Assistant Principal Asked School Staff To Help Pay Immigrant Student’s ‘Coyote’ Fees, Email Shows

By The Daily Caller A Rhode Island high school assistant principal sent an email to solicit donations from staff to pay a student’s “coyote” fees for coming to America, according to a copy of the email obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Providence’s Mount Pleasant High School Assistant Principal Stefani Harvey sent an email […]

Weekend Read: Soul Dysphoria [A Trans and GenZ Disaster]

By Spencer Klavan Understanding the “trans” phenomenon means recognizing it’s about more than gender. In 2013 the DSM-V, an authoritative diagnostic manual for therapists and clinicians published by the American Psychiatric Association, defined gender dysphoria as “the distress that may accompany the incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender,” where “gender” […]

Unfit for Liberty

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US I read recently that a surprising number of Americans cannot name the three branches of government, but I had no idea nominees to the federal bench were among them.  A Biden nominee – Charnelle Marie Bjelkengren – embarrassed herself in a Senate hearing when she could not answer, when asked, […]

A Little More Poison

By David Lewis Schaefer Taking “the hair of the dog that bit you” means curing a hangover with another drink in the morning. Nobody follows that principle as public policy, but current government practice regarding gambling and drug use subscribes to the same logic. For instance, there haven’t been too many Puritans around in a […]

Shadows on the Wall [A Start to Defeat Woke Tyranny]

By Auguste Meyrat With each new batch of the “Twitter Files,” it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Twitter censors were not only duplicitous scoundrels aiming to advance an agenda but also incompetents who failed to see the consequences of their actions. Whether it was suppressing the Hunter Biden story, shadow banning and de-amplifying popular conservative figures […]

Red State Governors Push For School Choice Legislation Across The Country

By The Daily Caller Red state governors are voicing their support for school choice programs as legislation moves through their states.  Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin are supporting Education Savings Account (ESA) programs in their state to provide families who withdraw their students from public and charter […]

DeSantis Goes to War

By Thomas D. Klingenstein On election night, I was half-watching Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s victory remarks when something quite extraordinary and encouraging caught my attention. DeSantis evoked Churchill’s “fighting on the beaches” speech, in which Churchill stirred the resolve and patriotism of the British people in anticipation of the invasion of their homeland by the […]

Arizona Senate Panel Debates Parental Rights’ School ‘Pronouns’ Bill

By Tony Kinnett The Arizona state Senate Education Committee met Wednesday [1/18/23] to consider SB 1001, The Given Name Act, a one-page, 21-line bill that states that any individual involved in the Arizona public education system would be required to use the pronoun associated with a student’s biological sex unless the student’s public school or […]

Newsom Twosome: Siebel Newsom’s Films – Shown In Middle Schools – Feature Porn, Radical Gender Materials, And Her Husband Gavin

By Open The Books California Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, are the dream team. He runs the state and she’s a nonprofit founder, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. While her husband attends to state business, Siebel Newsom engages in her passion: advancing “gender justice” through her charitable nonprofit The Representation Project. According to tax documents the […]

Video Catches School Officials Plotting to ‘Trick’ Ohio Parents, Teach Critical Race Theory Even if Banned

By Discover The Networks Fox News reports that shocking video has surfaced of Ohio school officials discussing how they can push Critical Race Theory (CRT) covertly, working around school policies already in place and “tricking” parents. “It should be a parent and school partnership, and it’s really not,” said Protect Ohio Children Coalition co-chair Cathy Pultz, a former […]

The Rise of the Single Woke (and Young, Democratic) Female

By Joel Kotkin and Samuel J. Abrams Soccer Moms are giving way to Single Woke Females – the new “SWFs” – as one of the most potent voting blocs in American politics. Unmarried women without children have been moving toward the Democratic Party for several years, but the 2022 midterms may have been their electoral […]

The School Board Queen: How a Florida Mom Is Shaking Up U.S. Education

By Christian Ziegler My wife – Bridget Ziegler – is a Rockstar. Anyone who has gotten to know her, already knows that, but for those that haven’t yet… Bloomberg headed down to Sarasota to spend a couple days diving into her story and how she became one of the leading Conservative School Board Members in […]

‘Cripple Children’: Parents Protest Against Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Move To Scrap Key School Choice Program

By Reagan Reese With signs reading “education for all” and “support for all students,” a coalition of about 150 parents protested Tuesday over newly-elected Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to dismantle the nation’s largest school choice program, parents told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 called on state legislators to […]

Florida College Presidents Pledge To Not Fund Critical Race Theory, Diversity Initiatives On Campus

By The Daily Caller The Florida College System (FCS) presidents said on Wednesday that no state funds will be used to support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) or critical race theory (CRT) initiatives on campus, according to Florida’s Voice. The presidents confirmed in a collective letter that none of the system’s 28 institutions would use […]

Why Only 16% of Gen Z Are Proud to Be an American, and What We Should Do About It

By Jarrett Stepman Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States. That finding comes from a recent Morning Consult poll, which assessed generational attitudes about the United States. The poll shows that there has been roughly a 20-percentage-point drop of pride in country every generation since the Baby Boomers, 73% of […]

Team Biden Joins the School Library Wars, Launching Federal Investigation

By Family Research Council “Whoever succeeds in telling the stories to the children gets to control the future.” That was Kirk Cameron’s answer to people wondering why he’s joined the debate over America’s libraries. As parents everywhere fight to keep graphic content out of their children’s hands, Texas officials are warning the battle is taking an ominous turn. […]

Arizona Governor’s Plan To Undo Nation’s Largest School Choice Program Will Harm Students, Advocates Say

By Reagan Reese Newly-elected Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to undo the nation’s most expansive school choice program could affect thousands of students and families who are already utilizing the state’s voucher program, school choice advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 asked state legislators to reverse the […]

The Graves of Academe: USC School of Social Work Bans ‘Field’

By Jihad Watch “Shall Paper live, or Ink/Since Brass and Marble Can’t Withstand/This Iron Age’s Violating Hand?” — Johannes de Bosco The University of Southern California (that’s USC to you and me) has been thrust into the limelight yet again. In 2019, and for several years following, it was in the news as a major […]

An Intellectual Feast for Contrarians

By Craig J. Cantoni A new book questions the conventional wisdom about immigration, diversity, assimilation, and the causes of prosperity. Caution!  Don’t be seen reading the following book in public. The Culture Transplant:  How Migrants Make the Economies They Move to a Lot like the Ones They Left, by Garett Jones, 2023, Stanford Business Books, 213 pages. […]

University of Michigan: ‘Palestinian’ jihad supporters call for destruction of Israel, ‘There is only one solution’

By Jihad Watch Why is anyone surprised? This is the entrenched orthodoxy on college and university campuses all over the country today. Note also the charged word “solution,” used quite deliberately in this context. At the University of Michigan, a call to murder Jews. — Blake Flayton (@blakeflayton) January 13, 2023 Michigan University rally […]

How to Stop School Shootings

By Lee Williams My heart sinks every time I see breaking-news graphics announce another school shooting. It’s like a gut-punch – the lost lives, the suffering of the wounded, the horrors the First Responders must encounter, and the families that will never again be whole. The blame and blood-dancing usually start before the bodies are […]

Professor Instructs Class To Watch Gay Porn To Learn If They Are Bisexual

By The Geller Report Sick. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars (and in many cases your taxpayer dollars) for an education like this. Professor Instructs Class To Watch Gay Porn To Learn If They Are Bisexual By: Alexa Schwerha,  Daily Caller, January 13, 2023: A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor reportedly instructed straight students […]

Only 4% of Students in South Bronx School Can Do Math

By The Geller Report The highest taxes in the nation ….These leftists are killing us. ”Last year, only 4% of PS 333 students taking the state math tests passed, and 10% passed the state reading tests.” And data shows that only 37.9% of all New York school students were proficient in math — Principal Victoria Najera branded […]

Muslim Brotherhood Blasphemy Cops on a Minnesota Campus

By Jihad Watch A Latina art teacher, a Shiite painting of Mohammed, and tolerance theocracy. The decision by Hamline University to purge a minority art teacher for showing a Shiite painting of Mohammed has traveled from the outskirts of a few blogs, and a student paper of the small private college in St. Paul, to […]

Universities Are Seeing An Enormous Spike In Antisemitism. Here’s Why

By Kate Anderson College campuses saw a significant spike in antisemitism over the past year as universities continue to miss the mark when it comes to protecting Jewish students from antisemitism, according to several Jewish experts and advocates. In the 2021-2022 school year, threats to Jewish identity on college campuses doubled from 114 incidents the […]

Elite University Department Bans Use Of Word ‘Field,’ Claiming It’s Too Racist

By The Geller Report Last week, it was American that was racist, now this. These people are nuts. Evil and nuts. Elite University Department Bans Use Of Word ‘Field,’ Claiming It’s Too Racist Elite University Department Bans Use Of Word ‘Field,’ Claiming It’s Too Racist By: Alexa Schwerha, Daily Caller, on January 10, 2023 The University […]

Radical K-12 Reform: Pay Homeschoolers

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Governments should focus on funding effective education. What if we just cut through the morass of programs and take all the money being provided at the federal and state level and put it into individual student endowment accounts? The late 1970s in the United States was a time of […]

DeSantis Tackles Divisive ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Programs on College Campuses

By The Daily Signal The average American university has more than 45 individuals with jobs devoted to promoting so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI programs push divisive identity politics as well as distorted narratives about American history. But Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration is once again leading on this issue, taking a first step in clamping down on these […]

A horrifying report on sexual abuse in Chicago public schools sank without a trace last week. Why?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities In what has become a familiar and dismal ritual, the Archbishop of Kansas City, released an apology for sexual abuse by Catholic clergy last week. He joined “bishops across the state of Kansas in offering his deepest apologies to the victims, their families, the faithful of the church, and the Kansas […]

America’s Systemic Racism Problem Is Mostly In Woke Education Bureaucracies

By The Geller Report The left sees only race. That is the very definition of racism. By: Helen Raleigh, The Federalist, January 06, 2023 Public school officials caused harm to Asian students’ college applications by not notifying them of important academic achievements. Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin began 2023 by asking the state’s Attorney General Jason […]