the holy month of Ramadan is finally over. In recent years, the world has witnessed a surge in the intensity and frequency of Islamic jihad violence during this “holy month.” The pattern was no different this year; if anything, there have been […]

Do the followers of Mohammed Believe in the Ten Commandments?

By Dr. Rich Swier We have often wondered why those who follow the prophet Mohammed commit crimes against their fellow Muslims, Jews and Christians who also believe in an all powerful God that guides them in their daily lives. Which led us to ask: Do the followers of Mohammed believe in the Ten Commandments? Western […]

Former University of Alabama student hid funding of al-Qaeda, lawyers say she’s mentally ill

By Jihad Watch Yes, of course. Authorities the world over have decided that it’s far easier to pretend that jihadis and their supporters are mentally ill than to confront the reality of jihad. Former University of Alabama student sentenced for hiding funding to al Qaeda by Kenneth Garger, New York Post, April 28, 2022: A former University of Alabama […]

White House worried that Iran could obtain sufficient fissile material for a nuclear bomb in weeks

By Jihad Watch Imagine where we would be if Biden’s handlers had spent the last fifteen months trying to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, instead of bending over backwards to appease the mullahs. Corrected (Official) White House worried Iran could develop nuclear weapon in weeks Reuters, April 26, 2022: The White House is […]

Conflict on the Nile -The implications for Israel

By Martin Sherman The simmering conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of a massive dam on the Blue Nile could have grave ramifications for Israel. …no one can take a drop from Egypt’s water, and if it happens, there will be inconceivable instability in the region. – Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Aljazeera, March […]

Schools As ‘Religion-Free Zones’?

By Jerry Newcombe The Supreme Court is considering a new case related to school prayer. This story began in 2015 when high school football Coach Joe Kennedy got on his knee at mid-field after a game and thanked God quietly. Some of the players voluntarily joined him in this huddle. Kennedy was fired for this […]

The Hope of America

By Jerry Newcombe If you were to travel around the nation, what one thing would you find repeatedly? The answer may surprise you—especially in light of the violence rocking our nation, the disintegration of common values, the rampant crime, and the breakdown of morals. Fox News reports (4/18/22): “A New York man who has been […]

Coca-Cola Hosts Earth Day Event with D.C. Councilman who Claimed Jews Control the Weather

By Jihad Watch The big corporations, including but by no means limited to Coca-Cola, believe they can partner with any Leftist, no matter how hate-filled, crazy or extreme, and there will be no consequences: no boycott, no adverse publicity. They wouldn’t dream, however, of partnering with any open American patriot, for then they know the […]

VIDEO: There Never Was A Mask Mandate — Only Anti-God Capitulation

By Graham Ledger VIDEO: There Never Was A Mask Mandate – Only Anti-God Capitulation – Dr. Rich Swier Copyright © 2021 LLC. A Florida Cooperation. All rights reserved. The is a not-for-profit news forum for intelligent Conservative commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own. Republishing of columns on this website requires […]

Leadership in a time of crisis: Israel and America

By Howard Rotberg Israel is facing some potentially catastrophic challenges that require supporters of Israel to speak out as never before in support of the Jewish State. Its government is in crisis as well. NOTE: This is part one of a two-part series, with the second one being entitled On Leaders and War: Ideological Transformation […]

GEICO blundered with invite to Islamist, will it fix the mess?

By Center For Security Policy If anyone has reason to be furious about GEICO’s decision to invite Linda Sarsour to participate in a diversity seminar honoring Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month for the company’s employees in early April, it’s the company’s corporate owner, Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway. For a company whose entire raison d’etre is to […]

The Lie of Biden’s ‘Lifesaving’ Treatment

By Family Research Council “I have this intense rage in me over the harm that was done to me…” — Julie, 27 When Julie woke up from her double mastectomy in the children’s hospital in Syracuse, she expected to feel elated. Instead, she only felt numb. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, she thought. […]

Ilhan Omar Blasted for Anti-Christian Bigotry Over Video Comment

By Discover The Networks Noted antisemite and sharia-supporter Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) incurred a flood of social media condemnation — and rightfully so — over the weekend for her remarks about a video of passengers singing Christian music on a plane. In the now-viral video, captioned “Worshipping Jesus 30,000 feet in the air,” passengers are seen singing a popular […]