Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix, December 2021

By Ellie Fromm Editors’ Note: The Prickly Pear welcomes this review by Ellie Fromm, a new citizen journalist and young patriot committed to the values we share as America-loving citizens: faith, family, a strong work ethic and devotion to liberty and individual sovereignty. Ellie represents the best in her generation who will lead this nation […]

Biden Admin Threatens COVID Funds over Arizona’s School Mask Mandate Ban

By Cole Lauterbach Arizona has two months to let schools force mask mandates or risk losing its share of COVID-19 aid from the federal government. In a letter from the U.S. Treasury Department sent to Gov. Doug Ducey’s office Friday, the Treasury reiterated its position stated in October 2021, warning that the state is using […]

California District Pays Nearly $170k For Curricula Teaching Children To Become Leftist ‘Co-Conspirators’

By Spencer Lindquist This California school district isn’t just indoctrinating children, it’s teaching them how to be leftwing revolutionaries. California’s Jefferson Elementary School District will be the first district in the United States to implement ethnic studies courses in all of their elementary and middle schools, and their new curriculum for this includes teaching children […]

The Forgotten 15.9 Million People

By Craig J. Cantoni The rest of the story about race and poverty You probably won’t be surprised by the following poverty rates by race/ethnicity: Asians:  8.1% Non-Hispanic Whites:  8.1% Hispanics:  17.0% Blacks:  19.5% U.S. Average:  11.4% Year:  2021Source: You might be surprised, however, by the following absolute numbers of Americans in poverty, especially […]

VIRGINIA: Youngkin Signs Executive Orders Banning Critical Race Theory And Mask Mandates On First Day As Governor

By The Geller Report It’s why he was elected. He made good on it. Executive orders banning critical race theory and mask mandates on first day as governor By Ryan King | Washington Examiner | January 15, 2022: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin started his term with a slew of executive orders Saturday to address key campaign issues. […]

Penn State Professor Forces Students to Explain Why the Taliban Aren’t Terrorists

By Jihad Watch My latest in PJ Media: There are so many ridiculous things being taught in American colleges and universities these days that a professor who defends the Taliban may seem staid and conservative compared to some of his colleagues, but that’s just a sign of how far American academia has fallen. Christopher Cook, a […]

The Consequences of Obsessive Category Disorder

By Craig J. Cantoni In the name of diversity, America’s racial classifiers obliterate diversity. Long ago, long before the diversity movement and the sprouting of departments of diversity and inclusion in academia, government, media, and industry, I lived in a San Antonio barrio, where my friends and neighbors who were Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans, […]

VICTORY: City of Asheville Agrees to End Discriminatory ‘Black Only’ Scholarships and Grants

By Judicial Watch The City of Asheville, North Carolina, settled our federal civil rights lawsuit after agreeing to remove all racially discriminatory provisions in a city-funded scholarship program. The city also agreed to remove racially discriminatory eligibility provisions in a related program that provides grants to educators. The City Council approved the settlement on January 11. In October 2021, […]

VIDEO: All Trails Lead to Cardona in Parents-as-Terrorist Flap

By Family Research Council For Joe Biden, the uproar his administration caused by calling parents “domestic terrorists” has been a controversy he never could shake. Since October, when Attorney General Merrick Garland threatened to sic the FBI on moms and dads who spoke up at school board meetings, the administration has been on the losing […]

The Legalized Sexualization Of America’s Young Children

By Marilyn Quigley Let’s peek in on a typical classroom scenario approved by the National Sex Education Standards (NSES). Mr. Smith’s 7 and 8-year-olds are answering true-false questions: 1) “Sexual intercourse should be ONLY between a cisgender male and cisgender female.” 2) “There are only two genders.” 3) “Cisgender boys who identify as girls must go […]

1619 Project Author Gets Historical Facts Wrong

By Jerry Newcombe Nikole Hannah-Jones is the New York Times Magazine reporter who wrote the 1619 Project which is being used in many schools across the country. The 1619 Project postulates that America began in 1619, when the first black slaves were brought here—not 1776, when the founders declared independence. Hannah-Jones made an historical faux […]

Class Warfare: States Head into 2022 Fighting Curriculum

By Family Research Council While school districts are fighting to over when students should come back to school, other leaders are trying to make sure critical race theory isn’t there when they do. State legislatures are gearing up to kick off their 2022 sessions, and a slew of conservatives have one goal in mind: shut […]

Mark Levin: Critical Race Theory ‘is Louis Farrakhan Dressed up as Scholarship’

By Discover The Networks At the opening of his radio show on Sunday, conservative talk host Mark Levin blasted Critical Race Theory (CRT), which he said was a symptom of a bigger problem Democrats and other left-leaning entities using the American education system to promote a political philosophy, calling it “Louis Farrakhan dressed up as scholarship.” “They want […]

American Traitors: Academics Working for China

By Gordon Chang It took a federal jury in Boston less than three hours to return guilty verdicts on all six felony counts against Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Lieber, “one of the country’s top research chemists” according to the New York Times, lied to the FBI about his […]

High School Teacher Locks COVID-Positive Child in Car Trunk

By The Geller Report And you’re still sending your children to government schools? If so, you’re unfit to be a parent. High school teacher charged after locking COVID-positive 13-year-old child in trunk to ‘quarantine’ Sarah Beam, a high school teacher, has been charged with endangering a child after she locked her child in the trunk […]

It’s Time To Abolish The Teachers Unions

By Larry Sand A disaster for students and good teachers alike. “All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management.” The above caveat about government unions – usually known by […]

How To Remedy The Campus Groupthink That Targeted Us

By Christina Crenshaw Academic freedom, free thought and free speech are under assault on our nation’s college campuses. And it’s not just conservative white men, or the Federalist Society at Ivy League schools such as Yale University, that are under attack. It is also women, including women of color, who are caught up in this new […]

DESANTIS CALLS OUT BIDEN: For failing to ‘shut down the virus’, importing it from across the border & trying to mask young kids.

By The Geller Report If our election laws are not overhauled, Governor DeSantis will route President Biden in 2024. And DeSantis would wreck Biden in the debates. It would not be pretty. It would be the political version of Tyson vs Spinks. “This is insane.”@RonDeSantisFL calls out @JoeBiden for failing to “shut down the virus,” […]

STRIKE! Chicago Teachers Unions Votes Not To Return To Schools, Abandons Children

By The Geller Report At the last minute, leaving parents and the district in a bind. Teachers insist they will only teach remotely, putting students last (Chalkboard Review). From another story: Mayor Lori Lightfoot said teachers who do not come into work tomorrow will be put on no pay status (Twitter). I have one word for parents […]

Whatever Happened to the Boy Scouts?

By Walter Block It was once an honor to earn a merit badge in the Boy Scouts. Becoming a Star Scout was a privilege, a Life Scout was something fantastic, and an Eagle Scout was the very tip of the apex. Few achieved that pinnacle, and those who did treasured it for their entire lives. […]

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

By Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) From fostering creativity and freedom to providing impressive educational outcomes, homeschooling is an increasingly appealing option. This is my 100th article at, so here are 100 reasons to homeschool your kids! Homeschoolers perform well academically. Your kids may be happier. Issues like ADHD might disappear or become less problematic. It doesn’t matter if […]

Growing Research Chronicles Toll COVID Lockdowns Imposed On Children

By Bethany Blankley A growing body of academic research is chronicling the toll that pandemic lockdowns imposed on children, indicating that the mental and social anguish the policies caused outweighs the health protections. The “overall impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents is likely to be severe,” an […]

The Limits Of Joe Manchin’s Conservatism

By John Hirschauer Of the three-headed hydra of universal prekindergarten, subsidized child care, and the child tax credit, the latter was far and away the most defensible policy and the one least injurious to the aims of social conservatives. Senator Joe Manchin, the recent subject of a Two Minutes Hate for torpedoing the “Build Back […]

The Dumbing Down of America Started Here

By Karen Schoen In the late ’80s and early ’90s, while I was teaching, I noticed a significant change in the goal of education. I usually didn’t care what the curricula or text said; I wanted my students to learn what I learned in school, which helped me make great choices throughout my life. I […]

Racist School Board Unanimously Approves Plan to Pay Non-White Teachers More

By The Geller Report Inverted Jim Crow. That’s what the Democrats have wrought. Wildly Racist MN School Board Just Approved an Unthinkable Plan for White Teachers If you feel like you live in an alternative universe where reductionism replaces logic and superficiality trumps character, here’s more evidence that you may be right. We might just […]

Is it racist to say that 2+2=4?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Some educators claim that teaching the objective facts of mathematics and science is an imposition of Western imperialism. Facts once assumed true by everyone are quickly becoming controversial. This is a trend we have all become aware of. There is, for example, increasing pressure to suggest that pregnancy can […]

Zombie Marxism

By Mike Gonzalez This December we celebrate the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the communist superpower Ronald Reagan rightly named the “Evil Empire.” Yet everywhere today, Marxism still stalks humanity. Indeed, today we can paraphrase Karl Marx and write that its specter haunts not just Europe, but the entire world. We must understand this as […]

DEI Initiatives Create Environment Where ‘inclusion does not apply to Jewish students on campus’

By Alexa Schwerha A study published by Heritage Foundation showed a spike of anti-Semitic incidents occurring on college campuses at the same time DEI faculty continue being hostile to supporters of Israel. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs have become popular on campus to expand student comfort and inclusivity on college campuses. These centers serve as […]

‘1619 Project’ Creator Hannah-Jones: Parents Shouldn’t Decide What’s Taught in School

By Discover The Networks Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the widely-debunked 1619 Project which posits that America’s history is grounded in racism, not liberty, declared that parents should not be in charge of deciding what is taught in schools. “I don’t really understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught,” Hannah-Jones […]

Florida Public Universities Expected to Reject Boycott of the Jews (BDS), Governor DeSantis Says

By The Geller Report Governor Ron DeSantis is without question the best governor in America. #DeSantis2024. Florida Public Universities Expected to Reject BDS, Governor DeSantis Says By Algemeiner, December 26, 2021 The office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Wednesday that it expects Florida State University to prevent the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), with which […]